Paul Wilson, Olathe

Designers and creators of repurposed art furniture, exclusively available in the metro area at Good JuJu, in the West Bottoms, on the first weekend of each month.

1.To be an influence for creating, designing and repurposing for a greener environment. 2.Develop a more artistic and whimsical approach to furniture and possessions. 3.Be an influence for greener thinking in the artistic community through fostering reuse and repurposing of salvaged and found items that surround us daily.

Company Overview
This is a design company that uses as many green and repurposing methods as possible to create one of a kind pieces. The list of repurposed products tends to grow as we do. Our pieces range from themes on vintage cars and yachts to high end art, all done on what remains fully functional furniture.

You can also see our work at and leave comments on any of the pieces. Its a web site set up more like a blog, allowing interaction and dialogue between us and our clients.

We are also looking for East and West coast distribution through boutiques or galleries who have a market for what we do; Ft Myers and Naples being a focus as we tend do do a lot of beach and nautical pieces.
General Information

Designers, Paul Wilson and Chelle Swanson-Wilson are individually creative artists who have come together with a common goal. Chelle has been an artist, singer and songwriter from a young age. Paul developed his interest much later. When the two met a synergy developed that continues to grow. There are pieces Paul does, pieces Chelle does and pieces they do together.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you

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Mexican Pine Pieces Goes Asian!

We picked up two of these at auction. One was converted into a bar last week, but this one went to an existing client who wanted a custom Aisian themed piece for their bedroom. This... is the...

Van Gogh Inspried Hutch

This is a custom commissioned piece ordered from Chelle by an existing client. She wanted a piece for her daughter inspired by Van Gogh and Parisian themes and this... is the result.

Junk Mafia Rat Rod - Stella Gets Her Groove Back!

Darren and Ed, collectively known as the Junk Mafia, have a local radio and cable TV show directed at the repurposed and antique crowd in the Kansas City area. They have a rat rod wagon that they...

TWA Island

This wonderful cabinet was found at auction, cleaned and sealed leaving the original patina in tact. Found a piece of marble that perfectly fit the top and added 4" wheels to bring it all up to...

Kansas City Here I Come! Dresser

Vintage chest on chest with the Kansas City skyline added by Chelle! Come to Repurposed Designs and see other works of ours.

KC Union Station Chest

Early 1900's chest with handpainted art of Kansas City's famous Union Station added to the front. Come see other works of ours at Repurposed Designs!

60's ViewMaster Lamp

I love to make lamps out of unsuspecting objects! This time, we bought some items by the box at auction. When we got them home and examined the items we had actually bought the boxes for, this little...

British Invasion Buffet!!

This was formerly a built in piece from a 1930's home. The buffet bottom and hutch top are two pieces. When I was working on it I found a Butlers button so you could buzz for the "domestic help" when...

Freighliner Chest

This is a chest done in the style of the vintage Freightline semi truck, with the actual logo from the truck and working clearnace lights on top that actually light!! Feel free to find us on Facebook...

Kansas City Skyline Waterfall Buffet

Waterfall buffet design

Wooden Cigar Box Purse

Here's another one of Chelle's purse designs using old wooden cigar boxes. These are NOT your run of the mill "craft" projects! The are totally lined with vintage fabric, have sections, pockets...

Lipstick RED T-bird Chest

This is another earlier piece from Repurposed Designs. Its based on the Lipstick Red T-birds, T-Bird logo and a faux "bumper" made from the Ford door jam section that goes in the bottom of the door...

The Korean War Cabinet

Another consignment store find, it was under painted red, black on top then distressed down to some of the red. The cabinet door insets are actually pin-up style pictures of my Mom that she took to...

Weeping Willow Console/Chest

This was actually a $5 garage sale find in Old Leawood. Its Chelles design, she did all the work and it came out gorgeous. The center of each drawer has full width, curved wood that acts as the...

Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

This is actually one of the first pieces I did. The chest came from a dealer who had it, but it was too bad to restore. Too bad to restore = PERFECT for what we do, since it ends up distressed with...

Ocean Surf Buffet

This is another auction find that came to us as a nondescript buffet with what looked like a coat of housepaint! It peeled off like rubber! Chelle has done a couple of these and they are just...

Repurposed Wooden Cigar Boxes as Art Purses

These start life as wood cigar boxes. They are almost all theme based, these two are the Beatles and Drew Barrymore. All with original art, hand painted, slightly blinged and completely lined with...

54 Olds Buffet LIT UP and DONE!

Heres the finished product! I posted it earlier at about 90%, here it is with the lights working, hardware on it. Come see us at Repurposed Desgins on FB!

67 VW Bus End Table

This is a table we found, at auction, for $1.50. We added the 67 VW Bus dash and grills, powered it so that the dash and warning lights light! It sold in Carthage, MO at the Maple Leaf Festival and...

6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

This is a black buffet Chelle and I found at auction. I designed the piece, she did all the dimensional painting that made it come to life! It has wired and working headlights, actual parts from the...

Grandfather Clock - revisited

This is a abstract junk version of the old grandfathers clock. The main body of the clock is a piece of drift wood, part of an old dock most likely, that Chelle and I found in Heritage Lake on a walk...

Recent comments

Re: Junk Mafia Rat Rod - Stella Gets Her Groove Back!

Well, thank you, Jodie, I hear youre not so bad yourself!!!

Re: British Invasion Buffet!!

Brian, We are going to have to stop meeting like this!! Im glad YOU like this stuff, no other Junk Market people seem to be noticing, so, as USUAL, we appreciate you!

Re: Grandfather Clock - revisited

Thanks, Midge... actually the Lions piece is just there to mimic the top decorative parts you usually find on a grandfather clock. Its all symbolism. Glad you like it.

Re: Wooden Cigar Box Purse can buy them from her by email or over the Facebook site. She also is shown at two retail shops in KC.

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

No, Jammin, live in Olathe, that one piece is in Pittsburgh. Thanks so much.

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

....and Sue, if you wanted to do some kind of feature wed be open to that!

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

Thanks Sue! What we do certainly addresses a niche market but I love doing it.

Re: 54 Olds Buffet LIT UP and DONE!

Makeinit, I could tell you, but there are at least 3 steps...and it gets tricky! Seriously though, I layer multiple tones of same color, in patchy layers, very random and the oxidation look comes from how i sand through the layers. The real secret to this piece though is how Chelle does the dimensional paint and shading. Shes the brains behind that. Thanks and glad you like it.

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

Joanne, that was me. I think it was the Sunday Getting Started section. Good memory and glad you liked it! Yes, we have several pieces in Nuance all the time. Go see Rachael. She owns the place and an old friend. We also have a clock and several purses at Kansas Coffee across from the Courthouse in Olathe. Go there too while you're over here. Kassie and Crystal have that place and its wonderful. Chelle and I have coffee there most mornings. Come see us then go to Rachaels!

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

Oldnews, that must have been MNU and I just had coffee this morning with the founders son, Barth Smith. Thanks for the compliment, its really a great piece. And dont forget, we take PayPal and can crate/ship anywhere, so it could be lit up in your own home!! Thanks again.

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

Its for sale at Nuance Boutique and we ship world wide, dont let that stop anyone.
Comming next week, a line of designer purses done by Chelle, theme based, unsing wooden cigar boxes!
Thanks for your kind words!
Paul and Chelle