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Being a lover of the outdoors I garden and cherish all the flowers from the oriental poppies and hollylocks to sweet peas that pop up in the summer. I live for finding great deals wether it be at a flea mrkt, garage sale or antique store. And I think recycling is awesome and anytime you can give a tossed away or old object a unique and creative second life it is a self fulfilling accomplishment and gift in so many ways. I would like to learn to dry flowers and weld.

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Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Awesome! I am so jealous that I can't paint like that, you definitely have a gift. Wish I could take one of your classes. Your santa is so cool and I think he could even put scroodge in the Christmas spirit.

Re: Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

You beat me to this one, I have one I am working on at this very moment except I have an antique door trim header piece I use, but the oak board looks very nice and I like how you kept the decorative plate with some of the knobs. I never thought about that. Great Job!

Re: Spool Table

Love the stylish table what an awesome idea!! I am going to go dig the one I have in the basement out and finally put it to use. I hope I can find something as equally great as those spools to put in it.

Re: Old baby crib bench

Nice work! It is great that you could repurpose the baby bed into a wonderful useful bench.

Re: Old door vanities and benches

Love your door creations!! I am an old door lover myself and have many but just haven't gotten around to being creative with them yet, but you are inspiring me. Thnx. for sharing!


Awesome!! I am with you when you say your getting ready for spring projects. Can't wait to junk in 2009 and see all the great projects everyone will have.

Re: Merry Christmas to All

Cute display of you Christmas book collection! Merry Christmas.

Re: Merry Christmas

I'd say devine intervention! The wings are amazing! Merry Christmas to you as well and happy junking in 2009!!

Re: found this the other day.. anyone know what it is?

I agree with KerriB that it is an umbrella stand with possibly a coat or hat rack on top. Cool find :)

Re: Another Bird Feeder

It is cute and interesting and I think the keys really added a great touch. As for the poor little squirels they gotta eat too, LOL, maybe you should design one just for them that a corn cob could be attached to??

Re: Dog Collar Contestant

He is mighty handsome sporting his festive collar (halter) and I think my mares would agree, but they may get jealous that they don't have one like that to show off.

Re: Coasters for two hard to buy for friends

Very cute and useful idea.


Great treasures you've collected. I have a feeling you'll do some great things with them.


What an awesome idea can't wait to try it. I also am interested in knowing if you did the sides??

Re: French shabby linen armoire

Your armoire cupboard is a wonderfully unique and creative piece. It inspires me to want to create something with my similar salvaged odds and ends. Thnx for sharing.

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

Love the look and think it is a great idea! I plan on copying your idea with the red metal toolbox that I picked up at a garage sale for $1 last summer. Thnx. Wishing A Joyous Holiday to everyone!!!