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Garden metal flowers

After seeing and making the glass plate flowers and breaking some while drilling I tried different sorts of metal.

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Re: Garden metal flowers

Those are small glass mushrooms. I like using bowls placed upside down atop of glass ice cream glasses. Easy and fun to make. I have used colored glassware also for the mushrooms.

Re: Garden metal flowers

Thank-you for your comments. I use different metal items like silver plated platters,bowls, candle sticks that I may take apart, and anything else that I can drill a hole through. I drill a hole through the middle of the items that I fit together as a nice arrangement. I attach the all of the pieces to either a 2 foot piece of copper pole or conduit with a drawer pull and a stainless steel bolt. I use the pull as the center of the flower. Then I drill a hole down a ways on the pole and attach some spoon or fork trough using another stainless steel bolt and nut. If you find copper pieces they look very nice,too. I also pound a piece of rebar into the ground and place the flower over it for stability. It is fun to put things together and make these.

Re: JMS Joins in City Wide Garage Sale Fun!

I was at your sale today and told you of the metal flowers that I made for the garden. I now have posted a picture of them. It was fun to be there and now I will need time to read your book.