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I have a small antique/craft shop from April thru October at Shupp's Grove in Adamstown Pa. I make most of the unique items in my shop, from birdhouses made from old wooden ice cream makers & funnels, to birdbaths made from old glass light shades. I also make birdhouses and jack-o-lanterns on old posts from vintage coffee & tea pots.I can't get enough of junking. As soon as I find something odd, rusty or old, I just have to take it home and make something with it. I almost never use the found object as it was intended. My house looks the same too! I have a huge old red flour bin upside down with a glass top in my dining room as a table. It looks fantastic. I also took two old green shutters and a beautiful old 9 paned door and made it into a TV center. I even took the ugly door off my home office and replaced it with a wonderful old screened door. I could go on for days! Can't get enough junk!

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This is my kind of playtime. I'm gonna go through my "junk pile"right away. It will be like x-mas opening up the swap box, I can't wait.


How wonderful. I found a beautiful old green screen door with all the gingerbread still on, and replaced my home office door with it. My husband thought I was crazy, taking down a perfectly good door. But I love it and it is the first thing people see when they come into our house. And I am in the process of changing our pantry door with a beautiful old 12 pane door. I wanted to use it for the bathroom door, but my husband put his foot down on that one.

Re: Sewing Machine Drawer Charging Station

Great idea! I made one out of an old tin bread box, and it was real cool, but it was too big and took up too much space on my counter. I have several old sewing drawers and old cheese boxes, so I am going to use your idea and make myself one and give some to my other junky friends.