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Memories tied to time in country with family. Ill be in the garden;suburban farmer, with my heirloom flowers or my paints and easel. I ran the cotton fields, through the soybeans, creek beds, arrowhead hunting in dry river beds, playing in barnloft....Grandmother magic, making biscuits without even paying attention while I set the table with her green sandwich glass dishes. Picking out prettiest flour sack for her to make me a new dress, or an apron... So now I collect jadeite, fire king ruby red and forest green, vintage aprons, Haeger pottery, and red barn paintings, pictures, birdhouses, figurines, boards to paint on...Pharmacist by trade, my office is done in vintage Rx..brown glass, antique prescriptions, show globes, medicine tins... I sew, love beads and glass and wire, paint, make garden glass sculpture, press flowers, and, and, and, if its not garden season, then Im in the dustiest, junkiest booths in flea markets. Much to sons dismay, I keep alot of stuff, but grandkids love my home, and they are always welcome in my studio...and, No matter what, when Mr. Elvis sings, EVERYBODY dances (even my dog)...its the rule... Sunshine and smiles to all......

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Re: Sorry Folks...My Mind's Been in the Gutter

ha ha ha, the deer....yes, I have rabbits in my yard; but they prefer my flowers to the clover I left growing in the side yard for them...guess they can get that anywhere...Neighbors call me Elmer Fudd...I'm always trying friendly ways to get those waskelly wabbits to go elsewhere...even trained my dog to potty stop in specially placed areas that I clean daily, but leave a deterent scent for bunnies.....don't know if it would work for deer...
Can I come visit your pretty yard, I promise not to eat any your style:)

Re: Fashionable Junk

too cute; your little bauble makes it "fashion"

Re: Little Tonka Dump Truck planted with hens and chicks

what a fun the heck out of a plastic bowler with the arm and ball broken off....Seems the marble bases on those kind last forever though, and do make fun bases for junk inventions too. I have one of my son's old Tonka trucks, and he's just gotten into gardening at his new house. Maybe I can borrow your idea and make him up a trophy for his deck and surprise him for his birthday. I stole his desert boots when he left the army and sealed the inside, drilled drainage hole in the soles, and planted moss roses in them. They are sitting on my back porch, beside his first pair of little boy cowboy boots with parsley in them. He thinks the cheese has slipped off my cracker...wonders how those stinky boots can grow those pretty

Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

Has anybody seen my car keys? I'd love to just lie down and wallow in all that gorgeous vintage fabric. Stuff of my dreams...Alas, sniffle, St. Louis area home is too far from you.

Re: Sea Glass and Sea Shells in Candle Holder

Is glass piece open on bottom? Looks kind of like an old liquor decanter, but can't figure out how u got all those pretties inside...kind of ship in a bottle thing....I have a romantic kind of love for sea glass, like I wonder who tossed a bottle or jar in tho ocean, and when and where, such that the ocean tossed and turned it for ages,so that it ended up on the beach and someone could pick it up....

Re: Wall Cubbies

Wow, where did u find all same size crates? I need to shop there. Have a set of mix and match size sewing machine drawers, cheese boxes, nail boxes....screwed together, some horizontal, some vertical, to make a storage piece in my bathroom. Some shelves for my vintage bottles I decanted mouthwash into, small tins for hair do dads, cream pitcher for toothpaste and brushes, gravy boat to stash my vitamin bottle....all hidden in plain view, but I do like the set u made with same size crates too...more organized for office stuff, since those things have a more uniform small size..This sight is a virtual idea factory...

Re: Before and After sideboard

absolutely love it. My fav projects are bringing back old furniture. I'm very lucky, have master carpenter for junkin' buddy, so he makes sure the furniture is stable, even wields a mean power sander....then I get to do the fun paint part. I "make" a dresser for my gift for every new family baby, and paint a personal note in the top drawer. Oldest grand daughter is 12, and still has hers. She ask for a dressing table for her room for Christmas. She is BIG Beatles fan, so I've collected a few old fan magazines with some old pics to decopage on drawer fronts, and painting some cartoonish "fab 4" portraits on top.....She's gonna scream like the girls did in the 60s....Paper dolls would look good on a little girl dresser, oh...hope the next baby is a girl...I like that idea....Love your old "new" furniture. So much old beauty, and your facelifts make them fresh and new again...

Re: JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

I think it's very creative to use the drawer for veg storage on top of fridge....I love using something totally outside it's original purpose. I'm looking for a drawer large enough for my 60 lb. boxer, so I can make her a new bed. Will use finials for feet, tuck in a nice foam insert for comfort, and make a couple sets of cool sheets for summer, and warmer flannels for cold weather. Just have to find a drawer or box big enough. Could add some casters and use for storage under bed, or a coffee table. Maybe line it with fabric or old wallpaper and keep knitting type project under coffee table so it's handy but out of the way...


LOVE LOVE LOVE your backsplash. Did one in my old house, used broken tea cup (1/2), so I had a place for my jewelery, if I was taking it off for a really messy project...just put it over to the side, so your jewelery doesn't get knocked out and down the drain. I put a half of a small dessert bowl in also, for small parts that might go down the drain, like when washing small bottle lids, salt or pepper shaker lids....Sold that house, and haven't undertaken that project here yet. I had a few bottle caps, an old broken pocket watch, skeleton keys,...not just pottery, glass and fun fun