Debi Mattingly, Houston, TX, US

Fashion designer with own private label, debi lynn designs, since 1994. I own the store front, Yaya Chique, in Houston, TX--a place where Mae West meets Stevie Nicks!

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Birthday: 02/11/1957

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Fun on the bayou....

mixed media

Meme...Altered Doll

An altered doll that I made in a class I took with JoAnna of Moss Hill Studios.  Her face is actually an old plastic doll head that has been altered to look like porcelain.  The body is an...

What do you do rusted bottle caps????

Old bottle caps, vintage papers, oil pastels, acrylics all mounted on recycled wood

Button, button...who's got the button?

My version of the great inspiration given by "shabby chick"!  thanks sweetie...for the inspiration.  This was a fun project and I think it is one that I am going to share with my ladies at...

Time in a Bottle

These are part of my design collection for the spring...called "Time in a Bottle".  They are created using old bottles and an assortment of found objects & beads.  They hang about 3ft...

Boot Scootin' Bags

Vintage hand-painted boot top made into a purse.  Part of my design line since 1995....the handle is also easily removed and can be worn as a necklace.

Denim & Lace!

This "boxy" purse was designed for a client using her grandmothers torn up lace and old denim vest I had found with an assortment of vintage charms & beads.  The handle is designed using...

Like a puzzle...

What do you do when you have an old wood frame, a sheet of rusted metal, a wood cross and a metal scroll?  Mount them on top of each other of course! 

"functional junke"

Altered art from a wide range of rustic found objects and old vintage jewelry mounted on fench posts. (3ft x 2ft cross). 

Recent comments

Re: Fun on the bayou....

I just went to visit your website...and OMG!!!! Right up my alley. BEAUTIFUL work my friend and so inspiring! Keep up the GREAT work...xo..deb

Re: Fun on the bayou....

Thank you sweetie! Being a Cajun...it definitely reflects the backroads of our Parish.

Re: Meme...Altered Doll

Hey Sue!

It was great getting a chance to visit with you while you were down here in Texas! I am looking forward to getting a chance to sit down and read your new book....as soon as the show is over! Take care and keep in touch! xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

Re: Junk Vacation - Part III (final chapter, I promise)...my finds!!

Hey sweetie!

I love the documentation you have done of your trip! Do you come down to Texas? if so...would love to meet up.

xo..deb (the junkin' yaya)

Re: How to Contain Your Art Supplies

Hi Sue!

Thanks for your sweet comments! Hopefully, we will be able to finally meet while you are in Texas! Email me directly and I will give you my cell number (I live only 45 miles from Round Top)...and I do plan on being there. But, I come in like a tornado---going to all my vendors that I buy from for the shop and then back to the city. :)

My direct email is: debi@m-p.com

Hope to hear from you soon, so we can finally meet!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

Re: Meme...Altered Doll

Thank you so much ladies for your sweet comments! I have been so busy with the store, studio and new designs for the spring and keeping up with my blog; that I haven't had a chance to visit.

But, I was so proud of doing something "outside of my art box" with this doll. That I just had to share it!

JoAnna (Moss Hill Studios) is offering her "trade secrets" in her online class. You can join her here:


She is a sweet friend, and her work is awesome!

xo...deb (junkin' yaya)

Re: Kick-Off for Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition in Texas

Hi sweetie!

Look forward to seeing you here in Texas soon, and getting a chance to see your new book! xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

Re: What do you do rusted bottle caps????

Hey yaya sistas'!

Thanks for the sweet comments....hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and a fun-filled safe New Year! May all your dreams become reality in 2009...xo...deb

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

Love this look...great storage idea! xo...deb

Re: Button, button...who's got the button?

Thanks so much ladies for the sweet comments. Yes, I love it when we "share"! xo..deb

Re: Button, button...who's got the button?

Thanks Gretchen...that is what I love about this site. We can all "share" our ideas, and then see how someone else can take another "spin" on it! As an artist one of the biggest compliments I get from clients is when they see something else in what I created...that I didn't see! xo...deb

Re: "SILVER BELLS" for Georgia

LOVE this!!! I collect salt/pepper shakers for my store and have always done rub ons on them...but, never thought to do them to hang on the tree! Thanks sweetie....very creative! xo..deb

Re: Mantle Turned Headboard

Great job! I have been looking for a new headboard idea for the store....and hummm????

I have a beautiful black mantle in the store. Maybe I will do that for January in the window..do a black/cream window front? Will let you know if I get it done...

thanks again for the creative inspiration! xo...deb


What a creative space! xo..deb

Re: How to Harvest Bed Springs

I have done a similar project in the past using old bed springs, but I bought some "flared" glass to place in them to put some "fake flowers in". Because when I put water in them, the weight of the water was just enough to "unbalance them". Maybe if a make the spring a bit tighter? thanks for sharing...xo..deb


Love it...especially how you used them. xo..deb

Re: Repurposed glass decanter bottle tops turned into Christmas ornaments.

LOVE this idea...I also have a lot of bottle tops and have used them for many other things, but never as you have done! Thanks for sharing...xo..deb

Re: Time in a Bottle

Thanks for all the loving comments my sweet new friends! If I don't get back for awhile...it's because things are extremely busy at the store (a good thing)...all of you have a beautiful and safe holiday! xo..deb

Re: Time in a Bottle

Thank you ladies...the most difficult part of these was coming up with a "structure" that would work and still "hold the bottle" strait. It only took a few weeks to "figure it out" especially since I am not an engineer! :) sure could've used one though. LOL

Re: Recycled Junk Christmas Tree Decorated

Beeeeutiful! I love also how you added the touch of brown rust with all the pretties....and the stand is ingenious! Love it...very original. xo...deb

Re: Denim & Lace!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! xo..deb

Re: Boot Scootin' Bags

Hi Kim!

I do both a hand-beaded fringe (you can see those on my blog) and a fabric (both vintage & new) fringe. I developed a technique that does not require sewing the leather...I put a wooden gussett in the bottom that is covered in leather, which will give the purse a lot more room. Since I started these back in 1995, a lot of people have been making them...but they sew the bottom together (which makes for a pinch look) and doesn't do well with the fringe.

I am so glad that you liked them!

Blog: http://yayachique.blogspot.com


Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

Okay...I am joining in...I am jealous of all the great finds! And go figure...I am in Texas; where junkin' is bigger than life itself! Do you ever sell any of this stuff? xo..deb

Re: Like a puzzle...

Thank you Sue for all your nice comments! Love what you have created here....all your "junkin' ladies" are fantastic!

Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

who would've thought? :) Love it! xo...deb

Re: Winter White Window

What a great idea to use the draw pulls to hang the beautiful frame! Ingenious!!! xo...deb (also love the stunning flower arrangement...great color combination. Simple, yet so elegant.)

Re: Like a puzzle...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment...I am so glad you liked it. xo..deb


Oh what fun! I LOVE old suitcases...I use them in my clients homes all the time. Can't wait to see what you do with all your new found treasures! xo..deb

Re: Like a puzzle...

thank you so much for your sweet comment! I visited your site and love your loverrrrly dolls!!! Great imagination and creativity! xo...deb

Re: Whisk Up a Little Ambiance!

Only one word for this phenomal creative project...INGENIUS! my friend....xo..deb

Re: Junking on a TUESDAY???

OMG! What a trunk load of fantastic treasures! I am SOOOOO jealous. :) Can't wait to see what you do with all of it...xo..deb

Re: "functional junke"

thank you so much ladies for the nice comments! I am glad I found ya'll...I will post more as soon as I have time to take pics. Most of the work I do is for clients...so, sometimes I get in such a hurry to get the pieces into their homes, I forget to take "individual pics". Will try and get better at that! xo...deb

Re: "functional junke"

Thank you so much ladies for not only the warm 'welcome' but also your lovely comments!

First, I have a store front here in Houston "Yaya Chique" and I also sell to private collectors and to other boutiques throughout the country, Canada and Europe. You can visit my site at www.yayachique.com

If you click into the cross you should see a "full" pic of it and closer detailing. This site only lets you load a certain size pic....and since this cross is over 3ft tall and 2ft wide---it is a little hard to show all the details. And yes, it is designed with a very wide variety of junke and vintage jewels and of course the antique cruicfix (from South America).

Take care and I look forward to getting to know more about this site and all of its members!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)