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Collar fun!

I found this fabulous blouse at a yard sale for fifty cents.  It had big stains, thus the price.  Bought it for the wonderful buttons...but then remembered seeing a French cuff from a shirt...

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Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

Ack! My daughter is getting married November 7th!! If there is any way I can make it on the 5th, I'll be there. Probably not...sigh. And if any rules were broken, I take full responsibility! I just didn't have time to scan your blog for the date and address. I did visit your blog and the pictures you posted--as well as the ones you posted here--were fabulous!! Best wishes for a profitable sale!!

Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

Troy, I know that I could scan posts for this information on your blog, but my time is short right now! Could you tell me the date of your sale and the address? Many thanks!! I love all the pics you posted here and your blog!!!

Re: Call me!

A definite high five! I think the unidentified object is a trowel used for smoothing concrete or mortar. Just a guess though! lol

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful stash of beauties. Where do you live? I have an awful feeling it is far from Texas. :>(

Re: And she is done! well for the painting she is

I think Lowes and Home Depot have those rubber floor protectors. Maybe even Wal-Mart.

Re: Freeby :-)

My daughter works for Wisteria, MB! If you live in the Dallas area---or happen to be in the area---they have an outlet where you can shop. Or you can order online.

Before I can vote on marrying the piece, I want to see the groom! The bride is beautiful and would look good stained or painted. I agree with Midge on the veneer...if it's missing some pieces or it's loose, you will need to reglue it or strip it all off. Great save!!!

Re: wood mosaic tabletop

This is way cool! One question...did he paint the pieces of wood before or after gluing them onto the table top? Just curious! :>)

Re: What is this?

My guess is an ashtray stand. I have one that looks similar to this, although the 'tray' section on mine is not as large.

Re: Vintage Caster Easel with Bon Ami sign

How cool! And that Bon Ami graphic is awesome!!


Great use of crates and wire baskets!

Re: Interactive Kids' Art Project

Art AND a game! I bet your boys love this. What a terrific and creative idea!!

Re: junk house

I had to be resucitated after I looked at the wonderful pictures! What wonderful junk!! Or is that treasure??? :>) I want it all!!

Re: My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

I've been trying to think of a unique headboard for my guestroom beds (and, yes, that's plural. I have two queen beds in my guestroom!), and I LOVE this idea!! Do you mind if I copy your idea? That is, if I can find enough shutters. lol

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

Jenny, your area looks amazing! Hope the sales were as impressive as the items you had on display!!

Re: How To Resize Photos

I have Kodak Easyshare software. I have to click 'edit', then 'save as.' There is an option in the lower left screen that lets me choose the file size. The selection I choose is 'best for web.'

Re: Vintage tea tin pendant lights

Those are too cool! I have never seen prisms with magnets attached. Do you know who makes those? I've made several silk flower arrangements from old tins. I drill a single hole in the lid, stick a wire through it, curl the end so it'll stay in place, then stick the opposite end into the arrangement. That way the lid always stays with the tin!

Re: Garden Junk Totems

Love 'e,m! My garden is always colorful in the spring, but when the summer heat hits--which it HAS--I'm always trying to find 'pretty' things to fill in the gaps.


Love it! I live near Ft. Hood and think the soldiers would really appreciate this reuse idea!!

Re: What do you do with a bedspring, fabric and shuffle board puck? Make an Art Doll of course!

How clever! And 'she' makes a beautiful statement. I know the decorating shop feels honored to have her on display.

Re: What else can I do with this??

Clean out the wax from your glass containers and make it a condiment 'tree' cream sundae toppings, taco toppings, that kind of thing. If you have a baseball fan in your family, you could display autographed or special baseballs. Fruit stand for oranges and apples? Pots of herbs? Don't get rid of it! It's a neat piece.

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

I had to laugh when I saw your table, Georgia. I saved some of those same cardboard pieces from the shipment of my roman shades. I kept thinking there HAD to be a use for them, but have never been able to think of anything. I don't think I'm brave enough to attempt your table idea, though! lol That looks like a lot of work...but the end product is absolutely amazing!! Who'd have thought?