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I love using reclaimed metal, especially bike parts. Most preferred is ferrous metals such as mild steel, stainless, and chrome.

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Can o' lantern leads prosperous lineage

Magnetic votive cups virtually allow the craft person to manipulate any known material.

Driftwood magnetic votive variety

Votives burn brightly and are very economical by duration and cost. I would encourage everyone to support your local candle makers. The magnetic votives simply are metered joinery companions that...

Cans and bottles shed light

I developed this lantern, thinking of a cost effective method for mounting a magnetic votive in place of the reflector on my bike. I love riding at night, and look forward to trying this one out.

Junk food stands contain life, unprocessed.

Out side of your local supermarket or convenience store you may find racks on their way to the junkyard. Ask before you take, always.

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Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

The planter disks replicate a perfect structure for aerobic potted plant growth, yet the aesthetic of their design is applicable to bare presentation with delightful results. This is a great presentation of the antiquity behind a growing trend of new technological vertical planting. I am working on a cement/Styrofoam mountable tray that is ironically similar to these great cast iron artifacts.

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

awesome, I also like senor frog from your skate deck bench. When I find a good squirrel cage ill try to make a candelabra wind turbine.

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

Cool I will use this idea for summer.

Re: Light Fixture Planter

Hey junk fans, keep in mind that while rust looks beautiful alongside your favorite garden herbs, it also affects the ph of your soil. This can make your plants very unhappy. Before you plant, let the container get rained on while sitting on a scrap piece of wood. The stains caused by exposure will give you clues of how to limit your soil medium contact. Visit and consider using their felt containers inside of found objects. Gardening results will flourish.