Judi B, Liverpool, NY, US

I have always loved antiques, repurposing and found objects. My parents frugality rubbed off on me probably due to them living through the Great Depression and WW2. This way of life had most likely fueled my passion for antiques and junking!
Remembering my first assemblage* in art class in high school, it was a shadow-type box filled with items found around my childhood home. It included nuts, bolts, washers, springs, parts of games and toys and my wooden Duncan yo-yo. I have since regretted including the yo-yo (probably worth some money now) since the assemblage and its contents were patina-ed a loud purple-like Barney. It may still be in our attic waiting for some repurposing. Perhaps some paint removed might help!?
My daughter is responsible for me learning about Sue's book, Junk Beautiful, while perusing a local craft store. One glance and I had to have it. Little did I know that a passion for junk could be a decorating trend!

The book and this website has sparked a fire within me to decorate and create with junk. I was so inspired that I found, bid and won a box lot of really awesome porcelain hardware/plumbing fixtures. There are two casters in this lot just like the ones in the book! Hunting through my dad's workbench has found me more treasures! On Mother's Day weekend, my husband and I went junking through a neighborhood garage sale. We found some good bargains and some great junk. I am hooked!

Thanks Sue and Junk Market contributors/members for your awesome ideas and encouragement!

My favorite word: Simplify

*an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.

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Birthday: 05/23/1960

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3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

This set of 3 matching chairs have been in our home for some 20 years, purchased at a garage sale for $12 (for all 3).

LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

after a long absence from JMS..i'm back with a "junk marriage" of sorts for our kitchen. we have had an old vintage light fixture above our sink which use to have a schoolhouse-style globe on ...

Junk Swap

Carla, aka, "busymelifera" was my noteworthy junk swap partner.  We discovered that we had a fondness for many of the same things: gameboards & pieces, wood, hardware, sheet music/books and...

OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

Here are a few little ditties that I found while perusing a quaint little antique shop a few weekends ago.  I'm not one to do much decorating for Valentine's Day as I don't really go for the...

A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Several posts have reminisced about S & H Green Stamps.  I recently found my collection that I inherited from my parents and thought you'd enjoy a look or a "walk" down memory lanenbsp...

Whoa Junkie!

On a day trip to Ithaca, NY, this "Junk Horse" was spotted on the Ithaca Commons.  I was told that this is part of an annual exhibit of outdoor art.  The variouse rusty junk that was used...

Musical Revamp

A Christmas gift for my bff and her family included this little ditty.  I found it in the markdown aisle at my local HomeGoods store and could see its potential.  A bit of my favorite black...

Have Yourself a Junky Little Christmas!

I would like to wish all my friends at JMS a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!   Have a wonderful time of gathering together with loved ones, reminiscing, and remembering the true meaning of...

Fall Is In The Air

Although I don't care for cold weather, I DO love the fall colors of the NE.  I hope you enjoy this little vignette on our back porch.  This somehow makes it "warmer" in the midst of the 40...

Treasures Found

These are a few of my favorite things (theme song from Sound of Junkin')...galvanized metal and wood sitting stool, black metal jug and enamelware pitcher,la la la la la la la la la lanbspStay...

1950's Schooldesk

This 1950's Heywood-Wakefield schooldesk was found stored above garage when we moved in over 27 years ago.  Painted a tacky green, written on with black marker and stuck with stickers, it has...

All Dressered in Black

Before this thrift store find was a sad sight but solid.  I could have refinished the poor thing but opted for the "cottage" look of painted wood.  The knobs came with the dresser, however...

Recent comments

Re: Fashionable Junk

you're such a junk fashionista!

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

sue-stumbling upon your book was the start of a new adventure for me back in 2009. the book and this site has been an inspiration and confirmation for what i was destined to do at this point in my life. little did I know that a passion for junk could be a decorating trend!

Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

woo this donna! i have an endless supply of coffee bags and am always looking for new ways to use them. this is great and so easy to pull off...or is it down?!

Re: Picker's Paradise Tag Sale

oh how i wish i lived closer! i share your passion for galvanized ANYthing. i so love those "trees"...very cool. the one with the holes look like ornaments hanging on it.
thanks to your and your vision, i am now in my element of "junk" decorating and LOVE it.

Re: The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

such a clever idea! i recently purches a box of over 100 little vintage bottles and wasn't quite sure what to do with i do & just need the corks!

Re: HoJo's Menu

jim, i love your concepts...crazy cool! i do remember ho jo's especially when traveling cross-country on family vacations. we probably stayed in a motor lodge once or twice too. i love the fact that you can whip up a concept drawing wherever you may be. (glad the tablecloths were paper!) and btw, my friend uses that term, "livin' the life baby", it made me smile.


Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

absolutely LOVE it!

Re: A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

how cute! it is a perfect springy accessory for your chalkboard wall. you're such a clever girl!
judi ;)

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

another amazing lamp by jim the junk architect! you're creations are too cool for school but i LOVE the old school feel about them. ie: cloth cord w/bakelite plug.

i just want to know where i can find these galvanized (love!)chicken feeders?! i only see them on blogs.

i second the book idea w/ would sit right on my coffee table for all to see.


Re: "Springy" Flowers...

these are so cute and so very creative! at first pic, i couldn't figure out what the springy things were...and then wa-la repurposed vintage egg separators...too cool!

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

glad you wrecked looks fabulous! the faux mercury vase is super have A+mazing talent.

Re: Need a tray? Use a door!

love it donna! i recently picked up a door at the local habitat for humanity restore...this gives me another idea for it. thanks!

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

wow jim! you're expanding your junk line into jewelry...VERY cool! love how the old keys and doorknob escutchen were meant to be together.

watch out've got some competition!


Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

lani...this is so super cool. love the cookbook storage idea. my mom's hometown is topeka, ks (and her name is dorothy)!
this piece looks right at home in your kitchen.

Re: Wired---------[=

i am so inspwired---[= by this lamp jim!
(love the clever title graphic)
had to come by and as FJD wrote, get my're the best junk lamp maker by far.

Re: Industrial Trophies

jim...these are awesome indeed!!! i love the mixed (painters)pallete of goodies (couldn't resist) reminds me of my dads tools...aged to perfection.

judi ;)

Re: Candlestick Finials

simple and awesome!

judi ;)

Re: A new life for this old table and an old "new Junker"

that was a great find and bargain! i can relate to the sore back and short tables...i added casters to my enamel top table to bring it up to the right height for me. love the idea of a drafting table with all the storage AND the great height for us tall people! welcome to JMS!
judi ;)

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Give me a "C", give me an "O", give me another "O", give me an "L"...what does it SPELL?
C.O.O.L !!!
-and that's just what this pendant light is for sure!

LOVE the industrial, old school factor!

judi ;)

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

LOVE this! so simple but SO awesome.

judi ;)

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

AWESOME as usual- love the "aging" worked cuz it really looks aged!

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

what a great chair! i have been on the lookout for one or more of these for some time...they are so awesome.

and yes, i love the graphics of that bucket too, the sunflowers make the colors pop.

judi ;)

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

great the use of old silverware & faucet handles!
judi ;)

Re: It's Illuminating

love it...once again you've created an awesome illumination!
judi ;)

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

these are sooooo cute and creative! i have several of those whisks...great idea.
judi ;)

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

i LOVE those wheels...the galvanized metal..swoon...your porch is the epitome of a junkers dream. love all that metal going on around there.

judi ;)

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

once again, you have amazed me with your talent for taking new and making it look old! you rock when it comes to vintage projects. love the attention to detail and the metal accents.

i spy soda bottles...from your vast collection? ;)

and you travel for hire? we have a bath reno that could use your eye for design! using vintage tub, sink & throne in a 5 x 7 floorspace...and hoping to pull it off in JMS style.

judi ;)

Re: Picket fence tablerunner idea

hi donna!
i didn't even know you had join the rank at JMS! welcome...although a tad bit late.

you know i love your projects...this one is so simple and practical! love the uber cool metal countertop too.

judi ;)

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

wow,thanks Sue for featuring my light!!

i owe it to you and your JMS crew for awakening a creativity within me to repurpose, re-use and re-think with junk.

i <3 you all!

judi ;)

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

this is wonderful! love the added rope. i too favor old, crusty items...especially handmade. this would look spectacular along with other lanterns hanging in the tree for a summer get-together.

anyhoo...when is the party?

judi ;)

Re: This little light of mine...

this is so unique, lezlee! i love it hanging above the bed for some added reading light. the nook is so inviting.
i know what you mean about the light bulb...i love the clear ones as they don't distract from the fixture.

judi ;)

Re: Playing Outside...

this is wonderful! i love all your uses of junk-inspires me to add to my outdoor decor!
judi ;)

Re: Happy 4th of July always know how to take the most simple of things and make it spectacular! the chalkboard band is me some chalkboard.

judi ;)


LOVE it too! Simple and the starfish, that is awesome.


Re: Shipping Crate Coat Rack

nice! love the industrial feel and of course the lettering.
judi ;)


love the greenhouse! great use of old windows and chairs!
judi ;)

Re: Vintage Chair, re-covered

love the style of this chair...the simple lines are what catch my attention. the recovered seat looks great!
judi ;)

Re: Need help with lead paint project!

those are awesome windows!
here's another choice:
you can strip them clean with a product called Multi Strip from Back to Nature. It is a "greener" alternative than most paint removers. it is safe to use and i have used it for years around my 1829 farmhouse. it encapsulates the paint & comes off like butter. you could then do a faux finish that you could be sure would be lead-free.

judi ;)

you can see the actual product on my blog under the november post for more info.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end


you rock girl with that jewelry-these are the best of the best! how exciting to be featured at the aa/jms show, i'm sure they will be a hit!

judi ;)

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

i LOVE all of your projects! you are one handy dandy lady with a wonderfully creative mind. kuddos!
judi ;)

Re: Junk Swap

hmmm...that's an you think i could get away with just leaving it as is??!! i actually have it displayed in the diningroom for now and smile every time i walk by!
judi ;)

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Very nice! love the re-use of old wood for new furnishings...and turning an old ugly brass chandy into something funky and beautiful. i'd love to work there too.
judi ;)

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

Love all your goods! I have the same doll from my childhood with the striped orange dress...i think its a part of the Barbie doll line.
judi ;)

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

send it to me!!!!!! haha

really, these are such nice creations from scraps...who woulda thought? well, i guess you did!

~judi ;)

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

You know how much of a fan I am of your work...this new line of furniture is going to be fantastic! I wish you well and I'm sure you already have people lining up to purchase. Love the re-use and re-purposing of vintage and discarded items. The colors of this cabinet are vibrant and work so well together.
~judi ;)

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

I spied this post on your blog and loved it! The greyhound colors are perfect along with the total grouping. Tanner is sooo could you not love that face!
~judi ;)

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Love it & soooo cute! Great idea for old rusty springs...which I have several of from old upholstered chair seats. Happy Spring!
~judi ;)

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

Ok..i'm game..."time in a bottle"..."what time is it?"..."time stands still" are just a few that i can see in this awesome collage!!
~judi ;)

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

I love this simple idea...looks great on your shelf with the clock and books. Thanks for sharing!
~judi ;)


I thought you snuck into my house and took this picture! lol I have this egg separator hanging on a peg rack and love it's metal swirly shape. ~judi :)

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect least for furniture

Great marriage! LOVE the trunk-shape,size, patina...everything. Thanks for've given me an idea! ~judi ;)

Re: Primitive cupboard

You are so the repurpose and the cupboard!
~judi ;)


Super idea! love the table leg feet. ~judi ;)

Re: Got Ideas?

Um...I could send you my address- hehe I <3 ANYthing galvanized!

I think all the ideas so far are grand. I like the memo board idea or shadow box. You could also put it on a coffee table and layer some other decor with it...river rocks w/pillar candles or pinecones. How about using it for a serving tray!

~judi ;)

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Once again Jim, you have created something to make me "junk-swoon"! I <3 this idea, even though like SnowmanHill, I'm not a heart fan. Red is a fav color and galvanized anything is a fav material...what could be better than those mixed with rust?! <3 <3 <3 (love it times 3)
~judi ;)

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Ok, I've been pacing back and forth long enough trying to decide-and like exactly what IS there to decide???
Hmmm....I give someone else my junk and they give me theirs...sounds like a WIN-WIN adventure.
Alright already, now that I got that off my chest of drawers-ON with the junk swap!!
I'M IN, IN, IN !!!!!!!!!!
~judi ;)

Re: Valentine Fun

I love your collection, just found a few Valentine's at a little antique shop last weekend....and want more! I see you've been to the $ store in the 4th pic...those cute little easels caught my attention and bought me some too. ~judi ;)

Re: Valentines, buttons and keys

I'm so glad that you posted this project. I've been looking for vintage valentines so that I can decorate with them too. Great use of buttons and keys too! ~judi ;)

Re: The Key to my heart!

this is so what you've done to keep son & grandsons close to your heart! I too didnt know the paperweights could be taken apart..will be on the lookout now.
~judi <3 ;)

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Wow, you have a beautiful garden. The chippy painted bee skep is just perfect for herbs and flowers. Love all your garden pieces.
~judi ;)

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

Midge, This piece is phenomenal! You are one incredible lady that can turn the common, rusted item into a masterpiece. Kuddos on the cutting and that leftover piece, I'm sure, will be in another post soon! As for the chain...that has cool factor written all over it and I know you will come up with something great for its use.
~judi ;)

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

These bottles are so unique! Your painting skills are absolutely awesome. Great the winter scene.
~judi ;)

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Lani, Your set up looks oh so divine! Love the wire rack, thermoses and glass jar. They are fabulous.

We are now in the midst of a snowstorm here in the NE and the hot chocolate would be soooo nice about now! Mmmmmm good.

~judi ;)

Re: Windows...Windows and more Windows

Great repurposing...i'm partial to the beach scene esp. since I live in snowy central NY! Love how you incorporated the sisal rope and shells. ~judi ;)

Re: Dressed Bottle

Love those vintage buttons! Nicely done. ~judi ;)

Re: Stop the Draft!

Oh my mouth is hanging open in awe and I am speechless! I LOVE this!

My hubby made a wooden screen/draft stopper a few years ago for our old, drafty fireplace and it has sat (much to my dismay) unpainted. I knew I wanted to paint it but just couldn't come up with the perfect design.(I am so visual that it is sometimes a hindrance) I never thought of a checkerboard style- hich would fit so well with our decor! So now I am off to create my own checkerboard design for my poor neglected screen using the red paint from our walls! THANK YOU for the inspiration and the vision!

Love the "green" project too-use only zero VOC paints now.
~judi ;)

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Laurel, Your simplistic approach to decorating is what I love about your posts. I too am purging-my poor neglected craft studio and using as many of my "finds" to organize. I love using old bale-wire canning jars for a multitude of uses in kitchen, powder room and my studio. I was given boxes of them many years ago and keep finding new uses for's great gleaning new ideas from JMS members as well. Thank u!

~judi ;)

Re: embroidered floral silk shade ..

Troy...great idea using the vintage silk as it really completes the look with the style of lamp. The raw-edged ruffle is perfect.

I "spy" a vintage suitcase being used on your worktable! They must be a staple for junkmasters since so many of us on JMS swoon over them (as well as use them) Love the design of yours.

~judi ;)

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

I too love your repurpose of an ordinary item. They look great! I also appreciate your mini photo tutorial- the idea of spraying on top of egg cartons rather than a flat surface is something I had never thought of using! You have a talent for taking the mundane to awesome in simple easy steps. I am smitten with chalkboard paint too! ~judi ;)

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

Ditto to everyone else's comments! This is way cool or coolio as you say (love your unique terms of endearment!) I too love suitcases and repurposing them for inside storage uses. My daughter & I found several cases at a consignment shop, a bit pricey but I may go back and get one after all to use in my craft studio. With a bit of persuasion, she may take less?!

~judi ;)

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Gretchen, I love both your and Janis' clock frame ideas! And I agree, it's great to find inspiration from others but important to make it your own design.

Thanks for the is helpful for me (visual learner) to SEE how something is done.

~judi ;)

Re: Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

LOVE it painted! I sure could see this in my 1829 farmhouse, just wish I lived closer! ~judi ;)

Re: Another Shabby to Chic Chair Re~do

Another great buy and repurpose. You did a super job on the distressing and recovering! I too have a chair that I am inspired to paint, distress & recover. ~judi ;)

Re: "Sweet Spot"- CoffeeTime Lamps

Another great design! Love the astro turf AND the Bob n Bing fabric cool is that!? ~judi ;)

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

You found a great buy...$3! Our thrift stores are mostly overpriced around here. You made a very cute items even the pink, book pages and "pat a cake" graffiti.

~judi ;)

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Another great shabbified project! Love the pink and varied fabric shades. ~judi ;)

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

Wow...what a beautiful transformation! Lisa, your shabby chic look is top notch. Welcome to JMS - wish you well in pursuing your dream!

~judi ;)

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

Great idea! Love the vintage fabric. I too remember those S & H Green mom may still have some stashed away. Ooh...this could be another project post!

(Jim...I thought you were just thinking of June Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver"-works for me)

~judi ;)

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Nice! We just redid our kitchen and went with wood (Ikea) countertops w/natural tung oil finish. I love them! You can get a peek at (I still have pics to load for the finale) Otherwise, I would do a granite, soapstone or concrete (see Sue's kitchen on the JMS DVD). Look forward to the final reveal! ~judi ;)

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

Ooooh Melissa...this is a perfect match! They came together like peanut butter & jelly. Where did you use the burlap (this is becoming a fav of mine)as I couldn't tell in pic? You girls at JunkFest are phenomenal junkers! ~judi ;)
PS...glad I'm not the ONLY one who still has Christmas decor to put away! lol

Re: A "Junky Little Valentine"

Beautiful arrangements...for a junkers <3 (heart)! Love the cloche make-do, so very creative with all the treasures inside. The vintage cake stand is so very cool with the lettering. I REALLY need to take down my Christmas decor so I can get on with the next holiday!(sigh) ~judi ;)

Re: Junk Mirror with bling

Great way to display your "jewels". Love the "pearl-ized" domino! ~judi ;)

Re: Go Blue - Michigan Football License Plate Art

Your ability to craft such unique "pictures" out of license plates is awesome. I love the colors in the plates and how you incorporate that into your design. Look forward to more of your posts. ~judi ;)

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

WOW x 3! This cupboard is simply spectacular and who would have guessed its from crates! I vote for painting-add a bit of distressing around knobs and along edges for that antique worn-look. You could also do a two-color paint job with a base color under the topcoat. When you distress the base color will pop out. Looking forward to the finished project. ~judi ;)

Re: Candle Holder to Display

Great transformation...yes the gold finish HAD to go! Love the hooks on the bottom too. ~judi ;)

Re: Musical Revamp

Thank you everyone! I must say that this site has provided such inspiration (from THE best of the best) and encouragement to help find a niche in the creative "junk" world. I look at junk with a whole new perspective now and I'm lovin' it! ~judi ;)

Re: Cherish Boxes

These are a super idea for baby gifts. How creative and thoughtful using found objects and decorating to match baby's room! ~judi ;)

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

doreen, Your collection is awesome! I acquired several suitcases this past summer & fall and will be putting them to use in my craft studio to hold various items. My daughter has a short stack in her bedroom to hold excess items. These are great storage solutions! do you get the old smell out of the interior? (I would love to use them for fabric but fear the smell will transfer to the cloth.) Love how you added the old school tags for identification of contents. Thanks for sharing! ~judi ;)

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

You did good girlfriend! I love the glass with the old metal frame. If you ask me I think it's perfectly ok to meddle with other JMS members. teehee ~judi ;)

Re: Benchs from headboard

Those are beauties..great save and repurposing! WELCOME to JMS, you're gonnna LOVE it here. ~judi ;)

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

Marie, the wire basket is FAB-O! It looks great on your wall...such a nice display. ~judi ;)

Re: junk love bingo board

Oooh... I also love the color of the vintage board! I'm off for some junkin' today-hope I score some items as cool as yours! The "letter" spheres or ORBS (that's for Susie Q- i mean W!) are a great match with the it all. ~judi ;)

Re: Barn siding and projects

Love the look of old corrogated metal...wanting to put that in my laundry room some day. The red walls speak to me too...the color of our livingroom- LOVE it. Thanks for sharing! ~judi ;)

Re: The Kitchen floor

LOVE-LOVE the texture and use of so many materials! A BEE-u-tiful project. I know how it can be when a project takes a loooong time but is very cost effective in the "long" run. We are 95% finished on our kitchen that was started in Oct '08(of course we took a 5 month break in the middle) but I love it and it's all PAID for with blood (just a few minor mishaps), sweat (lots!) and tears (of joy-of course)! Look forward to more posts of your projects. ~judi ;)

Re: Church Treasures

I too love the use of the old pew and attendance chart...great idea to have pew cut down to fit. I especially love the cheesebox/storage...trying to figure what to use for mittens/earmuffs in our entryway and this may just work for us!
btw...the paneling mentioned in your clock medallion post...PAINT it! We painted paneling in my parents home and it looks great...kind of a beadboard-style look. ~judi ;)

Re: Photo "Opp"...

Laurel, I MUST agree with everyone that your posts have ALWAYS been contributor quality. I too LOVE your style, very inspiring as well. Thanks for SO many wonderful ideas! CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES for another great year of posting! You GO girl. ~judi ;)

Re: "Second Cup is on the House" -CoffeeTime Lamp

Love this lamp as of these days I will venture outside of my realm to tackle a lamp making project! Yours sure are motivating and inspiring...thanks! ~judi ;)

Re: Round Top Junk

Ooooh all your great finds, especially PB style lamp and laundry room cabinets! Thanks so for sharing! ~judi ;)

Re: Piano bench-turned child creative center

Love it! ~judi :)

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

clever the whole kiddie-whompus idea! Great visual design and colors. Me thinks i still have my barrel of monkeys and silly putty packed away somewhere cuz I am forty-something...almost fif...oops- nevermind! Thanks for sharing this great lamp. ~judi ;)

Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

LOVE your work! Where are you located so I can come take a look at your goods!?? ~judi

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

All I can say is!!! This is SO awesome! You're talent is very inspiring and yes I must agree with I see it, you are the king of JunkProjects! ~judi

Re: The Halls are Decked...

Laurel, I've always loved your style. Thank YOU for all your contributions to JMS. I too love the wreath idea...keeping the reason for the season. Have a wonderful CHRISTmas! ~judi ;)

Re: Grandma's Attic

Ok...let's just have a partay in Grandma's attic. I spied the wooden file boxes and I am lovin' them! You've inspired me to get all of my "junk" organized (love all the bottles on the wall) at least I could find things easier....well maybe. Merry Christmas! ~judi ;)

Re: You belong here!

Lezlee, Great the canning holder...using one myself this Christmas! This IS the greatest site for encouraging the developing talent in all of us plus a place to give and receive great ideas!! and receiving..what a novel idea. (love the table 2) Merry CHRISTmas! ~judi ;)

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

Beautiful ornaments...have some of the very same ones from Mom & Dad's collection and i love them! Great idea. ~judi ;)

Re: Peace like a river

Beautiful! ~judi ;)

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

I ALWAYS look forward to your posts (heard this was one was coming...thru the grapevine) and they keep getting better and better! I love your decorating skills and the nostalgia of it all. Once again...Kuddos on an awesome Christmas tree. As everyone else has the vintage pedal car! Merry Christmas! ~judi ;)

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

Midge, You are just AMAZING with your ideas of how to pull things together...a cat food can no less! It looks fantastic with the galvanized bucket (love those!) and shepard hook. ~judi ;)


Beautiful! Thanks for the idea- I just pulled out an old blue speckled canning pot to put one of my alpine trees into and wondered what to do with the wire holder. Now I know! ~judi ;)

Re: Alter-na-tree

I think my parents still have some of those tiny little "bead-head" people...Very cute! ~judi ;)

Re: Christmas Displays

Really nice! Love the wood box and the pull that you added...great finishing touch. You've done a grand job on pulling this display together. I found a few old Christmas postcards at an antique show that I will be using on a Christmas display with old lights, etc....hope it comes out as nice as yours! ~judi ;)

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

midge, my friend, your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me! love this organizer and all the extra details that you added to make it works so well for several purposes. ~judi ;)

Re: The lady's in a hurry ...

Merci beaucoup (for the wonderful stroll down memory lane)! Lovely vignette of your grandma's belongings.
Welcome to JMS and yes, it is quite addicting...enjoy! ~judi ;)

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

LOL! Love the footnotes...there certainly seems to be a trend there this year. But seriously-who would of thunk that mistletoe was named after bird dung? I definitely like your version...because who doesn't "light" up when they get a kiss! Thanks for another great project idea. ~judi ;)

Re: Very Simple

SIMPLY be-a-oo-ti-ful! Love the amber color and mix with wood and metal-simply fitting for a kitchen vignette! ...and you ARE original and creative...see what this site does for us all?! I know it gets my creativity flowing in ways that I never dreamed! ~judi ;)

Re: "BR549, please"

This looks just like the Pottery Barn phone that I picked up on Craiglist this summer. Now I know where they got their design idea from! I got a good deal on mine but free and REAL vintage is even better! LOVE IT! (speaking loudly) ~judi ;)

Re: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

gail, what a simple but creative gift idea for your friend. love the criss-cross boards at bottom, gives it that old fashioned feel. i think your tree is adorable! ~judi ;)

Re: This one was 'sew' simple...

love this tree too! it's sew original! great fix for a not so perfect basket. ~judi ;)

Re: This project is a crock!

robin, love the use of the old crock and rusty star garland- the neutral colors are great together. you have my vote! ~judi ;)

Re: Horse Collar Wreath

love the horse collar wreath...just picked up a goat bell with old leather collar (complete with dried on mud)at our antique show last weekend. I plan to use it in my decor this Christmas. Thanks for the post- it looks wonderful on your fence! ~judi ;)

Re: Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

Sweet Melissa, this is an wonderful use of the wood pile! You and your son did good. It looks amazing. ~judi ;)

Re: Santa Delivers with Boyish Charm

Ooooooohhhhhh it, love it, love it! Your decorating ideas are to die for, miss suzy Q! The scooter is in perfect vintage condition- what a sa-weet and special gift from miss kathy. When I grow up I want to be just as talented as you! (I may have a long way to go- haha) LIke sharon said...keep those ideas coming. ~judi ;)

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

Suzanne, These are so beautiful, you've done a wonderful job with the designs. You have a gift for mosaics, I especially like the dragonfly. The bases that you found for them are a perfect match. Welcome to JMS-you're gonna love it here! ~judi ;)

Re: Potty Talk...

Laurel, Love the makeover for the old scale...such a great idea for your little guy. The candle holder and decor are just the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing! ~judi ;)

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Andrea, This is beautiful! I love how all the icy colors play against the texture of the scarf, sled and burlap. The items inside the cloche are a perfect touch. ~judi ;)

Re: Charlie Brown ain't got nothin on me...

Love your tree! I have a thing for galvanized buckets. I use them outside all summer with various plantings but now this is another idea-plus the stenciling is a great touch. The divided round strainer/steamer is a perfect addition to the grouping-like how you added the ornaments. ~judi ;)

Re: Xmas tree from a thrift store planter

This is a wonderful collection of Christmas "junk". You pulled it all together so well. Looks great on your fireplace hearth. ~judi ;)

Re: 'Tis the Season

Wow, what an eye catcher- love the shape, color and lettering. It looks so great against your stone fireplace and of course next to adorable Lily! ~judi ;)

Re: Bud vases turned into little lamps...

Superb idea! Those vases are everywhere and an inexpensive way to light up your life! ~judi ;)

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

Noreen, I LOVE this!!!! I have a bunch of tubs-picked up for next to nothing at a barn sale this summer. This would also work well outdoors on the deck during the warmer months. (I have the same exact base used to hold a galvanized pail and plant) I can reuse it for something else! Kuddos on a great marriage of junk. ~judi ;)

Re: playing with JUNK!!!

Lezlee, I am greenery with envy (j/k) with that cute washtub. I've been looking for a larger one for some due season, I will find it! I love the lights, greenery and skates, they add just the right touch to your display. The trumpet adds the coolness factor. ~judi ;)

Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Lani, Another "be-yoo-tiful" rendition of holiday decor! Love all the rusty, crusty, patina too. Your decorating ability is just so awesome- LOVE it! and when we get this kitchen remodel done I can get on with some decorating around here- i am sooooo inspired by all that i've seen so far. ~judi ;)

Re: "PARIS" chairs, what was once old is new again!

Welcome! Your chairs look great, so glad they sold right away...who wouldn't want them?! My suggestion...keep on doing what you're doing- it's working! ~judi ;)

Re: Garage shelves made from old doors!

WOW what a the finished look! I will keep this idea well in the forefront of my junk/mind. Great repurpose...i also love the chalkboard. Now you will just need to keep on looking for more doors to finish the other walls. Such a problem to have! ~judi ;)

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Thank you for putting things into perspective...WHO would want a scarf when they can have a rusty wire laundry basket?! I vote for rusty over practical any day! As always you're projects are awesome and inspiring. ~judi ;)


chris, i must admit-you had me fooled(that's a good thing!)-i thought this was another project from "junk hero jim" when i saw the pic. you did well and this table looks great on your patio! i have several of those the search is on to find the legs. dontcha just love this site for inspiration! ~judi ;)

Re: Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Sue, you are so incredibly talented with junk! You can take the most common items and make them look fantastic. (Thank you for sharing and starting this inspiring business.) Happy Thanksgiving! ~judi ;)

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

These are so cute-great idea! I could also see these embellishing a pillow or two. love the contrast of the old metal zippers. ~judi ;)

Re: Junky Christmas Greetings

LOve all your junky door decor! You've pulled it together so beautifully. I spy a cast iron leg from a tub-too cool! You inspire me to get busy on my porch decor. ~judi ;)

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Great revamping- isn't this site just the junkers meow for inspiration and making one man's trash into your treasure! You have a good eye for looking past the peasant and to the royal crown. ~judi ;)

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

These vignettes are beautiful! Your ability to pull junk together is awesome. My fav is also the sewing box. I'm sure these will sell in a blink of an eye. ~judi ;)

Re: In other words...

Lezlee, Love the this idea and the repurposing-very cool! Do you homeschool? Either way, this is a great way to teach children to waste not. ~judi ;)

Re: To sleep or To read, that is the question?

Great repurpose! It's amazing what a bit of rethinking, paint and sweat can do for a poor drab piece of furniture. I agree with Lezlee- good eye. ~judi ;)

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

Again, welcome back-your posts have been missed! Love the use of anything with letters, these are wonderful. Congrats on making your passion into a business. ~judi ;)

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

Lani, This rack has beautiful patina-love the shape of it. This is a hay-pily made marriage of goods!
Enjoy your posts so much. ~judi ;)

Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

These are beautiful creations! Love the lettered signs and the use of old doorknobs. The lettering must be time consuming, but worth every bit of the effort. You're son is very talented. ~judi ;)

Re: Glass Terrarium

Ditto! This is beautiful! Love the reuse of mixed pieces that fit so well together for a perfect terrarium. ~judi ;)

Re: One of my favorites!

I have been awaiting your reveal since I picked up a similar china cabinet off CL for my parents. My sis and I have been debating whether to sand & stain or paint. I was leaning toward painting as it shows the detail of the piece..and your beauty confirms that! You did well with the color that gives that beach-like feel plus the paint name fits your piece perfectly. A cast-off or castaway brought to you by bensonstreet's "true value" collection! ~judi ;)

Re: Has anyone seen the dictionaries?

This stand is such a nice combination of color and decoupage. Love your use of books for your projects- you have a great ability to use your words wisely! ~judi ;)

Re: Winning with Winter White

Ooooh Lani, this is beautiful! I love the metal radiator piece-that's what caught my eye since I love galvanized anything. The total composition is definitely a winner! ~judi ;)

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

junkgirl, this is such a unique repurpose! Love the black stripe that you painted and the embellishments on the side. I absolutely love anything with casters (AND galvanized metal)- not sure what it is about them, maybe just the nostalgia of it all.

I also checked out your blogspot-love it (the bathroom remodel is fabulous)! ~judi ;)

Re: My Holiday Projects

These vignettes are just beautiful. I especially like the Wise Men Still Seek Him - keeps the focus on the original meaning of Christmas. ~judi ;)

Re: A Gift for the Music Teacher

Wow, what timing! I answered an ad on Freecycle just yesterday for 80 piano rolls(I'm hoping I get!). I have loved the many projects the JMS contributors have done with these and this is a another awesome idea. My daughter is finishing a degree in voice & piano; these would be great used as decor in her room, on the piano as well as a great gift for a music teacher!
~judi ;)

Re: Fall Back Decor

Love your displays and the metal pumpkins- I'm with you on the mold issue too! ~judi ;)

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

Jana, These are so cute! They remind me of Department 56 Krinkles by Patience Brewster. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing and WELCOME! ~judi ;)

Re: antique mattress springs

Love all your projects! Welcome to the site and the world of junking! Looking forward to more of your creativity. ~judi ;)

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I so appreciate this site for the encouragement it gives to all of us. It just makes me want to do more and gives me confidence in what I do.

Lani, thank you for "giving credit where credit is due" as that book was before my "time" with JMS. (thank you also for your sweet compliments)

~judi ;)

Re: From frumpy to fabulous!

annebell, you did a great revamp on that old crock. Until recently, I would never have thought to paint ceramics! I just painted a ginger jar lamp that had a dated apple design on it. I couldn't believe the dramatic change. Love the new design on your laundry crock and the door shelf that it sits on-great idea too! ~judi ;)

Re: found old french doors

Kristy, What a great find! You could use them as a photo holder, either lean it up against a wall, build a foot/brace to hold it upright or hang it horizontally on a wall. I would also find a doorknob to put back on the door. You could use it as a windbreak on a porch or deck...oooh so many possibilities! I look forward to seeing the finished project. ~judi ;)

Re: RE Boutique Sign

Amber, I absolutely LOVE this! How unique (goes along with the store)and creative. I only wish I was closer, I'd def be a regular customer (repurposed,home decor, vintage and organic products in one spot!) The name says it all for us junkers. ~judi ;)

Re: Sew many things to do...with old drawers

Oh I love this! It gives me a great idea for all the vintage sewing supplies that I have or have been given. Thanks for sharing this sewing assemblage. ~judi ;)

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Jim, You amaze me with each new project-such talent. Honestly, every time I see your posts, I look forward to your next! They are so colorful and unique. I love your use of old buckets and miscellaneous "junk". Super job once again. ~judi ;)

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

Love it!!! Beautiful job on distracting the eye toward something so unique. ~judi ;)

Re: Glass Flower

Beautiful combo- love the color, the glass, knob and hooks! ~judi ;)

Re: Recycled Garden -- fence and all

I too love the rusty patina of all the wonderful "junk" you have put together for your entrance. The fence is awesome-love that look! Great job! ~judi ;)

Re: Wallpaper side-table...

Wow, what a fantastic transformation! Beautiful paint technique and wallpapering- love the pattern and your use of the flower arrangement to make it all pop. ~judi ;)

Re: Take a Stand

Great collection and repurpose! Love the vintage travel sticker(I'm not fond of heart cut-outs either, reminds me of my "cutesy country" decorating days gone by) ~judi ;)

Re: Vintage School Desk

Love the style of this old desk. You're friend did a beautiful job of refinishing and painting. Glad to know that we can contribute and inspire others (you're welcome!). That's what I've loved about this site! ~judi ;)

Re: Industrial goes Glam

marybeth, this is so cool! love how it looks with the rustic wood of the table. you have such great design talent ~judi ;)

Re: Lantern Lamp and American Flag

thanks for the clip on lamp idea-an easy way to turn any item into a lamp. Great job on the flag too. ~judi ;)

Re: Recycled Window Turned Art Display

Love what you did with the window, quilt squares and rake head- great display. ~judi ;)

Re: Trick or Treat

I remember those paper jack-o-lanterns from my childhood as well as that skirt hanger!
The metal vintage letters & numbers are to die for. I'm sure we can all relate to going crazy over those!
That is what's so great about this website- we can cheer for our fellow junkers when they find such awesome stuff! Hurray!
~judi ;)

Re: Simple Idea for Old Windows

ooooh love old windows too! I have a basement window like the one on your patio that I plan on using as a picture frame. Old windows are just so awesome. Great repurposing. ~judi ;)

Re: My Scrapbook Area

This is so the use of old doors, especially this idea! Never thought of the doorknob hole being useful for the lamp cord. Love the organization of it all. Thanks for sharing. ~judi;)

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

Amy, You've got one talented hubby...awesome lamp design! Love how it all comes together so it was meant to be.

Re: "Mommy Central" with Junky Details...

Laurel, I love all the details you've incorporated into your storage area. I picked up a twin to your coffee pot from my parents & thanks to your creative mind, I have another use for it! Always admire your talent...judi ;)

Re: Pack it in!

Marybeth, this is a great combo-looks like they were meant for each other. Love your design skills and your song! ~judi ;)

Re: Wooden Number Tags

bluejean, I just love your unique and a great way to repurpose & use vintage items as decor. ~judi ;)

Re: Retro baby shower

Love your use of vintage toys, etc. instead of the typical baby shower decor. This is so unique and I'm sure your daughter is blessed by a mom who loves her so much. Welcome to JMS! ~judi ;)

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

Melody, if you don't mind me saying...I am drooling over your doors and shutters! They are just Yummy! The church pew is awesome as well-looking forward to your finished projects. ~judi ;)

Re: I love a collage

So very nice! love the use and look of old music & book pages on both items- no wonder that they sold! ~judi ;)

Re: All Dressered in Black

I am so flattered by your comments- wow...and to compare it to pottery barn! (it is one of my favorite stores) thank you so much ;)

Re: 1950's Schooldesk

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!

Santa- I use Back to Nature Multi Strip. It's a "greener" product and will encapsulate any lead paint. We've been using it in our kitchen renovation of an 1829 farmhouse- works great! Most of the time it comes off like butter.

Re: Window Pane

Old windows are so awesome- you've done a wonderful job of decorating & display! Love that the window still has the original pin or peg in the side stile. ~judi ;)

Re: Ladder Shelf

Great price, great look, great design idea! Perfect for a vast stretch of wall space-love those mason jars. your profile photo- who's the cutie pie?

~judi ;)

Re: Candy find me?

Renee, This is a great transformation! Love love love the black color and glass knob- they were meant for each other. -judi ;)

Re: Trinkets and Treasures Cake

What a unique and great idea! It's a walk down memory lane...cracker jacks, troll doll, marbles, jewelry, barbie doll shoe, coke bottle, and dice sprinkled about, and is that a puzzle piece I spy? Reminds me of the assemblage I did in high school. - judi ;)

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

Ooooooohhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh! This is so awesome Marie and so organized! Love those lockers- simple and neat. Now I need to get back to work on my craft studio- you've inspired me. -judi ;)

Re: i'll never do this again:)!

Love the skirt and the dress form! I've been looking for an old vintage form for some time but the prices are way out there. Maybe someday ;) Great design idea...even though it was painful (isn't there a saying "no gain without pain") judi ;)

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

Oh my-how cool is this! You really put your nose to the grindstone with this idea! I have several of these in our gardens with milk cans or galvanized planters sitting on them. At least one is broken, but what an idea! I just LOVE this site and it's creative members!!! judi ;)

Re: Hemming-Way

Thank you once again for another innovative idea! I recently picked up a few of these skirt hemmers due to nostalgia and my background in fashion design/sewing. I had no idea what I would do with them- until now! They will look great as picture frames in my craft studio that I too am redecorating. Love the use of the old spools of thread-I have an abundance of those! judi :)

Re: A "candle-ier" and some thingamabobs...

I just purchased a metal cart this past weekend and was looking for some inspiration. I don't believe it...this is exactly the same cart! I am so excited...can't wait to clean it up and give it a "job" I guess my post is better late than never. And, did you say dishes? Many great re-purposed!

Re: More gems

LOVE your designs...especially the button necklace. Hmmm....I may just need to do make myself one of those with all my old buttons I have in my craft studio! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Freeby :-)

I vote for painting too! Love the details of the piece, great find as well. :)

Re: A shabby chic lamp makeover

Super Shabby Chic! Great foresight and use of vintage chenille- love that stuff!

Re: More great finds

Ooooohhh Ahhhhh! I'd like to shop your habitat store too! Ours doesn't carry furniture and such but does carry a lot of building supplies. My dh and I took a drive to our local Habitat and found a wooden tool chest full of tools for $20 along with some great hardware, I think the total came to $25! Don't you just love a bargain?! Looking forward to your end projects.

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Jim- love it! you are sooooo talented & inspiring. I found 2 hose reels carts on craiglist for $5! Now I need to figure out what to do with them! You've already given me several ideas with your awesome projects. Keep them coming!

Re: Camp Lamp

Jim, you just amaze me with your creations! I always look forward to seeing your next completed project in "JimStyle" You are one talented junkster!!!!

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Great vision and design! Love the use of scrabble tiles! Kudos on the garage sale makeover. judi :)