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Re: Oak Table comes back to life

Great Legs. If I had these table halves I would take the two halves and mount them againt the wall with the appropiate hardware and you could see the legss and the table halves would function as a desk or sideboard.

Re: the loner

Also for the trim pc. It would look great over a cherry wood frame with a beautiful oil painting that would be on the old world style and what you would do with the moldiing is place it 3-5 inches above the painting. This way the molding stands out but not alone.

Good Luck!

Re: the loner

If you know anyone who knows how to do electrical. Buy the cord of the size that you need, add it to the exsisting cord. Place plug on it, buy a hook to place on ceiling. Buy cord cover and if you do not want so much light and you just want the more intimate light like candles, buy flicker bulbs to get the burning candle effect or buy 5-7 watt mini night light bulbs. Less hassle than trying to take apart the whole chandilier.

Good Luck


Awesome idea! They can also be used as finials on a wooden curtain rod. Cut wood pole to the size that you want, sand and stain with red mahagony by mini wax, add screws to end of pole and table legs, attach and you have a beautifl curtain rod. Mix match legs are cool also.