sara paradis, louisville, KY, US

I'm a tourguide specializing in customized adventures to antiques fairs, flea markets and country auctions in the midwest and southeast.

A lifetime afficionado of all things with a story to tell, I have adorned our repurposed barn on the Ohio River with things I've picked up everywhere over the years. I try not to buy anything new at all. My favorite question is "where did you find that?"

FLEA CIRCUS TOURS gives me the opportunity to share the unique and hard-to-find resources with other like-minded collectors. There's nothing I'd rather do than spend a day uncovering unique things to repurpose and enjoy, and never come home empty-handed!

Visit www.fleacircustours.com for more about my junking adventures!

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Re: Trophy Coat Rack

This is truly a great idea, I've got a bunch of old trophies from dance contests (not mine! like "Arthur Miller Best Ballroom '77") and I'm going to use them in my closet for scarves, purses, necklaces etc. Thanks for the inspiration- it's awesome!

Re: Views from the 127 Corridor Sale

I did 2 days at the 127 and made it maybe 6 miles- had to go back to pick up the 9-foot FRIED CHICKEN diner sign I scored because the car was full- no room on the top even. Yes, the sign lights up.

I'm still thinking about the beautiful painting I was just too tired to buy- but I do have that guy's phone number so....

I met a dealer with great primitive furniture and found out he lives only 5 minutes from me.....

I took a ton of pictures- but left my camera on a folding table full of stuff in the middle of a field somewhere around Lawrenceburg. Le sigh. It was worth it.

Re: Old windows and doors

I second the photo display- even cooler- scan photos onto transparent transfer paper, stick them on the glass panes and mount a light behind it- I'm doing this with very old family photos right now.

I'm looking for doors for a project and I'm JEALOUS! Great find!