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Studio Junk

I own a faux finishing studio that is in Greensboro's 110-year-old flannel mill, called Revolution Mill Studios. The Mill is a 600,000-plus square foot property that is one gigantic recycling...

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Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

I know you've heard it before - but I am amazed at your simple solution! I use styrene for my wall finish sample boards, and have bazillions of photos from working projects abroad. Wish the yard-sales were good this time of year, but I will find a way to make this!

Re: Merry Christmas to Me

I'm jealous - I saw a similar piece at the Greensboro Habitat Store once and had no place to put it. Now I wish I made it into a vanity in our hall bath. It wasn't $30 though, you got a steal!

Re: Toilet Topper

Looks like a magazine photo!

Re: Industrial BirdFeeder

Love how your mind works. I used to have a little shop called Feather Your Nest - we would have sold a bunch of these!

Re: Out of this World Chandelier

I expect to see this project everywhere. Well, maybe not here in North Carolina. If there is ever snow, the kids use cookie sheets! Craving more...

Re: A New Year's Resolution

My artist daughter Jenny is always doodling - a new project for her - and - now I will never throw out another pencil. I'm a big thrower-outer.

Re: Horseshoe Cake Pan Message Center

Candy, we must be kindred spirits. One of my longtime favorites is chalkboard paint. I use it on an old flat-panel door in the studio for my to-do list. It's like being a kid again.

Re: Studio Junk

Wow, I just read the new magazine and watched the video a couple of days ago, not knowing what I've been missing!
I get so caught up in faux-world that I never dreamed other folks would appreciate my junk studio so much. Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. And yes, I LOVE going to work there...
Need some ideas for my display window and now I know where to get inspired.

Re: Ski Lodge Headboard

Totally fun and fresh and, PLANNED!

Re: Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but....

I never cease to be amazed at creativity - how did you ever think of this project!