Monica Garza-Mischer, Hallettsville, TX, US

I have just discovered a fascination for old things...so many things in my life have lead to this place. I am an interior designer and mosaic artist....latley more artist. I have just moved back to my hometown into the house I grew up in...which is just 40 miles from Round Top and Warrenton, Texas. Back in the 80s I would travel through there going to and from college and would dread the few weekends a year when the antiques weekends were going on. I went back there this April and was SHOCKED at how many people were in Warrenton and Round Top! What a fun place.... too bad it Antiques Week is only twice a year!
I have since started to collect pieces and things at garage and estate sales in my area. Luckily, in my hometown, most people just look at things as junk and I think I am getting great prices on stuff! I hope to someday combine my mosaic work with my finds and ad these pieces to my work that I sell at shows.
For the time being, though, I am working as the advertising designer for our town newspaper, running my 4 children back and forth to football practice, girl scouts, school activities, etc., and still manage to making mosaic art pieces for local juried art shows here in Texas.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/16/1966

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My First Weekend of Junking!

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Found on the Curb!

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Re: Over run with windows!

If I was lucky enough to have these I would use them as room dividers that I would actually insert into my wall and incase like windows...I have a structural wall in my home that I cannot open up without sacrificing the stuctural integrity of the second story of my house. Light would be able to filter through, but not noise from the other room...which is kind of like a sunroom...lots of windows.
My second thought is to use them on the front of a large, shallow display cabinet...would be great for dishes. You could make this to be free standing or built in. If you take the sheetrock (or whatever wall covering you have up) off and expose the studs, you can build shelves in between the studs, finish out by painting and then use the french door for the doors. I have a pantry like this in my home for canned goods and it was unused space!

Re: Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

I LOVE this idea! I do art shows here in Texas and I normally just have a wooden crate that I turn on its side and use the top to display art pieces and have the back open to hide my money & credit card machine from cusotmers coming into my booth. I have always hated it because it feels so unprofessional....like it's my first show! With your cashier stand the top and base can still be used to display pieces or the top could be used for wrapping and bagging!

Re: Shabby hp vintage shoes.

Really, really cute! Who would have thought! I'll never look at old heels the same! Your paintings are all so nice....a real talent. I am not so blessed!

Re: My First Weekend of Junking!

Thanks for all of your great thoughts! I am going to another estate sale this weekend after my sons football playoff game. I know the person who lived in the house....He was the local beer distributor, so I'm sure there will be lots of beer things! I am hoping some of his wife's things are still around...If I get hold of anything good I'll post photos.