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Im a soon-to-be shop owner with a love of all things vintage, quirky, rusty, retro, industrial...just your basic junker, eh? ;-) I live with a handsome husband, two gorgeous Siberian Husky dogs, and one very opinionated cat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

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A teensy little shopping trip for my booth

Ha! If by teensy tiny you're referring to King Kong or the Titanic! My buddy Troy of Junk Exchange (and a frequent JUNKMARKET Style contributor, too) had a HUGE blowout warehouse sale this past week...

My first antique mall booth!

Look, y'all! IT'S MY BOOTH!!! I'm so excited! The big day arrived with a minimum of drama and angst....My booth opened today at the Antique Mall! It was less than 2 months ago that I began blogging...

Warrenton, bay-bee!

Spent all day Saturday smack-dab in the middle of junkin' Heaven, Warrenton, TX! I'm immersed in getting ready to open my very first antique mall booth this Saturday, but I would be remiss if I...

Stocking up for my booth...

Hi All! I'm due to open my first booth in the local antique mall later this month, so stocking up on thrifty finds has been top priority. I pretty much hit the motherlode this morning when I found...

Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

I discovered a super cheap stash of these old rusty chicken feeders at my friendly neighborhood flea market. I immediately knew that these beauts simply HAD to be given a new life. Follow me on a...

Sewing table repurposed as desk....

I came across this lonely little mid-century sewing table at one of my local thrift stores. It had been marked down from $80 to $45 to FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! They were serious about making room for new...

Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

These forlorn pieces of wood (six total) were a steal at the thrift shop for thirty cents each. I felt a project coming on, but I had no idea how insanely easy it would turn out to be....

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Re: My first antique mall booth!

Thank you all so much! I'm looking at it now and brainstorming about all the things I want to add or change. I guess this is normal, no? I did the best I could with the accursed pegboard! :-)

Re: Warrenton, bay-bee!

Hey Lanette! Nope, I didn't get to stay for the blog party (darn!), we were only there for one whirlwind of a day.
Tomorrow night is the Junk Gypsy Prom, I hear tell that's an event not to be missed. Maybe in the Spring!

Re: Old grain elevator rack....

I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for one of these, I love it! How come I've never seen these before?
All the best,
~ Anne


Okay now, you DO realize I'm stealing this from you, right? What a super fab work of art you created there! You know, Jeanne d'Arc Living sells really cool stencil thingies, I'm thinking if I can't find vinyl letters like yours, that would be an option, too.
Brilliant job!

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Lovely booth you've got there! I'm loving the mannequin head too, what's her name?
~ Anne

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

Thanks big bunches to all of you for sharing in my sometimes unbridled enthusiasm! I swear, I get a bigger and better high from finding a really snazzy piece of junk than I EVER did from shopping at Needless Markups (aka Neiman Marcus).

Hugs and Smooches~ Anne

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

I love your couch! I love your window treatment! I love your screen door! What DON'T I love???


Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

You are all so sweet! And Jim, you seriously crack me up, you and your "can of Foamy!" ;-) Thanks to everyone who continues to encourage and inspire me! ~ Anne

Re: Halloween Frame Makeover

That is darling! Wouldn't that just be perfect on a table alongside the candy at a Halloween party? What a clever, original idea! ~Anne

Re: old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

This is wonderful! I'm going to make one of my very own this week! Well done! ~ Anne

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

Love it! We must've been sharing the collective junk brain, I just posted my own chicken feeder project, too. Inspiring as always! ~ Anne

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

LOL, it really IS chicken week here, isn't it? I just saw Jim's great chicken project. Thanks so much for the kind words, you folks inspire me each and every day I visit here, just hopin' to give a little back!

Re: license plate star ..

I love it! Woulda loved to have hung it on one of our walls. Gonna make any more?

Re: chair

Just beautiful!

Re: Hey! Look what I found...

Free is good! Great find!

All the best,

Re: Sewing table repurposed as desk....

Thank you! That was actually my old post office box door....they built a new post office a few years back, and gave all of us box holders the opportunity to buy our box. You betcha, I said! Beautiful AND sentimental value!

All the best,

Re: Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

Oops, I accidentally logged in under a name I used from a previous account.... "resagl" is actually me, fiona & twig.
Sorry! Newbie mistake!


Re: Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

Thanks so much ladies!
It's a bit intimidating to post your first project here on folks are all so ridiculously talented. But I sucked it up and decided what-the-hey! Thanks so much to all of you for your inspiring creations, and Sue, thanks for the warm're who I want to be when I grow up! :-)
All the best,