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Large ( 21x47 ) picture frame

A picture frame my husband built.

Handmade towel rack

Handmade wood piece with decorative metal hanger

Tumbled tile coaster

black tumbled tile ..black and white picture. 

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Re: Windows...Windows and more Windows

I love Wild Side window. They are all great!

Re: Handmade towel rack

i think what your asking about is the Metal hooks. They are designed to look like flowers/leaves combo.. all metal. the hooks are part of the piece.
My husband detailed the wood, and we finished it with various finish colors.. and he attached the metal pieces.
I love it
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

Re: Christmas with Georgia

Oh, Love all your stuff.. and your display with Pink trees is too precious.
.. My sister is Kathleen Rogers.. she is always visiting your shop! I visit Grover Beach yearly and have been in as well. You have the best displays. stuff...etc.
Hope all is well with you

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

Cute idea!
my husband asks me to wash out (slippery project) the mircle whip plastic containers so he can store his nails in them. (sometimes i just throw them out..but don't tell him)

Re: One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

Yes Scary.. but a nice piece of art.
(My son would have made me cover the doll at night hahaa,, I'd probably have to cover the doll at night!)

Re: Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

My Favorite color!! very cute

Re: Tumbled tile coaster

So nice to hear all the positive feedback. It is a fun, easy way to use old photos..blk / white.. Just water glue mixture ..pop out any air bubbles.. after it is dry use Mat sealer. Modge Podge is a good idea for coating picture down a few layers. then seal
I did a old christmas photo of my sister and I (from 1959 ..made a set of 3.. i bring them out at Christmas time. After putting the picture on..i sprinkled a very small amount of silver glitter. then sealed. Great gift ideas
thanks everyone

Re: You're So Transparent!

Such a great idea. I wondered how that was done!!
And yes, when you go to buy something like this, it IS expensive.

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

This is so adorable!! Great idea.