Karen Albano, Streetsboro, OH, US

I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio all of my life.
I have two wonderful children and 6 grandchildren. I have been married for 40 years.
Antiques are my passion along with reading and going green.
I am interested in all types of crafts and bring home just about anything on a curb or at my local Goodwill store that I can find.
My husband has a direct line to Goodwill if he cant find me.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/08/1948

Member Since: 10/25/2008

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Before trash day I need an idea

While stopping for windows left out on a curb awhile ago, I found this wonderful, shall we say, item.  I knew if I passed this up, I would think of something wonderful later on that I could do...

Light At The Other End

I had no intention of using this like this. But, I bought so much that day when I was bring it into the house I stacked the candle holder in the middle of the shade. I can now design while stacking...

Rusted light by Singer

I can't believe that I found this perfect duo.  I love this site, I have gotten so many fabulous ideas from such talented and creative people.  My house has never looked betternbsp...

Two of a kind

Both of items were purchased separately.  I couldn't believe it when I put them together and saw the same design. I can't remember where I saw this idea so I really can't take credit for it. I...

Will You Be My Valentine

The material that I used was from a twin bedskirt ruffle which I took apart and wrapped around a metal ring.  I wrapped it loosly so that it would be puffy. In the middle is an old heart shaped...


Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting a project.  I think this used to be a CD holder, but again I'm not sure.  I am now using it for all of my ribbons which I use for scrapbooking and...

Recent comments

Re: Editor's Challenge

Look at Jim "glow". "Glow Jim Glow". Now is when I wish I had some of the things I couldn't figure out what to do with. But wait she says, there is always that thing that is locked up in the back shed. lol hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Be afraid be very afraid. I need to start writing scary books. This is too cool. Karen

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

Well I am on my way to designing a little from each of you. Will take pics when done. Thanks to all of you.

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

Thank you all so much. What wonderful ideas. Just reading them you think, now why didn't I think of that. I will retake pictures after I am done. Bless you all.

Re: Victorian Kitties Sitting Pretty Footstool

You are amazing

Re: Contributor's Earth Day Challenge - Vinyl

Love the bowl. I tried this and shaping was my biggest problem any tips you would like to share.

Re: frozen in time

This is lovely. A great way to use pieces together.

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

Troy, you have found your gift. What a stunning idea. Just love it. By the way, welcome.

Re: old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

Nice recycling. Did you just cut off above the legs to get a flat bottom. No pun intended.

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

Just love it. I recently found an old headboard while dumpster diving. If your going to keep it outside what did you finish this piece off with to withstand the weather.

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

What an absolutely great idea. I'm always dumping way to much glitter on a project.

Re: What can you do with pink records?

Why don't you frame them like they do for singers that their records go platnium or gold. What are the name of the records why don't you frame them using that info about the record. Put some sheet music behind to tie the record together Good Luck.

Re: Shoe Form Pencil/Post-It Note Holder

I knew I should have bought those when I saw them. What a great idea. I always have trouble with recipe cards when cooking.

Re: Bathroom with a past...

I have never in my life seen an elephant toilet. How cool is that.

Re: gorgeous teddy

The "bear" fact is yes, people are lazy and do not appreciate anything that used to be precious to someone else. The humane society would proud of you. I know I am.


I love everything that I see. I was wondering if you could give me your ebay name so I could see what you are selling there.

Re: Junk Vacation - Part III (final chapter, I promise) finds!!

That heavy thingamajig from the pic looks almost like some sort of horn. Like maybe from some sort of ship.

Re: Junk Vacation - Part II

I can't wait for our weather to clear up. These pics are making me just itching to get going. If you need another car to junk with, I'll volunteer mine, as long I'm driving.

Re: Earring Tree

What a wonderful idea. I love the outdoors look with the tree and the sea. Also love the "Goodwill" vase, I'm always shopping there.

Re: "Record" setting transformation...

That is way to cool. Love the colored dish. Both go great as a set. I can see that in my house doing alot of multi tasking.

Re: Another use for broken!

I just saw your jewelry and this is absolutely beautiful. Do you have a web site where you give directions on how to attach the bits of china. Ohhhhh, I hope so.

Have a bless day

Re: Dressed my nest

Love the way everything is pulled together.

By the way I live in Streetsboro,so hi neighbor