petersburg, VA, US

teacher for 32 years
live in an old farmhouse (built around 1850)
love to collect/use old junk in new ways
married-no children(except the 600+ that I have taught over the years!!)

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Re: A Shabby Little Adventure!

Two words!! Awe-some!!

Re: Halloween Image Collage

very cool idea, love the grouping on the wall. may have to give this a try. thanks for sharing

Re: Curbside raisin crate transformation .....

love it. why can't I ever find stuff like this beside the road? I must be on the wrong road. lol! Seriously I really do love old boxes and this is really cool.

Re: Altered Watercolor Paint Tin

I really love this. I have an old watercolor tin that I found when I was cleaning out my classroom this year. I just might have to see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Layered Filigree Bracelets

these are really unique. i love them and would buy them in a heartbeat.

Re: Cigar Box Display Case

this is so cool. I love it!

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

These are great ideas. I just found a chicken feeder and knew I had to have it. I wanted to see what someone else had done with one. I am so gald that I came across this website in my search. I have joined! Can't wait to post something.