Hello everyone. I have read several sites of people who are members and I too have to admit, I am addicted to bringing things that might end up in the dump and turn them into something cool. Those who dont understand, its hard to explain, but I am obsessed, hitting estate sales/yard sales and just keeping my eye out in the public and seeing junk and making something out of it. I have been doing this since Sept. of 2012 and finding trash and putting your spin on it and then to have someone purchase your creation and put inside or outside their home, well after my first sale, I was hooked. I have a site set up on the internet. Just go onto Facebook.com and type in PBs Furniture Restoration. I have lots of stuff that I have repurposed or created out of simple things.

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Operation Overhaul

Bought this for 40.00.


My wife and I pulled this beat up French dresser out of a two story apartment complex.  My wife wasn't too happy with me.  It was for sale, but when we went to pick it up, it was full of...


These were part of a bedroom set that I bought at a yard sale.  I had a customer that wanted these at first and then when she realized that I had two more dressers that were part of the set, she...

End Table to Dog House

This was a part of a ugly white bedroom set that I overhauled. Removed the doors of these end-tables and made two of these for small dogs for inside the house.

Wagan Wheel End Tables

Had a family member purchased these at a yard sale. She had three of them.  Her house is a western style theme and she wanted these done in black, antiqued with a dark wood stain.  They...

Chair Bench

Purchased some 1940's children's school chairs at a swapmeet and saw this done on the internet and decided to create my own.  It was more difficult than I thought, but it turned out...

Old beat up dresser turned into Entertainment Center

Bought this for 5.00 and went to work on it.  It had severe water damage and I just sanded it down and started fresh.  It turned out awesome.  The piece was all wood, except on top. It...


Just some things I have done over the past few months.

Dresser Bench project

Bought an entire set of bedroom furniture at a garage sale for 75.00.  I bought two dressers, two end tables and a headboard.  This was part of the set. I wanted to create a bench and so...

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Re: Hutch top transformation

Interesting. I see these all the time. Great idea!
(PB's furniture restoration)

Re: Dresser Bench project

Very cool. Yes, send a pic when you are done!

Re: Restoration

Thanks, now instead of rotting away, it's in a cozy new house where it's appreciated. I wish I could find more of these!!

Re: Wagan Wheel End Tables

I added a clear coat on the finish product. Thanks!

Re: End Table to Dog House

Thanks, I only wish I could find more of these for a cheap price! lol.

Re: Dresser Bench project

Thanks for checking in. Means a lot. Send a pic!

Re: Operation Overhaul

LOL, thanks, this are just a few pics of what I have done. It's been a bit slow, since Christmas, but things are starting to pic up. Been doing this on the weekends. Thanks for your comments. Means a lot!