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Potting Table

Potting Table built around an old rusty wheel barrel. The wheel barrel holds the potting soil.

Bathroom Cabinet

I made this piece from material I saved from resent bathroom renavation. The old lights on the mirrow still work.

Recent comments

Re: Giving junk a job

Great Fun!! All I can say Hey Don't throw that away lady!!

Re: Repurposed bed cot.... to a junk-art deck table

I just bought one of these at auction $1.00. Now its found a new use great idea!!

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

Goodmorning I just found your creations and I got to say i thought I was good. But u got it going on man. My mentor was my mom we could never pass a Good Will drop off box I learned early u can't pass up this gold. Great work very interesting window works

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Your creativity is amazing the attention to detail is very very cleaver. I've recently acuired a box of old yard sticks at auction so now i get to dream.I'll keep watching for more of your art. Thanks

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

I've luckily just found this sight, and boy you are damn good. The two missed matched pieces blend fantastically!