Rachel Knoblich, Sioux Falls

I am a mom of 5 boys ages 14, 12, 7, 6 and 1. I have been married for 14 years to my husband Bryan who is a professional Scouter for the Boy Scouts of America. I mostly stay at home, but rent a booth where I sell shabby chic, primitive, retro, vintage and cottage style decor. I also do once a month flea markets at our fairgrounds. I have started making a line of my own creations called Vintage Vae-Elle Designs. I make jewelry out of junk and take vintage pieces and repurpose them. I make stuffed animals and dolls. I also make journals and embellish jean jackets. I love redoing and repurposing junk. I am an addicted thrift store junkie! I love people and I love Jesus. I am active in my church where I have been a youth leader/sponser, nursery worker and a social director (couples nights-Christmas parties). Im busy with my 5 boys (my most important job), and I have one son with autism. I love life and I love to create. I am excited to make friends who are as passionate about junkin and repurposing as I am. I also have cordinated a junk swap through the boards collecting info. and matching partners. I hope to continue this effort. Happy junkin all!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/18/1976

Member Since: 08/19/2008

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Boys room makeover

Spent the weekend decorating Hayden and Westin's room. The Inpiration: a 1950's blonde desk with a laminated map on top. I've been collecting globes, game boards, and map pictures...We also found a...

This year's junk pumpkins!

Every year we decorate our pumpkins with junk.  This year I am showing you two that I made.  My friends and I decided that the first one looks like a shrunkin head.  The second one is...

Vintage Hat Easter Basket

I signed up for an Easter Basket Swap and wanted to have something unique.  I had a vintage hat with pink daisies.  I added a wire handle and then wrapped it in vintage seam bindingnbsp...

Shabby French Book Page Shelf

I found this awsome scrolly cabinet yesterday.  It was an ugly orange color, but I knew with a little attention and elbow grease that I could make it over.  I started by painting it...

Bathroom Junk

I like using junk everywhere, so why not my bathroom.  I found a few old chippy heat vents (the frame) part and I knew that they would be great to frame things out.  At the same place I...

Adding some fun "junky" decor

I am tired of winter and Christmas decor, so it's time to start shopping in my garage and pull out some fun "junky" decor.  The first picture is in my living room.  Look at the grungy...

Crumpled Book Paper Wreath

I have seen so many pretty paper wreaths out in blog land.  I like them, but they look so complicated...and look to take so much time.  Come on!  I have 5 boys and limited time, so I...

Burlap Halloween Junk Wreath

This wreath was made from junk.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover

I've been decluttering my bedroom and switching things up due to boredom.  I had 2 doors I wanted to use to make a headboard of sorts.  This is what I came up with.  Some day in the...

Altered Mannequin w/ Handmade Jewelry

I've been busy creating again.  I love dress forms and mannequins and they just seem to flock to me.  I have a garage full of mannequins right now, so I decided to alter one.  I...

70's duvet cover

I'm always picking up vintage sheets at the thrift stores.  I have so many of them that I don't know what to do with them.  I've had the same duvet cover for about 5 years (and still love...

True "junk" jewelry

This is some fun junk pendant!  I used a vintage canning lid top and applied a vintage 70's wallpaper to the center.  I then used a resin type topcoat to seal it and make a sort of 3D...

New Booth Photos

I spent 6 hours yesterday revamping my booth. The owners of the store put a wall in my booth, so I went and painted the wall before the store opened. I spent the rest of the day taking my booth apart...

Another Altered Dress Form

I found this wonderful dress form really cheap. It was in 4 pieces. I wired her back together and put a coat of white paint on her. Then I paper mached clothes patterns, book pages and sheet music on...

Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

When I did the flea market a couple weeks ago I found this cardboard mannequin torso. She was old and falling apart, but she was only $6. I figured that I could do something fun with her so she would...

A Magical Garden Party Charity Tablescape event

I was invited to host a table in a charity event in our town this weekend.  I did a "Magical Garden Party" theme.  I used mix and match china, pretty linens, garden junk, a chalkware lamp...

Junk Swap Project

My junk swap was with suewannabeinkc.  She sent me some fun stuff.  I have a charity brunch event this weekend and decided to use the mini springs she sent me for napkin holders.  I...

Formula Cans Into Easter Baskets

I have a huge collection of formula cans under my sink and I knew they would make cute little Easter baskets. I washed the inside out and then took off the label. I cut out burlap and hot glued it to...

Junk Linens turned Aprons

I decided to buy myself a sewing machine and teach myself how to sew.  I've been sewing by hand since highschool and figured it was time to tackle the machine!  The first apron was made...

My newly designed booth pictures

I took 3 hours this past Monday to redo my booth space here in Sioux Falls, SD.  I had so much fun revamping it.  I have 2 doors (white and chippy of course!) to block off my booth from the...

Chippy Cottage Charm will be at Benson Flea Market (Sioux Falls, SD)

Come visit Chippy Cottage Charm (crazymomluvsjunk) at the Benson Flea Market in Sioux Falls, SD.  It is at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds inside.  The flea market is open Sat. Feb. 6th from 9...

Fun Christmas Display

A fun little Christmas display at the shop where I have a booth.  I love taking out of the box things that aren't neccessarily Christmas and using them. 

My "Out of the box" wreath

I wanted a wreath that would  be out of the box and a little different.  I started with a piece of garden fence.  It was cut down to only the scalloped part.  It was then formed...


I had lots of fun making these pumpkins last night.  The big white grinning one came from a broken piece on a watering can.  I was going to throw it away, and it dawned on me that I could...

Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

The Benson Flea Market in Sioux Falls is a fun time to buy and sell.  I occasionally rent a booth and set up to get my name out there.  This past weekend was the first time I had a full...

A shabby chic lamp makeover

This was a free lamp given to me by the guy I rent my booth space from.  He knows I like to make things over.  I painted the whole lamp out white.  I tore the outdated fabric from the...

Recent comments

Re: Shopping cart table

This guy is from my town and he is awesome! He makes some great stuff!

Re: Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

It is beautiful, I really love it. I agree you should give a tour of more of your home. It is lovely!

Re: REMINDER! Times All Most Up! JUNK Swap.....2013 Edition!

Please tell me I'm not to late, I would be so bummed since I started this years ago! lol

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

Could you put that in my stocking Santa? Another wonderful project! Nice!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Doilies

I love to find a window with four panes!

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

I love it! You have such great style! Keep up the awesome ideas!

Re: I decorate "My Buggy Wheel at Night"

Robyn...great idea...check out my wreath I just shared online. See you Dec 4th...been busy making stuff for the show!

Re: Burlap Halloween Junk Wreath

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your comments. It makes my day! Keep junkin' on!

Re: Fun with Shutters

I knew those were yours Bill before I clicked on it to find out who it was. Those look neat. Great job. I've been working all weekend on stuff for JunkFest next Saturday. Beat tired and achy muscles!

Re: Photos from the "JUNK FEST AT THE NEST"

Oh my gosh...that's my son Ashton in the bottom picture and we took that kitty home! We named her Robyn after that famous lady who started Junk Fest In The Nest! Can't wait for October...come out if you can because we always have lots of fun junk to sell you!

Re: Altered Mannequin w/ Handmade Jewelry

Bluebucket-I just have been lucky lately with finding dress forms and mannequins. If you are interested I could sell one to you + shipping if you really are interested. Let me know. Email me at

Re: Kitchen "Door Knob" Apron Hanger

I really like that! Great way to show your faith too!

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

What a great idea....if only I could keep plants alive!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

It's so pretty with all those mirrors! There's no reason for anything to be put in the trash anymore! I love what you did with it. Great idea and yeah to your husband!

Re: my painted pillows

I love that's beautiful! You do a wonderful job!

Re: Kim's Coat Rack with Porcelin Door Knobs

Hey...I'm a fellow junker from Sioux Falls too! Love this coat rack. Now you can make one for me! LOL Great job!

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

That is so funny! I just got my junk swap box today and I got chippy green springs. I was thinking of putting flowers into them for my tablescape next weekend for a charity event. You are so talented Lani!

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

I like your are very creative!

Re: Cutlery Crosses

Love your Christian themed projects! Awesome!

Re: Bottles and a basket turned into a beaming lamp…

That is awesome! I love it, love it, love it!

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

Thanks everyone for the nice booth is at Cliff Ave Flea Vendors on 3515 North Cliff Ave. I also do the Benson Flea Market.
I will try to get a tutorial up soon on the garland since a couple people asked.

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I better be in too, eh? Count me in! Thanks Sue!

Re: Door turned desk

I love's awesome. I have wanted to make a table for my dining room out of a the legs on this. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Curbside score, now what?

If they have layers of chippy paint I would leave them! You can still use them as plant stands outside...they are wonderful as they are!

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

Love this so much! Awesome! Awesome...did I say Awesome? LOL

Re: Family Jewles

Alice...I use those little silver trays too to make necklaces...aren't they the best! I have also used vintage aluminum childrens plates (play sets), and they are fun too! Chunky necklaces are in this year on the fashion scene!


Another idea...if you don't have the rub on letters you could glue anagram letters (old game pieces) or scrabble pieces! You could also print them out on your computer...type in scary free fonts and there are some awesome ones out there!

Re: A night at the doll cemetary...

Last Christmas I had a small pink tree at my booth where I sell. I hung doll arms and legs from pink ric rac and put a doll head as the topper. The lady working thought I was crazy, but I sold the "ornaments" and "topper" right away. I collect doll heads and old scary looking dolls. Freaks my poor kids out...but I love it!

Re: fencing in the platters

I'm loving this idea. I might take some wood and do that same trick and hang it on the wall. Cool!

Re: Inspiration....

I have one like that and I put white lights inside her and white clothes and it's like a lamp. I love it. Best part is I bought mine for $10 at a garage sale. Can't beat that!

Re: Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

Here is a website you will enjoy...

There is a lady who started a non-profit to make over shelters and things like that. It's a great thing! Keep up the good work!

Re: Chalkboard Room Divider

This is so awesome! Love it!

Re: Another Large Chalkboard Project

I just made one that is almost 5 feet tall. It had an awesome ornate shabby chic frame that I painted out white and distressed. The print was ugly and I just painted the chalkboard paint right over it! I love chalkboards and they sell well in my space that I rent.

Re: Adirondack from salvage

What an awesome of a kind and absolutely wonderful. Great job!

Re: Quick simple fix

Mimitoria...I actually use the cardboard that's already in a picture frame. This Monday I bought an ugly old home interior picture from the 70's. It had a cardboard picture of sunflowers, but the frame was awesome. I just used chalkboard paint and painted it right over the picture and reattached it to the frame when done. I painted the frame white and distressed it and sealed it with Briwax. The wax takes the brightness of the white down. It is so cute and headed to my booth tomorrow.

Re: Antique Sale FUN!!

You know I love it! Wish I could be there in person to see it!

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

This is a really neat project...I'm loving it! What a creative mind you have! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

I enjoyed the segment also...left me wanting more. My book also came in the mail today, so it was a double good day! Keep up the great work!

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Very pretty...all of them. They all look great! Can't wait for spring to really get here!

Re: Crib planter

I love all your ideas...I do up my front yard with stuff like you. I drug home a pink iron headboard/footboard and my husband was like, "you're not putting that in the yard!" Yeah right! It was so cute and everybody loved it. Thanks for the inspirational ideas!

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

What an awesome project. Who knew you could make something so awesome with something like that. I am so jealous. I would love to have that in my yard. Very creative!

Re: random wooden pieces

How about painting them out (or leave them) and take some old hooks and put them on. They would make unique coat hangers. You could do it with them both and hang them side by side on your wall. Nice statement and organizational peice.

Re: random wooden pieces

How about painting them out (or leave them) and take some old hooks and put them on. They would make unique coat hangers. You could do it with them both and hang them side by side on your wall. Nice statement and organizational peice.

Re: The Garden Room - (Part 2)...details, details, details...

I'm so in love with it. I miss having a front porch/garden room like that. Thanks for the inspiration! Can't say enough...LOVE IT!

Re: Cast Off Pedestals

These are so pretty. I love the idea so much!

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

What a beautiful way to wrap up your gifts. These are so pretty! Great idea!

Re: Christmas Lamp

I like your style...very unique and funky!

Re: My Whimsy

It really does look like a wedding cake piece. I love it. What a cute idea!

Re: Shutter light fixture

We will be remodeling our bathroom and I think I will be doing this project...ok, more like my husband! Thanks for the great idea!

Re: I'm done with holiday decorating...

Love the ideas! You always have great things to share!


Now that is one barktacular collar! Such a neat idea. Great job!

Re: Don't throw out those old cribs!

My husband took an old crib and made it into a toddler bed. He painted it white and left the decal. It turned out very cute!

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I love this idea! I would love to see your whole house. I bet it's wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration!

Re: Shuttered shelf

I love all your projects! Everything is so great! Keep up the great work!


Oops...sorry...posted twice! LOL


It looks good on you Georgia! You stylish woman! Those gold tarnished coins are in plenty here. My friend sent me some and I asked her to get me some more. She sent me 108 of them.(They came from Hunt and Gather in the cities!) So, I'll be making necklaces for awhile. I love taking junk and making fun and unique jewelry. I've sold a few pieces at church...they are the ones that got me going on making jewelry. I made my own and they liked it and asked me to make some and sell them at church. A side business...that I may never have started without their encouragement! Thanks for being a great friend and inspiration Georgia!

Re: Picket Fence mirror/shelf

Georgia...Georgia...I just bought a mirror like that yesterday. Now I have a new project for the hubby. I have a wall of mirrors in my I need to find some picket fence and attach the mirror and add it to the wall. Thanks for the idea. I might just have to send you another piece of jewelry...Rachel Knoblich

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

This idea is really good. Wouldn't be surprised if you win. Love it!

Re: Another Cheese Grater are too funny! Love it...but I don't have much of a garden to use one of those! Maybe someday? Good job...loving it!