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Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014  

Christmas Eye Candy

This summer's garage sale finds dressed up for the holidays.

Vintage Christmas on River Forest

I love vintage items and try to incorporate as much as I can when decorating for Christmas.  My tablescape is like a fairy land.  ALMOST everything was found at garage sales incuding my...

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Re: Christmas 2014

I couldn't get descriptions to post but wanted to say that my SIL found 24 gym baskets at a garage sale for $10 and gave me half of them for my green bookcase. The 3rd picture is a child's metal chalkboard desk with an attached seat. The chalkboard is adjustable to lay flat or tilted at an angle.

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

Very cute idea. I love the vintage folding rulers.

Re: Stop the Draft!

Another ingenious project. I always look for your "junk" first and have NEVER been disappointed. While I'm here, I'll be in Minneapolis in May. Any suggestions as to where I should visit for good junk. Thanks.

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

My sister-in-law & I have been collecting these for about 3 years. I just made some paperweights with vintage buttons for Christmas gifts plus I also glue family photos and use the weights as frames. You have given me some ideas. Great stuff!!

Re: Heir-Loom

Jim, I have been watching your fabuloso projects for quite a while but had to wait to get this fantastic computer at home to begin telling you how much I have enjoyed your creativity! I junk with my sister-in-law and we also found that bead holder - who knew!! Anyway, leaving on friday to do the 127 highway sale and I know there is great junk to be had so I hope to get the digital up and running to share some of my stuff. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!