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Hello and Welcome to my world of treasures. I have a love for junk, vintage, and repurposing. I enjoy offering items as found, and sometimes I enjoy being creative with pieces too. I am not a hoarder, but just a keeper of treasures. I enjoy the simplicities of life.

I am a Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkie who loves treasure hunting, and junking too! I enjoy treasures refound, and will sometimes reuse, repurpose, and upcycle pieces too. My hopes are to help remind everyone of simpler times, and that hometown hospitality!

Remember when you would get that special "Welcome" when you walked into that corner shoppe on main street. It was comforting to receive. It should be that way with online shopping too. You don't have to get all "dolled" up to shop in my stores. Just come ready to shop just like you are in the comfort of your home. Hair rollers, shorts, jammies, barefoot, and know.

I also enjoy blogging. Visit LilacsNDreams Blog, and LilacsNDreams Shoppe Blog page at

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you to come in, and have a look around. I will share a little bit about me, products offered in my shops, blog, and lil bit of this and that.

Thrifting, Vintage, Repurposing, Upcycling, Creating, Salvaging, Life, and More. Sharing bits 'n pieces along the way . . . Seeing Beyond What it is, To What it Can Be!

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Cupcake Dessert Plate Green Glass Pedestal Stand

Cupcake Dessert Plate Green Glass Pedestal Stand was brought together with a decorative plate with great coloring, and design. I attached a green glass pedestal bowl as the base for this. I like some...

Glass Bell Cloche Anchor Hocking Forest Green Vase Pink Flowers

Glass Bell Cloche Anchor Hocking Forest Green Vase was repurposed by Me. I LOVE making these kind of pieces. I used a glass vase, a designed glass mini pillare candle holder for the knob handle, and...

Cake Cupcake Plate Candle Jewelry Holder Blue Stand

For this piece I used a dinner plate, and a cobalt blue goblet that had not sold. Was from an incomplete set. This piece can be used for serving cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches & cookies for tea...

Recent comments

Re: Cake Cupcake Plate Candle Jewelry Holder Blue Stand

Thank You very much ladies:)

Re: Seeing Angels...

Great idea, and love what you did with the pieces! I wish I could click on the pictures to get a better view, but having issues doing that here:(

I LOVE angels, and have some things here I have considered making as angels too. Thanks for sharing these:)

Re: 2 Tiered Tole Table

Very nice, and thank you for sharing. I love the words of your late husband...very well true. I adore what you did with this, and chuckled as I do believe I have a tray like this I just seen in our dining room closet....trying desperately to clean house, and down size:)

Best of luck to you with this, and thank you for sharing:)

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

Love what you did with this! My friend who lives across state from me is cleaning house, and has a bench she is wanting to get rid of. Didn't think she would ever do it, but is.

Thanks for sharing this, and giving us more ideas of things to do:)

Re: Desk

Great Desk! Brought back memories of one my grandmother had like this, was a bit bigger, came from the OLD school house down the road from her on the farm, and the thing was soooo heavy it was hard to move.

She used it with a cloth, her sewing machine, and all of her sewing spools, bobbins, needles, and everything was all organized through out the really nice sized drawers. Wish I had it with her gone, but before her time it had gone to auction:)

Looks good:)

Re: Candlestick Finials

I love what you did with the finials:) I LOVE candle sticks, and have plenty sitting around of colors, shapes, sizes, glass, wood, designed, etc. I like to use my candle holders with plates, saucers, bowls, I am working on 1 adding a bird house due to the color of the candle holder, and just all kinds of fun.

Thanks for sharing this idea too. Yes, they do look like chess pieces, don't they?:)

Re: Our place on the creek - BEFORE!

Very nice looking, and anxious to see how things progress. So green, and so inviting:)

Re: More TRASH to treasure

Very nice work for dumpster/junk diving...LOVE it! Now, that is treasure hunting!:)

Re: Fun with Shutters

WOW! I have seen many things done with shutters, but not this idea yet. Fabulous, and one more time am amazed with all that can be done. Fabulous idea, and very well done! Thanks for sharing this:) Lilacs

Re: Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Very Nice, and thank you for sharing!:) I LOVE wooden shutters, and all the possibilities that come with it. Over time I have seen so much done with them, things I would have not thought of, but just adore what others offer for inspiration!:)

Thanks Again!:) Have a super weekend!:)


Re: What to do With a Window from a 1930's House

LOVE what you did with this vintage window! Just the right touch, nothing too much, but was effective & fundamental too. LOVE it!:)

Re: Christmas with Georgia

LUV it! You have reminded me of a time when I did my display windows for my store, the fun I had, and how different I made them compared to other shops downtown.

1 Window was done with pink lights, boxes, and decorations, and had a white tree.

Window across from it was done with blue. Had the white tree, blue lights, blue cloths, etc.

The 3rd window..facing street directly was done with the traditional red & green.

All 3 windows had the white trees in them with lights, I had my wooden candle holders from home with Candles showing on them, and some of the holders had some flicker candles on them for the night viewing before the timer shut the display windows down for the night. Ohhh...was so much fun & I had so many compliments...wasn't the usual traditional, but just a lil different.

Now...have to find them pictures...which disc/folder are they stored in? LOL!

Thank you for sharing, and reminding me the fun, joy, and thrill of the christmas season! Job well done!!


Re: Fun Wood Pillars

LUV what you did with them. And, my husband wonders why I always hang onto things? LOL! We have 1 child left at home that graduates in May. After that I intend to have more 'ME' time to do things with refurbishing, painting, and etc. Until then things will pile, but I am working on being a lil more selective as I go along here.

Anyway....great job & inspiring! Thank You for sharing!


Re: What to do with a pew?

WOW! What a find! I have not seen 1 with such details as this 1 has on the sides. I would want to preserve that part definitely. I have seen some made smaller by taking the ends off & resizing the bench from each end & then replacing the ends again. I have seen them painted, and also stripped & restained too. They are gorgeous once completed to how you want it with a cushion added to the seat & a blanket/afghan thrown over the back, etc. I understand small homes. But, where there is a will there is also a way too:) Keep us updated with this gorgeous piece! I am sooo sorry I do not have pics to show you of different things I have seen. Kim