lori bennett, Glenwood Springs, CO, US

Colorado born vintage cowgirl items and have a vast collection of old cowgirl and cowboy. I love auctions and the dump. I love trash days where I can cruise the streets looking for dumpster treasures. I have always collected and can remember making funky things for my bedroom at an early age. I love to decorate. I love horses. I love my dogs and my husband Pete. We ranch in Colorado and Wyoming.

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Birthday: 11/20/1957

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Re: Junk Gyspy meets Cowgirl Chic

Hee Haw...Colorado cowgirl says whoa daddy..that's some cool you swap...let me know I have a ranch in Colorado and Wyoming and I have some cool stuff...old wyoming license halters...cowboy gear...


Can you tell me if they are just old suitcases stuck together.I have several in a room like that but i never thought of sticking them together and the white wash..cooool find baby..


I think it is cute...we have some great thrift stores..but here in the Aspen Colorado area they think their junk is worth a lot of money...we have an auction here every month at the fairgrounds and everyone brings their junk to it is a great way to collect..I am taking several containers of my junk today...

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

I am totally in for this, I have a Colorado Ranch full of stuff..count me in..Lori

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

I am not sure I am signed up yet..

Re: my fish chair

those are so cute, I love chairs too and have a ton in my barn. I agree, set them out and get them sold you have a talent and should make some money at it...

Re: Window

cool ideas girl...I read where your looking for burlap sacks. I have a one hundred year old ranch in Big Piney Wyoming where I dig for treasures when I go there. I found fifty or more in a box. They are very unique, with horses, people, wagons, very colorful, very Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, as that is the names on most of them. I would sell you some if you would like for five dollars plus shipping which would be cheap as I could just ship them. I believe you will adore them and you can write me a my name is Lori I run a business here in Colorado called the Gypsy Chix...funky finds redone to fine furniture...and I can't use all of them...would like to get rid of some...if you would like a couple..lori

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

Wow that is soooooooooooo cool...will try it at my ranch here in Colorado...I love it...great work

Re: Anitque wood window signs

I love your signs..your so creative..will you share how you did my granddaughters name is Audrey~ her father adores Audrey Hepburn so we get her lot's of things that are like what you have done..would so appreciate the hints..thank you and wonderful work... email me at this address...lori at cowgirl