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I remember going to my very first garage sale at age 5 like it was yesterday!(And Ive been hooked ever since!)I am a 39 year~old bargain shopper, thrifter, junker, garage saler, Goodwiller...if its a good deal and it makes my heart beat a little faster...into my car it goes!(Like my $3 antique Armoire that I found at a garage sale a few weeks ago...YEP! $3!! It needs a little TLC but, I have to say, I thnk it was the find of a life time!!)
I am a mother to a beautiful 8 year~old girl who came into our lives at 9 months old when we brought her home from China and a wife of 17 years to a wonderful man who tolerates (and sometimes appreciates!) my junking habit.I am also a kindergarten assistant and sub.
I recently got back into selling some of my treausres on Ebay so that I can fund my shopping habit (And help pay some bills,too!), I love to garden in my cottage garden, scrapbook/craft (My next project is to convert our guest room into my crafting room...which is where my above mentioned armoire will go!), decorate my house (Especially for Christmas with my 6 Christmas trees and other Christmas treasures...luckily, we have a BIG storage room over our garage!), I LOVE anything with cabbage roses (I can never pass up pretty old dishware and have enough to probably encircle the globe:), chubby birdies, vintage postcards, and anything shabby and chic! My only complaint with life is that I wish I had more time (and energy!) in the day to accomplish all of the ideas swirling around in my head...

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"Suit" yourself...I still believe in Santa!

Suitcases are sure great for displaying all that extra Christmas decor!

Wreath Holder

This rake on my front porch was looking a little lonely...

GaRdEn TrEe

Another passion...gardening! I added things related to the outdoors and some rafia. This tree always makes me smile when I look at it!

Tea Cup Tree

My trees represent some of the things I love: Gardening, antiques...and tea parties. This is a great way to display some of my old teacups and silverware.

Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees...

This is one of six trees in my house.Every year, as I'm putting it ALL away, I tell my husband to remind me how much work it is. And EVERY year, I end up doing it all over again....I just can't help...

I've never met a skate I didn't like!

Here are some pics of 2 of the 5 pair of skates I decorate with at Christmas (I can never pass them up at garage sales when I see them!).I was intending to give a pair to a friend for her birthday...

"Bag" of Beauty!

This is an old bag that I found at a garage sale this last summer. I believe the lady I bought it from said it was used in a car shop...but I don't remember for what purpose! I have it on my front...

Porch decor

This is a pic of the porch by the front door. I love using garage sale and thrift store finds to decorate my home!

"Tools" of the trade!

Bought this at a sale this summer...only $2!

Sittin' pretty!

I love to use old chairs in the garden!    

Cup O' Garden Tea

I turned my birdbath into a planter this year. I think the birdies will enjoy their cup of tea, don't you?!  

Cozy Corner

These are pictures of a little area I have in the corner of my garden. I don't know about you, but I love to hear what a great deal people get on their fun finds (Maybe it's the cheapskate/junker in...

"Cream" of the crop!

I took an old gas cap that I had and used Gorilla Glue to attach it to the top of an old spindle. I added a vintage creamer on top (Because I can ALWAYS find room room for more old dishes!). I added...

Ohhhhh Say Can You See.....

I needed some quick gifts for a 4th of July party I was attending. I dug through our recycling (Luckliy, the garbage man doesn't come until Thursday) for some jars. I cleaned them and scrubbed off...

Everything's coming up roses...

These pictures are of displays I have in my kitchen. As you can see, I am a sucker for anything with roses! All of these shelves were bought at garage sales or the swap meet for under $5 (Even my...

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Re: Garden Gate Valance

I lOVE this idea and may just have to steal it from you!!:)

Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

What a clever idea! LOVE IT!

Re: A Holiday Show-Stopper for Sheri


Re: Happy Accidents

Love your creativity! Wish I lived closer so I could come visit your store!!

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

I LOVE these! What talent and creativity!

Re: World Globe Turned Pumpkin

So creative! What a GREAT idea!!

Re: Junk Style Living

So cozy and charming. Love it!

Re: Gardening bench upcycled from old twin Headboard

VERY cute!!

Re: "Tools" of the trade!

Thanks everyone! This was the color (inside and out) when I bought it. I've found some more old tools at garage sales since taking this picture that I've placed next to it. I found an old hand drill handle (I think that's what it's called!) and the guy ran up to me as I was packing my finds into the car and asked me if I wanted the drill bits that went with it. I told him, "No thanks, it's going in the garden." He about died!

Re: Everything's coming up roses...

Denise~I used a spray paint from our hardware store but don't remember the name or brand as it's been a few years back. I think I may still have a can tucked away in the garage so will post the name if I find it among all of the other "stuff"! Thanks for the compliments, ladies :).

Re: Ohhhhh Say Can You See.....

The sight was called I think they suggested a download of 5-10 and then asked that you subscribe (But I didn't read the fine print too well as I was in a hurry to get them made!:) Thanks for the compliments; they were so fun and easy to make and I'll probably make some for other holidays (And keep some for myself this time!). I live in Seattle so come over any time and I'll give you one:)!

Re: Trash to treasure

Simply darling! I love the colors, too. What a cute idea!