Jackie Lantry, Rehoboth

Im shop owner with 3 kids still at home. I sell at the famous Brimfield market (Im in the field called New England Motel.) I love to read, travel, and decorate. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Bee Season (among many) and my favorite movies, Amelie and Cinema Paradiso. I love all things French and travel to Paris each year to shop the fleas. You can see my French treasures at blissfarmantiques.blogspot.com.

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A pair of buttoned up lamps

Lamps, refurbished using buttons instead of crystals. The "crystals" that were originally on the lamp were made of plastic...

i'll never do this again:)!

I made this "skirt" out of leftover pieces of screen (from a screen door.) What a pain in the neck (not to mention the hands-especially the fingers!)


This is an old picture frame that I found at Brimfield. I was so happy to see that it had it's original glass. I decided to glitter it up and then glue buttons all over it. The last thing I did was...

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

A great use for bags that have outlived their purpose! All of these items have been made from antique or vintage grain sacks or mangle cloths. Some are European, some are american, all have great...

found object assemblage

A couple of found-object collage's. The first is a black frame with a crow. Crow's being scavengers in the world of birds (not unlike "junkers:) I thought it appropriate. The bottom of the box is...

Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

I found this old gas lamp in a box lot at an auction. I fell in love with it's design of rambling flowers around the base. As luck would have it I had stashed the wire frame of a lamp shade that I...

New life for old objects

I decided to add this photo not because I made the items, but because it is a different way of looking at and using items that we see and use everyday...frame a worn pair of baby shoes, use old...

Tetley, a different breed of dog

Tetley is a dog made from an old tea tin, some vintage wooden beads, a bottle brush and a ceramic dog head. His innards are a photo copy of a dogs innards, with a little red glitter to spice things...

"Olive" She's one trashy lady!

This lovely lady is made from a discarded olive oil can. It is easily done with wire and bits of leftover buttons, screening etc. I used an ice pick and hammer to put holes in the can and then used...

Recent comments

Re: Tin trunk end table

I love this look, I especially love that the piece of glass doesn't cover the entire top. That's a great look!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Love the lamp...I hope you save all of your sketches, they are fantastic! If you don't, when do they pick up trash in your neighborhood?????????

Re: Crumbling Luck

Very nice, great to see a "throw away" come to life again. I especially like the face on the statue, it's expression is just perfect. Nice save!

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

I sold one of these at Brimfield! I knew I should have kept it!!! I'm loving Junk Market Style, It's so fun to "surf" through the projects and get inspired. There is one downside though...I missed a deadline yesterday (too busy having fun here:)!

Re: Trick or Treat

Please show us a full length photo when it's up and on display! Great idea with the skirt hanger! Numbers/letters...you scored, kudos!!

Re: Edible Centerpiece

OOOHHHH! good find! I'm going to visit Minnesota to go junking-when it stops snowing that is:)

Re: Happy Autumn

I adore this grocery cart! It is perfect for autumn use, or any other season for that matter. wonderful!

Re: Junk fall decor

Welcome, I'm a newbie too and I have gotten so much pleasure and inspiration from the posts, the pictures and the support! A fantastic site for sure!!!

Re: All Dressered in Black

I forgot to mention that I especially love the way the top "bow's out in front, great design touch.

Re: All Dressered in Black

I love this dresser-and I love to work with color and especially black too (although you wouldn't know it from what I've shown so far:)Sometimes black is just the thing to make all other things "pop."

Re: Anniversary wind chime

GREAT aniversery gift! Love it. great work

Re: button necklace

Gorgeous! I'm a button freak and love to find new uses. I need to learn crochet!

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

I like the light and airy but it does need a "punch" of dark and warm color to make things "pop." It looks like you have an "alter" to creativity there-love that idea!

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

I am GREEN with envy! The sign is perfect! Can't wait to read your blog...

Re: All-Seeing

Assemblage is one of my favorite things and yours are wonderful. I always think of assemblage in a "contained" space. I love doll head and the tray-it's "thinking outside the box" which is the essence of creativity.

Re: Family Jewles

Love the necklaces! They are stylish, beautiful and chic! Great photo too! Where do you sell them?


OK, how much for little Ciccolina????????????? I GOTTA have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 1

Framing up the fireplace is a VERY good idea-I'll be playing with this idea for sure!


LOVE this idea! I'm on the lookout for silver coasters:) Thanks,!

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

j'adore! C'est magnifique! This is such clever and stylish use of a found object!

Re: New life for old objects

To "Pieces of the Past" The dress form you drooled over is from Paris. I found it on Ebay. Pricy, but worth it. I have found Wolf and bauman dress forms on my local craigslist. You have to "haunt" the list-meaning go on every day and check. I have gotten 2 this way. You never know. I also use several different descriptions (dress form, dress dummy, dressmakers dummy, mannequin.) If you stick to it, you'll get one for sure. Let me know when you do...happy treasure hunting:) It is part of the fun of it-anyone can go out and pay top dollar and find one, it's so much better to find one AND get a great deal.

Re: handle solution

I LOVE this idea! Great use of rocks/wire! Thanks, J-

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

This is right up my alley, it has that vintage industrial feel. Love it. If you don't have access to a welder you can use a product called "J B Weld." It's a 2 part epoxy, very easy to mix and really does a great job.

Re: curbside find..

OMG! I want to go junkin' in your neighborhood! That is lovely...J-

Re: "Olive" She's one trashy lady!

Thank you Midge, Dive, Mona, Ms. Chic, Ms. Sophisticate and Mr. J Architect! I am so humbled to have these wonderful comments from such a talented group! I do hope you visit me at Brimfield, I do all 3 shows and set up at New England Motel in the pavillion (my space is # P2.) I am busy working on other pieces and loving this site! What a boost of creativity!

Happy junking!