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Re: Resting up on an outdoor pallet sofa

Donna is one of the best junkbuilders ever. Her designs are great and her techniques are really good. You can follow her instructions. Check out her blog for more projects. Ann

Re: Organizing Junk

Love this! This is my favorite of all the things you've made. I wonder where I can find something similar to make one. Put this in your next book! I'm searching ebay for a piano roll.

Re: How to make Your Bathroom Tolerable on a Budget

Okay, where did you get that shiny insert to a minnow bucket? A great use for something that you don't really need if you have a minnow bucket. Do you sell these?
Fellow Junker: everyone had this type of bathroom cabinet in the 50's. When I look at it, I smell Lifebuoy soap. This bathroom is great for people who need to know where bathrooms are, like moms with small kids. Great job!

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

You are way better than Mackenzie-Child! They are getting garish. Did you ever see the old tourist boat that they live on in New York harbor?

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

Wow, I didn't know that they had that service on etsy. My name is Wilson, I'd love to have anything like that with our name on it. Do I have to make a request on Etsy to have you make one? Do you have a store there.
I think you're on to something! Make some more things with cut up license plates. This would be great as a door sign.

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

This would look beautiful with a garland of juniper plus the juniper berries looped around the chandelier arms ( or table legs) More like a wreath. Put it up higher than the branches you have now, so you can see the nice looking bottom part of the base. Great idea!

Re: Find the Junk in this photo!

I've never seen a crazy quilt baby ball before (on tray with books and wheels from a garage sale.) Did you make it? Large ones like that would look good in a basket or bowl and even larger ones (which are easier to make) would be great under the tree. Love your displays, especially your mirror over the mantel