Woodbine, MD, US

I work in a high school health room, mom of two grown sons, 1 hubby, 1 dog, 3 cats - country setting - love to garden, antique, flea market, yard sale, estate sale, read, family gatherings, the beach.

Collect: eggs, sea glass, spheres, feathers, vintage garden items. Make original cards and sell them to local shops. Sell costume jewelry and vintage and antique items.

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Re: ViNtaGe GLoBe LiGhT FiXtuRe VaSe

Creative junkers amaze me -good job - looks pretty with the roses! J

Re: ViNtaGe BoTTleS TuRneD InTo a BeAuTiFul DiSpLay

Very pretty - I collect shells, sea glass, glass - well, what don't I collect! But these are very pretty. I'm always on the hunt! It's fun isn't it! Jenn