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Apothecary Fall Mantel

I re-did my mantel display for Fall and Halloween using antique and salvaged apothecary items--even a hand-lettered antique medical degree--it's all in Latin on sheepskin!

DIY Garden Urn Turned Coffee Table

I took a cast-iron garden urn, filled it with some of my favorite treasures, and topped it with glass to make a unique and simple junk beautiful coffee table.

$1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

Simple, creative, and cost effective methods for updating your kitchen on a very small budget.

Spring Decor Updates

I brought color to my mostly white living room and dining room by placing a fern in an antique champagne bucket on the piano.

Altared (sic) Idenity!

I found an antique altar in a junk shop and now use it as a sideboard in my dining room. The gothic arch detail and yummy chippy white paint pop in an other wise mostly white room. The bright aqua...

Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

I painted my early 1900's grand piano to better fit with my decor! Several folks have asked to see more of my home--here ya go!

British Invasion

With Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics going on, Shabby French Cottage has expirenced a British Invasion! I've tweaked a few displays around the house to honor these special...

The lighter side of Junk!

So many times decorating with Junk can feel heavy. Here is the lighter, more chic side of junk! Using a limited, yet vibrant color palate, you can achive a serene and beautiful space in your...

Garage Sale Cubby Table

I turned a garage sale find into an industrial statement piece that adds a touch of masculinity to an otherwise romantic, feminine room.

A Vintage Junk Christmas

Here is some of my decor from Christmas this year, as well as tips on how to achieve this look. More coming soon to my website, and hopefully here, too! 

Junk Style Living

Antiques, found objects, arcitectural salvage, and garden art come together to create a beautiful, warm, and inviting space.

Junktastic Fall Mantel Decor

I transformed my mantle display for Fall using lots of beautiful JUNK! Garden items, antique door knobs, and clock faces complete the look. The best part was--I already had all of this around the...

Junk-Styled Living Room

These are photos of my Junk-Beautiful living room. These and more are featured on my blog, Nearly everything is from a junk shop, thrift store, trash pile, etc...

French Table Scape

Here is a pick from my kitchen. Check out all the junk! I just love the texture! I'm getting the hang of how to resize photos to post on here! Hopefully I'll get way more posts up soon. I do want to...

Recent comments

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

Has anyone used this on Rustoleum's Bright Galvanizing Compound?

Re: Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

Thank you all! I have added a link showing more of my home! I also have more projects on here if you check out my profile!

Re: Now I see the Light!!!

I love it! I'm in love with shades like this and other wire and metal things turned lighting. Add an Edison bulb to take it over the top!

Re: Charlottes Web Spider Baby Display

CREEPY! I love it! I've got several UGLY junk chandeliers in the attic, but am now kicking myself for not buying the huge jar / giant bag (two separate times of the shopping faeries telling me to get them....) of assorted doll parts.... oh the can of worms you have opened. You get an awesome from me! I love love love this project! Whomever bought it must be thrilled.

Re: Lone Star

I have a belt I love, but have become to horizontally challenged to wear. You have inspired me to find something else to do with it! It is a beautiful tooled leather belt with a lovely, modern floral design. It saddens me I can no longer wear it, but alas, I foresee a picture frame in its future!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


On second inspection, It appears to be of a 2' scale, not a 4'!


Almost certainly this is part of a wind chest to a pipe organ. Based on the 56 holes it is either European or a European style American organ--commonly found in Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, and some Methodist churches--they commonly have 56 notes per keyboard. Judging from the scale of the piece, this is probably to a soft 4' string or flute rank. Examine the piece closely--it may well have the rank somewhere written or carved in the wood. I'd love to know what you find out! Please check out my blog, I'm sure you'll love it!


Re: Fred

He looks a little like Jabba the Hutt!


Re: cake stand

I LOVE this project! I have some neat spindle things painted in a similar finish! What is the beautiful fabric you used? Please tell me it is not vintage and I can go to Hancock or JoAnn's and pick some up today! Oh--hate to be the grammar police but "wala" is actually "voilĂ "....anyway, I'm off to check out more of your awesome projects!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Re: Silver plated tray turned beachy chic

A tip on painting silverplate--to prevent the cross-eyed chipping....TSP the whole thing--TSP is a degreaser found at the hardware store. Then wash with soap and water--rinse throughly and let completely dry. Then use Valspar/Krylon/Rustolem--what ever is on sale GREY MATTE primer for all surfaces--several light coats should be plenty--then paint it whatever color you want--the grey background makes other colors pop (including creme or white!) I like to paint things completely the primer grey color, then use Matthew Mead's technique of color washing the piece with watered down paint, rags and brushes--dilute latex paint 50/50 with water, brush on, wipe off, let dry, repeat until you reach desired color--I am to ADD for this--so I mix 1 part paint to 3 parts water and put it in a spray bottle--spray on, brush/wipe off! It goes much faster!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Re: Scissor Holder

Great use of a cookie cutter! I'm impressed! Great way to re-purpose the otherwise unused or mundane!

Re: just funny

I've had a beautiful antique pedestal sink on my deck for nearly a year--too afraid what the neighbors will think if I put in my flower bed! (not that I don't have tons of stuff that wasn't designed for a flower bed there already!!!) But something about a former plumbing fixture seems so taboo, to even a irreverent junker like myself! What do you guys think?


Re: Industrial style mushroom lamp

This SCREAMS bird feeder to me! It's not squirrel proof--but get them Red HOT handed (bird seed + cyanne pepper=no squirrels and the birds don't mind!) Just reapply after rain! You could get it premixed at the hardware store-not sure if that's still true! Good luck with your find! However you use it will be great, I'm sure! Hope you'll check out my blog! !

Re: Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

Fantastic! I love the chic crustyness of the whole thing! Please check out my blog, I think you'll like it!!! !

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

The paper garland is fantastic! How did you make that? Would you do a photo step-by-step + materials used?

I love your booth! It reminds me of Through The Garden Gate, in Mechanicsville, VA on Rt. 301!



Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Here is some of my Valentine's Day handiwork with vintage cards...I'd upload here, but keep having trouble with the is the Facebook link:

or for Christmas goodies....


I hope you don't mind, but I may have to steal your idea, as I just got two cute tinsel wreaths from Target....only 63 cents each!!! wow!!!


Re: Yard Sale Leftovers

For the creepy deer--spray 'em white or cream or pink or some other pretty shabby color (be sure to use paint for whatever they are made of--metal paint for metal, plastic paint for plastic, to avoid messes.....then hit 'em with some glue, then a dusting of vintage mica snow or glitter!

I LOVE vintage mica snow--it is everywhere in my house! photos coming soon!


Re: Old Kerosene Cans

Truly American Folk Art! Great Job!

Mikey Fuller

The Oak Antique Mall
400 North Sycamore Street
Petersburg, VA 23803

Re: Gone Crazy!

I live in Petersburg, VA and run The Oak Antique Mall--sure I find a lot of neat JUNK but, it being an antique mall, some of the best treasures I look for, most of the dealers just throw away--so I do get lucky there--free junk for me! The Oak is sure to get my creative juices flowing--plus there are about 20 other shops in the Old Towne area! Petersburg is truly a gem to be discovered! Historic architecture dating back to the 1700's, a two hour drive to the mountains, to the beach, to Washington DC, lots of rivers and lakes, plus tons of historic homes begging to be fixed up!

If you need a Junk source or just a creative refueling and vacation in one, come see me!!!
400 N Sycamore Street
Petersburg, VA 23803 (find driving directions here)

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Super Wow! I generally say I don't like primitive because it's so hard to get it to work in a room and not look super 1980s early american dated!

This looks FAB!

You get an A+!