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What to do with a beloved--but broken--piece

Sometimes upcycling and repurposing requires a mere change of geography. So when my lovely old bird bath could no longer stand, I found a fitting retirement home for it. The hardest part was getting...

Turning Unwanted Ceiling Light Fixtures into Planters

Our farm is where old ceiling fixtures go to meet their new potential as planters or outdoor light fixtures with solar lamps. I especially love the planters...all they take is an old fixture, paint...

Old clothes drying racks--junk or garden trellis?

I suppose I could have painted the clothes drying rack, but once the morning glories fill it out, you won't see the color. So simply attaching it to the side of the house and letting the plants do...

The continuing saga of the front yard makeover...

It all started with a desire to have some seating space in a very boring front yard...

Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

When I saw the topless table in a local Goodwill Store for $10, I had to have it but it wasn't going to fit in my car. The next day I dragged husband Chip and his truck with me and the price had been...

Cat Beds on a Budget

I love the many ideas I've seen using shutters for headboards, but I love my own bed even more. So I decided to create these for my cats, although they still seem to prefer my bed, too.

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Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Thanks so much for your comments. I've only recently starting repurposing and upcycling (as opposed to recycling or just plain repainting) and I guess I'm still in the experimental stage.

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

I don't know anything about corn cribs...will they hold magnets? I'm thinking of all the great junk ornaments that can be made and added if they do.