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Autumnal people feeder

Chicken/people feeder

Coffee Table

Practically creepy, creepily practical.


Re-imagined SUPER BOOSTER battery charger. "Sparky" was inspired by one of the movie trailers for Box Trolls... I don't argue, when the inspiration comes I run with it! : ) Am I the only one that destroys his work space with every project? I swear it takes longer to clean up the last project's remains than it does to finish the current project!

Warm and cozy night light.

Vintage ARVIN space heater (June of 1940) I gutted the electric fan motor and wiring and modified the interior to retain the heater coils. I added a modern socket and cord as well as a orange CFL for...

Pin-up simplicity

This is a just a pairing of items that facinate me. I love the work of pin-up artist George Petty and this hood ornament was designed by him for the 1955 Nash line. I also love the simple vintage...

Starglow night light.

Little ambiant light project for the kitchen. The switch turns it on and the light is 3 way dimmable via a touch sensor placed inside. I will always be a sucker for low watt light bulbs...

More light and its environment.

OK I know I build a lot of lamps... I am a sucker for ambiant lighting. This one was a very early heater turned into a dimmable lamp.


Experimental,   This one has been hanging around for quite a while. I have a small stash of chemistry equipment and this is the first of 3-4 lamps that will come from that stash. This one is...

Gas Punk

Gas Punk   Salvaged re-purposed early table top gas lamp.   This one was sitting dejectedly in the clearance of a little antique shop.   Broken but covered with amazing...

Radiant Energy

Repurposed vintage heater now doing duty as accent lighting. Fantastic shadows and warm light looks great beaming into a dark corner.

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Re: Kitchen Canister Fixed Up

Great job bringing that set back to life!

Re: Upcycled Nighstand with Mirror, Light & Yardsticks!

I love these assemblages!

Re: Custom Carved Dragonfly Table

This is very cool! The graphic image is fantastic and I agree with Jim a series in one room would be very cool.


I can practically taste those old wax candy bottles...

great score.

Re: Wired---------[=

I like this theme, great use of the materials.

Re: Microscope Lamp

Very cool.

Re: Radiant Energy


The man in the background was made by one of my studio mates.He was inspired by some junk and something he thought he saw in a video game.lol. It is a mannequin whos head was replaced by a goose neck lamp, he is oddly charming and "lights up a room"...The mannequin, not the studio mate.

We just did a show of found objects, repurposed items and old art projects that have been stashed away. It was called "Where the hell have you been?"

We tend to have a bit of fun!