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new use for vintage pokerchips

I make collage vintage jewlery, I found these vintage pokerchips at a thriftstore for about .59 cents. My Daughter Sahvanna was with me and she came up with the idea of reusing them into my jewlery...

My version of teacup chandelier

I painted it white and added china plates and clear cups. the way the cups are designed the tealights  will shimmer when lit.

what to do with cute old purses, flowers, and ribbon

I found these cute purses at my Favorite thrift store. and new I had to pretty them up for my booth in fall colors. in the picture you can see my table I made from an old window. and My couch that I...

My Shabby tea light

I bought this for $1.00 at a thrift store. it was a brassy color. I painted it pink and glued my puch bowl glasses (I never use the punch bowl) onto it and added tealights. I put this...

old wood window made into a message board

I had an old window that did not have the glass in it so I cut a piece of board to fit it and covered the board with batting, mateial, and ribbon. I love the colors.

what do you do with wine glasses, silver platters, grapes, and gorilla superglue?

I added sticky saran wrap to the bottom(top) of the glasses after putting the grapes inside. then I spay painted silver glitter to the silver platters. and supper glued them together with gorilla...

old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

Just had to get these two together and join them forever......... I left the baggage tags on the suitcase to give it more character!

More great finds

I got all of this at the habbitat store (which I LOVE) for $12.00 I decided to rent more space at the giftshop that I have my jewlery in. and junk it up.  these will all go in it one way or the...

And she is done! well for the painting she is

Here it is All painted up ready for my Kitchen. and its RED!! I love the way it turned out. I made it easy by painting the whole thing one color:) now I need to find the rubber that goes on the...

My awsome find

I got this old cosco step chair at the habbitat store for a buck. dont you just love the rust:) the back is missing, but for a buck it can be overlooked. Paint here we come......hummmmmmm what...

hanging up pictures

I purchased a bundle of wood hangers, painted them off white(antique white) scruffed them up, I glued to sheets of tissue paper together for strength, and glued the paper to the back of the hanger...

should I paint it pink?

I found this old army field desk at a tool sale........... and I also have one that does not have the table attached to it, I want to paint that one pink and leave the rusty metal natural...

Recent comments

Re: Potting Table

this is awsome. very talented hubby. thanks for sharing.

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

I will never look at a grill in the same way. Love this. who would have thought.....think outside the box on free curbside duh.
thanks for sharing.

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

Love the Apron. I also make aprons but not from grain sacks. LOVE the look. thanks for sharing.

Re: new use for vintage pokerchips

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback. will be on the look out for these babys now. So fun to make to.
thanks again

Re: Painted Side Table

What a great design on this table you are so talented. Always wished I could paint.(well I can in stripes) you do wonderful work. good luck on the craft show>

Re: I'm all out of tissues...

I agree with Gailmarie, would look great with some light under it. but it is pretty with flowers also. so creative.


I would love to feel like a princess under this canopy. beautiful job.

Re: Mosaic Table

Love the look and the Idea. you have a good eye on spying the right table for the job.

Re: what to do with cute old purses, flowers, and ribbon

Thank you all for the fabric painting info. maybe a project for this winter.

Re: My version of teacup chandelier

Thank you Ladies for all the nice words. I really enjoyed makeing it.

Re: Infant's Chiffarobe turned Primitive Pie Safe

Love the repurpose Ideas you is sweet as pie

Re: Trundling Along

Love this. you did a wonderful job with creativity and style. love the webbing addition.

Re: My Shabby tea light

Thanks everyone. I have resized my photos using the paint program (great info. by the way) and still I can only get some of my photos to download onto the site.?? Maybe I will have to retake pics and start the process all over on the resizing. will let you know which ones it works with.
again thanks all.

Re: Not your ordinary gun cabinet

Love the post. neat idea for old gun cabinet. and I love white paint

Re: Window of Roses

This is Beautiful. love the roses. and such a great window to add them too

Re: Can you believe these things were FREE?

These are awsome finds.......... love them all. I would turn the mirror into an entry bench, love the look.
What a lucky girl!

Re: 1950's Sewing machine & cabinet

I love the colors, It is beautiful.

Re: what do you do with wine glasses, silver platters, grapes, and gorilla superglue?

I am glad you got your fingers unstuck....... I love your website. you are so creative and make it look very elegant. thanks for your nice comments everyone.
I love looking at everyones old new stuff.

Re: Trophy Coat Rack

I agree with MB. geat job on the creativity

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

Love the look of the added living space. You added charm and beauty. love love love it.

Re: Friday's Trash Finds

Love the find.. great looking lamp:) cant wait to see what you do with it.

Re: From garden chandelier!

Nice job turned out great. love the added votive holders
you do such creative work.

Re: Brassy Broad Lights up my life!

OOOH I so love the new look that brassy broad gives you.


It is very beautiful Janis. You have such a nack for creating the elegant look out of junk. and you are such an inspiration to us all. Tahnks Robin

Re: Bird Perch 2 Tiered Server

Very nice love the bird addition. looks beautiful.

Re: old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

Thankyou all for the nice feed back. I will put this one in the little booth spot I have and see if it sells. thought I would ask $49.99 for it.. does that seem like a reasonable

Re: Junky Sconce

this is awasome. love the married look of it altoghter. really like the crystal on the bottom:)

Re: Bird Totem

I agree with Sue. this is adorable. love it

Re: Hess Truck Toy Tire Earrings!

this is so fun and unusual.... they are adorable. great job pulling these all together and making them look so beautiful and fun.

Re: Barn Salvage Project

I have always wanted an old barn to tear down and enjoy the benefits.......... all the wood. You are a luck girl.....enjoy and do post pics while dissassembaling the barn

Re: makayla room

Love the look. especially the color. She is a very lucky girl to have a GGramma that is so creative:)