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just getting into this aspect of 'art' so be patient with me... i used to do more garden art but now am into jewelry, so we'll see where that takes me. just beginning to take my mom's old costume jewelry and turn it into 'something else' so i wanna see how creative i can be with that.

loving what i see so far.
thanks, marijo for introducing me to this site!

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Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

I just love them all! I've had this idea rolling around in my head, but haven't found all the little trinkets I needed to put them together. Bravo!

I love the way you kept a little theme going with each of them and the mix on each of them just seems to work ;-)

Well done!

And Susie, she did post her link but here it is again:

Best of luck to you, Amber.
I'm going to your shop now!

Re: junk Angel

oh i love it!!!! girl, you are SO talented!!!

Re: Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

omg how cute is that?!!! thanks for the clever idea!!

Re: Vintage Garden Hose Wreath

i LOVE the fact that not much work, tools, etc. involved and the natural look too ;-) looks awesome!

Re: 650 Mile Garage Sales Pictures

GREAT pics, MJ! just awesome. What a cool idea to advertise for JM! you look so cute too!

Re: Springtime & Easter stuff

cute, cute!

Re: Tea Cart and goodies

this is awesome, g/f! too cool! you do such good work. love ya, Carole <3