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Gardener, Junker, and Crafter seeks fellowship with like-minded (or not-so-like minded) people to discuss gardening, crafting, and what-not. Boring people need not apply. I wrote this in a social networking site 15 years ago and it really hasnt changed any in that time. I love to combine junking with gardening and crafting and since I retired, I can now contribute more time to my art. Yay!

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Birthday: 02/12/1958

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Metal Cafe Chair Planter

Metal cafe chair planter

Beach Driftwood Jewelry Hangar

Beach Driftwood Jewelry Hangar

Terracotta Moss Garden

A 'recycled' terracotta pedestal container gains new life as a moss garden.

Recent comments

Re: Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawers Twin Wall Organizers

These are gorgeous! How did you steel yourself to be able to cut wooden drawers in half, though? I don't think I would be that brave!

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

Brian: Where did you pick up your clips for the plates? I collect vintage clipboards (office paraphernalia, actually) and wouldn't want to destroy them.

Re: Dining Room Chair Slip Covers

This is a clever idea! I would be too intimidated to tackle a "re-upholstery" job but this looks fairly simple. Nice touch with the monogram.

Re: Trunk Table

I've been collecting vintage suitcases to do this very same thing. I have had a hard time deciding where to get legs. This gives me more ideas! Great job (and great look!)


Re: I Need Your Feedback

1. Would you do a junk wedding for yourself or your daughter or daughter-in-law to be? I would do one for myself and my daughters would be willing. I'm finding that junking and steampunk are following closely together and steampunk is becoming very big with young adults (or I know a WHOLE bunch of nerds!) 2. Would you do the wedding with junk from head to toe or would you be more likely to add vintage elements on a more limited scale? It would be head to toe. A recycled, repurposed wedding speaks volumes about one's lifestyle. 3. What's more important, saving money or doing it yourself and having something handmade to remember it by? I don't feel these are mutually exclusive. Saving money is important. Having something to remember the day is mandatory. 4. Assuming not everyone can do the whole wedding themselves, which projects would be highest on your list to do a la junk beautiful--invites, reception, wedding items such as jewelery, dress, bouquet, shoes....? Shoes and jewelry would be the simplest projects to understake. Many brides already do a funky shoe for photos, like a tennis shoe or flip flop decorated to the max. Invites would set the theme for the wedding and could contain a statement that gifts should be a recycled or repurposed item. But the reception? This is where a junker could really shine! Whether mixing elegant food with vintage, mixed serving/eating items or decorating with tiny terrariums made in old, clear lightbulbs, the reception could be a wonder of discovery for everyone.

Re: Trash to Chic

What a beautiful painting job! This piece really pops. Congratulations on a job well done!

Re: Happy Autumn

We are not always so wonderfully rewarded for leaving things out to rust in the weather! Aren't we all lucky that people don't always take care of their stuff and we are able to snatch them up and make them useful again. Great display, Mr. Junk Architect!

Re: "Spring" flowers Light up my day!

Awesome! I've got 5 pieces of old furniture that had springs. They've just been sitting around in the barn waiting to be transformed. This is a great start!

Re: Dockboard table

Recycling at its very best! You rock!