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Ive been an avid recycler for years and now its actually in vogue! My girlfriends and I have recently taken to dumpster diving and I LOVE the junk high you get from it, not to mention the treasures! Sue and Ki have always been my heros, and I traveled to their awesome shop a few years back.

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Belt Chair

I got the chair at a thrift shop and it was bare wood, all I had to do was rub some paste wax on it.  Then I had quite a few old leather belts but needed to purchase more for $1.00 each ( I...

Cool Christmas Cat

Simon, sporting the ball fringe collar, sewed onto a kelly green animal print ribbon, with a mitten clip closure, and coke keychain bling!  

Find the Junk in this photo!

For christmas decorations this year I pulled out some Deer Vases  and snipped some greens, added the stockings made from a tattered heirloom quilt, and  some junk.  I have been finding...

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Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

Very cool! and nice to see that the last necklace is on Loose! Someone can use it as a reminder not to get to tense!

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Ahh Jimbo-I think Sue has them all!
Sue, this is awesome! It actually looks like something that Jim would make!


Re: to the virgins to make much of time

So sorry about your pet, but I know it was very much loved by your compassionate keepsake. they are very special.

Re: Box Spring Re-Do

I love this, I use old books for decorating all the time I love the aged page look. Beautiful vignette!

Re: Rusty Sprocket End Table

I love it too! It's awesome and very inspiring...I've got a stool and have been looking for something round to make the table top...Where do you find your rusty sprockets?

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

Beautiful, as always, and no I don't have any idea what they are. But I do know that a twofer is a northern word, yaaah for sure!

Re: japanese parasols

Those are the kinds of things I'll get rid of, then realize I made a mistake. So if you really love them, pack them away until maybe Easter or a special party like a baby shower and use them in seasonal decorating. If you have a covered porch they would be pretty hanging upside down in the summer. I say keep them!

Re: East meets Midwest

Beautiful work!

Re: Junk Lamp

Very nice! What kind of glue did you use? Do you have a favorite for glueing glass to glass? I have some dishes that I wanted to stack and glue, but your project is the icing on the cake!

Re: Love this bottle!

Very cool. That would be a great cake topper!

Re: Industrial meets Romance

Please take pictures of the shower! You have great idea's!

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

I love you sell it any place?


Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Very Sweet. I like it too!

Re: My Flea JunkMarket Jerry Garcia and who knows?

I'm a deadhead from my Colorado days. What a nice tribute. I love the whole concept.

Re: How to Make a Quiche Pan Frame

Great idea Sue, and she looks just like her mom!

Re: Memory Lamp

The more I read everyone's idea's the less I get rid of things. I'm giving my nieces treasure's that they collect for Christmas this year. I think this will be a very memorable gift for your niece. Char

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.

I love the way you think! This would be great hovering in space. To the moon and beyond ultrajunk!

Re: Find the Junk in this photo!

In response to Nutbird: No, I didn't make the baby ball, a friends mother did. I love it because it's made from old wool castoffs, and it's a great place to stash my bookmarks! The mirror was a garage sale coo. It was a picture frame.

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

Looks like a table base. Love this idea!

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You have such a distinct style, very stylized! Love it.

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

AWESOME! I LOVE IT...............CHAR

Re: Vintage Skis

After Christmas my vintage Ski's, skates etc come out for decorating. Last year at Christmas I had 2 big baskets of fresh greenery by my front door and in Jan. I stuck a ski and pole in each. If I display them inside I wrap a leather shoe lace around the middle and hang them in an x over the sofa, or prop them in a corner.

Let us all know what you decide!


Re: A Little Mood Lighting

I made some of those candle holders (did you know that was a ki & Sue project?) Anyways, in the mean time I just use the shades for fruit bowls and nuts etc all around the house. They make beautiful bowls.


Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

I love the stand! Another idea for you ...the holes would be a great place for placing gourds and small pumpkins on your porch in a fall display with mums around the base.


Re: Reel Good Table

My son is a Jr. in HS and is taking digital media classes at the career center1/2 days. I've already started planning his graduation party with a night at the movie's theme, hay bales in the back yard and his movie projects projected onto the back of the garage, and popcorn and movie candy. I will have to keep an eye out for reels to add to the theme (I have 2 years!). And they will look great in his bedroom.
Thanks Sue-you are such an inspiration!