Brian Carlisle, Shreveport, LA, US

Im all about repurposing old items and seeing what unique, new things that I can create. Theres no limit to what you can turn everyday items into and extend their shelf life.
I also enjoy taking photographs of birds, critters and nature.
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Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

I started this birdhouse with a 1953 Texas orange old license plate. I immediately got the sense that this one needed to be inspired by Halloween and witches. From there I used several different...

Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

Shedding some light on upcycled bird houses!

Overhauled Vintage Night Stand + Vintage Yardsticks!

We had an outdoor (and indoor) Spring Market Sale at one of my booth locations (Shreveport, LA) and on Friday I saw a neat nightstand for sale and had to have it.

Silverplate English Tea Kerosene Lantern Trophy Birdhouse

This birdhouse kind of slowly started to resemble the structure of a trophy as a continued building it. I started with an antique silver base to a Svea (of Sweden) No. 121 camping stove. It's got...

Copper Bundt Cake Mold Upcycled Birdfeeder

It's made from a copper bundt cake mold and a vintage enamel white with red stripe pot lid.

Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

Here's a couple of birdhouses that I created recently.

Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

I had been saving this old yellow pitcher for a while until the style I wanted to go for hit me.

Galvanized Bucket with Keys and License Plate & Copper Baking Mold Upcycled Hanging Baskets.

I needed some planters to hang from a leftover yard stake/pole/hanger.

Upcycled Nightstand Record Cabinet w/ Light

My daughter needed something to hold her records and to not take up too much room.

Upcycled Industrial Iron Sewing Machine Side Table

I ran across an old sewing machine with an iron base that was in pretty rough condition.

Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

I started this truck with a vintage Structo truck cab I was lucky enough to run across. I built a false floor brace to mount it to the roller skate (old Chicago brand). I matched it up with a heavy...

Repurposed Speed Limit Sign Cornhole Board Games

These old speed limit signs had just been sitting in storage.

Blue Enamel Porcelain Clock Teapot Upcycled Bird House

It's easy to see why I picked this great old blue teapot. The porcelain enamel swirl design is very pleasing to the eye. After cutting the birdhole out, I started looking through the piles for a...

Two repurposed element lamps!

Two repurposed lamps I put together most recently.

Reclaimed Wood Mantle with Repurposed Elements

This custom mantle started with a discarded mantle skeleton of only the supporting boards.

Repurposed / Upcycled Silverplate & Brass Mystery!

One of those projects that you just have to build to get it out of your head!

Vintage Water Ski Beer & Soda Opener Station

In my pursuit of making all that I can think of with vintage wooden skis, I bring you a beer and soda opening station!

Custom Bookcase with Vintage Lockers and Wire Baskets

It all started with a vintage horizontal locker row.

Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

Had a bit of fun the other afternoon playing with different parts to see what would make a whimsical lamp.

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Custom Fish on a Stringer

I've got a serious problem of loving to work with vintage water skis.

Overhauled Long Drawer Dresser with Vintage Yardsticks and Original 1930s Coca-Cola Factory Blueprints

I was dying to make another blueprint themed piece of furniture.

Overhauled Red Chest of Drawers with Comics and Skateboard Trucks

I bought this piece from the antique mall my booth is in and it needed a lot of help to get back strong and in order.

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Fish Key & Towel Wall Hangers

I love working with water skis so I had to try for something new and repurposed again.

What to do with Surplus Vintage Doors: Make a Bench/Pew & Coat Rack

I had some leftover vintage doors that I rounded up creating a new booth space in a new antique mall and they were taking up too much room.

More Repurposed Wall Hangers

Until I run out of these old baseboard slices and door plinths, I really enjoy making these wall hangers for hanging coats, scarves, keys, etc.

Two Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawer Holiday Card Holders

Here's a couple of repurposed holiday creations using some antique sewing machine drawers, vintage yardsticks, old keys, and wooden alphabet blocks.

Locker Basket Piano Bench Cabinet

I got this great, industrial fan cage not too long ago and knew I wanted to make some sort of shelving unit with it.

Horse Hame and Caster Barn Wood Coffee Table

I ran across some 50+ year old barnwood not too long ago and made a dining table with some of it httpwwwgadgetspongecomposts20141022custom50yearoldbarnwoodpartydiningtablehtml...

Custom Triple Locker Storage Cabinet

I ran across this old locker set a while back and the doors had a fair amount of rust on the bottoms and they wouldn't release to let me open them.

Singer Sewing Base Wall Shelf with Yardsticks and Gym Wire Locker Baskets

In my pursuit to use every individual piece of your typical antique sewing machine base, I found a way to use the center piece that stretches across to each side panel.

Repurposed Vintage Red Locker Storage Bench

All I had to inspire me to start this project was an old locker door with the door facing.

Custom Carved Eyeglasses Hall Table

This was the first carved table that I've done so far.

Custom Carved Dragonfly Table

I had been wanting to use this vintage Duncan Phyfe table base for a while and I decided to grab a 36" table round from Lowes to get it going.

Upcycled Nighstand with Mirror, Light & Yardsticks!

It started with a great vintage nightstand.

Repurposed First Aid Wall / Jewelry Organizer

I ran across this large, vintage desk drawer that I knew would be the perfect frame for something to hang on the wall.

Custom Painted Checkers/Game 1/2 Table

This table started off as half of a table top I found at an estate sale.

Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

I'm not the first to repurpose books to make a lamp, but I've always wanted to make one.

Custom Industrial Bookcase with Surveyor's Stick

I picked up the bookcase pieces at an estate sale.

Repurposed Crib Head & Foot Board Chalkboards

I ran across this vintage crib while out junkin' a while back and knew immediately what it would be.

Repurposed Sears Fence Charge Box Lamp

Here's my latest lamp using a vintage Sears fence charging station box.

Barn Junkin' & Pickin' Trip

A fellow junker and I went jukin' and pickin' last weekend on the invitation of a friend.

Repurposed Chrome Shelf Supports - Into Trays!

A couple of my good friends had an accident while moving a glass and chrome shelf unit and things went to pieces.

Upcycled / Repurposed Pay Phone + Phone Charger + Bank + Accent Light Creation

The biggest question is, "What is it not!?"

1940s Wooden Gameboard Repurposed Table

Hey friends! I just finished this vintage game board table.

Awesome picks in my last junkin' rounds

A fellow junker buddy of mine and I went out pickin' a little while back.

Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

I had been wanting to use this vintage Simplex timeclock for a while now. & Holiday Lamp Challenge by

I just recently participated in a lamp challenge hosted by and Each participant was required to work with the Fillable Clear Glass Ovo Table Lamp.

Repurposed Upcycled Saltine Cracker Tin Metal Birdhouse Art Piece

I got the urge to make another repurposed birdhouse art piece. This is probably my 90th one or so. I've only got about six left on hand in my Etsy shop if you're looking for a great gift for yourself...

Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Sign Community Birdhouse

Here's the completed repurposed community birdhouse I made in association with Domino's Corporate (

Repurposed Twin Bird Silverplate Platters Bird Feeder

I've been wanting to use this partitioned silverplate server for a while and finally got after it. The ends of spoons make for perches and some serve as the support points for the suspending chains...

Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

I just finished this overhauled vintage low dresser.

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Flashlight Table Lamp with Storage

I think this is the last of the repurposed water skis projects for a while now.

Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Side Table REVEAL

This is my first of at least three different repurposing projects I'm doing in association with Domino's with their campaign. After a lot of cleaning years of dust and grime away...

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Yardsticks Chalkboard

In my "parade" of repurposed vintage, wooden water ski projects here yet another one!

Series of 8: Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Wooden Water Ski Beer & Soda Bottle Opening Stations

I've finally been able to work up and launch my series of eight different vintage, wooden water ski beer and/or soda bottle opener stations.  You can sit them on your counter or mount them to a...

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

So here's the latest creation from the garage.

Louisiana Map & Vintage Yardstick Writing Desk

Just finished this large, heavy writing desk "in my style".

Repurposed Upcycled Birdhouse - Blue Kettle & Alarm Clock

This repurposed metal birdhouse started with an attractive vintage porcelain / enamel coffee pot.

Repurposed Roller Skate Truck No. 10: Double-Axle Heavy Hauler

I've actually been working on this one off and on for several months now.

Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

I created this one-of-a-kind storage table mainly out of the need to get some of these sewing machine bases and wagons out of my workspace!

Upcycled Custom Green Storage Trunk Hairpin Leg Table

After cleaning up the very dirty trunk, I gave it several layers of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint.

Repurposed Vent/Exhaust Hood Bird Feeder

I picked up a small lot of old galvanized vent hoods from a

Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

When I complete a creation it goes directly to Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport.

Overhauled Yardstick Telephone Table

It's been a while since I've tackled something and gave it some yardstick love.

Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

I've been wanting to use vintage playing cards in some kind of art for a while now.

Vintage Water Ski Pair Lighted Organizer

I recently had some more fun with vintage water skis. This one turns a pair of matching skis into a lighted storage organizer using a vintage Tiger Tobacco tin and some vintage wire gym baskets.

Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Towel & Robe Rack

For a while antique sewing machines were stacking up around me.

Repurposed Bird Feeders

Here's a couple of repurposed metal birdfeeders I just finished.

Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawers Twin Wall Organizers

I picked up these wooden panels a little while back at an estate sale.

Chest of Drawers Overhaul

This vintage chest of drawers needed a lot of love when I found it.

Repurposed Bicycle Rim Pendant Light Fixture

I didn't reinvent the "wheel" on this project.

Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

This vintage sewing machine cabinet had so much fine detail in the woodwork, I couldn't wait to start this transformation.

"Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

I haven't had as much fun on a certain piece in a while as I did with this one.

Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

This military suitcase was used in WWII and then helped send a daughter off to college and back. I created the custom "First Aid" graphics on the top and painted them. After a little distressing I...

Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

My daughter needed a clothes hamper for her room so I converted this vintage, non-working Philco Am radio and turntable into one for her.

Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

I had a blast working on this new yardstick project.

Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

A quick little project I've been wanting to do for a while.

Repurposed Chrome Flour Pod Birdhouse

My wife found this great retro chrome kitchen flour canister while we were out junkin' a few weeks ago.

Repurposed Coat Rack / Wall Hangers

I had a blast making wall hangers a while back.

A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

I was lucky enough to run across another vintage Alvin space heater.

Double Deco Duplex Repurposed Kitchen Canisters Birdhouse Storage Box

I've had this electric burner base for a while now.

Propeller & License Plate Bird Feeder

This is only the second "square" license plate bird feeder I've made to date (the first one I use). It's a very tedious process getting the frame just right. I use a vintage silverplate spoon to make...

"Brit Beach" Union Jack Coffee Table

This table was given to me by a great friend.

Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

I had a lot of fun with this project.

Edgemont Tin & Film Storage Box Metal Birdhouse

I always love getting my hands on vintage metal tins. That's the way this custom piece started. Once I found this vintage silverplate casserole lid for the "roof", I had to find a good base. This...

Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

I've been wanting to create a water fountain for a while but was waiting for a good basin to catch and return all the water.

Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

I really went "sky-high" on this one-of-a-kind birdhouse. It's got a beautiful silverplate ice bucket topping a tall brass pedestal candlestick. Tons more silverplate, a glass door knob, hand carved...

Samco Space Heater Clock Birdfeeder w/ Bottle Opener

I did a lot of custom cutting, grinding and making things fit properly to bring this wonderful bird feeder to life. Space heaters are one of my favorite things to work with because of their quirky...

Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

It's been a little while since I've created one of my metal, decorative birdhouses.

Repurposed Glass Insulator Candlelabra

A friend gave me this old light fixture recently that was originally a "spatterware" finish with a blue base and white splatter.

Repurposed Items Used for Washi Tape Dispenser Boxes

My wife has a growing collection of washi tape she used in her scrapbooking and crafting projects.

Upcycled Yardstick & Singer Sewing Machine Base Console/Hall Table

Old metal meets old yardsticks to create the industrial sheen of this upcycled console/hall table.

Upcycled Student Room Accessories

In keeping with the rustic/industrial vibe we were going for in our son's room, here are some things we pulled together or created to bring the whole room together.

Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Here's my take on the yardstick topped table genre.

Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

I had the great fortune to be able to dismantle an piano manufactured in the 1940s/50s.

Upcycled Minnow Bucket Duplex Metal Birdhouse

This particular birdhouse was a long time coming. First I created the two birdhole entrances and it sat for a while on one of my work shelves as the creative juices stirred on it. Finally I picked it...

Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

Here's my twist on using an old tennis racquet for wall use... The hardest part of the project was connecting everything without severing the tennis string. It's all intact! The top features a...

Continuation of JMS "Top Ten" Brian's Favorite Junk Parts

Here's a visual Top Ten list of the groups of things that always get my creative wheels spinning and offer up plenty of avenues for creations.

Upcycled Baseboard Coat Hangers, Bottle Opener & Bell!

I ran across some good baseboard pieces so I went to town with different colors, heavy sanding and aging.

Upcycled Lamp No. 6

This upcycled lamp was a blast to make. The vintage minnow bucket on top really sets things off with the nice graphic in red on the side. I modified an old aluminum commercial strainer and a copper...

Traffic Light Lens & Muffin Pan Bird Feeders

More upcycled bird feeders using old plastic, municipal traffic light lens (12 inch!!) and some old muffin pans.

Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

We are redecorating my son's room into an industrial/weathered style.

Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Some more recent upcycled bird feeders!

Upcycled Primitive Coat Rack

Here's a coat rack I put together recently with a lot of found items.  The only thing new is the flatboard on the back that I painted red and sanded down pretty good.  The rest is a mix of...

White Porcelain Enamel Space Heater "Industrial" Decorative Birdhouse

These old heaters are always so fun to work with. The great porcelain/enamel finish offers such a neat surface with the chips, rust and hazing that naturally happens over the years. I pulled out all...

Upcycled Custom Blue Glass Silverplate Tray Bird Feeder

I ran across a great vintage light fixture that had this piece of glass in it. I took it and custom painted the inside a beautiful deep blue and used several other found parts and items to pull this...

Upcycled "Bird Island" Water Fountain

I found this great copper and brass bowl/basin and knew immediately what it needed to be turned into.

Upcycled Silverplate Bird Feeder

I wanted to make a special Christmas present for a dear lady that knew me all the way back to when I was a child.

Two Upcycled Bird Feeders

These are a couple of the latest upcycled bird feeders I've created.  The first was a pain bending and molding the license plate into a square.  Might be my first and last square license...

Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

I began this decorative birdhouse with the bottom of a silverplate ice bucket and a top from a silverplate serving dish. A vintage brass candlestick gave it some height along with a casserole dish...

Upcycled Pedestal Birdhouse Side Table

I had a great time creating this first for me.  It all started with the heavy, tall brass candlestick and then all the other parts came in a slow avalanche to make this one of a kind side table...

Speedboat Percolator & Brass Thermometer Birdhouses

I've been busy in junk central making new decorative birdhouses.  Here's just a couple of the new ones that I've done most recently.

Penthouse Double License Plate Birdhouse Tower

Good evening creative compadres!  This is my first double decker license plate birdhouse.  I tried to keep the metal parts in copper.  I hope y'all like it!

Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

Here's the latest junkreation that started with some old Chicago roller skates.  I call this one the delivery truck.  I custom formed the front cab from pieces of a brass planter and the...

Stained Glass Lantern Upcycled Light Fixture Birdhouse

This is my first birdhouse that incorporates stained glass.  I hope to make some more exploring ways to use stained glass in the near future.  This one started as a housing box for a...

Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

I was lucky enough to find this license plate in sich a great color.  I had plans for it before I even paid for it!  All the silver tones ended up complimenting the blue perfectly I think.

Upcycled Light Fixtures

I've gotten into upcycled light fixtures.  I've enjoyed modifying items for the exterior that cast interesting light patterns at night.

Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

Another fun "roller skate upcycled truck"! This one started with the base of an old skate and a copper plated tin "Coffee" canister. Next I had to find a cab, so I found an old brass wall hanging...

Copper Sugar Canister Silverplate Cage Upcycled Bird House

I really like copper so I started with a copper-plated kitchen sugar canister. I used a brass napking ring to surround the bird hole (1 1/2") and used the end of a vintage silverplate fork for the...

Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

It was really fun putting this one together.  An old cake/candy box tin was used for the back and I added the pull knob on top to be able to use it to store things in it.  A copper plate...

Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

I picked these up at a bargain and can't for the life of me think of what to do with them outside.  I know I could make mounted shelves out of them stacked, but I was wanting to do something...

Steampunk Forks & Copper Canister Bird House

I spent a lot of time on this particular birdhouse with the detailed custom work. I started with a copper-plated vintage Flour canister. I mounted a silverplate napkin ring around the hole 1...

Vintage Children's Book Birdhouse

Welcome to my birdhouse experiment.  I have a lot of extra vintage children's book and I was wondering what to do with them.  Well, I might have found a fun solution. I gave the book...

Latest find -- Old Cast Iron Seeder / Bird Perch

Here's one of my recent great finds.  An old cast iron farming seeder.  I wanted something around the fountain that the birds could perch on and look good with all the other "junk" in the...

Upcycled Old Rake Birdfeeder

I cut and flattened an antique tin canister for the artwork on the back.  Some numbers from an old license plate make the "73".  A metal star from a napkin ring sits up top. And some...

Crawfish Lobster Mold Film Reel Stained Glass Junk Collage Piece

I started this piece by wanting to create something with a cajun flair centered around the crawfish/lobster copper mold. I used a large vintage metal film reel as the base. From there, it's a...

White & Green Enamel Porcelain Space Heater Upcycled Bird House

I found this great vintage space heater in an antique shop and just knew it was going to make a great birdhouse. I started with cutting the front circular plate off for the bird hole and gutted...

Retro Kitchen Coffee Pot Metal Upcycled Bird House

I ran across this vintage coffee pot and knew it would make a great birdhouse. I started by cutting the birdhole and using a silverplate napkin ring as the awning. I then used part of a fan piece...

Film Reel Brumberger Box as Movie Theatre Upcycled Bird House

This birdhouse was the most intensive for me to create out of all of the birdhouses. The structure is a vintage Brumberger film strong box for film storage. IT OPENS UP!!! This is great because...

Hotrod Chevy BelAire Toy & Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Birdhouse

I started this birdhouse with one of my favorite objects -- an old galvanized gas can! I use some copper segmented to wrap the inside top of the birdhole. I then modified a paper plate/face of an...

Come Home Silverplate Teapot Upcycled Birdhouse

I started this birdhouse with the intention of keeping everything silver in color. It started with an International silverplate teapot. From there I used two antique skelton keys to hold a 1...

Copper Steampunk Flour Canister Box Upcycled Bird House

I had fun with this one. It started with a vintage Flour Canister Box. From there it was a mix of silver tray pieces, typewriter parts, industrial light indicators a temperature gauge, copper...

Prince Albert Can Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Bird House

I started this birdhouse with one of my favorite objects -- an old galvanized gas can! After cutting the birdhole out (1 1/2"), I gave it an awning made from some old birdfeeder tray parts. ...

Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

I was really happy the way this birdhouse turned out. It started with an antique white enamel/porcelain metal gas space heater shell. I then fabricated some metal flashing to cover up the holes...

Recent comments

Re: Junk for Entertaining...

As always, I love your style. Always thinking.

Re: Vintage Soda Sign

Masterful job on upgrading the sign with period-styled frame.

Re: Upcyced Pallet Bench/Table

Very functional and BEAUTIFUL colors!

Re: Farmhouse Style Shelf

Killer. I love pieces that have bold colors and pull it off.

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

You are truly a master of distressing.

Re: Vintage Upcycled Gas Can & 1930's Gas Pump Nozzle Steam Punk Re-purposed Lamp

The bulb makes it look like an antique flamethrower of some kind. Way cool.

Re: Beautiful chandelier out of an upcycled minnow / crow-fish wire trap

Now those are the perfect bulbs for this. Amazing design.

Re: Alcohol ink on metal chair

Excellent. Very artistic and great use of the medium.

Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

Most supreme way to frame up the photos in each section.

Re: Falling Flowers Spring Sign

What a beautiful composition! I've never seen anything like it.

Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp

Absolute killer Jim. The stuff you accumulate for future creations definitely pays off in high dividends. Great piece.

Re: Happy New Year!

Great conversation piece. I would have snatched up that bottle mold too.

Re: Trunk Table Monster Makeover

Best trunk conversion I've seen to date!

Re: Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Wow. That's great progress. The look is perfect in my opinion.

Re: Industrial Lamps

Great symmetry!

Re: Re-puprosed Bathroom Light Bar made into this awesome (6) Mason Jar Industrial Chandelier

Looks fantastic! Perfect composition and profile.

Re: Space Heater Nativity!

Love the reuse. Even down to the interior roof braces.



Re: ~Christmas Mantel

Great save! And the use of the square nails shows your dedication.

Re: Lamp shade tree for the holidays!

Great, original way to reuse those lamp shade frames.

Re: Industrial Steampunk Re-purposed Vintage Tricycle Bike Up-cycled Goose Neck Lamp

Top notch design there! The patina, the industrial vibe, the style. Homerun.

Re: Recycled cookie tin

Fantastic artwork! Great save.

Re: "Shuffle Alley"

Love the old pinball glass art. Great wall art!

Re: Melted Crayon Christmas Tree

Never seen this done like this. Great idea --- and great results!

Re: Large Chalkboard with Junk

Fantastic wood as the frame. Instant age!

Re: Vintage wooden shoemakers last & vintage metal roller skate, topped off with a black metal cage lamp shade.

Insanely brilliant! These wooden shoe molds are not easy to repurpose. Great idea! And I'm a sucker for skates.


Really loving this master artist series!

Re: Rolling with Salvador Dali

Absolutely perfect. Will you be doing a Vincent Van Gogh?

Re: Repurposed Vintage Automobile Circa 1960's MGA Roadster Car Grill & (2) Car Headlights Up-cycled into an Industrial Light Fixture by Loftyideas4u

Yippee--I'm the first comment on this amazing creation. You had me at a car grill. The rest is all icing on the cake. Superb wall art!

Re: Coffee Table

Now that's a GREAT find! So glad you were the one who found it to rescue it.

Re: Vintage School Map

Museum-worthy Jim! And the font that the lettering kit provides is a classic, retro font. Black was a great choice for the fixtures.

Re: Handmade Upcycled Mantle Clock

Great design. Screams industrial and that's what I love.

Re: Country/Rustic Red Wooden Dresser

Great design! The crates at the bottom are an excellent pairing.

Re: Fall Foliage Fun

How cool. It looks spontaneous, but all the thought that went into it is terrific. The truck really pulled me in.

Re: Old Window + Bed Posts + Wood = Plant Stand

Pieces really do look like they were mean't for each other.

Re: Hello JMS!

If lots of folks don't stop and investigate every piece of this great ensemble, they're crazy. That's a homerun!

Re: Junky-stemmed Pumpkins

Super cool. All the character that the door knobs provide are great accents!

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

I wish we had extra room in the kitchen for great pieces like this. Works well!

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Killer piece. So functional with all those drawers for great storage. The distressing is darn near perfect.

Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

That porch would make anyone feel at home. Love all the metal accents! Better be glad I'm not your neighbor -- some of that might disappear!

Re: Piano Stool Reclaimed!

Great makeover AND great save!

Re: Jewel candy for your house plants

Love that truck!

Re: On Cue

You nailed it! Love the shape and the top accents the style along with the black.

Re: "Tools"

I'm always amazed by your work!

Re: Ooh La La! Tres Bien!

Great overhaul!

Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers

Looks fantastic Jim. I can definitely get a history vibe out of the assemblage. You just can't beat true, old, authentically-distressed wooden objects.

Re: Rustic Crate Makeover

Instant classic! Great look and functional storage.

Re: Shabby Side Table

It's got a lot of great character. Definitely brought to life with the great components.

Re: Upcycled Industrial Cart

That cart is killer! Great save and work!

Re: Summer on the Porch

Looks like a nice magazine spread. Very well done!

Re: Easy peasy baby collage

Great look/vibe! It all flows so well together.

Re: Wagon world

Fantastic assemblage! Homerun.

Re: High Top Door Table

Fantastic design and a fresh take on a door table!

Re: rustic wedding

Great work!

Re: Alot of patio love

A super save on the project! Great work.

Re: Smile and the World Smiles With You...But DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!

Your pieces continue to amaze me. I wish these photos would enlarge so I could see every little detail!

Re: Upcycled Typewriter Table

Great Save! The "patina" is genuine and looks great.

Re: Overhauled Red Chest of Drawers with Comics and Skateboard Trucks

Thank y'all!

Re: Door Dining Table

You shouldn't have any problems selling tables like this. Very good design and totally functional.

Re: Tepee Lamp

I could see PB or some other mega-corp. repeating this pattern of a lamp because it kills on creativity, emotional, nostalgia, and function. Kudos!

Re: Trash Can Table

The old look of the green and metal paired with the roughed up wood is a homerun!

Re: Stenciled Table with Kerosene Stove Base!

Hands down just about the best way I've seen anyone use the old stoves. They always trouble me on what to do with them. But YOU had the vision!

Re: Vintage Grocery Cart

This will be a classic for many years to come. So cool and super functional!

Re: Upcyced Pallet Bench/Table

Fantastic colors. Super inviting.

Re: Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Great use of those fence boards. Classic design that'll last for decades!

Re: Ironing board = Garden trellis & "window"

One of the best old ironing board tranformations I've seen to date!

Re: Laundry Drying Rack

Super job on a very functional piece!

Re: Wisconsin Map - License Plate Art

That definitely looks like a challenge. Great job! Wood background looks great too.

Re: Reclaimed Wood Bottle/Beer Caddy or Tote

Love your stretches of repurposing at all sides with the caddies. Big kudos!

Re: Globe light and mirror

Super design!!!!

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

For the lack of a true color palette, I love the palette of silver and white. Homerun!

Re: shutters + industrial steel shelving = awesome

Super industrial/repurposed vibe. And 100% functional!

Re: "all" Bucket Floor Lamp

Killer design Jim! All the color tones/pieces/themes work so well together!

Re: MUSE DES FLEURS with HAWK table lamp and music box

Your creations are always a showstopper Lauretta! Keep up the great work!

Re: Sewing Machine Table

Always a classic!

Re: Recycled Metal Washer

Great color on that washer. I can see that going a lot of cool color places.

Re: Marbled vases

Very catching swirls! Great work.

Re: My New Favorite Remake

Great save!!

Re: Infinity Scarves

Great prints! I can see these doing well.

Re: More pics of the Copper Top Table

Absolutely beautiful finish!

Re: FLYING ACE on the RED BARON toy truck lamp by Lauretta Lowell

You had me with the truck Lauretta! Everything else is a huge bonus. Always knocking socks off with your creativity and energy!

Re: Slab Wood and Iron Table

Super piece! That's some nice wood and that antique iron stove base would have been grabbed by several folks in this group! Haha.

Re: Memory Keeper

Beautiful project with such great meaning. It's always the best when a piece has parts of history. I bet they look good moving some with a fan breeze and such.

Re: Sewing Table Desk

Great for wine storage if the bottles fit the old drawer slots!

Re: Bumble Bee Fish Tote Coffee Table

Super great piece that's got some heft to it and plenty of patina and age. Great job!

Re: Upcycled Laundry Cart

Love it! I miss my old cart storage piece sometimes. I'm always looking for more of those carts. Good luck with your piece - it turned out great with the door piece on top!

Re: junk love sign

Homerun! Would fit in any home that appreciates "the good stuff!"

Re: ceiling fan angel wings

Absolutely amazing piece. The scale and uniqueness are a homerun.

Re: chalk board dressor

Totally cool piece! Love the whole color palette and design.

Re: Floating Buffet

Oh wow! I would love to see more pics of the copper top.

Re: Old silverware box

That must take a lot of patience. You are burning all that in?

Re: Recycled Toy Key Hooks

You're having WAAAAY too much fun creating these. I love them! Such fun to look at the functionality is a cherry on top.

Re: Washstand Harp with a twist

Fantastic use! I've seen those here and there and can't think of a better way to have fun with a mirror harp.

Re: Fab '50s Mini Bar

Absolutely a great design. The colors and all of that function make it a truely repurposed winner.

Re: Touchdown!

What a killer way to use the old gameboard! Kudos!

Re: Not So Vintage Grocery Sign

Wonderful work! All the hard work distressing paid off.

Re: Spindle Ladder

Looks great and I like the thin lines vs. the traditional bulky look. Great for what you had in mind for it!

Re: Washboard Organizer

Great repurposing that haven't seen done before. Of course that's the case with Jasmin/Gypsy Barn!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Like it! Makes it seem like you're ready to travel "vintage-style" at a moment's notice with that great suitcase at the ready.

Re: Stacked Suitcase Nightstand

Great job bringing them all together with the repairs and paint. Great eye-catcher and totally functional!

Re: Puppet Theater

You nailed it Jim. It's totally fun, functional, and a big nod to the carnivals of yesteryear. Kudos!

Re: Pillow Revamp

The new colors work great! And the theme is always a winner. Great overhaul and save!

Re: Solar light/Windchimes/Suncatcher

Wire and glass are always cool. The use of the sea glass takes it up a notch or two. Great work!

Re: Dressing up my Dresser...

The layout is fantastic but the fish basket form is off the charts. Everything looks fantastic as always Laurel!

Re: Repurposed Pub Table

Classic design and I really dig the old look of all the wood.

Re: Keep Celebrating Winter

Fantastic layout! I really enjoy the bursts of teal blue and Tiffany blue to go along with the Winter theme.

Re: Spoon Bracelets by Michelle Tice of Two Twisted Gypsies, East Liverpool, OH.

Those look great!!

Re: Snowkin

"Snumpkin!" or "Pumpkoman!"

Re: These Red Boots

Very flashy. Those boots did the job perfectly.

Re: Old Saw New Look

Looks great! So cool that it has personal meaning.

Re: Fun with metal

Majorly jealous of your collection! I'm really diggin those numbered spikes!

Re: Gaming Chair from a Semi Seat, complete with a Peterbilt logo!

Super clever and I bet it's very comfortable.

Re: Dog bed from old coffee table

A future dog will be very happy with their new bed. Great bones!

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

Looks amazing! I can only imagine the glow it puts off in a dark room.

Re: This Old Window

Great composition! I'm a sucker for birds.

Re: An Elegant Junky Holiday

You really made the most of that tree stand. Way to go!

Re: Christmas 2014

So much treasure there! Great pieces and arrangement.

Re: Christmas Decorations in the Bathroom

Totally digging those hand molds and the scale. Everything looks beautiful!

Re: All Wrapped Up and Ready for Christmas!

Great setup! I know the family must enjoy the effort you put into everything. Makes me want to open those presents!

Re: Merry Christmas!

You outdid yourself Andrea! Everything looks great. A style I really like.

Re: Window display Christmas Mannequin

Excellent with the tree branches and such! A+

Re: All Dressed Up and Ready to Celebrate!

I bet it's a lot of fun with all the holidays and seasons!

Re: Vintage Dressforms All Dressed Up

Great way to jazz up the seasons and holidays! Keep it going!

Re: Old World map meets Table-top......

Works perfect for that piece of furniture and your accessories look great on the table.

Re: Charming Cracker Jack Bracelet

Waaaay cool! There's a big collector market for those old prizes. You might have more value there than you think. Either way, it's a winner!

Re: Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Super cool. The industrial vibe brought into this cocktail application is a true winner.

Re: Primitive decorative iron converted to a pedestal.

Great statement piece! That would catch anyone's eyes from across the room.

Re: Oil Pan Mirror

Haven't thought of that before! Great use and super cool pan you found.

Re: Vintage Holiday at Rue 72!

You've got such a great eye for bringing things together and repurposing common things. Kudos!

Re: Forever locked safe & vintage jack stand pedastal.

Love the design. It's instant mystery with the safe involved. Haha.

Re: Christmas Bells

Very classy. What a great pairing!

Re: 2014 License Plate Art Project Update

Things are definitely skyrocketing in style. Keep it going!

Re: Recycled wooden Christmas trees

Classic and straight to the point!

Re: Two Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawer Holiday Card Holders

Thanks so much everyone!!

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

Super design and idea! What fun to look at and the pennants couldn't be a better component for this use.

Re: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

That's crazy cool! So much to look at and pick out individually.


Another showstopper as usual Lauretta! Amazing things to look at and enjoy.

Re: Space Heater Lamp/Clock!

Very classy! I like the solid execution you pulled off.

Re: Christmas Uncluttered

It's hard to beat industrial. But this is nicely softened and very pleasant.

Re: Shaker Hooks

Complete classic!

Re: Test #1

I see a meteorite from an industrial planet far, far away.

Re: Medusa Revisited

I can definitely see the alien vibe with this one. Nice!

Re: Chest of Drawers Makeover

Excellent distressing and that's where it really counts!

Re: Graven Images

Very original! Way to go!

Re: Boise Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy: chicken approved

Another winner! Excellent design.

Re: Idaho Power Junk Trophies

So, so cool! As always. Your trophy designs are the best on the planet as far as I'm concerned.


I really like the offset design. And so much fun as always!

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

I think my favorite part is the insulator. Don't get me wrong. I'd kill for a matching pair of those corbels! Excellent attention to every detail as always Jim.


Definitely a creation full of fun. As always, your pieces suck you right in for a while to examine all the pieces and enjoy.

Re: Box Plant Stand

Really nice creation! The black metal and wood tones work perfectly.

Re: Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

Excellent craftsmanship and just in time to celebrate Halloween. You just can't recreate what time has produced sometimes.

Re: The Lady is a Vamp!

Very "ghoul"! I like it!

Re: Dr. Seuss inspired driftwood tree

Very creative! I definitely pick up the Seuss vibe!

Re: Dried Flowers and Tin Vases

Great decorating choice. The containers are as interesting as the plants themselves!

Re: Garden Table

Looks great and it's definitely going to be super sturdy!

Re: Whimsical Window Paintings

Looks great! Windows are forever going to be in the Repurposers Hall of Fame for offering so many opportunities.

Re: Holiday Mug Tree

Great way to bring the outdoors indoors!

Re: Driftwood Buttons

Looks great and what a fantastic idea!

Re: Simple (boy, do I mean simple) fall decorating

Lots of Fall fun there Andrea! Thanks for sharing. I'm getting in the Fall mood already with the temps slowly dropping.

Re: Moss Point, MS. Fall De Rah 2014

How cool! I saw this not too long ago and thought what a great idea for the community.

Re: Dressers with Broken Drawers. No Problemo.

I want you to come stage my photos. Looks fantastic.

Re: Telephone shelf

Killer! The paint chipping definitely worked.

Re: Custom made bench

You get an "A+"!! The construction, the paint, the graphics, the upholstery. Very well done.

Re: Vintage Halloween

It's tough to beat vintage Halloween decorations. Very nice collection!

Re: Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

Very well done. It's got the perfect finish for outdoor statuary of that kind.

Re: Junk Yard Step Chair Redo

Great work! You had a lot of work to do on this one and look how great it turned out!

Re: little garden witch

Fantastic collage! Great thinking!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Red Locker Storage Bench

Thanks gang! I appreciate the fine comments as always.

Re: Rust and Wood and Junk -OH MY

Great piece. I like the swooping arches of the springs meeting the wood. And very nice, natural textures.

Re: "Sparky"

Very clever -- very cool!

Re: Happy Autumn!

Awesome orange, beatup look! Solid, functional and perfect for Fall.

Re: Storm door insert window frame

Classic style. Way to go!

Re: A Shabby Little Adventure!

Killer! My favorite part is the transfer. I've got to look that up on Graphic Fairy.

Re: Custom Carved Eyeglasses Hall Table

Thanks so much StrangeCargo! These current two will definitely not be my last ones.

Re: Custom Carved Dragonfly Table

Thanks folks! I never thought about a cafe full of them. I sure would like the business!

Re: Old Washbins Have So Many Uses

Looks great! Great for parties to, I imagine holding sodas/booze. Nice Jasmin!

Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

I'm glad we don't live close to each other. I would be tempting to grab a few things off your porch year round. But especially during "Falloween." Fantastic designs Lanette. I see lots of goodies I would have to barter for.

Re: House ##### Necklaces

Those really pop! Who wouldn't comment on anyone wearing either of these. Great creativity!

Re: Chair Makeover

Great transformation. The lighting up with the fabric really wakes things up!

Re: Framed Pumpkins

I'm really diggin the geometric alternative to the pumpkin shapes. Very nice!

Re: Kitchen Canister Fixed Up

Fantastic piece! I've been a big fan of the foil ball rust remover method too!

Re: Transom Window to Picture Frame

Great way to keep those memories alive. The wood works as an awesome repurposed frame.

Re: Random Garden Decor

Great creations! All the rust, old wood and bits work very well together. I wish some of my bits and bobs would work that well together. They are just sitting around with no love.

Re: Upcycled Nighstand with Mirror, Light & Yardsticks!

Thanks so much StrangeCargo! It's crazy sometimes how the pieces come together. A lot of this project was problem solving as I went along. I expect to make at least one more in the same vein. Thanks again.

Re: A Windproof Patio Table

Great fusion! And, like you said, it's still got further possibilities.

Re: Garden Fencing Chandelier

Very shabby and cool! Great concept!

Re: Warm and cozy night light.

Definite sense of warmth! These little Arvin heaters are some of the best shapes/structures I've worked with as far as vintage heaters.

Re: Tiffany Style Planter!

Great idea! Never thought of that!

Re: Old Drawers to Shadow Boxes

Great reuse! They are perfect frames.

Re: Garden Junk

Great creations. The shopping cart, I'm sure, gets double takes. Nice!

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

What can I say Jim... You're crushing it on the craftsmanship and the aging technique. Keep it going!

Re: Glass flower

What a great composition! Everything came together great for this piece.

Re: Industrial Cart Put Together with Love!

That looks amazing Lanette! Such great taste and thoughtfulness throughout. I'm really impressed how you pulled all the elements together to reflect your great, long-lasting marriage. Kudos!


This is amazing Lauretta! You always amaze me with your great sense of what things would go well together. Another homerun!

Re: My Junk Market Fairy Garden-using recycled things & backyard finds

Very nice! Looks quite spooky - and that's good.

Re: Faux Brick Walkway

You have a lot of patience!! Great job.

Re: Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Very durable top! Nice!

Re: "If these thing could talk, what would it say?"

What a great opportunity for a small desk. It's awesome!

Re: Repurposed Bakers Cabinet

Looks fantastic! The blue distressing against the orange wood is the best.

Re: Custom Painted Checkers/Game 1/2 Table

Thanks Jim! I love distressing as much as you do.

Re: Quick and Easy Lath Frame

What a great classic design! The look is very appealing.

Re: Milk Can Birdbath

Fantastic throw together! I've often wondered what happens to all those old lids. This is perfect and the birds will thank you over and over again.

Re: Cooler Flower Bed

Really nice and some spray on clear coat would protect it that much longer plus bring out some really beautiful deep tones in those reds and browns. Very nice save!

Re: Midcentury Burlap Beauties

You definitely increased the value of these chairs astronomically! I'm really digging those cushions and the chair's architecture only encourages admiration. Way to go!


Who wouldn't want this for year round, but especially for accenting this month!

Re: Pallet Garden

These look great! Totally functional.

Re: Drainage Culvert Container Garden

What great eye catchers in the landscape!

Re: Burlap Throw Pillows

These look great! I've never seen them done in a shape like this at all. Definitely brings them into favor all throughout the year.

Re: Ride Em' Cowboy - Vintage Rocker Redo

Total transformation. It's super appealing now.

Re: 1930s Rancho California Girls

Wow Lauretta! Just when I worry you can't top the last project (yeah right!), you got a hit another homerun. These are great art pieces. I think the top one is my favorite. It reminds me of the old Southern California crate labels.

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

Thanks so much everyone for the great feedback!! Go JMS!

Re: Lace Lampshade

Wow! Who wouldn't just stop in there tracks to see all that's going on there. Nice!

Re: Custom Industrial Bookcase with Surveyor's Stick

Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it.

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

Thanks! That's my little nameplate that I put on all my creations so future owners can look me back up (and hopefully buy something else! Haha.)

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

A true homerun Jim! Distressing is top grade!

Re: Earth Friendly Upcycled Tin Jewelry by Nostalgic Summer

Beautiful designs. Can't wait to see more from you.

Re: Moss Point, MS. Fall De Rah 2014 will celebrate Front Porches Southern Style

What a way cool event. Front porches are a great topic. I really like how y'all pulled this one off. Good luck!

Re: Recycled Piano Art

What a fantastic idea! The black key cutouts are pretty feather repurposing.

Re: Chippy Tote to Fairy Garden Centerpiece...

Very nice! I like the insulators as mushrooms the best. Too bad you don't have any of the wooden screw posts for the stems!

Re: Hubcap Sun Face and Grill Plant Stand!

Very nice! Those pieces were made for each other.

Re: Repurposed Apothecary Cabinet

Fantastic job Lanette! What wine lover wouldn't extremely appreciate this ensemble! Way to go.

Re: Reclaimed Green House

Fantastic! So proud how you used so much salvaged parts!

Re: Mirror, Mirror in the Garden

Fantastic idea. Gives a new perspective on a solid wall for sure.

Re: Repurposed Crib Head & Foot Board Chalkboards

I meant to take a picture of the back of the headboard. It still has the vintage illustration on it. Thanks everyone!


What a great creation! That's definitely going to be a hit for her.

Re: Protective Underwear Stand

Absolutely a great idea and so caring. Way to go!

Re: Do you have the Time?

Absolutely beautiful creations. You've got an eye for this!

Re: A Pair of Industrial Style Lamps

Really nice pair. The body and shade work very well together!

Re: My Potting Shed

Very impressive. What a cool shed to just hang out in much less do some work!

Re: Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues!

Really well done. I'm sure there's lots of folks out there that would like this in their home.

Re: Shelf Sweet Shelf...

Was very impressed when I saw the setup on your blog. Totally awesome way to feature the fun of vintage dollhouses.

Re: Old Beverage Holder Wine Bar

Perfect! Beverage racks will always be a classic and so fun to look at.

Re: Vintage Hollywood Filmstrip Bows

Now that's an original idea!

Re: Roadside Find Chair to Shabby Chic Dining Chair

Quite the transformation. Works perfectly with your other items like you said!

Re: Balcony Container Gardening

Using the old blue vanity was a perfect idea!

Re: Yet another repurposed organ.

Fantastic! I know she'll love the momento of the old piece.

Re: Jarhead

Mason jars are so universal and will definitely be in the all-time classic junkers hall of fame. Great post!


Brilliant! Perfect for the Summer. So creative as always Lauretta!

Re: THE SUBTERFUGE - Steampunk underwater vehicle

You constantly amaze me Lauretta! You bring the most creative assemblages from so many different avenues and ideas. Truly the definition of an artist.

Re: Book Mobile

Really clever. I like how the pages billow out of the book.

Re: Collected Junk Office Space...

Love the look Laurel! So playful and totally functional.

Re: Dog or Cat Bed from 70's Table

A bed fit for a king! Fantastic overhaul!

Re: DIY Garden Urn Turned Coffee Table

Look - but you can't touch! Fantastic idea. So much eye candy that no one could resist spending some time figuring out what's in the middle.

Re: No room for a side table? Use a ladder instead!

Amazing results Donna! Everything works so well in the room together.

Re: Another Children's Book Inspired Furniture Piece

An amazing book. Anyone that has read it will think highly of this stool.

Re: Silverware Jewelry

Wow! You knocked my socks off. I really like these. You really gave the vintage utensils a run for their money with your imagination.

Re: SUNshine...pretty please...

I'm really digging the colors you chose. It's almost a vintage take of collegiate or patriotic colors. At any rate - it's a winner of a mantel assemblage -- as always Laurel!

Re: Turquoise - Who knew

You rock. That suitcase table is tops! Let the blue keep going. It's a beautiful shade.

Re: Spring Decor Updates

Definitely adds a flash of color. And plants are the best because of the organic aspect.

Re: Junk Jewelry

You've got a fantastic eye for this style of jewelry. Love all the artistic work with the old skeleton keys. They will never go out of style.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

Absolutely awesome. Love the color and totally functional. Won't the birds be happy!

Re: Rockin' Weekend Project

Way to go! What a great rescue and the wood grain is beautiful.


Killer idea. One of the best I've seen yet using bed head and foot boards!

Re: Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 9

Very nice projects! I think I'm digging the leftover wood table top the best!

Re: From Kid's Bike to Wall Organizer!

Man! It's awesome for so many reasons. Great, vintage wall art that reused as an organizer. That's the pinnacle!

Re: Brooch Bouquets

Welcome to JMS! Glad you joined up. This is a beautiful idea and one that was talked about for some time by lots of folks I'm sure.

Re: Using Picture Frame Samples

Love the classy look of it all. I've drooled over frame samples like these but definitely didn't have any ideas as good as this one!

Re: Upcycled Ring Holders Made From Random Drawer Knobs

Great little reuse. There won't be any lost rings in your house!

Re: A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

You definitely maxed out the potential on this one Lanette and did it very well. What a perfect way to use the cylinder cap!

Re: "THE BIG O" 7 foot Assemblage Ostrich

Absolutely amazing. You keep pushing the envelope and coming up with diamonds. Love it Lauretta!

Re: Spring is HERE!

Great, simple, design and I bet the shadows that the springs would cast would be pretty cool too!

Re: 1940s US City Unknown

You just keep the surprises coming Lauretta! Yet another wonderful assemblage in yet another way. Just love all the cool pieces you use.

Re: Fun, Junky Jewlery!

Very talented. And a great eye for things to use together for these great pieces.

Re: JunkMarket Style Nursery

Amazing room! And so many small details that just keep the surprises coming.

Re: Layered Frames

A great spin of traditional hanging of frames. I like it!


This is about more fun than I can handle. I'm diggin' all the pieces in this one. The carnival wheel takes the prize!

Re: From Sad Side Table to Sunny Revolving Book Case

If you turn your back, a visiting friend might run out of the door with this one. Really nice.

Re: Old rocking chair

Fantastic design. The colors, the shapes - excellence.


That is so cool. I really enjoy your work because of all of the fun sitting and examining each piece. This is another great piece.

Re: Repurposed End Table

Love it! If it doesn't work out with your pets, sell it! Folks will love it.

Re: Save those random knobs and pulls!

Totally rockin idea! This would be hugely popular I imagine.

Re: Dream a Little Dream -OR- "Could You Please Turn This Old Desk Into a Kitchen Island?"

Hitting homeruns Ann & Brad! Love this!

Re: Unicorn Skull

Pretty cool and bizarre!

Re: Office Wall Organizer

Cool factor of 10. Who wouldn't want one of these!

Re: Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace with Charm Bracelet Valentine Inspired Design

I'm with Jim. You had me at brass tag. Beautiful creations as always!

Re: Canteen Cowboy Lamp

Way cool definitely. Love the vibe and great pieces you used.

Re: Vintage Hankie Scarves

Great idea and what a variety it would be.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski "BEER 30" #2 Beer & Soda Bottling Opening Station

Thanks StrangeCargo! It's reference to basically anytime to of the day is good for a beer (2:30, 3:30, 4:30, Beer:30).

Re: Repurposed Silverware Box

Holy cow! -- By hand! You've got skills. Great work.

Re: I'm a little behind - sorry

Hang in there Jasmin. You're going to bust through like a freight train when things melt and the sun comes back out. So glad to have you as a co-contributor on JMS!

Re: I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

Please add more pics. This is a hoot!

Re: Old Chest. New Look

Way cool job! The colors, fabric, numbers will always be a desirable, classic look.

Re: Chairs from the Roadside

Really fun, new upstoltery fabric. Definitely livens it up!

Re: Vintage Finds from the Roadside!

I'm wanting that ice cream cone dispenser too Sue! Back off Jim! Haha.

Re: Valentine Photo Wreath

Welcome aboard Kerry! Glad to have you join the team! This piece is really cool. The addition of the arrows beats all.

Re: Piano Pantry

Always leave it to Jasmin to take things to the next level. So glad to have met her here on JMS along with all you other great friends, junkers and creatives. Go Jasmin!

Re: Headboard Jewelry Display

Awesome job. Totally digging it!

Re: Origami & Upcycling: New Approach to Crafts

That's definitely a welcomed spin on origami. And the fact that it took 5 to 8 cans -- fantastic!

Re: Child's vanity

That's definitely giving new life to the piece. Great paint job!

Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

Great solution! Especially like the small ones for emergency.

Re: Reused Paint Can to Make Wall Sconce

Recycling & Repurposing!

Re: A "Simply Cozy" winter Mantel...

Laurel rules! Would definitely stay at her house if it was a B&B. Looking forward to a new year of awesome posts Laurel!

Re: She Got Wheels. And She Knows How to Use Them...

You nailed it Amy & Brad! I bet the customer was floored.

Re: Yard Stick Table

Fantastic job. The yardsticks flow very nicely with the piece.

Re: How to reuse a broken mirror

Great save!

Re: Rustic coat rack

You can't beat that beautiful wood. Very nice design and choice of wood!

Re: Doors! Who doesn't love Doors??!!??

Killer colab on the elements. And love the distressed black.

Re: Happy New Year, Baby!

Excellent piece Suzi!! And the functional drawer beats all.

Re: My first retirement DIY project

Looks great! And the fact that it's a series makes it even better!

Re: Recycled table top to hanging lighted rack

That looks fantastic! Never have seen a setup/design like that which makes it even more impressive.

Re: Burn Pile Beauty

That's a mega transformation on the wood. Would have never guessed they were the same piece! Killer table.

Re: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

You're a very clever one Lanette! I'm going to post this link on my FB page.

Re: Christmas Tree Obsession

You've got a gift Lanette! Love the white tree limbs cut and placed in the pole like a vintage aluminum tree would do. Brilliant. Everything looks wonderful!

Re: Rustic Sign

Knocked my socks off! Love the scale and design. Your going to have one lucky friend. Please come back and add a photo or two on this page of the sign setup on "The Patio."

Re: Berry Sieve Centerpiece

Love it Becky. Plus it's got great lines. Your eyes make you travel up from the bottom to the light and feature. A+!

Re: Such a NNNNNovel idea!

Brilliant Jasmin! I really need three books from the bottom level. How much? Haha!

Re: Industrial steel cart

Super cool! I think the bright bolts up top mirror the metal on the bottom so no worries.

Re: Galvanized metal pub table

Way to go! Would be an awesome outdoor/patio table too for parties with no worries about making a mess. And you got those for a steal!

Re: Computer Monitor Diorama

I could definitely see a whole series of dioramas from you. Keep it up. Great way to keep these "dinosaurs" out of the landfill down the road.

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

I like the clean/modern kind of look to this. It makes you stop and study each jar to see what's inside.

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

Definitely keeps me in the Christmas spirit Jim! The old Christmas lights box and sap bucket cover were great additions.

Re: Otto the Nutcracker

I'm glad you showed us the components because I would've had a hard time figuring everything out. What a fantastic nutcracker!!

Re: Toast the Holidays with a Ball Jar Goblet

Quite creative Suzi! Please keep your creations coming and share with us. You've been a supporter of us for so long, now it's our turn to repay you!

Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

Hello Dianne! It looks great and I know this would be a hit in any retail store. Keep 'em coming!

Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

I always love your engraved and burned pieces. This is no exception. I like the fact that it's a surprise when you get closer to the ironing board. Kudos!!

Re: 1950's Kitchen Cart

The blue works perfectly with the chrome. Great choice!

Re: Industrial Electrical Wire Spool

Beautiful way to make a clock. Love the wood tones.

Re: Spindle Christmas Tree

Fantastic collection of spindles. They all look perfect together in this arrangement.

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

Tobacco cutter or shingle cutter?

Re: Baseboard Flip

Pure genius. I sure wish the old baseboards of the past were easier to run across. They really knew how to make them. Very nice piece!

Re: Bench from childs twin bed

Beautiful job. Looks like it was fresh from a high-end catalog. Great work!

Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

Way cool Becky! Love all the different parts to try to figure out. Everything works so well together!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

I'm super pumped with pride with all of these awesome comments. It really makes me want to kick into high gear. Lets me know I'm on the right track. Thanks so much everyone.

Re: I've been waiting for some of these legs!

You're hooked now aren't you Jasmin!?! I've got about 6 stashed for furture projects besides how I've used them already. They are so sturdy and so cool to look at, I imagine we'll be seeing lots more of these from you that look great just like this piece.

Re: Mason Jar Challenge: Doorstop

Great idea and great problem solving!

Re: Retro Christmas Art Box

Love all that Christmas vintage oozing from one creative piece.

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

Awesome job Lanette - as usual. It's centerpieces like that that keep the folks enjoying each others company at the table instead of retreating to the living room.

Re: Tailgate Headboard

That's an awesome theme for a room. Now you just need another tailgate on the other side of the room mounted on the wall to drop down for a bench seat. You hit a homerun with this room.

Re: Winter Wonderland in a Jar

The little forest really draws you right in. Very nice!

Re: Antique Italian Bowl

Thanks for putting the word out there for the farmers. Visiting a farmer's market is a treat on the weekends.

Re: Experimental

I like the simple look of it. It reinforces the repurposed theme and brings it all home.

Re: Gas Punk

Electrifying! Really like the raw look with the vintage-style wiring.

Re: Barn Door and Gun Crates Turned into a Coffee Table

Absolutely beautiful. Love the tone of the wood you brought out. It brought along all the character too.

Re: Radiant Energy

Way cool and the added shadow casting is a bonus.

Re: Hairpin Table

Great solution for the flooring pieces. You can't beat those hairpin legs. Especially finding old ones.

Re: Ball Jar Snow Decor

Love the punched metal piece. And the crystal, the jar glass and flake snow work great together!

Re: Repurposed "Hurricanes" For Your "JUNKOLIDAY" Table!

Very, very cool! Love the natural and industrial vibes coming together. And a little primitive! Talk about crossroads pieces!

Re: Garden Sculpture from thrift store dishes

Really cool. Makes me think of a traditional concrete birdbath that had an x-ray done.

Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

"Old Man Withers" that is!

Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

Now make a jar for Old Man Winters! Love the van and idea!

Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Great lantern. So cool how it fit perfectly. And JMS is definitely a home away from home.

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

Amazing Jasmin! What a great piece to start with. And the choice you made for the wine caddy suited it perfectly with the additional - great parts.


Awesome set! What a great base for the dolls.

Re: Love to Paint

Love your painting style!

Re: Building a Little Christmas Cheer

Fantastic. Lots of good memories with those old logs. The log color and tree colors really bring on a woodsy Christmas.

Re: Holiday Recycle Projects

Tree and angel are tops! And the bird painting rules.

Re: Jewelry Tree

Excellent use of nature in such a classy way. Glad you didn't paint the wood.

Re: Jewelry box Make-over

Loving the artwork. So much fun to look at.

Re: Rustic Signs 2

Totally digging the continued creativity in the letters.

Re: Cast Away !

That's pretty humorous! Haha. I like that.

Re: Holiday Spruce Tips Container.

The deep rust tones work great with the evergreens.

Re: Cream Separator Lamp

Loving the base you used. Nice!

Re: Repurposed Wine Caddy - Using Sewing Machine Drawer Slide Racks

Thank you Pfarkelsisters!

Re: Industrial Tripod Spotlight

Excellent creation. The size of the light works well with the tripod.

Re: Rustic Signs

I love exploring each letter to see how you created it. So clever!

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

I want 20 of those pieces!! I'm super jealous. You are definitely on the right track with all the potential the rack has in different positions.

Re: Gratitude Rocks!

Excellent focus piece with great meaning once you get in closer. Way to go!

Re: Ladder love. So easy!

Love ladders! There are endless uses for them and they don't take up much space.

Re: Kraut Cutter to Memo Station...

Excellent, vintage piece to start this project. You did a fantastic job as always!

Re: Happy Halloween

Very nice and cozy. Love the pitch over the windows.

Re: License Plate Art: International Edition!

Awesome as always! Love all the intricate detailing.

Re: Upcycle A Broken Umbrella

Excellent idea! I've thrown away a few umbrellas in my time. Stupid!

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Saltine Cracker Tin Metal Birdhouse Art Piece

Thanks Jim! I couldn't agree more. I think I got mine for about the same price. There's no telling how many they made back then. Glad they did though.

Re: Steampunk coffee table

It would be great put a sturdy lazy susan ball bearing plate under the whole gear group and use the whole gear surfaces to serve food or hold things for parties.

Re: Industrial Style Lamp from a Vintage Drill Press

Great design! I would replace the pole with a much taller one and make it a floor lamp for reading or just accent. Give it a good, heavy base from something else.

Re: A Couple Little Projects

Great saves and great creativity!

Re: 1950s Wire Cake Plate Transformed into a Chandelier

I bet it puts out great shadow castings!

Re: Time for the Fall Country Junk Sale...

Laurel, just have that all shipped to me. We'll discuss payment later. Ha! Great treasures.

Re: Console Table

You've outdone yourself on the aging Jim but I'd expect nothing less!

Re: Vintage Halloween

You just can't beat vintage Halloween decorations. They beat out vintage Christmas in my book. Great pieces!

Re: Entertainment Center Re-invented

Excellent modification! Nobody would even know and that's the true sign of doing something like this well.

Re: Patio plant stand

Great job! I like the small tiles down the center.

Re: Wine Bar from a Door

Another winner Jasmin! Totally functional and so fun to look over.

Re: Rustic Signs

Awesome. I love the door hinge as a "E". It caught me off guard!

Re: Halloween !!!

Great work!

Re: Other peoples junk,

Roadside is always the most rewarding when you come across great things.

Re: Another Drawer Shelf...and a coffee station gone crazy...

Love the whole box theme Laurel! Keeps everything in its place but is totally fun too.


One of my favorites for sure now. I'm a sucker for a vintage circus theme. Very nice Lauretta!

Re: Bed Spring lamp

One of the most unique for sure but VERY clever!

Re: Blanket Ladder

Looks great! Clever way to show off all that fabric color.

Re: Simple DIY Lanterns

I can smell the cinnamon from here! Awesome way to put those together. But then again - we are dealing with Jasmin - Junk Genius! Haha.

Re: Cash Wrap with Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles

Absolutely beautiful! Amazing detail and the tins really pop off with the treatment you gave. There are definitely going to be copycats on this one out there. I could see a whole line of retail fixtures done up like this. I think you're on to something!

Re: Licensed Junk Collector Badges

Awesome! I need one that says "Licensed Junk Repurposer".

Re: Shell Back Chair Rescued

Great save! Too unique of a chair to see disappear.

Re: Kitchen Drawer to Chalkboard Shelf...

You've always got fantastic ideas and beautiful style Laurel. Another winner!

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper Redo...and...Redo

Amazing transformation. Very classy and miles away from where it started.

Re: Ringo's Octopus Garden

Very whimsical and extremely fun. Great color too!

Re: Fit for a Queen~

Beautiful characteristics. Haven't seen a chair like this before. Nice revamp!

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

I'm addicted to those as well Jim. The graphics are top-shelf in most of those crazy vintage recipe books.

Re: Labor Day Bookcase

Awesome design! Love the blue contrasting color and the shelves.

Re: Viet Nam "trash"

Definitely priceless. Sad you couldn't grab it.

Re: A Litte Bit Of This and That

Looks fantastic! Love the use of the newly put together doors.

Re: Pet Food Storage Solution

Awesome! Love all the components. Too bad you can't just mass produce these huh Jasmin!

Re: Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

Thanks again everyone! So much support! On the wax, I don't add much each time but I wanted to added protection since it could be getting a lot of use in the future by the potential new owner. I would have preferred to use polyurethane on this one but I wanted the aging of the dark wax. I HATE buffing! Haha.

Re: Multi-purpose Furniture

Definitely great (and totally functional) for small spaces. Winning!

Re: For the lOvE of North Dakota!

Awesome chemistry with all the pieces! Love the blue ring.

Re: Biggest. Map. Ever.

Bigger is even better! Love it!

Re: Eiffel Tower Glass Panel Door

It's like a doorway to vintage Paris. Instant classic!

Re: DING House Charm Doll

Another great one! It's neat how that little pretty face draws you right in.

Re: BLUE DECO GIRL House Charm Doll

Awesome! I'm always a sucker for great blues and oranges coming together.

Re: Porch Swing Delight from Junk! Of course!

Their neighbors are going to be jealous! Awesome parts, paint and final piece!

Re: "Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

If you keep turning up these great spool ideas, you're going to have to give up the place you found those great treasures! Haha.

Re: Calling all the you see what I see?

You're instincts are correct. Don't do a thing. Looks wonderful!


Way to breathe new life into that BillyJo! Looks great.

Re: One style two looks. Paris End Tables

Now that's what I call over-overhauling. You put that table through it's paces. It's hard for your creative mind to make mistakes. You pulled out a winner. Love the image transfer result!

Re: From Metal Tote to Console Table...

Way, way, way too cool Laurel!! The name is a bonus!

Re: Straight back chair turned beautiful.

Great details! Love the creativity.

Re: Decoupage Music Table

Nice design! Really catches the eye. I just finished a project that has some old sheet music in the mix too. Good stuff!

Re: Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

Thanks everyone - so supportive! I knew I'd get a comment from Jim! Haha.

Re: Fancy Cast Iron Base Bar

Beautiful creation! The wood and the metal detailing is top notch.

Re: Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

Awesome, awesome table! Talk about character - this one has it plenty. Nice work Jasmin!

Re: Shabby Chic Table and not-so-matching chairs

Great save all around! It definitely gives you a strong sense of pride.

Re: From Old Spool to Ottoman...

Awesome piece. The old paint text and colors on top are primo.

Re: Vintage watering can planter.

You just can't beat an old container like this for holding plants. Nice save!

Re: Upcycled Industrial look table

Classic style. Great job!

Re: Vintage Office Chair Redo

Great job! And great job on the painting.

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

Classic piece fresh out the gate. It's got great bones!

Re: pallet planter box!

Awesome use of pallets. I might have to steal this next summer for our new garden area. Great job!

Re: Tools of the Trade: Handyman's Heaven

Now this is right up my alley. You've got measuring sticks, clamps and all kinds of goodies.

Re: Dresser to Window bench

Fantastic solution for a window bench. Leave it to you Jasmin to knock it out of the park. Awesome!

Re: Mr. Majestic

Love the front "shield" and the base! Fantastic piece all over - as always!

Re: repurposed spindles

Very interesting! This is something I haven't seen before.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Books aka My Version of Restoration Hardware Style

You did a great job. I like yours better. The RH version looks a little moldy. Haha

Re: Wedding Gift Idea from an old window

So clever. What a great way to display cherished photos.

Re: Junk Jewelry

Great creativity. It's jewelry that makes people stop and check out every piece.

Re: Hollow Door Room Divider

Great job on the finishes. The color tones really work well together.

Re: Art Canvas Turned into Rectangular Wreath

Great save! Looks very nice.

Re: Upcycled Birdfeeders

Love 'em! Gotta keep those birds fed!

Re: Recycled Sweater Pillows

Great use! I like the style.


Like a Baby Pope! Haha. Love the piece. The red, green and yellow and aging of it all really look good. The vertical eye flow takes you right to the top to the baby head.

Re: Rustic Side Table

The staining effect definitely hit the mark. Great finish.

Re: Old farmhouse table, before and after!

Greatness! Copper rules.

Re: Mexican Pine Pieces Goes Asian!

Great colors and very peaceful. I'm sure it worked great for that bedroom.

Re: Junk Mafia Rat Rod - Stella Gets Her Groove Back!

What an honor to be able to overhaul the paint on a car. And a rockin' one like Stella at that. Great job Chelle!

Re: TWA Island

The marble has perfect tones for the cabinet patina. Great save!

Re: Kansas City Here I Come! Dresser

Another homerun Chelle. I'm sure a Kansas City citizen already claimed this.

Re: KC Union Station Chest

Love, love, love it! What a great statement/conversation piece.

Re: Tootsie Toy Car Necklaces

Really big fan of little, vintage vehicles. What an awesome idea.

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

Classic piece for years to come!

Great job Jim!

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

Great designs! So playful and creative!

Re: Shabby Chandelier

Great save! The wire structure works great with the crystals!

Re: The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

So, so cool! An instant collection for the wall! I'd stare at this forever.

Re: Scrappy Salvaged Star

Love the beat up wood!

Re: How To Turn an Old Coffee Table into Beautiful Signage

So cool to be part of the community that way. Love your thought process.

Re: New Use for Old Decking

Instant classic. The weather wood makes everything look like it's been around forever. Great design too!

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Definitely looks like they were meant to go together. Nice!

Re: Fishing Lure Necklaces

What a great use of these nice pieces. So much character and naturally distressed metal. Way to go!

Re: Our New Hallway Mantle - from an Old Door

Stunner of a piece! Can't stop checking it out.

Re: Series of 8: Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Wooden Water Ski Beer & Soda Bottle Opening Stations

Thanks so much guys! I am actually pretty rich in vintage water skis right now but I did use up about half my stash with the most recent projects and at least one more to come soon. I picked them all up at an estate sale. The former family definitely loved some water skiing! Who would have thought that vintage water skis could be so fun.

Re: Never had more fun with a Teeter-Totter!

Such a great sense of style Lanette - as always! Loving the teeter-totter. I would have grabbed that too. Is that a chicken feeder or gutter with the candles inside? And "Black Water"! Huh! I've got to look into that.

Re: The Goblins Will Get Ya If Ya Don't Watch Out

Great creature/creation! Love the fable that goes with it. Quite the character!!

Re: Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Love all the stuff to look at. One could sit for quite a while and enjoy everything you put together. It'll be interesting to see how things start growing up.

Re: Mannequin Makeover

Great transformation. Totally open to new possibilities now.

Re: Cat Beds on a Budget

Very craft - very quick! Great job!

Re: Outdoors again working in the nice weather!

More awesome creations! Always a hit with your creativity.

Re: Button Flowers

So fun to look at! I bet they stop everyone in their tracks to examine each one.

Re: Hand-Painted Children's Chair

Love the whimical design. Fantastic skills!

Re: Vintage Tin Planter

Great way to showcase those awesome tins. Too bad they "don't make them like they used to".

Re: Deer in my garden!

Great improvising! I wonder if the local birds are going to start picking at it for nest material. Wouldn't that be great!

Re: You Guessed It - More License Plate Art!

Always fun to see your new posts and what you've come up with. Congrats on a super 2013! You either have some immensely strong hands and grip now or you've got a very effective way of cutting up the plates. Secrets????

Re: Angel Wing Cubby Transformation

Another masterpiece Jasmin! And I thought the koi fish design was tops - now here's another winner. That shouldn't last long before it's long gone to a new home.

Re: Stacked Pallet "Perch"...

Definitely a multi-functional piece. Great save and great idea - as always!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

Thanks so much my friends! Always a pleasure to hear from the gang. And yes, I try to keep my large supply of yardsticks in full stock. I never know when I might need a ton of them for a project. Haha!

Re: Cirque d' Zebra

Only you could put together a miniature tricycle and shoe form and pull it off. Great creations all the time.

Re: My Turquoise Phase

Killer combos! Favorite is the metal fish against the chewed up wood. Great, accidental paint wash!

Re: my favorite wreath

My favorite too. Would look great in any seaside cottage or shabby sun room.

Re: Outdated Octagon Table Gets a New Beachy Look

Definitely nailed the beach vibe. Great blue color choice!

Re: Vintage Candy Jar, Upcycled

Really liking that shade of blue paint. Nice!

Re: Tart Tin Jewelry Pendants

Love the patina and vibe of these. Great job!

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

True marriage of components, patina and age. Love how the whole piece sort of points upward like an arrow.

Re: Upcycled Tool Tote

Classic color and graphic is tops!

Re: Chic'd Vintage Wood Shoe Mold

Great marriage with the distressed paint, wood and metal. Couldn't have done better myself!

Re: Wine and Cheese Tray? Of *corks* it is silly!!!

Very classy idea my friend! A true winner.

Re: Electrolux Redux

Another stunner! Kind of looks Egyptian too. Love the architectural characteristics of the big gauge at the bottom.

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

I like the square shape too!

Re: Creative Succulents

Fantastic use and great plant composition.

Re: Creative Succulents

Loving all the plant attention!

Re: Creative Succulents

Couldn't agree more. Wouldn't it be cool if this was much larger and vines were climbing it outdoors!

Re: Creative Succulents

Beautiful box and wood tones! Perfect for the succulents!

Re: Playing with Barbwire

As long as I get kiln gloves on first! Suffer any cuts making the ball?

Re: Looooooooove

Great job on "washing" away the black. The wood tones really compliment it.

Re: A few recent projects

Looks like a lot of fun was had creating those! Great creativity!


Great find, great price, great transformation!

Re: Vintage Treasure Jewelry :: Necklaces

Amazing eye for detail and what would look good together. A really nice collection.

Re: Shadow Box Coffee Table

Definitely a piece that just about anyone could enjoy in their home. Especially with your lid to change things out. The old piano mechanism reminds me of vertebrae.

Re: Chalkboard from Crib

Now that's a winner of an idea! I'm defitely going to recognized those old, thin crib sides differently from now on. Love the total black look!

Re: Picken my own Garage!

Great finds! And so close to home. Haha. I constantly have to pick my own garage when I work. These picks make me feel right at home.

Re: Antique Bed To Bench Fabulous-ness

Absolutely beautiful! Love the "empirical" look - if that makes sense. If you're selling it, it won't be around long!

Re: Sizzling Mid Century Wall Art

Definitely some nice "mod" wall art. Great color choices!

Re: Memory Jar

Lots of fun there! So much to look at and enjoy.

Re: A Succulent Terrarium

Great idea flipping the jar! I could see these taking off.

Re: Geeba Geeba Monsters

Whimsically creative! Love the characters. And repurposing is always a plus.

Re: One door - 2 fun side tables

Totally useful. That tight shape could go just about anywhere. Always amused and impressed Jasmin!

Re: Table Lamp

Painting it silver was a great idea! Really nice!

Re: Reno Scraps to Shabb-u-licious Coffee table

Another homerun! Love the soft colors and natural tones.

Re: Wooden Ski to nautical pool sign

Skis are really trendy right now. Way to make your mark! Love the colors and the idea is fantastic!

Re: Dorm Room Wall Addition

The clippings really pull the eye in and look even closer. Keep it up!


Magnificent! Free is always a great way to start and great way to keep gems out of the landfill. Great job and love the style!

Re: Garden/Deck Totems/Solar Lights

Great creations! I'm a sucker for lights and free electricity rules!

Re: How Grate Owl Art

Very, very clever. The parts you used worked perfectly for the owl body and characteristics. All the rest is just bonus!

Re: curbside sewing cabinet resurrection

I saw go with the farthest thing from anyone's imagination if you can get it to work and support the hinge purpose. Keep us updated!

Re: Stained Glass House numbers

Really clever. I might have to do our house numbers with some repurposed parts and junk.

Re: potato planter

Fantastic! So earthy and made for goodness.

Re: Piano Entertainment Unit

Definitely like the liquor bar use! Totally rockin' transformation. Beat-up black was definitely the perfect color choice. I took apart a piano a while back it you're right -- it's given me sooo many pieces to work with. I've still got half of it laying around the garage here and there. Your design is tops though -- as always Jasmin!

Re: Little Red Rosie

Very classy piece for sure! The design works really well on the surfaces and style. Red rules!

Re: Chorkie to Chalk Board

Great save! The frame really pops and brings the eye to the new messages.

Re: Old 70's Wicker is made New Again

Definitely brought it forward a few decades! Nice!

Re: Simon Barker's New Bed

It's hard to beat the rewarding feeling of making stuff for our furry friends and then them accepting it. What a great bed!

Re: Vintage Retro Blue Aluminum Space Age Bird Feeder

Really nice. Reminds me of a big top circus tent.

Re: Now I Lay Me Down!

Lots like a high end piece straight from "one of those" catalogs. And that's a compliment because you did this yourself. Truly classic.

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Flawless! The custom made iron bases prop it up in matching style.

Re: Coffee Table

Truly creative. The industrial vibe is oozing.

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

I've been out of town and I come back to all these super generous comments. I'm truly humbled. Thanks so much everyone. It's so energizing to be part of such a creative community of support!

Re: No. 10 Milking Stool & Flashlight Repurposed / Upcycled Lamp

Thanks so much everyone! Trying to think more and more out of the box on the lamps. Can't say that I won't use another retro flashlight for the shaft though. That was too fun.

Re: Wheelie Washtub

Perfect look, function and style! Who wouldn't buy that!

Re: Clawfoot tub to French Chaise!

I think I've commented on this across the internet galaxy a million times. Can't pat you on the back enough for this one Jasmin! You go girl!

Re: Potting Table

Very creative. And I love the covered hole. The use of the wheelbarrow takes the cake. You hit this one out of the park!

Re: Oil Can Ring Holder

They say the simplest things are the best ideas. This one goes right to the top. Love it!

Re: Wine Rack/Bar

Excellent save! So much more character in its second life now.

Re: Apothecary Dresser

Really digging the blue and brown tones in the distressed pattern. Very nice!

Re: You can call me A Horse of a Different Color or a Phony Pony...Just don't CALL ME CRAZY!

867-5309. Love it. I can't believe how big it is. That's amazing!

Re: Faux Fireplace from Scraps - UPDATE!

Beautiful, beautiful! Love the mission style vibe and the clean lines.

Re: Rustic Centre Pieces

Definitely something I'll have to copy somehow. Just too good and simple. You're the best Jasmin!

Re: Headboard To Vintage Motel Sign

Really neat! Reminds me of pop art.

Re: What to do with a Mammoth bookcase!

Great mod and save! The final is much more appealing.

Re: Vintage Stool Turned Table

Very classy. I like the colors and the industrial vibe.

Re: Repurposed Vent/Exhaust Hood Bird Feeder

Thanks Jim!

Re: Back to the Drawing Board

Fantastic post Jim. We all knew your mind works this way but it's great to see proof and origins of some of your great creations. Please post another series sometime soon!

Re: Handmade Wooden Barn Quilts

Beautiful, vivid colors. Love the idea.

Re: Truckee Veterans Hall Historical Landmark Replica Birdhouse by Greg Zirbel

Beautiful job! What bird/birds wouldn't want to take up residence there. I would keep it indoors!


I've always been fascinated by rain chains. This is the best DIY/repurposed one I've ever seen!

Re: Old Ladder Wrap and Paper Station...

You're way too organized Laurel! You need to come help me with my garage. This setup is a true winner!

Re: Outdoor Footstool from Wine Crate & Chair Parts

Great functionality. The old wood with the sealer on it looks great!

Re: Gaga for Galvanized

Definitely a cool piece. I would have to try to beat Laurel to it! Be sure to let us know if you change it up again. I don't think you could do any wrong with a good looking galvanized piece like this.

Re: Old Window+Vintage Map

Maps rule!

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

Genius! Love the old factor with the trowel!

Re: Rust anything!

Thanks so much for the tutorial info. The urns look great! Rust = Nature's paint.

Re: Screen door Garden Gate

Nice addition to your patio! The color really pops.

Re: Entry table

Love all the aged colors and tones. The idea is a true winner!

Re: Ski Coat Rack

Awesome project! I've been a magnet for water and snow skis lately and some will definitely go this route. Those handmade hooks are a great addition!

Re: Vintage blueprint cabinet coffee table

Definitely love that blue color you chose. Mixes in nicely with the rest of the piece. Great overhaul!

Re: Some of my yard art displayed in the 61st annual Pilgrimage in Moss Point, MS.

Great work as always! I really like the "yard art" aspect of how you hung the silverplate mosaics from the tree.

Re: Tape Measure Bookmarks

Great idea! I love finding the old canvas tape measures. I use them on a lot of my projects. I actually have a spool or two of this exact tape too! Great work!

Re: Simple Spring Centerpiece

The combination of spring color and the silverplating works great! I'm in anytime bird-related things are incorporated.

Re: Mantel Ladder

Nice idea. Could definitely yield itself to several ideas and layouts throughout the year.

Re: Shabby Chic bar from a TV Cabinet

Great look and very functional the way you laid everything out!

Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

Hey folks! Thanks so much for the generous comments! Your feedback is exactly why I overhauled the booth. To keep people in it longer! Haha.

Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift

Fantastic job Andrea! Your attention to detail makes this a winner. From a distance the paint even looks like unstained wood. Bonus! Very well thought out and if this is your first hand painted project, we are all in for some great pieces in the future.

Re: Only for the "brave at heart" Table Redo

That new look really pops! Great work!

Re: Filmstrip Door

Perfect execution! As always Jasmin! The door window pattern played into this so smoothly. Great paint treatment!

Re: Really Large bed Posts and old window with new design

The post paint treatment is fantastic. Reminds me of Mondrian. And the stained glass window is very captivating.

Re: Desk

Absolutely beautiful desk. Way to pull those pieces together. The color is all gravy with that vivid green!

Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

Love the blue/aqua glass tones paired with the natural tones. I've got to get me one of those old battery jars!

Re: Operation Overhaul

Excellent save!

Re: Old water damaged silver platters with a new make-over

Love the fish themed piece. The silver in the back pops through the glass!

Re: Armoire to TV Stand

Very professionally done. Looks like it was always intended for the new purpose!

Re: Chair Bench

Very clever!

Re: Wagan Wheel End Tables

Beautiful stain finish. I really like the dark, rich tones.

Re: End Table to Dog House

I always enjoy the creativity folks have with turning furniture into pet beds. Love the colors and style!

Re: projects

The new dresser design for storage is awesome. Great work!

Re: Dresser Bench project

Love when folks do this with chest of drawers, nightstands, etc. Yours is very well done!

Re: Order Up...! Repurposed Deli Sign

Cool repurposing Jim! Who wouldn't fire up some nostalgia seeing those old plastic letters from the high school games at concession or the drive in movie or fast food stops. And to turn it into one of your portfolios is top shelf!

Re: Blue Lariat Necklace

Beautiful colors!

Re: Corner shelves from old doors

Jasmin -- you rule! As usual. Another great project and fantastic how-to steps and some time-saving tips. I like these because they would be really easy to move around at the booth, home or wherever. Nice!

Re: using hotel cards as a table covering

I like the retro vibe it gives off. The hotel cards were a perfect fit for this modern nightstand.

Re: updated old table

Definitely a project that beats the winter blues. Very nice!

Re: My "Junk Swap" box of Goodies!

That's some good mail when you got those goodies. I'm a sucker for anything old, metal and numbers. Those pistols are awesome too.

Re: Stu D. Baker

Such cool components! Love the "feet" and gauge head.

Re: Re-purposed dresser drawer bench!

Creating things that retail owners and such can use is really fun. These are great projects. You did them well!

Re: A Wine Traveler

Very retro vibe to me - which is nice. Great idea and resources to pull all these neat items together and they all FIT! Thanks for sharing Lanette!

Re: Vintage toy Cars

These are soooo cool. The aging of them is impeccable!

Re: Upcycled Chandelier

Very cool! I bet that thing really throws around some reflected light.

Re: Potato Pot-ah-to Dogfoodo !

Very creative Jasmin - as always!

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

Thanks GeorgiaMoon! You are always so supportive!

Re: Bird Bot

You've been busy Lauretta! You had me at "bird" but I love everything else about it too. Love how it's framed with the box almost as if it's some sort of x-ray box so we can see all of the "internals".

Re: Repurposed cigar box

Love repurposed items made into instruments. This is no exception. The body has some great art/graphics.

Re: The Tattooed Table

Jasmin, Jasmin, Jasmin. Just when I think you've hit the ceiling of creativity that's possible, you break right through it again. This piece is amazing! I think you should do a whole series of tables/furniture.

Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

You're killing it on these very unique and creative albums Jim! And here's another in the successful string. Who wouldn't want to pick this up and look through it!?!

Re: NeatTweets Historical Landmark Replica Hellman Ehrman Mansion 1903 The Pine Lodge

Stunning work and detail NeatTweets! And really nice choice of wood.

Re: recycled candle holder by mhc designs

Great piece and great idea of how to merge these two great icons of junk gold.

Re: Mademoiselle Mystique

I can only imagine all the little pieces and parts you have on hand to keep pulling these great art pieces together.

Re: Around My House

As simple as it is, I really like the chair side piece as a fixture and bookends.

Re: Artique Project

Truly artistic. The staggered layers of subjects and the way you tied all the imagery together really shows you know what you are doing.

Re: Artique Project

I REALLY like the addition of the photograph. Kind of pulls it all together like they were all part of an early childhood.

Re: Artique Project

What a "box full" of fun! So much to look at - it would stop anyone in their tracks.

Re: Tomato Cage Tree - Mardi Gras

Great way to put things together! You can't beat a Mardi Gras tree. And who would guess a tomato cage?!?

Re: Pallet Tin Man Garden

I really like this. The mason bee head is really attractive in this style and the mason bee purpose is a bonus! Love how everything grew in to cover the body.

Re: For the love of DOORS!

Very crafty! Instant conversation piece if anyone catches a quick glimpse. A Kreg jig is definitely on my list of wants now.

Re: Can you dig this?

Very creative! I could see a whole ensemble of "characters" including animals done this way.

Re: Pique Assiette coffee table

Love the Pique Assiette style with some pieces protruding. And the frame perfectly sets up the whole piece like framed wall art.

Re: Bedroom Bar for that Morning Java Jolt!

Another homerun Lanette! Makes perfect sense and the setup looks great. And I'm super jealous of your old church door.

Re: NASCAR AW 300 Trophy

Blown away again Refinerii! Total class!

Re: Ink Stained Coffee Filter Heart

These would make perfect carnations too. Great job!

Re: my "CHAIR"ity creation donation

Another stunner of a project Jasmin! Total unity of pieces put together. I can only imagine what "those catalogs" out there would price a piece like this at. I know the YMCA group is thrilled.

Re: Chalk Board door

Super fun project and I'm sure will be enjoyed by all in the home.

Re: Industrial Trophies made from left-over junk :)

My mind is blown! Such professionalism and clever design.

Re: Centerpieces

They should have auctioned off your centerpieces to throw some dough your way. They are each works of art! Knocked out the park as usual Refinerii!!

Re: Weather finally permits to complete mosaics !

The bike is such a neat, original idea. The bird mosaic window is my favorite. So glad you rescued those wooden toy cars before it was too late. I would have been all on those too!

Re: Wagon side croquet hang up

Beautiful creation! The rich, vintage, aged colored work so well together.

Re: Faux Chalkboard Stenciled Cases

I've often wondered what to do with the classic, old typewriter boxes after I've cannibalized the typewriters. Great creativity!

Re: Junky LOVE

What a great conversation piece! Fun!

Re: Stain Art Table

Beautiful! What a great piece and process!

Re: First Kiss Dresser

The piece definitely now has some great depth. Love how the dark wax treated the color.

Re: New Changes to old items!

Love that birdhouse! Stained glass is beautiful as well!

Re: The Tale Of Two Short Tables

Like it was meant to be from the start! Your projects always ooze craftsmanship and class.

Re: Lace Lamp Shades

Very nice Millie! The light shines through it proper!

Re: Vintage Water Ski Pair Lighted Organizer

Thanks so much everyone!

Re: Before-After Wine Buffet Cabinet

You keep up the great creations and you're going to have to put together your own custom furniture sale magazine. Love this piece!

Re: Taco Soup Served up Ala-JUNKMARKET Style!

Yummmm! Just the right concoction to warm you up on these cold days.

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Can't think of a better way to dress up the boxes. Fantastic look!

Re: Industrial Dummys

They might be "dummies" but these are some smart creations (as always!).

Re: From Drab to Fab!

You had me at the vintage gym locker tag. Great save!

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Another very professional job on the recreation.

Re: Route 66 License Plate Art

My new favorite, like Jim said. The animals are my second favorite now. You keep opening up new creative avenues for your creations. Keep 'em coming!

Re: Pique Assiette Broken China Mosaic Projects

Lots of imagination and hard work here! Love all the varied pieces like the Toby.

Re: Instant Coffee{House}

Great collection of imagination! Really like those chalkboard frames.

Re: Re Purpose Child's Toy Cradle

Top-notch post! Progress, craftsmanship and an awesome final piece. Looks like it was created that way from day one.

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

Rockin' as always! The deep treatment of the red tones is very nice.

Re: Re Purposed Headboards Before and After

Shouldn't last too much longer before it sells. Love the accents on the headboard at the top.

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

Now that's nifty! No one could have ever guessed there used to be legs there after the professional workover you gave it!

Re: Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

Beautifully done! You're definitely right about the appeal of the old tins.

Re: Coffee Stations from No Hope Dressers!

Always excited when I see one of your posts coming up. Always professional, unique and love the repurposing!

Re: Hooked on Books

Awesome way to reuse the books. Haven't seen anything like this done before. Definitely adds some instant fun to any room with the classic artwork evoking fond childhood memories.

Re: re purposed bench

Nice classic red tone! Way to go on the reuse. It turned out very professional coming from head boards.

Re: Wood Spool Shelf

I really like the primitive charm of this piece. The spools are a really nice touch and reuse!

Re: Vintage Cutter Tablecloth Lamp Shades

Very clever! They add some instant fun and color to any room.

Re: Jewelry/Necklace Holder made from an old lamp...

Very nice! Fits right in with a lot of styles out there. Totally functional!

Re: Upcycled Victorian Chairs

Very nice transformation! Definitely an instant classic pair.


I've got to second what Jim said. I'm always continually amazed at the combination of great components and how you evolve them into the story of what each character is about. Keep it coming!

Re: "Eye Candy"...

Fits like a glove! Great repurposing!

Re: Before and After vintage chair

Beautiful and classic look. Love the toile print. Great work!!

Re: The Great door Project of 2012

Stunner of a door! Great job.

Re: The Game of Life

Always amazed at your attention to the smallest detail. It's almost like I could break out the microscope and see more and more infinitely. Another fabulous and amazing piece Lauretta!

Re: Junky Garden Houses

Way cool! Love all the individuality of each piece. Super great use of incorporating things you had already!

Re: Wine cork bird house

Very well insulated! Haha. Great job! Definitely haven't seen this creativity used with wine corks yet.

Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Awesome centerpiece and great item for many uses like you said. I've never seen a vintage lunchbox that slid out. Keep it up!

Re: guitarman 2

Love it! That's several spoonfuls of talent!

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

Works and looks great. I like the draped fabric to kind of frame things up and soften it a bit to go along with everything else. Classic as always Laurel!

Re: Silverware art

Very creative! I like that a lot!

Re: Repurposed Bird Feeders

I really wish I could Jim but they've all "flown the coop" to new homes and birds everywhere. There's plenty I wish I had back just for myself. I think I've done over 80 birdhouses alone to date.

Re: Repurposed Bird Feeders

I think I'm blushing down here in Shreveport. JMS folks are the best.

Georgiamoon, I've got a good handful of species coming through at different times of the year but nothing like some of my peers out in the country.

Lanette, oddly enough, I use very few of my creations in my own yard. I sell most everything I make to spread the word and use others for family gifts.

Sue, what can I say?!? You make all of this possible by allowing us all to voice our creative minds and share ideas with each other.

MakinItHappen, I have to admit that I work out of a 3-bay garage and it's completely full of so much I couldn't even begin to list them. I've got everything from a vintage Jeep lighting rack to silverplate chargers and everything in between. My wife has dreams of one day parking in the garage again, but I would hate to mislead her. Haha!

Re: Old Tin Beer Can Mirror

Perfect for a game room or hangout garage. Nice!

Re: Wrap it up for Chritmas

What a creative way to bring everyone together!

Re: Old Window Frame to Message Board

Way to keep the memories alive and to encourage new ones. Very nice project.

Re: Christmas at my house!

Rustic, Creative & Unique. Can't beat that!

Re: A Christmas Home Tour!

Beautiful! I love the antique silver theme running through everything. Top notch as always Lanette!

Re: More Christmas at my House

Lots of nice vintage Christmas creativity going on there!

Re: Christmas Decor on a Budget

Pretty cool Priscilla! They remind me of tying a ribbon around a finger.

Re: Music themed wall hanging from castoffs

Very clever! Love the use of the keys.

Re: Teenage Rockstar Wardrobe

Nice Jasmin! Looks like you definitely thought everything through. She'll have fond memories of this fine piece for years to come.

Re: Virtual Cookie Exchange

Finding the bell before presents was sure to amuse the folks I'm sure. How funny. Those cookies look delicious but this is about as close as I'm getting to those delicacies! Haha. Great post!

Re: More License Plate Animals!

Such attention to detail! Keep 'em coming!

Re: More License Plate State Maps!

So vivid and creative!

Re: More License Plate Art City Skylines!

The cleverness never stops! The skylines are really cool and original. Love the mountain accents for Portland and Lady Liberty for NY.

Re: Monkey Organ Grinder Steampunk Style

This rocks just like all of your creations. And anything with wheels is my weak spot!


Great picking! And free is the ultimate badge of honor.


Way to recycle that wood! It looks great! Don't change that fence top like you said. It's got a great look.

Re: Junk Tree

Really clever. I always appreciate collages that make you stop to see what it's all about.

Re: Organ button necklace with frosty grey beads

Totally beautiful as always. I would have never thought about organ buttons. That sure is a beauty!

Re: Shabby Chat Cat Condo - Re-Purrrrrrr-posed

Okay -- my turn. That's definitely the cat's meow! It's just "fur-fect"! On the serious side, you've created another very clever piece that is a totally functional solution.

Re: Christmas Eye Candy

I'm loving it! The truck group centerpiece is right up my alley.

Re: Chalk It Up to Another Type of Christmas.....Tree!

Your sense of style is entertaining to say the least Lanette! Everything works so well together. Of course, I love the galvanized pieces the most. And who would have ever thought - a shallow trough to check bicycle tire leaks. I've been educated!

Re: British Invasion Buffet!!

Stunner of a piece Paul & Chelle! Keep up that crafty work y'all do so well!

Re: food crate ottoman

Really, really nice job. I like the added touch of the straps.

Re: O Stove Grate Christmas Trees...

The always talented Laurel! These are great. What great pieces of vintage iron to start with.

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

Thanks so much everyone! So supportive. Looking forward to an exciting creative December from everyone, not to mention 2013!

Re: Christmas is Coming!

Classy as always Sue. Totally digging the green bottles and feathers.

Re: It's the Sign of the Season...

Way to go Jim! Definitely brought out that vibe you were looking for. And I agree with Sue -- that workshop/area is way too clean. Why do you think I never show mine! haha. Looking forward to all the Christmas creativity this month from everyone.

Re: FUN~k~tional Junkin Art

I'm beginning to see that your imagination has no limits. Another winner!

Re: Antique Silverware Facelift

Really beautiful. Who wouldn't want to use this fine piece of silverware!

Re: flower rug

Great recycling! Beautiful colors.

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

Awesome - as always! Truly great graphics and colors. A little obsessive on the use in the graphics - as you mentioned. Haha! Your room is coming together nicely!

Re: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Great job! You thought everything through to the end. The cages, the funnel and even the chair. All the ornaments are eye candy for hours. Kudos!

Re: Painted Key Necklaces

Great mods. I really like how the colors draw you in to see what else is going on in the designs.

Re: 4 post bed to 1 post Coat Tree

Genius - as always! Great structure and really nice base.


Awesome assemblage Jim. The tracks and letters are ingenious. The 7-Up sign with a Thanksgiving theme - who would have thought! Happy Thanksgiving Jim and every other brilliant JMS member!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

Nothing less than magnificent Sue! Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else here on JMS! Looking forward to a creative December and 2013 from everyone.

Re: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Rich, rich, rich Sue. Beautiful. Such depth of textures and colors. Totally loving the artichoke with the spring and the grain scoop as a base.

Re: {Feather Studies Handmade Book}

Totally digging this! You had me at birds (of course) but you took it a whole lot further. Beautiful!

Re: Hanging by Threads

Great pieces TinTin! I've always reveled in the rich colors of Indian corn.

Re: Junkin Around the House

Wow Wow Wow! Great, clever ideas all throughout!
Can't decide my favorite. I choose all!

Re: Recent Up-cycled projects with wood, driftwood and metal !

So clever. I could look at this original pieces all day long. Keep it up!

Re: Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

You will definitely get some attention with that ride. Looks great! So much creative freedom on it.

Re: Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

You will definitely get some attention with that ride. Looks great! So much creative freedom on it.

Re: Pears, Pinecones and Pomegranates

So clever! I would have never thought of that for the bulbs.

Re: Old Iron Hoop Orb

This creation will never go out of style. The neat metal bands and the orb shape are perfect. Perfect inside the home or out.

Re: Auntie's Dining Table

BEAUTIFUL! That rich wood tone with the blue is killer.

Re: Joy to the Violin!

Very clever assemblage JunqueGRL! The original distressing of the case looks great with the nature. The sheet music is a bonus.

Re: Photo holder from reclaimed wood

Clever! Love the green tone.

Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Beautiful wood tone and the size is impressive. And the mirror helps pull you right into the piece and the assemblage. Great job as always Jim!

Re: Auntie's Dining Chairs

That's a quick way to get callouses, huh? I don't envy you on this project but it all turned out great!

Re: a change to old metal address house numbers

Super idea and totally functional. Love it.

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

I'd say you mixed nature and industrial perfectly Lanette. Everything flows so well with the mix of items and the balanced heights.

Re: Freighliner Chest

Absolutely perfect level of distressing and all to compliment the truck parts. A true "mantique" creation!

Re: Kansas City Skyline Waterfall Buffet

I'm still loving this piece Paul and Chelle! What a perfect home for it in Manhattan.

Re: Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

So clever Becky! Definitely gets you in the mood for Christmas but can be used year round like you said.

Re: King and Queen of Hearts Chairs

You never cease to amaze Lauretta. What you did to the chairs played right along with the whimsical nature of the iron. Fantastic!

Re: Repurposed Bicycle Rim Pendant Light Fixture

You are right Georgia! You're always so supportive of my work. There's a bit of lamp parts in there, the small cake pans, and tinkering inside to make everything solid. And thanks Jim as always!

I've seen light fixtures like this make fantastic shadows on ceilings. I plan on kicking out more lighting and lamps soon along with everything else. Gotta get all this furniture redone and out of the way first. My three-bay garage is busting at the seams. Too many estate, garage and friend finds coming in.

Re: Vintage croquet vases

Total genius. Looks great and (like Jim said) the wood pieces are beautiful in their old age.

Re: Put Your Feet crate ottoman

Awesome way to put a few interesting pieces together! I love your "cheater". Haha! I guess it could be a cat bed down the road after its present use. I don't think a dog would care to make the jump for a nap.


Very fuctional and fits the theme perfectly with the picket fence!

Re: The Sentinel Mechanical Bird

Fantastic as always Lauretta! So much detail and eye candy that your mind immediately tries to build a story around each piece.

Re: Halloween Mantel Light Show

Now that's creative and classy! The repurpose of the claw feet pieces are genius. As far as the no smiling in the photos from way back, I always heard that the subject had to remain very still for several seconds or longer for the exposure time. I can only imagine what their mouths would have looked like if they thought they could hold smiles for that long.

Re: File cabinet planter!

Now that's creative! What a great reuse of a filing cabinet. The finished project looks fantastic!

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

Super save! That table was definitely at the brink of extinction. Your renovation on it is amazing. The finish and distressing are top-notch. I'd kill to have some of those pew clips. Haven't seen those before.

Re: Bathroom Cabinet

Great chippy piece! Glad you could save all that material from the renovation and out of landfills! The light is a sure bonus!

Re: Cupcake Dessert Plate Green Glass Pedestal Stand

Beautiful greens!!

Re: Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Great lamp!! Love the height and the yellow color.

Re: Shoe Display

Great repurpose of that ladder! I've got a thing for ladders recently too. It's my new sickness. Great job!

Re: "Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

Man! Who could ask for better (generous) comments than the ones y'all posted! Thanks a million everyone. Such genuine, supportive words only add more gasoline to the creative fire. Keep up the great work everyone!

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

Stunning! So glad you had the vision to save this beauty. It would be a crime to know that it went to the dump one day.

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

Trunk love is nothing to be ashamed of. It's a good character trait, not a flaw. Can't wait to see what's next in your long chain of creative projects!

Re: Junkin' Sacks made from Recycled Blue Jeans & Leftover Fabrics

That's beautiful! I could see women all over the place at junk meccas like Canton or somewhere filling that to the brim. The intense blues and other fabric colors are wonderful.

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

You da man Jim! Another great piece. The original patina from time and weather is beautiful on this. And I like the way the braided cord is coming away from it. It emphasizes the age of the components. That Slater sign is worth its weight in gold! And thanks so much for sharing some of the charm of your house. What luck to have a vintage oil painting of your home!

Re: Watering Can Reusing Soda Tin

Great design and creativity. The can ridges are perfect for this design. The colors are wisely chosen!

Re: Art Deco redesigned Mantel Clock

Another masterpiece Lauretta! I particularly like the figure at the top with the spear. You have such great balance on your pieces which means you must have one hell of a stash of parts and pieces!

Re: Apothecary Fall Mantel

Really nice execution! Very well thought out and looks like it's been there for years with the age of the items and the moss throughout. The books offer great height and appeal!

Re: *Holster Hanger*

Beautiful! Love the rustic charm of it all. Those sewing machine are parts generators, aren't they! I've got a stash I'm trying to part out 24/7.

Re: Thread Holder

Totally ingenious! And looks great as is.

Re: Chicken wire love :)

Totally clever! Definitely draws the "eyes" in!

Re: It's Pumpkin Time in Virginia

Wow! How creative! What materials did you use?

Re: Can Lamps with Pull Tab Shades

Very creative and what an awesome light pattern. Looks like disco!

Re: Washboard Memo Station

Totally functional repurposing! Great mix of items for the project. You know I'm a sucker for yardsticks!

Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

Beautiful work. You can't really beat the strength of old gym floors I imagine. How long did it take for the grease and wax to setup for the final finish? Awesome job as always.

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

It would be an honor GypsyBarn! I love your style!

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

She's a pre-teen so appreciation is hard to come by these days. Haha!

Re: Deer-Proof Texas Garden

Looks like a whole lot of fun there. I can only imagine all the new growth in their places.


Beautiful, classic look in white!

Re: Pumpkins with Attitude

Loads of fun! I'm with MakinItHappen. Love the way it looks like they have hands on their hips.

Re: Before and After: Shangri-la Dresser

Fantastic choice on the white. It looks so sophisticated and modern now. Such a far cry from the original look. A stunner!


Or "ATE". Haha. Very cool look and use of materials! Way to go on those angles!

Re: Old Blue Prints framed in Rustic Charm

Genius! You've done it again GB! Love the look of the black/white blueprints. And the subject matter and illustrations are awesome. I agree with Bec4. Wonder if those PB folks are already sniffing around. Haha.

Re: Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

Thanks a million everyone!! Seeing this one of mine reminds me how much fun it was playing with the Halloween theme. This is the only one I used leather on. Gotta get back to making some more birdhouses soon. I miss my roots!

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

Thanks GeorgiaMoon! You're always here saying the nicest things. I always look forward to your generous comments!

Re: Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

Thanks Sue! I forget about the awesome button. I've got to start hitting that thing like it owes me money! There's too much talent here on JMS.

Re: Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

That's totally true rzrback! A flipflop!

Re: GENIE bobble head

Awesome! Love the orange and blue colored pieces brought together.

Re: THE PROPHET - World's Revelation

Love it! Always highly amused by your creations. They have so much life in them with the character you give them.

Re: Old Metal Ladder Turned Into a Storage Rack

You're a genius. You definitely see things in alternative perspectives. Great job again!

Re: Jewelry Trees

Beautiful!! The distressed look and the metal wire lamp pieces go perfectly with the chair legs look.

Re: Art Deco Bird Cage Floor Lamp

Too cool for words - but I'll try. What a great marriage of pieces. You're right -- the glow is totally cool. You had me at birds though!

Re: License Plate Side Table

Totally cool! Love the handles and the license plate treatments. Definitely a piece to inspire others.

Re: Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

Thanks as always GypsyBarn! I can't give my yardstick sources Laurel!! Haha. Honestly, I have friends and family always on the lookout. Plus I've set my junk radar to go off when I'm searching esate sales, junk shops and anywhere else I can find them.

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

Thanks a million everyone! I initially took some clips off old clipboards because I wanted to paint them or decoupage them and reuse them. That gave me the idea for the license plates. I found some suppliers on ebay that sell a few different sizes of clips only. Then I used my MAPP gas torch to heat them up all the way to glowing and then immediately letting them cool down on their own. Too long on the same spot will reduce the color opportunities.

Re: Jewelry Duty

Beautiful layout of everything. Your theme was genius based on what you just went through. The jewelry, the wood, the background, the beautiful frame -- work of art!

Re: License Plate Art Animals

Love them all and can't wait to see more animals! So colorful, fun and creative. Keep it up please! I bet your hands get tired cutting that metal up!

Re: Water Spigot Necklaces

Love, love, love them! You had me a the garden faucets but the rest is just as creative, unique and very appealing. What great pieces!

Re: Sometimes you just need paint

Great job! Congrats on the sale!

Re: Sled Shelf

You're a genius! The nice and distressed black paint, the contrast of the natural rope -- it all works perfectly. What a great functional and appealing creation!

Re: Air Plant Sculpture

Very interesting! The pockets are perfect for the plants like you said.

Re: Vintage Vanity

Great job! Fun & Totally Functional. You did a great job distressing. I like the natural wood on top contrasting the rest of the piece.

Re: Antique Wicker Trunk Storage Chest Basket

Please hide this before my wife sees it!

Great find!

Re: Snazzy Totem yard art

VERY colorful! Definite eye-catcher!

Re: Collecting Treasures

Super finds! Lots of treasure there for many future projects!

Re: I Love Old Hardware

How ingenious! What a great way to display these small accents we work with that really deserve center stage sometimes!

Re: Just Caulk it for a little OoOo La Laaaaa

I can see why it flew out the door. Wow! So much thought, sweat and creativity = total beauty.

Re: Shopping Tips from City Farmhouse


Re: Junk Trunk turned Vintage Beauty

Homerun! Love the compilation of textures and material. The chipped paint effect that you achieved definitely cheats time.

Re: A Junker's Desk

Awesome "junkenated" accessories! The lazy susan and the little knobs are genius!

Re: Repurposed Chrome Flour Pod Birdhouse

Thanks so much Georgia, Jim and Laurel! Always glad to hear from you guys! Laurel, would you believe the "awning" is a piece cut from a silverplate butter dish!?

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

I think this is my favorite of your portfolio/scrapbook creations so far. Really like the graphics on the cover from the vintage book. Knocked it out of the park!

Re: Flexible Flyer Fun

Really creative repurposing! I thought Flexible Flyers only produced the sleds also. The hooks, the bottom shelf, everything works so well together for numerous purposes.

Re: Hoosier

Love the white one! Hoosiers are always showstoppers.


One of my favorites so far Lauretta! Love the primary colors!

Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

Beautiful makeover! I love the play of the white and gray with the natural tones mixed in. I think your bathroom "before" was sponsored by Pepto, right? It wouldn't take much to improve on that but you took it to the next level!

Re: Repurposed Coat Rack / Wall Hangers

Thanks a million everyone!

Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

You always know how to spruce up a room with just the right touches. You'll get compliments on all that for years to come. Great job Laurel!

Re: A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

Thanks a million everyone for the generous comments! Jim, we might just have to get a picture of you eating from one taken one day! Haha. SNelson, in the pic it's hanging from my bird feeding metal post with four arms. But this model can sit on a flat surface or be mounted to one just as easily with its flat surface.

Re: Wild Martini Table

That's a huge transformation. Kudos to you for seeing the potential. Definitely Art Deco'ish like AnneBell said.

Re: Vintage Scoreboard with Pepsi Advertising

Bec4 beat me to it. That's beggin for some funny comments. I do love the idea though. Classic piece for sure!

Re: Reclaimed Trash Blackboard

Looks very classy. I like how the chalkboard paint has no definitely boundaries and just fades out at the edges. Nice!

Re: Fun, Fun, Funky

What a surprise! Definitely worth revealing and presenting it like you did. Way to go!

Re: Refurbed Crib Is Fab Bench!

Great job! Way to repurpose!

Re: Shutter Angels

Love the rustic tone with the angel pieces. The old metal parts and the worn shudders look great together.

Re: Thrifted Vintage Ruler Lamp

Wow! Love all the fun stuff to look at with the graphics. That lamp will pull anybody in like a moth!

Re: Altered Watercolor Paint Tin

Beautiful "found" composition. Those palettes definitely do bring back memories. You've done a beautiful job!

Re: Curbside raisin crate transformation .....

Great paint job and the practicality is top notch!

Re: Antique Iron Gate Pot Rack

Beautiful. It has a classy, New Orleans look to me.

Re: Glass Insulators Get a Different Look

Beautiful transformation! I really like how you pulled this even more into the "industrial" vibe. Excellent!

Re: Fill 'er up!

Way to go! Strawberries would be awesome in it.

Re: Flock Party Bird Feeder

Love it! It looks so organic!

Re: Heavy Duty Desk Vice Grip

Beautiful green. I like the use of the "green" photograph of the tree.

Re: Great Hanging Light from a Chicken Brooder.

Beautiful job! I bet that vintage style bulb casts a beautiful copper glow when no other light is on. Super piece!

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

Awesome piece! Everything works so well together. You just might set a new trend for those old printer's drawers.

Re: Photo Album for Baby

Great job again Jim! Very thought-out composition and elements. This would find a new home in a heartbeat!

Re: YOU-Nique Sleigh Bed

Nothing like a good fight to make the reward that much better! Fantastic overhaul. That should "slide" into a new home in NO time.

Re: Old Farm Desk Do Over

Beautiful mix of blue and brown. The beadboard panels are great for this desk. And to think it was handmade by her grandpa. Such history!

Re: Turning an Old Table into a Table that Looks Old

Beautiful results! Thanks so much for the walk-thru. You've got skills!

Re: Art Canvas turned into Rectangular Wreath

Great job! Quick, clean, and very nice!

Re: Welded Birdhouse

Super job! You must have paid great attention in class because this looks like the work of someone with a good bit of experience. Keep it up!

Re: Candle chandelier

Awesome! Reminds me of something maybe from Alice in Wonderland.

Re: Getting Scrappy

Congrats Becky! Welcome aboard! Your scrapwood organizers look like a ton of fun to look at and use.

Re: "Stained Glass" Window

Great eye-catcher!

Re: "Brit Beach" Union Jack Coffee Table

Thanks Jim! Always good to hear from you. And thanks MakinItHappen! I bought a box of 1,000 paint stirrers a while back. I figured they would all find a home eventually. Ha!

Re: "Brit Beach" Union Jack Coffee Table

Hey GyspyBarn! Big fan of yours. It was definitely ASCP. Love that goop!

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

Okay Jim.....That's just plain mean showing off all of that vehicle badging. Just cruel! Haha. Love the whole Chevy composition. It definitely looks vintage original. Great job!

Re: Front Porch - Mailbox - Suncatcher Projects

Looks like a great setup for a comfy porch atmosphere to me! Great job on pulling everything together. A sewing machine base table is always a favorite for me.

Re: Milk Can Top Find

Fantastic find! It's perfect for what you did with it. I've never seen one of this kind.

Re: Repurposed Antique Frame

Fantastic collection of frames--now trays! Great sizes, textures and appeal.

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Super ideas with those finds! Glad you sealed that perfect patina. This should fly off the shelves in no time at the show.

Re: Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

Beautiful use of those 45* angles!

Re: Red, White, and Blue. . . Industrial 4th of July Necklace

Beautiful design - as always! What did the metal number come from?

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

Love it! I've never seen a mold like that. Totally an eye catcher.

Re: B-I-N-G-O...and BINGO was his name-o!

Another masterpiece Lauretta! Everything works so well together. I really like that three-wheeled base.

Re: Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

Great thoughtfulness on your part for the happy gardener! Great play on "beer garden".


What a great find! Most of the outdoor "water" photos I see of kids are burnt out by the sun. You got a rare one here!

Re: God Bless America!

You definitely captured the patriotic spirit. Love the number and the Declaration piece. You honestly had me at the metal number!

Re: Etching made easy!

Great info and glasses. I'm definitely going to tackle this sometime now that you've walked me through it. Thanks!

Re: *Berry* Easy, No Bugs, No Spill Party Glasses

Welcome aboard Jasmin! I've really enjoyed your projects and this one is a great one for parties and get-togethers. Keep up the great imaginative projects!

Re: Edgemont Tin & Film Storage Box Metal Birdhouse

Thanks so much everyone!

Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

Beautiful results! The legs are a perfect fit for the trunk and everything white works great in any room!

Re: Junk art coat hook wall? Yup!

Great collage! I see a lot of desirable items. Great use of some of them for everyday life.

Re: Gold Coin with Light Sapphire Rhinestone Necklace

Wow! I'm a sucker for numbered metal tags so this one's definitely a favorite.

Re: Birdhouse Makeover

Nice overhaul! Nothing like avian remodeling!

Re: Belted Bulletin Board

Yeehaw! Love it. Great repurposing!

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Glad I got a chance to see this great display Jim! knocked it out of the park. The fixture looks original with the style you gave it.

Re: Summer Garden Project!

Great feature! I'm pretty sure the goldfinch was charmed by the flowers and that's why it decided to stop.

Re: Paint Stir-er Flower...

Awesome idea! The stirer end is the best I've seen for instant metal flora.

Re: Brown Sea Glass Pendant - Reclaimed from the Sea

Beautiful! Definitely reminiscent of the sea!

Re: All the Pretty Junk

Great direction on the industrial look. Everything works great together.

Re: New Birdhouse and up-cycled Char-Broil Grill!

Snazzy birdhouse! The "potting grill" is a great idea for rolling around, like you said.

Re: upcycled box and drawer knobs..CADDY

Great "parts"! Totally useful and appealing.

Re: Restored Chair

Beautiful! The distressing is very appealing.

Re: Junk Gardening

Great features! Everything goes together so well. The ones on the trees definitely catch the eyes!

Re: New Birdhouses and driftwood tree

Great creativity! I'm really liking those driftwood trees. Great character and texture. Post again if you figure the lights out!

Re: Tea light holder

Always a classic!

Re: New Candle Holder

It's a perfect marriage. At first glance, I thought it was created that way.

Re: Rusty door hinge Necklace

Another beautiful piece! The blue starburst beads really do pop. The hinge is perfect for pulling everything together.

Re: Headboard, Footboard=Chalkboards

Perfect design for chalkboards. I really like the flow of the headboard designs serving as frames for the chalkboard.

Re: Rockin Record Flowers

Definitely a "rockin" garden. Cool idea.

Re: Stately Garden Stake

Great accent!

Re: Artwork isn't just for walls ....


Re: Can anyone figure out what this butter dish was originally?

I think MillieBumbleBee has a good idea. Faucets on each side and soap dish on top?

Re: I call them flower box benches ...

Great design and distressed appeal! Not to mention using reclaimed wood.

Re: American flag on vintage screen ...

That's a really cool effect and great idea!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

It's in my booth and Etsy for sale like my others. This one, I'm sure, will end up as a decorative accent in a home.
Thanks everyone!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

Thanks so much everyone! It is all solder MillieBumbleBee.

Re: The Country Junk Sale...June 15th and 16th, 2012

I see tons of goodies. Good luck with the show!

Re: Manly Mirror

Great transformation. Definite man-vibe going with the rope and leather belt. Who would have ever thought that ugly retail mirror could look so good!

Re: Old Trouser Press

I definitely agree with Jim. Maybe find some metal frame piece or cage/locker piece to go underneath it and give it some big caster/cart wheels or something. Too beautiful!

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

Thanks so much everyone!!

Re: Bread Tray to Shell Display

The maps work great with the nautical theme! Great feature!

Re: Shabby Deck Canopy

Wow! That porch looks super cozy now. I can definitely imagine a nap under there with a gentle electric fan blowing my way. Great oasis!

Re: From Picnic Table to Bench

Great project! The color and patina work gave it instant age. Great job!

Re: Help? Can anyone tell me anything about this cabinet???

Absolutely beautiful! I've never seen one designed like this. I completely agree about the resemblance to an old console radio. I really appreciate the wood, but I'd love to see this done up in some chalk paint, distressing and tinted wax.

Re: potting table ... need to rethink this one

Can't wait to see the completed project!

Re: old wooden screens .... great find

What a great idea! I've got a nice wooden screen door that I think I'll let my passion flower vines climb. Good luck with your future produce!

Re: new flea market finds

Beautiful find! I've never seen one of those either.

Re: All Fans on Deck!

I love the play on "Air Conditioned". I have a weakness for fans too. They're just irresistible. The meat tray with the oil lamp definitely found a great home there. Here's to Summer breezes!

Re: Deck-orating...

You really outdid yourself! I would definitely be tempted to sit out there and admire all the great accents and fixtures. Those iron headboards as fencing are my favorite!

Re: Vintage Water Pumps & Gas Nozzle on the Patio

What great finds! I would have been all over those. Talk about some great water fountain featured parts!

Re: Old College Futon Side Arm Repurpose

Awesome use! It really draws your eye right into the features. Great backdrops.

Re: Antique Brush Transformation

Elegant and classy. A perfect combination of items.

Re: My Newest Addiction

I couldn't agree more. They always catch my eye in the stores and get me to thinking what all I could do with them. And you're definitely right about the patina. They all have great character. That yellow one is a winner!

Re: Baking Pan Pedestal Tower

Great job! Everything goes together so well.

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

Fantastic! Anything galvanized rules. That lantana is going to take off with all that space and sun!

Re: Samco Space Heater Clock Birdfeeder w/ Bottle Opener

Thanks ladies! It was sort of a last minute light bulb in my head. Me thinking of enjoying myself and watching birds with something cool to drink at the same time.

Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

Great accents Donna! They really tie everything together.

Re: Recycled Stainless Steel Door (Before)

Great find! Have to give that fine piece some thought. It's got a lot of possibilities.

Re: Kitchen Fairy Garden

Great composition! The porcelain enamelware is a great touch.

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

Hey there Cottage Collectibles. I give a warning on my listings about never putting my houses out in any form of sunlight. They must remain in a protected area from exposure to harsh heat or cold in Winter. My metal houses are meant for decoration but are fully capable (and have been by many customers) of being homes to many birds.

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

Thanks again everyone! wlseitz, I have an Etsy shop you can get to through my blog (

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Re: More Junk Decor

Fantastic collage and really neat objects. It's neat how everything has a story to tell of where you get it from, who was junking with you at the time, or who in your family might have had something that passed it down to you. Great post!

Re: Conductor Tree vs Bottle Tree

Nothing beats the folk-appeal of a bottle tree OR your insulator tree. Really neat superstition behind the whole practice also.

Re: Grace

Beautiful art. I really like how all the textures and distressed colors play together.

Re: Reclaimed Table

Beautiful, simple and very practical. I like the classic lines of a good outdoor table.

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

I'm blown away by that cabinet! Best furniture imagery/art I've seen done to date.

Re: Quirky Tablescape

Love the curler clips and the file dividers! Everything works so well together!

Re: Old sink turned planter

Looks great! The white sink really frames up the plants well!

Re: Junk on my porch

Rust rules!

Re: Bowling ball ladybugs

Great idea! I can't imagine too many repurposes for bowling balls. These will be great for years to come.

Re: Rob Bot -- A robot with a heart!

Totally creative and entertaining - as always!

Re: Wire Basket for My Jars

Way to go! It looks farm fresh!

Re: Old Gedore Toolbox turns Planter

What a beautiful blue color. Great idea!

Re: A visit to a junk themed campsite

What a great place! Love all the bicycles too.

Re: Garden Party

Way to go! The pieces are beautiful.

Re: Thrift store side table

The mosaics are very striking. Great overhaul!

Re: Use for an old crate

Great looking "new" crate box. I like the color and it's super-functional now.

Re: Yardstick Table

Great mix of pieces!

Re: My new upcycled ceiling light fixture

Great fixture! I bet it'll cast off some great light patterns with those holes everywhere.

Re: junque gal Garage Sale-ing Friday May 11th 2012

Great finds! Those must have been some great garage sales!

Re: Chair planters

Those are beautiful!

Re: Bird feeder

Way to go MsJunking! That's a great idea. That'll keep the birds full for years to come.

Re: A Junky Living Room Tour...

Awesome tour! What great creativity, items and details. I can't decide which is my favorite. I'm definitely a fan fanatic. And the natural patina on that door half is primo like you said.

Re: just a few more additions!

Way cool projects! Lots of creativity. I really like the bedrail and trunk setup.

Re: Ox Yoke Coat Tree

Great wall accent! And practical. The wood looks great.

Re: Mannequin

Great find! I've never seen one like that.

Re: Junk Garden Container: Vintage Bottle Capper

Great attention getter! It looks great. I've often wondered of a good way to display the bottle cappers.

Re: Singer Sewing Table

Thanks for the shout out Junquerkam! Your table looks fantastic! You'd never believe but the other day I scooped up FOUR more sewing machines!!! I've got five on hand now. Peaks and valleys! I hope you find some more too. Keep up the great work. The gold paint detail looks great.

Re: Pack Up Your Troubles

Awesome idea! And a great message center like you used it.

Re: Antique Crate Island Rack

Great design and idea. I like the industrious vibe. And the old print on the side of the crate is a bonus!

Re: My Hunky Chunky Coffee Table

Excellent execution Melissa! Some very high end work there.

Re: Goodwill Tin

The G'Will Gods have shown down their light once more.

Re: Wood Panels Turned Into Wall Art

Absolutely stunning as always Lauretta! The colors, subjects and materials are blended perfectly.

Re: Weathers Chairs to Purple Friends

Great customizing with the artwork and two-tone colors!

Re: Window Salvage

Totally great piece. I really like your colors and distressed looks. This one is no exception. The directions of the boards are very appealing.

Re: Metal & Wood

Way to go! The pendant style pieces are really clever and the birds are always a hit.

Re: Flowerbeds

I'd love to see some color and shapes coming up from what is going to be planted in them. Great design!

Re: Front Door Clutter Collector

Great reuse! Totally functional and fun to use and look at.

Re: Vintage dress form all dressed up...

Great conversation piece. So much to check out.

Re: Toboggan Wall Piece

Really cool idea. I could see this in so many homes that get to enjoy snow (not here in Louisiana). Great design.

Re: City Trash End Table

Nice look and structure! Great save!

Re: An Egg Nest Bracelet

Beautiful as always. The deep blue (my favorite) pulls you in to see all the creative details.

Re: Serving Tray

Beautiful. I like the simple solo design on the white finish. The distressing and hardware are great touches.

Re: Serving Tray

Beautiful! The pattern is very interesting. The hardware and finish seals the deal.

Re: Frame collage

Great eye candy! I like the yellow accompanied with the blue buffet.

Re: Before and After sideboard

Very classy! Great work.

Re: Potting Bench from Galvanized Drawers

That's some great engineering. Everything is so functional.

Re: Medieval Wheelbarrow Made of Junk

Way to put all of those pieces together! Perfect!

Re: Drawer Chalkboard

Great idea. It's already framed up and everything!

Re: Repurposed Items Used for Washi Tape Dispenser Boxes

Thanks everyone! The wife is very happy and I had a few left over for the shop.

Re: score! 1920's gas station light

What great finds! I haven't seen any in that style. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Re: pocket watch necklaces

Fantastic overhauls. Every one of them has a great charm to them.

Re: Re-claimed pallet/cafe table

I'm totally loving the pallet repurposing these days. This table is a great design. I agree about the great range of colors.

Re: Garden Gazebo

What a classic look. Absolutely overflowing with the charm of rust, dust and crust.

Re: License Plate Skyscrapers & Skylines

Magnificent! I really enjoy all your creations. The unique style, the colors, the textures. Keep up the dynamite work!

Re: A messy styled horse gated bedroom

Lots of rustic comfort! Love the accents on the frame.

Re: 1880's Reproduction industrial Cart

Perfect! Really is eye catching and looks old right out of the gate. Love the casters and large drawers.

Re: 40s or 50s? era Dining Chair

Keep up the great ideas and work. Looking foward to seeing it finished.

Re: Cupboard Door to Picture Frame

What a fantastic find and great repurpose!

Re: "...lay aside the old self...and put on the new self..." Ephesians 4:22-24

Awesome, rugged piece! I really like the prominent color and the accents of the past paint coming through. The functionality is a big win!

Re: May Flower Baskets. Sweet Bouquet Earrings

Great design Cassie and the finish on everything really looks nice.

Re: an affordable knockoff ;)

Way to go!!

Re: Farmhouse Table

Those shed doors really got a new lease on life. Classic and beautiful table.

Re: Box and Planter Redos

Those window planters are always a hit. Great job!

Re: Rusty Little Shoes

Totally unique and fun to look at.

Re: Potting Bench

Really nice piece. Totally functional and appealing to the eye!

Re: Update to previous post and a few extras ( also an old chair back)

Great projects. The stained glass is beautiful and the chair with the sewing drawers is a great idea.

Re: Cubbie Table

Great job! Fully functional!

Re: Junking plus Imagination continued

Great collection of creativity! Way to go!

Re: Family Tree

Beautiful display. The grain in the wood really plays an attractive role in the whole setup. Great idea and upcycling!

Re: Gypsy Soule Messenger bag

Beautiful pattern and appeal. I bet it's definitely sturdy too.

Re: Old Frames and Old Photos

Beautiful arrangement and design. It would make anyone stop in their tracks and take notice. The dark walls contrast the frames and pics nicely!

Re: Cheese Crate Repurposed for a Ring Display

Great idea! The look of the display is beautiful. I like how you brought the life back to the wood.

Re: Attention Idaho Junkers

If I could only teleport myself!!!!!!!

Re: Faux Clock

Awesome design! I really like the scale of the piece.

Re: Chess Anyone?

First off -- love your member name. One of my favorite movies and favorite names. Second -- great job on this project. Very original and really shows the dedication it took finding all those unique and matching shakers. Beautiful.

Re: 7 UP Racket Sign in Progress!

Keep us posted! It's off to a great start.

Re: Scrappy Side Table

Beautiful colors and distressing!

Re: So Long, Dish, Hello Bird Bath!

Now that's the true definition of upcycling! Way to go!

Re: Tacky Plastic to Dynamic Red!

Beautiful results. The black glaze really riches up that red and gives some depth. The dictionary pages are a great idea.

Re: Brass Lamp to Purple Urn

Way to go! That's definitely a creative take for a planter. Love the color and treatment.

Re: Turquoise Patina Necklace and Earrings

Beautiful and unique. The patina color really pops.

Re: Jewelry Display from a Salvaged Lamp

Compliments the jewelry well!

Re: A Little Bird Told Me...

Fantastic pieces! I'm a huge bird lover anyway, but these are fantastic. Right down to the color patterns of the birds represented by the plate colors. Way to go!

Re: Shabby Little Door Table

Great project! Talk about a total reuse of an old door. The distressed white paint looks great too!

Re: Miss Che Vious

What a fantastic piece! Not to mention the chance finding of a great articulated mannequin. Wow! The artwork all over and the interior heart -- amazing!

Re: Dressing up the Yard with old shutter bifold

Great stuff! And the mosaic piece is very nice. Keep up the great work!

Re: Mini metal box pendants with vintage gems!

Really nice pieces. It's got a unique charm about them how they all tie together with the main housing piece.

Re: chain table

I like the contrast of the strong chains against the delicate glass.

Re: red oak has new life

I really like it. The treatment of the wood definitely compliments the pedestal base.

Re: New Hope for Re-Purposed Vintage Cabinet Door & Light Fixture

Great choice of "parts". Everything works well together.

Re: A little of this and a little of that

Looks like a great batch of items. Should have a lot of success at the event!

Re: Vintage Fruit Crate Wall Display Cabinet

Really nice collage. I like the assembled look of it and as a store display, it offers a lot. The color is great too.

Re: Filigree Oval Necklace with Crystal Components

Beautiful -- as always. That brass piece in the middle really catches your eye with the contrasting design. Then you immediately checkout all the other great things around it.

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Thanks so much everyone! Such a supportive and creative community here.

Yardsticks are getting harder to find, Junquerkam. Supply and demand I guess for the good, old ones still out there.

Re: Driftwood

Awesome creations! I REALLY like the "Slow Boat to Kingdom Come". That's fantastic. What a great way to recycle found objects. I can only imagine what else turns up on the beaches.

Re: Does this Side Table Stack Up?

I've seen old newspaper bound issues, but never with the character of these. These are fantastic. The massive stack really "sits" well with the masculine chairs. Great job Lanette!

Re: Just a few of my projects

Wow! Great stuff! I really like that old buffet. And all the goodies in the retail space.

Re: Framed Clocks as Wall Art

Very creative! I like the touch of hanging them with the ribbon. The faces against the wall are gravy!

Re: My New Apartment!

Y'all are going to have so much fun. Nothing like the fresh canvas of some old bones!

Re: Ironic....?

That looks really neat with the aged wood and the yard tool collage. All the color on the tools really pop!

Re: Pallet Patina

The patina is a showstopper! Very sturdy, useful shelf!

Re: Simply candle holder

Really nice piece. I like how the fork tongs look a lot like fingers grasping the candle!

Re: Simple Spindle Dragonflys

Beautiful composition. I like the delicate screen wings matched with the strong spindle.

Re: Reno Junk Potting Table

Great piece! That's a great, sturdy door to start with. The screen is a perfect idea.

Re: Salvaged Cabinet

Wow! What a great piece. Your dad gets top respect for saving that. The finishing pieces you added brought it even more life and charm!

Re: new projects from recycled items!

Great creations! Just in time to enjoy this Spring and early Summer.

Re: Garden Pinwheel

Great piece! It'll probably grab more wind if it was turned horizontal. Then you could add some fins on the outside ring to catch the wind and take off spinning. You'll need a bicycle wheel hub for the center with the bearing intact to freely spin. Otherwise, you'd have to set it off the oar enough to with a bolt or metal spindle and then add fins around the perimeter like a windmill looks. Just some thoughts that come to mind. Good luck!!

Re: Media Dresser

I haven't seen a drawer repurposed like this with a hinge before. Great idea! The application is perfect for the space and saving some old, great furniture.

Re: Grandma's Chairs

Great restoration. Chairs offer so much character.

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

Awesome Top 10 Jim! I'm a sucker for numbers so this post had me drooling. Excellent photography too. I'd have to snatch the carnival sign and the surveyor's marking stick from you!

Re: Before and After: Vanity

Great save on the desk. It's got great bones. Now it definitely does with that beautiful color and the distressing.

Re: Paint a chalkboard on textured wall, framed with pallet wood

That looks fantastic! I really fits the room well and using pallet wood gets top honors.

Re: Before and After: Old Chandelier Turned into Desk Lamp

Cool lamp! I really like the industrial vibe it has going.

Re: Turning stairs into a TV stand

Awesome job! The grit and grime on the roofing timber is priceless. Great composition!

Re: Side table sanded a bit

Interesting structure for the table. Great job!

Re: Time Machine Robot

You hit it out of the park again! I'm fascinated by the head inside the clear cylinder.

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

What beautifully aged pieces for this lamp! I really like how you pulled the two parts together to create the supporting structure. Absolutely beautiful final creation!

Re: I Come In Peace - Take Me To Your Leader!

You've blown me away even bigger than usual! Robot as furniture is tops! The stove top for the eyes and nose couldn't have worked better. I can see a collection of vintage tin robots on display inside the cabinet.

Re: Fresh Light Sapphire Necklace with Soft Leaves

Hard to beat the colors in sapphire. Beautiful jewelry and compositions as always Cassie.

Re: Conveyor Belt turned Table Runner

That's really cool. I'm all for the industrial look. And that mesh will last forever. I'm sure it's got many, many applications in it's new future!

Re: recycled drawers into planter!

Great creativity. I like the layout of the drawers in the square frame and the pedestal "leg" holding the box up.

Re: Flower Beds within Beds & Boxsprings !

Way cool piece. Very creative. Love the idea of using boxspring wood!

Re: 2 new up-cycled bird houses

Beautiful design. So playful. I use the nutmeg graters on the side too as mailbox wannabees.

Re: Reclaimed Bike

It's absolutely beautiful. Very modern and simple like a work of art on wheels.

Re: Fish tank pallet table

Very nice addition to the room. I like how it ties in with the headboard wood.

Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

That's so much everyone! It definitely was a labor of love. The paste wax was just the standard Minwax paste wax with no color tinting.

Re: Zipper Bracelets

Really beautiful accessories. I would have never thought of zippers as the chain.

Re: Olde fence Headboard

Great job! I really like the subtle notched in tree figures.

Re: Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

Very nice! I like the weight of the whole piece and the balance.

Re: grape trellis

That's going to be beautiful covered in grapevine - because it looks terrific by itself! And you can't beat the price of the materials.

Re: Olde Headboard bench

Love the soda crates. I like high armrests, so this would suit me perfect!!

Re: Fence post headboard

Beautiful, natural look to the whole room now I'm sure. Great job!

Re: Spring 2012 Issue of Country Gardens on Newsstands Now!

Awesome! I'll grab an issue.

Re: Repurposed Tennis Rackets

Awesome idea! Perfect shape for a magazine bin. The tabletop was a bonus!

Re: The spring mantel that will never die

You definitely nailed down a Spring feeling. And the plants absolutely look alive. Great ensemble!

Re: Upcycled Minnow Bucket Duplex Metal Birdhouse

Literally everywhere Pfarkelsisters. From shops, salvage, Etsy, friends, family and more. Every piece is definitely a Frankenstein of parts coming from who knows where.

Re: Upcycled Minnow Bucket Duplex Metal Birdhouse

Thanks so much everyone. You're very generous with the comments. So glad to be a part of JunkMarket Style!

Re: Junk storage even a non junker would love

Wow! You really rolled up your sleeves. You calling it a junk store is right on. I see a lot of stuff I'd like to purchase for myself. Haha! How do you get any work done with all that treasure beside you calling your constant attention?!? Great organizing.

Re: Anatomy of a "Junk" Room

Awesome room! Everything has a story behind it. And so much found/free stuff. You can't beat that. The old shop light fixture is icing on the cake.

Re: Projects for my first Flea Market Booth this weekend

You've got a great advantage of being the only dealer with great repurposed stuff. Good luck with your booth!

Re: Chalkboard Dresser

What a great idea. And to let kids draw on furniture - what a liberty! I'm sure they really enjoy it.

Re: Curbside find: tiger oak chest!

Way to go! That's a fantastic find. You did a great job restoring it. Before I read your post, I thought you found it that way. Tiger Oak is always a bonus.

Re: Silver or Silver Plated, Don't know, but love the look.

Those tea tins are cool. I used a circular English Tea tin like that once as the main body of an upcycled metal birdhouse. Great pieces!

Re: Rustic Easter

Very calming with the soft light of the candles.

Re: Restored Victorian Chair

What a great "find" to begin with. What you did to it is fantastic. The neutral shades really give a chance for the piece to show off its nice details.

Re: Hardware, Rust, and Rhinestones

Terrific results. Who wouldn't want one of these holding or displaying their biz cards!

Re: Desert Wood Votive Candle Holder

Beautiful. It's very relaxing just looking at the pictures.

Re: Colorful Pallet

It's beautiful! The colors and distressing are top-notch.

Re: Continuation of JMS "Top Ten" Brian's Favorite Junk Parts

Jim, did you really think I would show you the other 95% of my garage space that is awfully messy? Haha.

Re: Message board

Very nice results! It reminds me of winter with the branches. The patina of the white and the metal skirt all work wonderfully!

Re: Tripod Lamp

I agree with Sue. PB was the first thing I thought of. Forget those retail mag prices! Way to go Suzanne. It looks beautiful!

Re: Ye Old $5 Dresser

A little bit of love was all it needed. Glad you could save it!

Re: Recycled from headboard.

Now that's a great way to spread a thrift piece around! Great work!

Re: CDTree - Here's a One-Of-A-Kind Christmas tree that will catch all eyes!

Very "techy" idea. I bet it looks great from many perspectives with the light bouncing from and back at the viewer.

Re: map & coat hooks

Love it! The distressed look is perfect.

Re: Owl Clock art piece

I looks very creative! I'd love to see a closeup.

Re: Corner Shelf

Such a great transformation that I hardly recognize the old doors anymore!


It looks good without any birds at all! This piece stands alone great!

Re: Wildlife Assemblages Formed From Re-Interpreted Refuse

Such beauty combined with creativity. You've got a gift!

Re: Industrial Lamps

Awesome lamps! And to have a pair is nice.

Re: dining table and bench

Great job! I like the white with the aqua blue.

Re: add spring to the garden

Those colors are a breath of fresh air! Great transformation.

Re: Thrifted Desk Organizer

Great assemblage - and it serves a great purpose! No matter what you organize, the whole feature will look great.

Re: Baby DollBot

So cool! I really like the red, black and silver color palette.

Re: Recent Projects!

Love it all. I can't decide which I like the most. The crabs are super creative and perfect!

Re: Splash into Spring!

That's beautiful! I vote for the glass spray. It gives the birds added perch locations around the water. Great job!

Re: 1930's Sparton Radio Cabinet Repurpose

Absolutely beautiful. It looks as if it was originally designed that way. What did you do with the rest of the wood?

Re: BYOB in a fun tote

Great job Marge. Everyone at a party would be talking about those and placing orders. You shouldn't ever have any problem finding homes for all those.

Re: Warehouse Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Absolutely beautiful elements. I'm really digging those industrial carts. Love the big, chunky wheel assemblies. Those windows for the wine room are awesome!


Nice feature. And the birds will love the perch as well.

Re: Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

What a fun project! I share you disdain for hanging/folding things. This is a great and entertaining solution!

Re: Projects I am working on now

That table is pretty sharp with those tapered spindle legs. Nice projects!

Re: Petite Ruffled Rose and Grey Filigree Necklace ..

Very elegant and creative as always Cassie. I'm a sucker for clock faces anyway.

Re: Giving new life to old things - my junk furniture

What great neighbors you have! Beautiful ideas and pieces you created. So I assume that that's a "Hill Top Table"? Haha.

Re: Garden Tools and Succulents Vignette

I really like the plow wheel looking tool. Nice setup!

Re: Garage Sale Cubby Table

It works in the room very nicely. And with that weight, it's definitely not going anywhere.

Re: Vintage Entryway with Chalkboard & Dictionary Page Walls

Terrific setup. Everything works so well together.

Re: Top 10 Pick...Architectural and Furniture Pieces

Excellent visuals!! That booth space with the porch rails and windows is so awesome. The picket fence/door small table is something I'm going to have to try. Thanks so much for all this inspiration. I need to go overhaul my booth!!!

Re: Another spray paint experiment...

I like the color combination on the finish. Different and it definitely catches your eye. Another great piece!

Re: globe bowls

Great work! They really pop with those bright colors.

Re: Fun Funky Junk Vignette

Great job! I really like those old coin changers myself. I've got one, but can't figure out yet how to upcycle it into something new.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day

Great collage! All the pieces work very well together. Great find and great catchphrase Sue!

Re: License Plate Letter Signs

The creativity just keeps pouring out. Great art as always.


Turned out beautiful. I have an addiction to copper so you had me at that. The warm glow is really beautiful. Great work!


Lucky! What a great find.


Way to go! Everything is nice and neat.

Re: A Stepladder in the Border

Very cool! Definitely adds some height and interest.

Re: Another Pallet Top Table

Awesome work. The deep tone of the wood on top compliments the legs perfectly. And the bolts, like you said, really give it a polished look.

Re: Old Crate Table Top

That wood from the crate is great! The inked design just pops off and gives the whole table instant age and history.

Re: Rocket Automatic Fish Scaler Lamps

Those are amazing! The best light patterns I've seen in a while for pendant lights. Great idea!


Nice finds! I'd love to see them at night.

Re: Ceiling Tin Heart Pins

Great idea. The colors are very attractive. Those would be scooped up pretty quick!

Re: Reclaimed Door Hall Tree

Great job - as always! The top shelf is a great idea to for holding or storing whatever.

Re: Metal Ruler "Pin Board"

Great idea. The straight line of the ruler pulls it all together for a great, functional look.

Re: Old Porcelain Knob Towel Hangers

Everything works so well together. You can't lose with those old porcelain fixtures.

Re: Farm house Shabby Chic distressed Kitchen Hutch...

Great results for all that hard work! I really like the shade of blue sneaking through especially on the back wall.

Re: New Recycled yard Art

Great job! I'm a sucker for anything benefiting birds or promoting them. Beautiful colors too!

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Awesome photo album cover AGAIN Jim! The continuity of the cover is flawless. That antique sealed envelope is very appealing. Everything pulls you right in.

Re: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall....

Another great paint treatment. You've got to give up that secret of how you pull off the great aged look!

Re: Tower of Giraffes and Eyeful Tower

Super creativity -- yet once again. Always highly amusing and well thought out.

Re: Ladders, ladders everywhere!

Great job Donna! You've totally exemplified how versatile ladders are. I'm definitely going to adjust my "antiquing radar" for ladders now.

Re: Modern Shabby???

Same question here. Great effect!

Re: 1920's dresser that just needed a little make-up...

Great job. I like the ghostly white surface from the distressing.

Re: Wood Scrap Heart

Thanks for sharing the "evolution" of the heart. What a great finale with that beautiful red texture!

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

Absolutely beautiful work Cassie! Every piece draws in your attention to see what all the components are about. It's like they tell a story. Keep up the great work!

Re: best job interview ever

You might need to make a wrong turn more often to see what else your GPS might lead you to!


Great job! Copper is one of my favorite materials. I'm sure some lucky bird will make a nice home here.


Old metal wheels look great no matter what you do with them. This is a great idea!

Re: Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

Great touch! Makes it all feel organic.

Re: Upcycled Side Tables

Great results! I really like the spindly colored legs.

Re: Outdoors Going Green

Clock caught my eye too! Everything looks great. Congrats on the super results. That bed taunts with the promise of a great nap. The chandelier is really nice.

Re: DIY Tip - Pain in the rump, lumpy / separated paints

It's always the simple things that make the most sense. Thanks for the great tip!

Re: This week's alley finds

At first I thought the top pic was metal. Great age to it. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

Thanks so much everyone for the generous comments. It's what makes this place so great.

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Floating Suitcase Shelf

It doesn't just look great, it has some really good function!

Re: Feeling & Filling Time

Super display! It all works so well together.

Re: recent use of old wood and fence boards

Absolutely beautiful. Great, original art!

Re: Sad Little End Table

Beautifully designed table. Great save!

Re: From upside down in an alley to this...

It REALLY has some character now with the new life you gave it. Great colors!

Re: Light it Up

Great job! Definite conversation piece.

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

That's totally rockin' Jim. I can't decide which element is my favorite. The Coke panel is super and your aging of the elements is very original.

Re: Industrial Junk Decor

Wow! You've been busy over time -- not to mention all your continuing projects/pieces you've posted. That's great to surround yourself with all your likes and style. And your resourcefulness is always unrivaled.

Re: Vintage Photo Frame

Ah, the irony. Pictures hung inside a large picture frame. The wire is a great idea. Always a fan of wire!

Re: The onion footstool

Beautiful. The depth and richness of the wood is really nice.

Re: Trouble Light From Odds and Ends

That's really nice. It's neat to see something come from so many different items.

Re: Repurposed Wooden Spoon Rack

Can't beat that! Great use.

Re: Vintage Ball canning jar chandelier

Very nice! That blue tone is unbeatable. Now you've got me wondering how cool the rest of the Yellowstone camper is!

Re: Broken China Bracelet ~ Vintage teacups and saucers ~ Handcrafted

It's really nice how you pulled the colored pieces so that everything is balanced in tones.

Re: Antique Armoir Door Coffee Table

That wood has got a great aged look to it. Great idea and great results!

Re: Making a flea market cart liner with leftover materials

A definite must-have when Trade Day junkin'. My wife is wanting to overhaul her cart. I'll be sure to show her your great work.

Re: A Pantry Created From Old Doors

Excellent idea! And doors is a great idea for materials. And Jim, I got dibs on the applesauce cups and the peanut butter!

Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Rust rules! I'm glad you picked this topic. The scales are my favorite. The "Colonel" is a great find also.

Re: Door Bench

Super job! It's amazing what everyone is creating with doors.

Re: Vintage Bobbin Necklace

Very original. Great piece!

Re: Final Destination - 1956 Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament

Absolutely cool! I like the primitive feel of the wheels matched with the Art Deco of the hood ornament.

Re: Bearing Bookends

Very sophisticated Amber! Clean, smooth and totally cool. Keep showing us these awesome creations.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Card Display

Perfect application! The dark color will contrast any subject really well.

Re: Chalkboard table for the kids

Great job! There's going to be hours of enjoyment at that table.

Re: Audubon Carrion - Steampunk Bird

Speechless. Your pieces are so cool and creativity and still maintain a consistent vibe. Keep up the great work!

Re: Tool box "jewelry" box

Great piece and use! That's got so much potential for fun storage for years to come.

Re: Putting on the Ritz

Awesome piece. So much fun and creativity. That is one regal crow!

Re: Brass Love?!!!!!

Love it! It's like a brass casting of Elsie! What a cool and unique piece. Great find and use.

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

Super Top 10 List!!! You had me at "industrial"! These are all excellent pieces. The huge fan and guardrail are my favorites although they are ALL winners.

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

Way to go Laurel! There's surprises in every direction. The great thing is that so many things tell a story or have a great purpose. I can't decide which parts are my favorites. If this is a make shift kitchen, I can't wait to see what you do with the renovation one day.

Re: Got Junk in Your Trunk?

That's an awesome idea! That's the first I've seen of a trunk garbage can. You've found some really nice trunks to start with.

Re: Trunk Table

Great job. An excellent, and functional, conversation piece.

Re: Use What You Have

Great pieces. Definitely put to good use for your applications. I've never thought about rabbit feeders before.

Re: Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

Thanks GeorgiaMoon & JunkPony! You are both very kind. Y'all keep up the great work too!

Re: Colored Mason Jars

Fantastic results. Beautiful tones. Keep up the great work. How about a deep blue one to mimic the cobalt glass?

Re: Army Helmet Turtle with old wrenches Don Hutchings / JunkFX

Great work! I really like the expression of the turtle with the mouth wide open.

Re: Going Authentic

Way to go Suzanne! Couldn't have said it all better myself. Great pieces!

Re: Ladder Craft Organizer

That looks great. I'm sure that'll set the tone for the whole area if it hasn't already.

Re: Rustic Brass Pendants with Embellishments

Your creativity knows no boundaries! Great work once again.

Re: Altered Ironstone

Do tell! What a great look. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Junky Pendant Lamp

I'm a sucker for numbers. What a great piece.

Re: Junky Memo Board

Very cool results. I like the distressed look of the typeface and the wood has a great patina.

Re: Gotta LOVE Vintage Hardware

What a great "fit"! Who doesn't like odd shaped doors. Very professionally done. Great work!

Re: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod Lamp

Way to go! This has the look of a primo retail catalog piece. You nailed it!

Re: Can you feel the islands?

I have to say, you've got the best alleys around you! Always good stuff you're finding in the alleys. Great paint color scheme. The crackle is a great touch.

Re: Iron Lamp

Another great lamp. Your son sure is lucky!

Re: Me, my shelf, and I

Really nice display. It's great that every item has a story. That makes it all even better.

Re: Copper lamp

Really cool look. I like the mix of industrial and victorian vibes.

Re: White Porcelain Enamel Space Heater "Industrial" Decorative Birdhouse

Jim, I'm definitely tripping over things in the garage, but I'm still looking for more "parts"! Haha.

Re: Trunk Turned Settee

Super idea. The trunk can be enjoyed for so many more years now.

Re: DIY Drapery Hooks/Rings

Way to go! I actually like the way it looks. Kind of random and nice that way.

Re: Old Dropcloth Gets New Job in Laundry Room

Way to stretch that drop cloth out! Great transformation on the laundry room. The old illustrations really make them pop.

Re: Steel for a Steal

Great job on snapping that cabinet back into shape!


I'm jealous! Haha. Great stuff and lots of projects in the future, I suppose.

Re: White Porcelain Enamel Space Heater "Industrial" Decorative Birdhouse

That's funny Annebell. I was wondering if anyone would take the time to look for them. The two spoon were cut, grinded, modified, and hammered to hold up the "typewriter awning" on the side. Thanks for commenting!

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

Absolutely beautiful. Who wouldn't want this nice piece you created!

Re: JMS Member Review 2011

Great collection. I can't wait to see what turns up throughout 2012!

Re: Habitat ReStore cabinet

Beautiful transformation. Looks like an expensive piece from a catalog. The Carolina Blue is a nice touch and sets off the shelf items.

Re: Canadian Maple Leaf Dresser

Great piece! I've always appreciated the Canadian flag for its simplicity and striking design. That's sure to be a hit!

Re: Gifts made by my 10 yr old

I can see your creative talent is being handed down. Tell your son to keep up the great work and all the upcycling!

Re: Keep Calm Cupboard Doors

I can really appreciate all your projects because of your generosity toward others and the things you do for them. Not to mention they look great. I'm going to check out the Wounded Warriors site!

Re: A New View...

Great job. I like how you left the rope showing exhibiting its past life and the shelf brackets are perfect for this piece.

Re: January Wreath Change-up

Super compilations! That pulley is a gem and you just can't reproduce what nature does to old wood like that. The metal toolbox and jar on casters both play well with the garland fixture.

Re: Broken jewelry, old Christmas lights...

Looks like you've been busy! Great bouquet of color with those bulbs. And those flowers won't wilt! The jewelry tree is very catchy.

Re: Welcome to my office

Awesome use of resources. I think my favorite is the layers of paint on the desk front. Super aging you just can't mimic. You did a great job pulling all of this great items together. It all works super with each other.

Re: Jewelry Organizer

What a great, diverse creation! I like how all the textures and materials yield themselves to this new purpose. The soap dish is my favorite for all the catch all items!

Re: Halloween Project

Great job! Never too early to plan for the next Halloween.

Re: Pallet Box

Very attractive. I really like the blue toned wood boards.

Re: Repurposed Antiques at the Christmas Bazaar

Wow! Great job on the displays, not to mention to items themselves. Great bedspring idea on the little trees!

Re: Glammed up lamp shade...

Great transformation. The tissue paper worked awesomely.

Re: High School Varsity Letter Pillows

What a great idea to represent everyone! They look comfy too.

Re: Mini Stepladder Card Tree

That's a great idea for displaying Christmas cards, not counting the great items you used all over it. You can't go wrong with little elves! I wouldn't have been able to pass up the ladder on the street either.

Re: "Leftover" wall art

Super! I really like the silverware idea too. It all came together very well for a great, inexpensive wall theme.

Re: Fancified light fixture

Awesome job. It really "lights up" the room now!

Re: Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Super job! I'm a sucker for old number items. You had me at metal! I'm sure you'll get tons of feedback and delight at the next party.

Re: Starry night Necklace

Such talent Cassie! Every one of your pieces is so uniquely attractive. And your pictures are always top-notch!

Re: Kitchenette

Awesome job! Those pieces in retail shops (that are made as strong as this) sell pretty high. I think you need to go into business with these tranforms!

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

You knocked it out of the park Jim! Everything came together so well. The tree stand and sand bucket/pail are awesome finds. The birch branch as the stand is classic. Way to go!

Re: Teacher Gifts with Junque Appeal

Great idea! I've got plenty of the old readers in my booth too. Thanks!

Re: Re-purposed Vintage Brooch Bracelet

Very nice piece. That brooch piece is very attractive.

Re: A little Joy

Great work! Your eyes are drawn right into the letters with the white bordering from the tray.

Re: Vintage Glitter Bells

That's quite remarkable for 60 years and made of paperboard. Way to go!

Re: "Suit" yourself...I still believe in Santa!

A great way to add height to these great items.

Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

The fringe and the color of the fringe worked great for the tree texture. Great composition!

Re: Restyled Vintage Christmas Ornaments

The glass ball colors are a really nice touch and tie in with the retro vibe. Great look!

Re: Christmas Bells

Super functional and very nicely put together! Great job!

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

Great look. I like how all the natural tones and textures came together.

Re: McCartney's Chalkboard for Christmas love, Mom

Great size!

Re: Our Kitchen Island Transformation

That's one of the best makeovers I've seen in a while. And for $35 bucks! Kudos to you and the mister!

Re: Vintage Glass Snail Garden Totem

Great job! It all looks great together. I really like the deep amber glass matched with the blue/green glass.

Re: Quick Chair Makeover

Great color. It really pops! Good luck on your cushion.

Re: Wreath Holder

Great touch! Who would have ever thought that metal rakes would offer up so many options.

Re: Upcycled Silverplate Bird Feeder

Thanks Annebell! I got a call from her yesterday and she was almost in tears. She loved it.

Re: Bird of Pair-A-Dice

And such personality! I could see a whole "flock" of these coming together. Planning on any more?

Re: Wine Bottle Fountain

I can't say enough how awesome that is! Can you post a link for your video? I gave a look but didn't see it. That fountain is totally cool.

Re: Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees...

Wow! I always appreciate a Christmas tree that draws you in to see what all in on it. This is a prime example.

Re: I've never met a skate I didn't like!

Who would have ever thought back in the day that ice skates and roller skates would have offered us so many alternate "re-purposes". Great job!

Re: Reclaimed Materials Potting Bench

Super job! The rustic finish is just perfect. You've got me thinking about the extra wood I have around the place.....

Re: Happy Accidents

That secret sauce of yours definitely does the trick. This definitely turned out a happy accident. It all came together just right.

Re: Ceiling Fixture Pedestal Bowls

Great idea! With all the different pieces, it'll always be an eye-catcher.

Re: Vintage bird feeder.

Great idea! It looks very polished and well-thought out.

Re: Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

Welcome Jon! Looking forward to hearing and seeing great things from you. And "old" beats "new" any day!

Re: JMS I need help

Burlap all the way. It's scratchy, but it looks the best with all that distressed goodness.

Re: Backyard grape arbor

That's very clever. And what a great way to highlight your future grapes!

Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

Great transformation! Really big difference.

Re: Holiday Mantel

That's a really nice spread. Love the metal numbers and the rusty spring frame worked awesomely!

Re: Two Upcycled Bird Feeders

Thanks everybody! I really enjoy the feedback from all the great folks on here.

Re: South Wall

Way to recycled all that billboard vinyl wrap!

Re: Christmas brooch restyled into necklace

You really know how to pull different pieces together Cassie. Great results as always!

Re: Old rake into a wreath

Old rakes are a new favorite of mine. They can produce some really great results. Just like this one of yours.

Re: Redesigned Christmas Ornaments

You've got a heck of an imagination with all those great ideas and results. Great work!

Re: Old Window

Great accent piece. You just can't replicate the aging of that window frame. It looks great.

Re: Dresser Repurposing Take 2

Awesome results. I really like that finish.

Re: Rope Hanger

That's one great way to keep things from tying up floor and wall space!

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Do you ever sleep Sherri? Another great piece. Total class.

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

Awesome job Jim! I really digging those great corbels. Such nice, old detail and age. This is all a really classy combination with a cloth cord to boot. You go man!

Re: Rustic table from scraps

That looks super sturdy! Great job.

Re: My First Junk Chair

You can't beat FREE. I really like the harlequin pattern you produced. Such an interesting look and the dark paint allows all the colors to really pop. Nice!

Re: ~*~Holiday Junque Tablescape~*~

Very nice collaboration of old pieces. You can't go wrong with those old stencils.

Re: Can you find the paint stirrers?

What a great idea (paint stirrers). Got to remember that. Great shelf and upcycling!

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

What is it with vintage numbers and rulers and such. They always look great. This is no exception. Great look!

Re: Bird Cage Hanging Lamp

Another great project/idea Sherri! I love anything birds, so I'm really liking this one.

Re: Vanity Seat Makeover with Coffee Sack

Very nice job. Especially how you utilized the sack for both things. Great look!

Re: ladder back chairs

I'd definitely start them at $25 or bundle them for a little discount. Great job!

Re: vintage student desk

New paint and already "worn out". Love it!

Re: Christmas Lantern

It definitely pulls you right into it. Great idea for those cool lanterns out there!

Re: Nothing A Little Stripper Can't Fix

Looks very charming. I can't believe they painted the lead. Great job!

Re: Vintage Christmas Collection

You just can't beat the old stuff!

Re: Cabin in the snow

That's fantastic! Great scale and detail.

Re: A "J" for Jan's Birthday!

Great idea and way to use recycled items!

Re: Entry to Junque To Treasures store.

I would definitely enjoy that destination. How about opening a second location down here in North Louisiana!

Re: Seed bag from the past.

That's really nice. I've seen these before, but never thought about this idea. Great work!

Re: Junque To Treasures store.

Give me that truck!! What a great eye-grabber going down the road.

Re: A Murder of Crows

Very, very creative. Plus, I'm a sucker for birds. I've always liked the phrase of your title. These should really "take off"!

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

I sure do Susan. You can go to and jump to my Etsy site from there. Thanks again everyone for the kind comments! Keep creatin'!!

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

Great metal upcycling! Get it -- "cycling". Okay, not so funny. I really like the glass knob in the middle. Great piece!

Re: Bird Cage Stand and Chandelier Hat and Scarf Display

You just can't beat a bird cage hoop stand. This application beats all for displaying. Great job again!

Re: Craft Show Kiosk

Very, very creative. That display looks great! You've been very busy!

Re: Jewelry Trees

Great pieces! Very attractive and totally functional now.

Re: Window Frame Bulletin Board

That's really cool. I like the unique layout of the window panes. Perfect for this application!

Re: Vintage photo pillows

Those would make great family gifts. Even if the photo subjects were unknown, they'd still be attractive. Great results!

Re: Our guardian Angel

That bowling ball use is too cool. It's immediately recognizable as an angel from a distance. Great upcycling!

Re: Grandpa's Homemade Toy Box

Great transformation. I really like the staining effect that you achieved to bring some instant age back.

Re: Picking in Springfield

Look at all that treasure! Super finds. What is that four-legged piece with the decorative rail around the top?

Re: Winter hanging baskets

Beautiful arrangement TinTin! It already looks frigid and cold with those arrangements out there.

Re: Swedish Tool Box

What a great transformation. You gave the box a whole new lease of life.

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Thanks Clarerose! How are those doves acting these days?

Re: Winter Greetings Basket

I'm with Tammy. That cash register number piece is awesome. It catches your eye and pulls you right into everything else.
I'm a sucker for small metal items. Especially numbers. Really, really nice creation.

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Thanks for the very kind words Marie and Sue!

Re: Harley Junk Sculptures

Love the industrial vibe! Way cool.

Re: My lil wagon

I can't explain how cool this is. At first glance I thought it was a great vintage wagon. What a fantastic creation! Great work!

Re: "Absinthe Wings" Necklace

Beautiful piece! I've always been fascinated by the allure and vintage marketing of absinthe. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: blue little table

You've got a lot of patience! Great results though. That mirror is a fine piece as well.

Re: Birdhouses Replicate Historical Sonoma County Landmarks by Artist Greg Zirbel of NeatTweets

These are really intricate and very nicely created. Your attention to detail is captivating. Welcome to JMS!

Re: Candle Logs

Thanks for sharing the story. These branches will be able to be enjoyed from here on out. They look beautiful the way you used them.

Re: Oh my, another CHALK BOARD!

Great results JunkDiva! You thought the whole project all the way to the end.

Re: Vintage Sled Centerpiece

Welcome aboard the contributor wagon Tammy! And great job with the sled. That's one thing the wife and I have never thought of. Great idea and beautiful decorating!

Re: found at mt. dora flea market

Ohhh! What I could do with that iron base! Great pick and great find. Good luck with the future possibilities.


The lights give it great luminosity. Great job!

Re: From rags... to riches.... literally!

What a GREAT find! That's definitely a swan. What did your husband have to say after the big reveal? I hope you find some more info on it.

Re: Bench

Great job! Looks very polished. It'll last for years to come to enjoy.

Re: Bottle tree

I've always wanted to create a bottle tree. It's still on my list. Your tree is fantastic!

Re: Trumeau Mirror

Welcome Suzanne! This is a hum-dinger! Great work and really nice results. That's a great turnaround for $2!

Re: Stair Step Table

Looks really nice with your baseboards and door molding!

Re: Suitcase Wall

That's really cool! Definitely conversation pieces every time someone comes over. Great, practical wall art!

Re: License Plate Bulletin Board

Can't beat the rustic beauty of old license plates. It's really hard sometimes to find some with real color. Yours have some amazing colors. Great project and results!

Re: Old boots /Planter

That's what it's all about! Putting things out there that you like. The more your feature ages outdoors the better!

Re: vintage chimes

Another great silverware piece! Silverplate is so fun to work with. I've got some forks just like those. I like the accent on the middle space.

Re: Weekend Christmas decorating

You're ahead of the curve on everyone! Great decorating. We'll have to get our tree up and such by this weekend too.

Re: soda chalkboard

That piece is timeless. It will be enjoyed for years and years. Great idea!

Re: Coca Cola crate table

Great job! It's sad to know that those great Coke crates are getting harder and harder to find like yours. Great way to keep it alive!

Re: westbergs wacky world of whimsical welding.

That's really clever and creative. They look like a lively bunch!

Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

You definitely disguised this toilet and made it uber attractive. I've seen a fair amount of discarded toilets in my time and would have never imagined they could end up looking this artistic!

Re: Chippy repurposed old door knob backplates

You are very talented Cassie! These pieces show your true talent and I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future.

Re: How to Make a Towel Bar Cool!

I really like this piece. It's industrial, elegant, victorian all wrapped up into one thing. I'm sure it's still got other purposes waiting for it in the future too.

Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

Wow! What great comments! Thank you all for the warm welcome and good wishes. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here at JMS and can't wait to see what every creates from day to day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: salvage windmill base floor lamp

It looks very sturdy. I can only imagine the windmill that rested on top. I really like the whole industrial look.

Re: better pics of my silverware chandie

You had me at silverware. What a great piece! Utensils offer so many fun projects.

Re: Drawer fronts turned Artwork

What a great resource. Ready made planks with finished edges. Great work!

Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

With a welcome like that, I'd have to be humbled! I've had a blast here on JMS and have really enjoyed seeing all of the great creations everyone is coming up with. There's a ton of talent here. Here's to a new and better 2012! Thanks Sue!

Re: Built in wall unit from scrap lumber and a top from a hutch!

You did a great job! Looks professional.

Re: Pallet shelf experiment

Fastastic results. I like the deeper wood tone. Great find!

Re: The Chippy Chirpy Reverse Paint Dresser

That is absolutely amazing. You really did a tremendous job with the tedious chipping. And you can't go wrong with birds. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Congrats! There's nothing like mixing an important milestone with the constant pursuit of oldies.

Re: Our trip around the Bay

I'm seeing more and more ideas on how to repurpose old windows. This is another GREAT idea!

Re: Fire Extinguisher Side Table

These pieces all look like they were made for each other. The patina on the extinguisher is perfect.

Re: The Living Coffee Table

Now that's a great idea. It's so therapeutic to have living things in your living spaces. And I like the idea about the snails and salamanders!

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

That you for the comment Kimmer! I really enjoy making these. The birdhouses are foremost "decorative" but under the right conditions they have been used for actual birds. They just need to be out of direct sunlight (shade or patio) and out of cold, exposed winds or temperatures. I've had birds live in some of mine. Honestly, most of my customers won't even take them outside. Haha!

Re: Refurbished Antique Pie Safe

Definitely a great transformation. Great work!

Re: Roller Warrior Woman

You did great! That looks like a load of fun there. i really like how everything came together for you. I bet your addicted to them now, aren't you!?!

Re: Pulley Clock Hanger

That's really neat. The styles of the pieces really work together.

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

Thanks Yeyas! Looking forward to see it Clarerose!


What a great outdoor table! All that space up top and below for lots of things.


Great transformation. You definitely put your time in on this one.

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

Thanks so much Sue! I can't get enough of JMS. So many creative folks out there.

Re: Collector of collections

I definitely like the wagon idea. Also maybe make them into a collective (or singular) shallow wall shelves with some added shelves inside if needed.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Doilies

Great job! Can't beat that for a way to display the vintage doilies.

Re: Truck Mirrors

Great imagination! I'm a sucker for industrial looking upcycling. Great job.

Re: Yardstick Crate

Now that's cool! Perfect application for those yardsticks.

Re: Scrappy Clock

I really like the hues of your clock. Everything works so well together. I thought I recognized those numbers. I'd really like to swipe a lot of things on utility poles, but I like my home vs. jail. Great project!

Re: Leather Top End Table

Beautiful transformation. That looks so much better!

Re: Upcycled Pedestal Birdhouse Side Table

Thanks BillyJo! I mainly just use a Propane torch or a MAPP gas torch for heavier metals along with 60/40 solder. And a whole lot of patience! Haha. Thanks for commenting.

Re: Junkolanterns

Fantastic idea. I've actually never seen someone do this but it makes perfect sense. Great job! The expressions are great.

Re: Window wall & vanity

Beautiful results! What a great rescue.

Re: Distressed End Table

Night and day difference. Very nice results.

Re: Time to JUNK build - part 2

Crazy cool items! Great job. I think my favorite is the door piece.

Re: New birdhouses again at end of season

Very nice designs and great color palette!

Re: A Hot Transformation

Great piece! I really like that the faucet handle has found its way back to the bathroom. Haha.

Re: Hotel Key Fob Necklaces

Great job! I really like that aqua blue color of some of the tags. It pops with the silver pieces.

Re: Piano Bar

That's a great transformation. And a new spin on the phrase "piano bar".

Re: Vintage Feed Sack Wall Hangings

Why didn't I think of that! I just got an old Bluebird Cornmeal sack. Sounds like a perfect fit!

Re: Prototype Old Mixer Whisk Chandelier

A timeless classic. That look will never get old. Nice!

Re: Country Candle Holder Makeover

The night time shot with it lighted is very impressive. Great job!

Re: Gross Old End Table

Fantastic results. You've definitely got to give some insight on how you did it.

Re: Fun Fall Inspired Bracelet

Beautiful artistry. I think we all hope to see more of your work soon on JMS!

Re: Lots of mileage out of one organ...

That's very creative. I've never seen anyone do anything like that before.

Re: Door Rosette Necklaces

Very striking! Looks almost like treasures recovered from the sea.

Re: Speedboat Percolator & Brass Thermometer Birdhouses

Thanks so much everyone. I really enjoy the support and creative fusion on JunkMarketStyle. Keep up the great work everyone!

Re: Mexican Tile Plant Stand

Very nice! You've done a terrific job. I like how the turquoise is peeking out from under the orange in the paint. And the black legs just set everything off.

Re: An Elegantly Wrecked Mirror

Very nice. I really like the light distressing.

Re: New "aged" cabinet

Great job! I like the plumber's strap also. Great aged look!

Re: Record players as art :)

Definitely cool art hanging on the wall. Very creative.

Re: Do you see what I see?

Quite creative! You've definitely got a good eye -- probably two!

Re: HELP!!!!

With that great frame, I would just make it into an mirror and antique the mirror silver finish so the distressing matches the frame.

Re: Unique Sofa Table

That's definitely seeing the potential in something on your part. Great find. It looks great the way you set everything up.

Re: Window Photo Display

Great display and great idea!

Re: Primitive Barn Wood Island

Very nice design. I like the sheen of the paint.

Re: Flamingo junk......

It was very well made. I see a lot of these kinds of sculptures in Canton, TX but they look sometimes rushed. Not this one. Great find!

Re: Counting down...The Fall Country Junk Sale

I'll take one of everything!!! Great stuff. Wish I was remotely close enough to attend.

Re: Jewelry from an old Brownie Camera

Very, very, very creative. That's some constructive deconstructing!

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

Such talented work! Your jewelry is fantastic. That's a great sewing machine to begin with with all those indicator plates.

Re: Bicycle Horn Candle Holder

Those tones work very well together. You can't beat a cheap horn!

Re: Traveling to the Beat of a Different Drum

Very creative! I like the copper against the blue drum. What a great roadside find!

Re: Candle holder...

Very nice color! It really pops and it will go with plenty of other items in a room.

Re: My first project.....

I like it. The chair has nice simple lines. It'll be classic in black.

Re: Insulator towel bar

Way cool! Great combination of some rare items.

Re: desk light

Great upcycling! At first glance you had me fooled as the real thing.

Re: Clawfoot tub feet bookends

If those tub feet don't keep books in place, nothing will. Great idea!

Re: Clean Sweep???

Great job! Fall is in the air and you've definitely captured the vibe. Great pieces!

Re: Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

It takes a lot of patience and sometimes it doesn't work out. Thanks for commenting!

Re: Grate to Great!

It's a great bonus to have it accept magnets. Cool, industrial piece.

Re: Got Mums?

Great find - especially for the nostalgic history. The mums inside are great for the Fall season front door steps.

Re: Light Up Your Life

I really like the industrial look of it!

Re: Meadowview Farm Autumn 2011 Barn Sale

Wish I was closer to attend! "Happy sales to you!"

Re: Pallet shelf experiment

That looks fantastic. I see pallets all the time and hope they find a good recycled/reused after their lifespan. I could see so many different varieties of pallet shelves done. Great job!

Re: Another industrial mirror!

Way cool mirror. Perfect application!

Re: Hotrod Chevy BelAire Toy & Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Birdhouse

Thanks Doggbo! I really dig your Olds Buffet with the lights. Mega-creative! I need to get after it and do another car themed birdhouse. My 4-year-old-son brings me his broken cars from time to time "to make a birdhouse out of it, daddy". Most of the time, the wheels fall off the cars and he brings them to me. He's already upcycling!!!

Re: World Globe Turned Pumpkin

Great idea! The artwork really does look vintage and folk. Great job!

Re: What do you think?

You could even use a couple of the pulleys to string a single larger light out over something with the first mounted on the wall and the second mounted over your seating area with the light and cord coming down. They are great pieces however you use them!

Re: Presto Change-O!

Great job! The street signs really go well with the architectural piece. The canvas is an eye catcher!

Re: Recycled Art Project done and dusted

That red book tower would make a great lamp stand, but most would hate to cut a hole in that many books and the weight would be an issue. Love the eyes on the stand!

Re: I'm not distressed now that my sunflower is!

Great job! And it'll look even better when rust sets into those scars.

Re: Sophia

Nice patent date! That's an oldie. It would even make a great potting hutch outside. Great work as usual!

Re: Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

Those look great! What a great idea using old matchbook covers. I've featured some matchbook covers on my ephemera blog before, but I don't think I have the number of them you have with such continuous great designs. Thanks for sharing!

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

You could also make a corner shelf out of them. Put triangle shelves in them. Or it could be a two panel partition to hang stuff or mount stuff on. Or maybe mount them together and and put a bench in front of them for a halltree with a seat and some hooks up top. I'm just rambling....

Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 6

Your "bird worlds" are amazing!

Re: Drum Table Redone

Fantastic results. That deep red look looks really sophisticated. Interesting place to find a table!

Re: Ugly Old Lamp to Beautiful Garden Urn

Great antiquing job! It looks very authentic.

Re: Toy High Chair

Great project! It turned out really well. Like you, I love the feeling of putting things together that hardly cost a thing.

Re: Junk"Y" Situation

That sign is great! Captures the mood of everything so well. The furniture is beautiful.

Re: Vintage fishing lure necklaces

Great idea! Those turned out really cool. I think you're on to something there!

Re: Tough Truck Gets a Makeover

I can't get enough of your truck planters. Another great one here!

Re: Sweet dog bed and mirror

That's a great idea for a drawer! Haven't seen that done before.

Re: Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

That's phenomenal!! Great job. I've never seen anyone do this on such a large scale. And you know the color will stay true for some time!

Re: Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

Thanks for the great comments folks!

Re: Dry Goods Shoe Sign Gone YEYAS!

Great upcycling! Reads well and looks fantastic.

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Keep the dream alive! Hopefully one day you can get back to that place in life. In the meantime, there's always the wee hours of the day we all work in. Haha.

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

Thanks for the generous comments everyone. This is such a fantastic community here. I like the way we can all share our creativity.

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

Thanks so much "Timshappywife"! I've really enjoyed your work also. You're quite the busy body with some very nice pieces across the board too. Keep up the great upcycling work!

Re: Aged Candle Holders

That's great! Cool trick. I'll have to do that sometime on one of my birdhouses.

Re: Aged Candle Holders

Tell me more about the cinnamon trick! It looks very authentic as far as the rusty look.

Re: Tool box or flower caddy with old Brace and Bit tool

Great idea! Now that's thinking "outside the box".

Re: Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

I'd say go natural with some clearcoat. But the patina does look nice. I see the trends still going for the "found" look. Great piece by the way!

Re: Galvanized Bucket with Keys and License Plate & Copper Baking Mold Upcycled Hanging Baskets.

You've got me pegged BillyJo! Not enough hours and daylight in the day.

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Great ideas again! Thanks again folks!

Re: Hall Tree On Steroids

I can smell the testosterone from here! Great job!

Re: Sunflower unfinished

Definitely hit it with all that you've got. You're on the right track. Update us on the final results.

Re: Moving things around in our Junk Store and bringing in new Old Junk!!

I would call that shop "Fort Knox"! Lots of treasures there. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Re: Some weeks are better than others

Nice stuff! I've got to get myself a tractor grill. I would paint the bottom of the drip poles green or something and hang bird feeders from them. You could even bury the base for more stability in a permanent location. I see what you were talking about earlier about the doves. So kind of you to get them going with the chicken wire.

Re: Western Decor Room Divider

Fantastic originality. You're very creative!

Re: Old Molds


Re: Junk Gazebo for JMUG

Looks great! Get some vines on that thing!

Re: Wings

That's some fantastic art! Great job and keep it up!

Re: Coffee Pot Bouquet

It bugs me that most folks consider just throwing away great things like these. I have a hard time finding my parts because of that problem sometimes. Or a friend says, "I just threw a bunch of stuff like that away!"

Re: Ahoy Night Light

What a great find! ...And great modification!

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

Great job on these. Very creative!

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

Thank y'all for the kind comments!

Re: Rescued Rubbish Art Project

Wow! The possibilities! I foresee and ton of fun headed toward some lucky folks.

Re: Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

That's a great story Clarerose! So kind of you to offer up the chicken wire. They try to build up nests around my house in some of the worst places given their size and it doesn't work out that well. But apparently, they get the job done, because there are many! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Birds, backyarding and upcycling keep my creative juices flowing.

Re: Rustic Garden Chandy

Nice project! It definitely fits the tone, like NDJunkGirl said.

Re: Have a seat...JACK

You can't beat that expression! I really like the tricycle seat and wheels. Good for lots of things.

Re: Summer Wine Storage

That's a great hunk of metal! Great idea.

Re: Madam Butterfly- Altered Sea Glass Necklace

Beautiful piece of art. I really like how the butterfly hovers over the background face. I'm a big fan of all things blue anyway.

Re: Rescued Rubbish

Way cool projects! My favorite is the Caterpillar Bulldozer oil filter. Thanks for sharing these great pieces.

Re: Upcycled Tin Jewelry

Great idea! Those would make perfect gifts.

Re: outside creations

Great hoseplant! That turned out really nice.

Re: Truck Transformation

What are you! A magician! That turned out great. I love these old trucks.

Re: ,A Farmall Grille, Rusty Gate, Cracked Father Timepiece and you have a Great Recipe for Rustic Gold !

All those pieces are keepers! I'm waiting to discover a grill like that one for myself one of these days. It'll make some great art on my "junk fence".

Re: Sewing Machine Tractor

Great visualization! It makes perfect sense.

Re: shut the cork up

That's corked up! I was hoping there was an explanation for all the corks (besides the obvious). Great project!

Re: Unique Pulley Picture Easel

Very classy looking! I like the worn finish on everything.

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

Haha! I can't help but roll it on the counter like a big kid every time I pass by it in the house.

Re: Blue Enamel Porcelain Clock Teapot Upcycled Bird House

Thank you very, very much. It makes me happy to hear folks enjoying the pieces.

Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

Be sure to find a vintage sign and stick it on the side! Great job on the project. It looks great! Galvanized rules!

Re: Copper Sugar Canister Silverplate Cage Upcycled Bird House

My houses are primarily for decoration (indoors) or yard art (outdoors). On rare circumstances they might be suitable under shade or covered by something overhead.

Re: Rustic Pressed Tin Coat Rack

Very cool idea! That granary tin has the perfect patina that you just can't fake. Great project!

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Boy, the ideas are buzzing now! Luckily I have four racks to try many things if need be.

Re: Weather Vane

I can't tell from the picture -- are they copper? They look great!

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Great ideas folks! I like them. Keep 'em coming!

Re: Yeyas Oddities Garden Junk

I would kill for that grill piece! Too cool.

Re: Rusty Wagon Wheel & Milk Can Table

That's really attractive. I could see that in a shop for big bucks. Great job!! The rust is just right.

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

That's just fantastic. A testament to your talent and patience. Great job!

Re: Vintage Children's Book Birdhouse

Thanks a bunch! I think the "experiment" worked out pretty good. I wonder how the birds will like it!

Re: A Few Little Projects

Those trucks are awesome! I would have moved like lightning on them for a buck a piece. They'll last forever and offer up lots of ideas over the years.

Re: Hotrod Chevy BelAire Toy & Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Birdhouse

Thank you! That's the way I look at them too.

I've really been diggin your posts. Those crate stencil stairs, your signs, and everything else are right up my alley of likes!

Re: Silverplate English Tea Kerosene Lantern Trophy Birdhouse

Thank you for the kind comment! I'm glad you enjoy them.

Re: cottage mail

Very cool idea. It fits the house too. Way to go!

Re: Bird In A Cage

Super creative! I can't decide if I like the group of colors or the use of the harmonica more. Tie!

Re: Retro Kitchen Coffee Pot Metal Upcycled Bird House

You're very kind! Thanks so much for the comment.

Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

That is a box of gold right there! I'm majorly jealous. So many opportunities....


The small thumbnail caught my eye right away. Great collage piece!!

Re: Old Door Arbor

Great idea! Makes you want to see it in person, like Sue said.

Re: Perfect herb garden

Great object - that dairy equipment. It's perfect as a planter.

Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

Thanks so much for your compliment! I've really enjoyed creating them and finding a niche. Just trying to get discovered! Haha. Take care, Brian.

Re: Copper Bundt Cake Mold Upcycled Birdfeeder

Thanks for the compliment. I used long skinny bolts and nuts going through copper tubing.

Re: Riding Lawnmower

Very creative! Just oozes Americana and ingenuity. Haha.

Re: My new stash of supplies

Looks like a pile of gold to me! All the pieces are all shouting what they want to be transformed into or what piece wants to work with another piece. Looks like fun!

Re: What to do with a pile of windows?????

Great idea! I've always had a thing for old windows. Wish I still had my old stash that I got rid of.

Re: Copper Steampunk Flour Canister Box Upcycled Bird House

One of my favorites too with this one. Very steampunk meets kitchen.

Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

Thank you both for the kind compliments!

Re: Upcycled Old Rake Birdfeeder

Thank you very much! I'm glad you're confused on which is your favorite!

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

Fantastic idea!! Turned out great. What a conversation piece.