Otsego, MN, US

I have a passion for decorating, collecting and repurposing all things chippy, rusty and crusty, hence, the name of my little business Chipping with Charm. I sell a little bit of this and that. Basically whatever I can get my hands on to embellish with crystals, chippy hardware or old keys. At the moment I am loving projects with sheet music and old book pages, but really nothing is off limits once an idea hits. I think pretty soon my sweet husband is going to put a lock on the garage door before another one of his rusty hinges or old tools gets a new life as a flower or picture holder. What can I say? I just cant stop myself!

I have the joy of selling my wares here and there as well as the honor of sharing my ideas as a Contributor on JUNKMARKET Style.

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Collected Junk Office Space...

Layers of fun finds turn a wasted corner of my Great Room in to a handy open office space...

Hardware Butterflies

From the moment I saw these little mystery hardware pieces, I couldn't resist giving them "new lives" as butterflies...

"Springing" for the Wine...

Need a fun way to present the wine ? Or how about a gift for the "Hostess with the Most-est"...

My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

I've started switching things up inside for is coming, isn't it??

"Hinge-on" to another really simple idea...

Lots of hinges, tons of pictures...put them together and what do ya get???

Christmas in a Can-ister...

Adding a little "Christmas" to these glass thrift store canisters...

Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Don't you just love it when 2 things come together to make something so "right" that it must be "meant to be"??

SUNshine...pretty please...

My Spring mantel was literally begging for some sunshine. The best part worked :)

Chippy Tote to Fairy Garden Centerpiece...

A whimsical centerpiece using things I had on hand...

"Sweet" Spring Wreath...

Just a "dash" of Spring cuteness for my front door.

Junk for Entertaining...

I found these chippy wooden rings at a recent junk show and I knew just what I would do with them...

Kraut Cutter to Memo Station...

When I saw this kraut cutter at the Country Junk Sale, I knew right away what it was "meant to be" for me...

Dressing up my Dresser...

I'm on a mission to organize and beautify all of my "functional" spaces...


I have been having fun cozy-ing up with some "junk" on my deck...almost ready for entertaining this summer :)

A "Simply Cozy" winter Mantel...

OK, I have a little trouble with "simple" here...but cozy, I get :)

A Chippy Welcome...

Our light fixure by the front door has always been a dilema...low ceilings mean no fun/fancy light fixture.  When I saw this rusty, crusty basket at the French Flea...I knew just what I would do...

Stacked Pallet "Perch"...

I know we're late to the "party"...but we did out first project with pallets. Come see :)

Ugly Entry Closet to Mini "Mud Room"

This closet in my little entry went from coat storage to cluttered pantry to the new and improved mini mudroom that I have always dreamed of...

O Stove Grate Christmas Trees...

Everybody loves a good challenge right? Here's what I came up with for these unique stove grates and burners...

Shelf Sweet Shelf...

I had this vintage doll house hiding in the basement. I recently brought it out of "hiding" and gave it a new life as a shelf...

Another Ball Jar Idea...

Meet my newest friends...Mason, Presto and Snow"Ball"...

Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

I love Sue's "challenge"...and I already have a little Ball jar project ready to share...

Time for the Fall Country Junk Sale...

...and once again I have a little "peek" around at the GREAT junk waiting for you.

Another Drawer Shelf...and a coffee station gone crazy...

"Snowball Effect" decorating...been there??

Kitchen Drawer to Chalkboard Shelf...

From displaced kitchen drawer to chalkboard/wall shelf...another easy re-purpose at our house.

"Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

Here's another simple idea for turning and old spool into a spinning spice rack for my kitchen.

From Metal Tote to Console Table...

The many lives of Fred Peterson's tool a console table.

From Old Spool to Ottoman...

...the perfect addition to our outdoor seating area.

A "Little Man Cave"...

We used some old pallet racking to create a lofted bed for our "Little Man"...

The Country Junk Sale...June 21 and 22nd, 2013

It's that time again...time for my favorite "junk in the rough" sale of the year :)

Old Drawers to End Tables...

I had a few old drawers "waiting" for me in the shed. I finally put them to good use...

Old Ladder Wrap and Paper Station...

Getting things I have on hand to make life easier...and prettier :)

"Eye Candy"...

Vintage candy display turned "sweet" ribbon storage...

My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

When I was a little girl I had dreams of a canopy bed...I finally got my wish, with a grown up junky twist...

Put Your Feet crate ottoman

OK, I admit I "cheated" a little bit on this one, but now I have options...and a place to put our feet up.

Old Metal Ladder Turned Into a Storage Rack

We were in need of some hooks and storage in my sons room...this old metal ladder came to the rescue ;)

Shoe Form Window Treatment

Another whimsical window treatment...combining collected junk and special family photos...

"Playing" with a Mailbox...

A quick and easy place to stash our stuff for outdoor fun :)

Paint Stir-er Flower...

Still "stirring" things up outside...

The Country Junk Sale...June 15th and 16th, 2012

Here is your "official" Junk Market Style Sneak Peek for the Spring Country Junk Sale in Monticello, MN...

O.K. for Cups...

A slick little solution for storing all those little coffee cups...

Rusty Little Shoes

Ahhh, shoes and vintage jewelry...2 of my favorite things...

JMS Contributor, Laurel Putman Will Grace the Halls of JUNKMARKET Under Glass "March Madness"!

I am always looking for fun and unique ways to display my photos, how about you?

Metal Ruler "Pin Board"

I love "online pin boards"...but do you ever want to rip something out of a magazine or catalog and hang it on your wall like the "old days"?

Small Kitchen Organization...

Thinking outside of the "Recipe Box" for taming kitchen clutter...

Bike Rim Wreath

Another "spin" on the wreath idea...

Do you see what I see?

My "score" at the thrift store...

Counting down...The Fall Country Junk Sale

Larry and Cindy are hard at it getting ready for the sale. I stopped over last night to help out and couldn't believe my eyes. Here's a little "Sneak Peek"...

Clean Sweep???

An unlikely addition to my fall tablescape...

JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

We're all busy, busy getting ready for the upcoming JunkMarket Glass fall event. I'll be doing a booth with 2 of my favorite junkin' friends...let me show you what they've been up to...

Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

OK, this is a combo post. My (Sue) commentary combined with Laurel Putman's creativity and charm. Meat fork plant stakes??? Call her crazy... I don't think so! These types of delightful projects are Laurel's claim to fame and she will be sharing all of her charm with you at JUNKMARET Under Glass "Fall Edtion on September 7, 8, 9, and 10. Come and be charmed by JMS contributor Laurel Putman of Chipping with Charm! Read more about her "From Steaks to Stakes" post...

Old Screen Memo/Photo Wall...

I was looking for a little inspiration and organization in my office...

Another Simple Spring Wreath

Is it just me, or is everything round starting to look like a wreath these days?

Seeing Angels...

Well, if you didn't already think I was "out-there" by the things I put probably will after this post :)

"Cush" Job...

These old cork jar tops like their new "cushy" job as pretty little pin cushions.

"Springy" Flowers...

Dreaming of Spring...hope these "springy" flowers will help tide me over...

Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

I've been slowing changing out the "new" and replacing it with "old" junky character...

Warm Wishes from the Putman's

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas celebration at home this year. Lot's of snow and tons of fun...

"Handy" Wreath Hooks

These chippy old handrail brackets make handy hooks for a couple of wreaths. Don't you think?

Meant For Me???

So I've been carting this guy all over the place...and now he's finally found a "home" in my home...

Candlestick Finials

The "marriage" of 2 thrift store items that seem to be multiplying in my junk stash makes a pretty little "set about".

"Treats" For My Windows...

Thinking outside of the box for window treatments...

All "Dressed" up...

...with no place to go :) I didn't make it to Oronoco this year and so I almost didn't get to share what I would have brought for the Junk Potluck entry...

Bye, Bye Baby...

Well, my "baby" is almost I guess it's time to say goodbye to the "Baby Room"...

Flowers That Never Fade...

I'm always looking for ways to "pretty up" my plants when they stop blooming...sadly at my house they don't last long...

Playing Outside...

After going to the Country Junk Sale on Friday, I couldn't wait to get home to play with my new finds...


There's just something about these "little lovelies" that I just can't get enough of...

"Picture Perfect" Books...

This idea combines two of my favorite things...books and photos...

Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

I have so enjoyed thinking over my stash of goodies from Marie aka "oldnews"...

Late Bloomers...

These old shoe stretchers get a new job and a new look...blooming with vintage bobbles.

Practical-ly Pretty...

It happens every January...right after the "Exercise Bug" wears off, the overwhelming desire to get organized kicks in...

Photo "Opp"...

I love, love, love pictures!!!  I especially love old black and white pictures.  I have always had them in little frames ALL OVER over my home.  In the last couple...

The Halls are Decked...

Well, decorating done, gifts bought, food it's time to sit back and enjoy this wonderful holiday.  I just wanted to wish all my creative friends here at JMS the Merriest Christmas...

And the Stockings Were Hung...

Our Family Room is "Under Construction" but we decided to take a break to decorate for Christmas.  Since I'm not quite ready to hand things on the walls yet, I had to get a little "creative" to...

A "Light Bulb" Moment...

I had one of those "light bulb" moments in my garage the other day when I arrived home from shopping and needed to place to hang my wreaths while I dug around for my keys in my...

Hope Inside...

I'm really trying to stick to the challenge of making my Christmas gifts this's been a lot of fun to get creative digging around in my stash of goodies to find things that I can make...

Potty Talk...

I have a "thing" for old scales...I especially love this one with it's black and white color scheme.  It's been floating around for a while without being particularily useful...who wants to step...

Fall-ing for Junk...

I've so enjoyed all of the fall junk displays...I decided to join in on the fun...

"Mommy Central" with Junky Details...

My son started kindergarten this year and I am amazed at all the paperwork and notes and other necessary info you've got to keep track of.  So I got organized with a few my...

De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

It was "Love at First Sight" when I saw Kathy's award winning light fixture serving piece... I immediatley ran to...

Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

I purchased this hose reel over the weekend from my new friends the Kountry Junkers.  I came right home and asked my welding husband to attach it to this fun base I've been storing for...

A Look at the Bright Side...

Sadly summer is coming to a close...but I've decided to look at the "Bright Side"...we get to enjoy our three season porch for one more season.  We recently redecorated and added a little...

One Happy Junker...

I feel like I just won the "Junkers Lottery"...thought I'd share my joy with some others would would "get it"...long story short, my Mother and Father-in-law found out about an amazing old house and...

Chippy Sconce Redo...

I found these perfectly chippy sconces at a junk sale last year...cleaned out their all the grungy old electrical wires and added candles.  Now they can live a "new life" at my house.

"Jazzy" Radio Light...

I got this old empty radio "shell" at a junk sale a couple of years ago for $1...I had no idea what I would do with it but couldn't pass it up for that price.  I ran across it again when I was...

Sentimental Junk...

I know these projects aren't "super original" but they have special meaning to me so I thought I'd share them...

Little-bit Junky Wedding Table Decorations

My sister Anna was married in June...we put our heads together to come up with "Budget Friendly" decorating ideas for the her Big Day.  It was so much fun...

New Use for an Old Friend...

I get so frusterated by "clutter" on my kitchen counters but I'm an "outta sight, outta mind" kind of girl.  So for a while I just dealt with the unsightly vitamin/medicine containers by the...

Vintage Headboard "Fence"

These iron headboards were our first treasures from our favorite local junk sale.  We were looking for something to frame our boring concrete slab patio.  My husband actually found these...

Mirror Yoke Shelf

This mirror yoke was yet another treasure from my favorite local Junk Sale.  (The Country Junk Sale in Monticello, it!)  We just removed the bottom piece of wood added the...

Old Shipping Crate Flower Boxes

I love the idea of window boxes but my husband doesn't like the idea of drilling holes in the siding.  This project was a good compromise...I purchased 2 of these sectioned shipping crates...

Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

I have been a JMS member for a long time now but I am just now getting the courage to post something.  I guess you could say I am more of a "display-girl" than a "tool-girl" when...

Recent comments

Re: Spindle Ladder

Love this! Great idea :)

Re: Dressing up my Dresser...

Thanks so much Sue and friends!! It is a blessing to be a part of a junk community where kindness and encouragement FLOW! Can't wait to see what everybody is up to in 2015 :) Laurel

Re: Piano Keys Wall Art

This is such a cool and inspiring idea for something that most people would have tossed out! I love that you created something so sweet and sentimental from something literally heading to the dump. And that is why I chose this for my "Member Feature" for 2015 :)
Awesome job Junkernier!

Re: Fab '50s Mini Bar

Very cool!!

Re: Old Washboard Remake

Great idea! Fun and functional :)

Re: Vintage Holiday at Rue 72!

Wonderful decor...that stamp holder tree is amazing!!

Re: From Kid's Bike to Wall Organizer!

So FUN Lani!! So cute and clever :)

Re: Overhauled Vintage Night Stand + Vintage Yardsticks!

Cool, cool, cool! I can see why it sold so fast :)

Re: Reel Plant Holder

So very fun Sue! I LOVE the eggs with the succulents!!

Re: No room for a side table? Use a ladder instead!

So very cool Donna! Your room is dreamy :) Laurel

Re: DIY Garden Urn Turned Coffee Table

Looks lovely! I love that you can see all the treasures inside :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Sears Fence Charge Box Lamp

So cool Brian! I LOVE the use of the flashlight on this one!!

Re: Turquoise - Who knew

Fun table...and clock, and mirror...etc :)

Re: Spring Decor Updates

Just lovely! Looks like a beautiful room...

Re: SUNshine...pretty please...

Thanks Sue!! Spring will come...won't it??

Re: Dream a Little Dream -OR- "Could You Please Turn This Old Desk Into a Kitchen Island?"

WOW!! Great piece :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Chrome Shelf Supports - Into Trays!

Love these Brian! Such a fun mix...those skate wheels are great!! Laurel

Re: Save those random knobs and pulls!

Great the mix of knobs, nails and rustic wood. Perfection! Laurel

Re: From Sad Side Table to Sunny Revolving Book Case

So cute and it :)

Re: Office Wall Organizer

TONS of inspiration in one project. Love it Denise :) Fun to see you here too!! Laurel

Re: Valentine Photo Wreath

Beautiful project...and beautiful story!! Welcome :) Laurel

Re: A "Simply Cozy" winter Mantel...

Thanks so much everyone! You sure know how to make a girl feel good :) Laurel

Re: Yard Stick Table

Adorable!! Great find and rescue :) Laurel

Re: Lovely Nail Polish Rack

Great idea...all of the colors look so pretty out on display :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Domino's Pizza Letters & Car Topper Lamp

Wow, I bet you had tons of fun with these projects?? Another CLEVER creation, Brian!!

Re: Reused Paint Can to Make Wall Sconce

Fun idea! Laurel

Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

Fun idea...cute and clever :) Laurel

Re: She Got Wheels. And She Knows How to Use Them...

A-mazing table!! Welcome Amy and Brad...can't wait to see what else you have to share here :) Laurel

Re: Spindle Christmas Tree

Love this! The mix of colors and patinas is wonderful :) Laurel

Re: Industrial Electrical Wire Spool

Very cool! Great save :) Laurel

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

VERY cool piece Jim!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

I LOVE this Brian! And the bulb without the shade is perfect :)

Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

Love this Becky...I bet people are looking at their "junk drawer" differently after this post. I am :) Laurel

Re: Another Ball Jar Idea...

Thanks so much :) Laurel

Re: Mason Jar Challenge Project

Lovely...such a fun mix of natural and glitz :)

Re: JOY in a jar

Wonderful Marge! Such a fun "mix" for Christmas!! Laurel

Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

Hi Dianne :) Beautiful and clever! Laurel

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Very creative and simply perfect. Love it :)

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

I love all the vintage...and pops of red. Beautiful :)

Re: Under Sink Cover Up

I've never heard of Max Grip...good to know! Looks great :) Laurel

Re: Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

Lovely, great re-purpose!! Laurel

Re: Love to Paint

You make a great team :)


Oh my, I love creative! Laurel

Re: Repurposed "Hurricanes" For Your "JUNKOLIDAY" Table!

Those look great!! The perfect re-purpose for the traps! Laurel

Re: Sap Bucket Cover

This is too cute...great gift idea :) Laurel

Re: Bubbles & Bubbly !!!

Rustic perfection...looks like a VERY relaxing and inspiring spot!!

Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

This is adorable!! Love it :) Laurel

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

This is so COOL! Love every detail :)

Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Thanks so much everyone!! Jim, are you kidding?? I could send you 1..or 10 ;) Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! Laurel

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

Great idea Sue!! I'm in too :) I was just thinking about the "good old" JunkMarket days...full of comments and encouragement. Can't wait to get that going again...LOVE my JunkMarket "family" :) Laurel

Re: Kraut Cutter to Memo Station...

Thanks so much everybody!! Jim, GREAT idea...they had another one :)

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

I LOVE this piece and ALL of its "purposes" cool! You have the best eye for cool junk :) Laurel

Re: Kraut Cutter Server it Sue!! Can you believe I just made something out of a kraut cutter too? Are we "Minnesota Girls" or what?? I better do a post on mine too :)

Re: These Boot are Made for Walking!

Loved it should add a picture of you wearing it!! Perfection :)

Re: Kitchen Drawer to Chalkboard Shelf...

Thanks so much Georgia!

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

Looks like you are ready for the next big "Pot Luck" supper. Do they have those anywhere but MN?? Casseroles and jello molds galore...all lined up on a table in the church basement...memories :) Fun idea for the hanger too...clever.

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

So VERY sad..."Midge" will be missed by so many. I only met her a couple of times in "real life" but she made a big impact on me too. She was so very witty, kind and creative. I enjoyed interacting with her here on JMS as well as on FB. Praying for comfort and peace for her family. I am imagining her creating up a storm in Heaven right now!! Laurel

Re: "Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

Hahaha!! Don't you have any spools in that amazing "junk stash" Brian? One of these days you'll have to come to MN for the Country Junk sale :)

Re: "Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

Thanks so much! That's my favorite tends to pop up in my posts these days :)
Suzi, I hope we get to see that bar...sounds FUN!

Re: Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush 2013 is Here!!

Have fun ladies!! Jealous :)

Re: Vintage Office Chair Redo

Amazing it :)

Re: Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

LOVE this Jasmin! Beautiful...

Re: Fancy Cast Iron Base Bar

WOW...what a great combination for s stunning bar!

Re: From Metal Tote to Console Table...

Thanks Ken! We're having fun with him :)

Re: From Old Spool to Ottoman...

Thanks so much everyone!! Wire rope or hope? Hope is always good :)

Re: Potato Planter

Such a cool potato planter...and PERFECT re-purpose!!

Re: Wee Little Stool Planter

Love it both ways...those clock parts were the perfect touch. Details, details...perfect :)

Re: Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Side Table REVEAL

Very cool...and perfect that it opens up like a pizza :)

Re: Dresser to Window bench

Love it...great idea for a window seat :)

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

So cool...I love it! I have some of those little insulators...I was wondering what they were :)

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Flashlight Table Lamp with Storage

Very cool! That flashlight in the middle was an amazing idea :)

Re: A "Little Man Cave"...

Thanks Georgia! He'd probably "trade" it for candy ;)

Re: TWA Island

Too cool! Love it :) Laurel

Re: Wine Bottle and Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wow, that is VERY cool and clever :) Laurel

Re: Junk Jewelry

What a fun mix!! I had to do a "double take" on that little cheese grater...too cute :) Laurel

Re: repurposed spindles

Great repurpose!! The perfect way to display those cool post cards :) Laurel

Re: Tootsie Toy Car Necklaces

LOVE those little cars...perfect for your jewelry! Laurel

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

I remember this fun post!! TONS of inspiration here :) Laurel

Re: Rustic Side Table the mix of finishes! Laurel

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Yardsticks Chalkboard

Too cool!! LOVE it :)

Re: Beautiful Old Wicker

So pretty!! LOVE the mix of coffee sacks and floral fabric. You ladies make a great "team" :)

Re: Wedding Gift Idea from an old window

What a great gift idea!!

Re: Just Chiming in!

So pretty Kathy!! Have a GREAT show...wish I was closer :) Laurel

Re: Summer Tablescape

LOVE it all!! You do the best tablescapes EVER :)

Re: Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

WOW...looks great!! Your hard work paid off :)

Re: Plumber's Planter

So pretty Sue!! Love the "mix" of plants and moss...perfection...

Re: Stacked Pallet "Perch"...

Thanks!! We've already enjoyed a couple of picnics on our little "perch" :)

Re: Angel Wing Cubby Transformation

Wow, you are a amazing artist...another cool piece!

Re: Button Flowers

Lovely "forever" bouquets :)

Re: Vintage Tin Planter

Very cool tin! Meant for you :)


Cool finds...glad you scooped them up!! I get lots of funny looks when junk shopping with friends. Sometimes that's half the fun...surprising them with the "after" :)

Re: You Guessed It - More License Plate Art!

So fun...LOVE the one for the wedding! GREAT gift :)

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

FUN! Love it...glad you added the yardsticks, one of your "signatures" for sure!!

Re: Cirque d' Zebra

Fun, fun, fun :)

Re: Wine Crate End Table Storage

Fun the chippy handle :) Laurel

Re: Wine Panel Photo Displays

Great idea!!

Re: Vanity in the Great Outdoors

Perfect on the porch...looks great! Laurel

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Perfect :)

Re: Wine and Cheese Tray? Of *corks* it is silly!!!

Great idea cutting them in half...more stable and less corks needed :) Smart tray!

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

This is the coolest lamp I have ever seen!
You did it again :)

Re: Reminder and Last Call...5th Annual Vintage Market on the Farm

Fun, fun, fun!! I wish I could be there to hang with you creative friends...enjoy!!

Re: Just for Fun...

Seriously her :)

Re: Simple Outdoor Table Setting

Too FUN!! Love the tractor seat "charger" :)

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Thanks again everyone!! mpavs13, not sure where the specific inspiration came from?? But I LOVE all of the projects using yardstick for our friend Brian...aka Gadget Sponge :)

Re: Tennis Bracelet

Cute, cute...I bet she loved it!!


very unique and lovely!

Re: Coffee Table

Great coffee table...true words :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Retro Blue Aluminum Space Age Bird Feeder

Very nice!! Laurel

Re: Now I Lay Me Down!

That came together wonderfully! Great idea :) Laurel

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Thanks so much :)

Re: Oil Can Ring Holder

Clever Susan!! Love your ideas :)

Re: Vintage Stool Turned Table

Love this...what a pretty little corner :)

Re: Clawfoot tub to French Chaise!

WOW...this is amazing! Your hard work paid off!!

Re: Wheelie Washtub

LOVE this Becky!! Now I want one ;)

Re: No. 10 Milking Stool & Flashlight Repurposed / Upcycled Lamp

So FUN!! I love your creative mix of "junk"!!

Re: Pipe Holder Re-Do

Perfect...the addition of the "organics" was the perfect touch :)

Re: Rusty old shell of lawnmower up-cycled to Mosaic Garden Planter

Clever re-purpose :) Laurel

Re: Rustic Insulator Containers

Great idea...agree, so many fun things you can do with insulators :)

Re: Old Ladder Wrap and Paper Station...

Thanks ladies!! Love the tepot idea too Georgia :)

Re: Gaga for Galvanized

So cool Andrea...I would have sccoped that up too! Love the added embellishments...but agree, tie them on so you can switch it up "as needed" :)

Re: Some of my yard art displayed in the 61st annual Pilgrimage in Moss Point, MS.

Looks great :) Laurel

Re: Tape Measure Bookmarks

Great idea!! Love them :)

Re: Vintage blueprint cabinet coffee table

I LOVE this so VERY much :)

Re: Screen door Garden Gate

Fun idea...nice entrance to your cozy patio :)

Re: Entry table

Love this table...great transformation!! Laurel

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

Still love this I want one :)

Re: Old Window+Vintage Map

Simply perfect :)

Re: Only for the "brave at heart" Table Redo

Great new color...LOVE the idea of adding the prayer too! Laurel

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

Still LOVE this idea Lani!!!

Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

Thanks so much Georgia, MacNTrash, Brian and Andrea :) Brian, those are 2 of my favorite finds...I scooped them up and practically ran to register to pay for them!!

Re: Operation Overhaul

Your hard work paid off...looks great! Can't wait to see the dog houses too :) Laurel

Re: Stu D. Baker

I love the feet too! Very clever :) Laurel

Re: Desk

Great color! Laurel

Re: Really Large bed Posts and old window with new design

Perfect for a garden show...great save :) Laurel

Re: Filmstrip Door

Very cool and how you "see" things! Laurel

Re: Instant Coffee{House}

Love it...what a great look! So many fun details :)

Re: Vintage Water Ski Pair Lighted Organizer cool! LOVE it Brian!!

Re: Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

Wow, very unique and lovely :)

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

A very funtional...and fun...piece :)

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Thanks everyone!! There were 4 of those cool old drawers back when I bought them...I only bought 2. What was I thinking? Trying not to be a "hoarder"...but now I wish I would have bought them all :)

Re: From Drab to Fab!

Perfect!! Love the added number too :)

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Towel & Robe Rack

Brian, this is sooo cool!! Love the addition of the metal bins for!! Laurel

Re: Collecting Memories Album

This is awesome Jim!! I love every single detail...but especially that little aqua compact. Perfection :) Laurel


Looks great Vicki!! I agree...I would let it "weather" a while and see what you think :)

Re: O Stove Grate Christmas Trees...

Thanks everybody!! Who has more fun that us?? GREAT idea Jim! I never would have thought of that!! Merry Christmas everyone :) Laurel

Re: Antique Silverware Facelift

So very pretty!

Re: From a bed to a Nutcracker...

Very cute and clever :) Laurel

Re: Christmas is Coming!

Lovely like always Sue...LOVE the vintage jewels mixed in...Happy December :) Laurel

Re: "Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

Wow...what an amazing transformation!! You are so great with the "details" :) Laurel

Re: Shoe Display

This is such a great it :) Laurel

Re: Halloween Mantel Light Show

LOVE your mantel and those knob "pumpkins"...but i am in awe of those claw feet holding your smart!! Laurel

Re: Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

Wow, so cool!! Where in the world to you find all these yardsticks?? Love what you do with them :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

These are so fun Brian!! I especially love the idea of heat treating the clips...very cool :) Laurel

Re: License Plate Side Table

SERIOUSLY cool!!! And those handles? Oh my...LOVE :)

Re: Antique Iron Gate Pot Rack

Looks great!! Laurel

Re: Flexible Flyer Fun

This is my favorite use for an old wagon it :) Laurel

Re: Paper Dispenser

Perfect...the added bolt for the string is very clever too :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Chrome Flour Pod Birdhouse

So very fun...that little "awning" is the icing on the cake :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

Sooo cool...LOVE that "handle"!! Laurel

Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

Thanks so much!! I think I'll have lots of fun switching up my "valance" as the seasons change too :)

Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

Looks how you "accessorized" too :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding

So many pretty details...just lovely :) Laurel

Re: My Nod to Donna!

Love it!! That paper lining the drawers is perfect...and I like your tp holder as much as the dresser!! So clever :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Coat Rack / Wall Hangers

Too fun!! I love them all :) Everytime I see one of your creations, I want to run out and dig through my "junk stash" and make something...very inspiring! Laurel

Re: Quirky Decor

This is too fun! Think I need some of that JB Weld. Getting tired of waiting for "TP Weld" welding hubby ;) Laurel

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I think I actually sleep better now all nestled in "junk" :) Laurel

Re: more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!! excited the "news" is out!! Can't wait to get down there too see it in person :) Laurel

Re: Getting Scrappy

Woo-hoo...welcome Becky! Love your style and amazing projects!! Laurel

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Ah-haaa...another great wine idea Andrea!! I'm sure it will sell fast at JunkFest :) Laurel

Re: Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

These are wonderful! Laurel

Re: Red, White, and Blue. . . Industrial 4th of July Necklace

Patriotic perfection :) Laurel

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

Wow...this is great!! Love that you left the labels "as is"...even cooler :) Laurel

Re: Superstar! that chippy paint :) Laurel

Re: *Berry* Easy, No Bugs, No Spill Party Glasses

Welcome Jasmin!!! Love this cute and clever! Love your style and all of the projects I've seen so far...can't wait for more :) Laurel

Re: Paint Stir-er Flower...

Thank you for your sweet comments!! Hope I can find some should have seen the look on the guy's face I bought it from at the flea market...priceless :) Of course is a link for the "How to"...
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Laurel

Re: Honeycomb bead Necklace with Vintage backplate pendant

So very pretty...agree that backplate makes the perfect pendant. So fun to bump into you and your mom the other day :) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

Love it!! Re-using those "feet" was the pefect touch :) Laurel

Re: Foyer Mantle

Agree...fabulous! The "extreme" conditions always make the end result more satisfying...don't they? Atleast that's what I tell myself...and my husband ;) Laurel

Re: Edgemont Tin & Film Storage Box Metal Birdhouse

Love every single detail...that "roof" is the perfect touch :) Laurel

Re: Etching made easy!

Looks great Andrea!! Thanks for the tips...think I need to try some etching too :)

Re: Summer Garden Project!

Love it Lani...looks like it was meant to be :) That little visitor is too sweet. I had one land on my car window the other day...he just sat there looking at me...even when I pulled out my phone to take a picture. Friendly little guys :) Laurel

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

So very exciting! Congratulations Sue and all the rest of my junkin' much amazing creativity, encouragement and inspiration on one place :) Cheers to the next 25,000!!! Laurel

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

Love hubby has been wanting to do a junky "water feature" for a while now too. Think I will show him yours...for a little inspiration :) Thanks, Laurel

Re: Sweet Junk Nothings...

Simply it :) Laurel

Re: Wall Cubbies

I could definitely "Create" in your perfectly organized space...looks great!! Laurel

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

Another amazing piece many wonderful details :) Laurel

Re: Fluted Sea Glass Flower Pot

So very pretty :) Laurel

Re: More Uses for Old Dropcloth

Lots of great ideas...those drop cloths sure come in handy :) Laurel

Re: Trashy Moneybag

A-haa...very useful, clever and cool looking. Love I want one :) Laurel

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

Wow...they both look great! Laurel

Re: Kitchen Fairy Garden

Cute, cute :) Laurel

Re: Dragonflies

Ah-haa...very clever :) Laurel

Re: glass flowers

I love pretty flowers that you don't have to water :) Laurel

Re: Recycled Stainless Steel Door (Before)

Lucky you...can't wait to see the "after" :) Laurel

Re: Antique Brush Transformation

Such beautiful details...lovely, as always :) Laurel

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

I love it too...thinking I might need some more "vertical interest" in my garden too...another great idea :) Laurel

Re: Baking Pan Pedestal Tower

Love the buckle on the bottom one Susan! So many great uses :) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: My Newest Addiction

I have the same addiction Becky!! I don't think I've ever seen a bright yellow one...lucky you :) Laurel

Re: Old College Futon Side Arm Repurpose

Good idea...they look great in your garden :) Laurel

Re: The lighter side of Junk!

So very, very pretty!!!

Re: Quirky Tablescape

Love "quirky"!!! So very clever Andrea...I saw a bunch of those hair "thingies" at a sale today and thought of you :) Clever as always :) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

"Stunning" was the first word that popped into my head too...wonderful Brian!

Re: More Junk Decor

Love every single detail...junky perfection :) Laurel

Re: The Young, The Adorable, and The Creative


Re: Ox Yoke Coat Tree

So very cool and it :) Laurel

Re: Vintage coral beads with Old door rosette Necklace

So very always Cassie :)
PS...My mother-in-law loved the necklace I ordered from you for her birthday...thank you!!! Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

"Cheap, easy and junky"...3 of my favorite things :) Love it Donna!! Laurel

Re: Turkey Feeder Planter

Love this Sue...speaking of "brilliant"!?! You are the queen!! Nice to have a welder...mine has "hazel eyes" :) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Samco Space Heater Clock Birdfeeder w/ Bottle Opener

Fun, fun...nice that you thought of the "humans" too :) Laurel

Re: O.K. for Cups...

Thank you, thank you!!! I'm on the hunt for more of these pans too...I have 3 more stool legs...and a couple of "requests" from friends. I just can't part with mine :) Have a great weekend everyone! Laurel

Re: Restored Bird Bath and Toolstand Side Table

Fun pieces Larry!! Laurel

Re: Antique Crate Island Rack

LOVE clever and lovely :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Items Used for Washi Tape Dispenser Boxes

Great idea...I agree with Andrea, the yardstick is the perfect touch! Laurel

Re: A messy styled horse gated bedroom

Great idea for a headboard! So glad you rescued it :) Laurel

Re: Rusty Little Shoes

Andrea, aren't YOU smart? GREAT for a ladies event...and I just happen to do the centerpieces for a few events each year at my church. Larry, I'm gonna need a lot more rusty shoes!!! Hahaha!
Thanks for your sweet comments friends :)
Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Potting Bench

Great save the hooks :) Laurel

Re: Cupboard Door to Picture Frame

Wow, the right price for sure...another wonderful transformation Becky :) Laurel

Re: "...lay aside the old self...and put on the new self..." Ephesians 4:22-24

Awesome piece and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: May Flower Baskets. Sweet Bouquet Earrings

So very pretty Cassie!

Re: Framed Clocks as Wall Art

Looks great Andrea...too fun :) Laurel

Re: Does this Side Table Stack Up?

Lani, those huge books are sooo cool! What an amazing side clever and functional. Love 'em :) Laurel

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

So very every detail! Laurel

Re: Filigree Oval Necklace with Crystal Components

So very pretty Cassie...beautiful details! Laurel

Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories

Wow...great looking room full of fun ideas :) Laurel

Re: JUNKMARKET Tablescapes - Twin Cities Live Video

Another great segment...LOVE all of your clever ideas :) Laurel

Re: Mama's Happy and Mama's Open!

LOVE Amanda and all of the "Happy Mama's" :) Can't wait to get out for a visit to their new location! Looks great!!Laurel

Re: outdoor bench made from single headboard/footboard

Perfect...looks like it was meant to be :) Laurel

Re: Guest Bathroom Makover

Your re-do looks great! Laurel

Re: Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

LOVE it Becky :) Laurel

Re: Upcycled Wood Cutting Board Tray

Ah-haa...great idea :) Laurel

Re: Junk storage even a non junker would love

Looks great Donna! This post has perfect timing for me...I am hauling my messy junk stash out of my basement today to 're-organize". Thanks for the inspiration!!! Laurel

Re: Anatomy of a "Junk" Room

I have "Junk Room envy"!! I guess my kids still need their rooms so I'll have to wait...someday ;) Laurel

Re: Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

Cool, cool, cool! Love it :) Laurel

Re: Petite Ruffled Rose and Grey Filigree Necklace ..

So beautiful the grey filigree background! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your creations at Junk Market Under Glass!! Laurel

Re: JMS Contributor, Laurel Putman Will Grace the Halls of JUNKMARKET Under Glass "March Madness"!

Thank you Sue!!! I am having such a blast doing these shows...beautiful venue, amazingly talented vendors...and happy shoppers. It's been great to meet so many JMS friends in person. Fun, fun, fun! Can't wait to do it all again :) See you all there! Laurel

Re: Jewelry Display

So very pretty...perfect re-purpose! Laurel

Re: globe bowls

Very cute and clever :) Laurel

Re: Another spray paint experiment...

So glad you rescued it...the perfect little size for a little girl's room :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Entryway with Chalkboard & Dictionary Page Walls

So many fun ideas make me want to decoupage a wall or 2 :) Laurel

Re: Garage Sale Cubby Table

Great piece...even better with the feet! Lucky you :) Laurel

Re: Furniture given a new life

looks great...the pretty paper is a nice touch :) Laurel

Re: A junky birthday for Miss "G"!

cute and fun...handmade gifts are always the best :) Laurel

Re: Top 10 Pick...Architectural and Furniture Pieces

So many fun ideas...I'm guessing there a lot things at your house that "generate conversations" :) Laurel

Re: Metal Ruler "Pin Board"

Thanks friends...the black and white graphics drew me in...and the fact that they were magnetic put them to good use :) Laurel

Re: Happy Valentine's Day

Such a perfect combination...LOVE it :) Laurel

Re: Using Vintage Textiles In Home Decor

LOVE vintage textiles...that banner is adorable! Laurel

Re: Traffic Light Lens & Muffin Pan Bird Feeders

Really clever and fun...again! It's a like a little "birdie buffet" :) Laurel

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

Functional, clever and looks great...perfect :) Laurel

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Wow, wow, wow...I literally got goosebumps when I was reading your description of the envelope with the rice and other momentos on the cover. So glad they got into your creative artist hands. Very special spot for those very special photos!!! Laurel

Re: Ladders, ladders everywhere!

LOVE that bathroom! No walk in closet here either...that ladder idea is way more fun anyway :) Laurel

Re: Chalkboard with Vintage Hooks

Looks like a cozy little corner :) Laurel

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

LOVE old chippy hardware too! Your pieces are always :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Number Bottles

These are great...agree, full of character for sure :) Laurel

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Floating Suitcase Shelf

Perfect...and I love that you can actualy use it too :) Laurel

Re: Recycled Style for Valentine's Day

Great that you attached it with the brooch. Very clever :) Laurel

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

LOVE it :) Laurel

Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Completely agree my friend...great top 10 choice! Love it all...but the rusty colonel made me smile. My maiden name was "Sanders" so I would have found him "tempting" too :) Laurel

Re: Junk Market Swap December 2011

Looks like you got some fun stuff to play with :) Laurel

Re: Branch with suspended glass pendants

So very pretty...don't you just love it when an idea finally becomes a reality? Laurel

Re: Altoids Tinstallation Project

Really fun for sure :) Laurel

Re: Bearing Bookends

Wow...very cool! Laurel

Re: Repurposed Metal Shelf and Display Board

Very cute and clever :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Vintage Card Display

Perfect spot for your valentines...great repurpose :) Laurel

Re: barn art

Very unique...and special for your friend. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Bag pillows

Great idea...really cute :) Laurel

Re: Tool box "jewelry" box

Perfect re-purpose Tammy...looks great! Laurel

Re: Crochet Clutch out of an Afghan Square

Adorable :) Laurel

Re: Primping in the Ladies Room

Details, them all Angie! Still especially loving that "wallpaper" :) Laurel

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

Thanks for the sweet comments everybody...but be sure to call ahead if you stop "might" not always look this organized ;) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

So many amazing industrial finds and cool re-purposes! Great top 10 pick Lani :) Laurel

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag this! Laurel

Re: Yesterdays Queens

Very cute and creative :) laurel

Re: Low maintenance pet

Cute, cute, cute :) Laurel

Re: Upcycled Primitive Coat Rack

Love this! I agree with Andrea...the measuring sticks are a fun addition. Laurel

Re: Vintage Storage Chest

Practical and pretty...2 of my favorite things :) Laurel

Re: Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

Fun, fun, many fun details! laurel

Re: Use What You Have

LOVE your motto...and your clever storage ideas :) Laurel

Re: Got Junk in Your Trunk?

Really fun repurpose...great idea :) Laurel

Re: An Easy Nature Inspired Winter Garland

Perfect...I am very inspired by all of your great ideas decorating in your windows, keeping that open/light feeling. Very always :) Laurel

Re: Ladder Craft Organizer

Great ideas for clever storage Susan, so fun to do something unexpected. Love it :) Laurel

Re: Welcome Velkommen

Bummer about your "befores"...but I love the after :) Laurel

Re: Old lantern gets new lease on light

Really fun...looks great :) Laurel

Re: Going Authentic

AGREE!!! Great post...I rarely buy anything "new" for my home anymore. So many fun junk goodies to find and repurpose :) Laurel

Re: Door/Entryway table

I agree with Jim...the door is perfectly chippy, love it :) Laurel

Re: JunkSwapTreasures

Lots of fun stuff...enjoy :) Laurel

Re: Altered Ironstone

Fun idea...I have some of the special ink, I've never used it though. Guess I'd better give it a try :) Laurel

Re: Two Upcycled Bird Feeders

Fun, the space heater! You are so clever :) Laurel

Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

Your hard work paid off...looks great! Laurel

Re: Backyard grape arbor

So very pretty! Laurel

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

Thanks everybody for the sweet comments :) Merry Christmas! laurel

Re: Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

An old wheel, rusty bed springs and greens...a few of my favorite things :) Looks great! Laurel

Re: Junky metal box necklaces with sassy gals to inspire your life!

Very clever :) Laurel

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

So very charming...I was just looking at a stash of those folding rulers in my garage. Love what you did with yours :) Laurel

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

Oh my...amazing! Love it :) Laurel

Re: Christmas brooch restyled into necklace

So very, very pretty Cassie :) Laurel

Re: Holiday Mantel

Perfection... love every detail :) Laurel

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Oh my...breathtaking really!!! Love it Lani and Judy :) Laurel

Re: Renewed Arm Chair

Very Evie! So glad it went to a "good home" :) Looking forward to seeing more junk goodies from you! Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Renewed Arm Chair

An amazing transformation...and I think I recognize the original! We've been shopping and selling in the same places haven't we??? Fun to see you on your cool junk style :) Laurel

Re: Vintage photo pillows

Wow, love these! Laurel

Re: Christmas Card Holder: Shabby Chic Wood Tree

Really fun...LOVE that inspiration photo too :) Laurel

Re: Tub Settee

Now this is something I have never seen! Too fun :) Laurel

Re: Floor Lamp Display

Very clever display! I like how you think :) Laurel

Re: Bed Spring Christmas Tree

Cute, cute, cute! Laurel

Re: Forest Glam DIY

Wow...this is amazing! Laurel

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Cool, cool, very talented! Laurel

Re: Winter Greetings Basket

Love it Andrea...such a fun mix of goodies :) Laurel

Re: Swedish Tool Box

So glad you were able to salvage a piece with such family history! Looks great :) Laurel

Re: Christmas Lantern

Love it...simply perfect :) laurel

Re: Trumeau Mirror

Wow is right! Welcome Suzanne :) Laurel

Re: Holiday Hanger w/Vintage Postcard

Really that you can still see the writing on the back. Laurel

Re: Vintage Sled Centerpiece

Love the sled with all the greens spilling out...and burlap is always the perfect touch :) I always love to see what you are up to...welcome to contributor! Laurel

Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

Another A-mazing creation! Welcome Brian :) Laurel

Re: Chippy repurposed old door knob backplates

So very beautiful! Welcome Cassie :) Laurel

Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

Wow...that's an amazing transformation for sure! Welcome :) Laurel

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

Thanks if I could just find some more of those glass canisters! :) Laurel

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

So very fun and clever! Love the black and white "house" :) Laurel

Re: Unique Sofa Table

Looks glad you rescued it! Laurel

Re: Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 7

Looks that rustic paint job on the little chair :) Laurel

Re: Fun Fall Inspired Bracelet

So very pretty! Laurel

Re: Rope Bowl

Very cool...agree, perfect for soaps and towels :)

Re: Forgotten Cedar Chest

Looks great! So glad the customer found you :) Laurel

Re: Do you see what I see?

Leave it to Sue and Jim to see more than I see...LOL!!! For me it was just the pumpkin with a stem. I thought about painting the "stem" but kinda like the simplicity of it "as is"...sort of like "is that what I think it is?" Thanks for "playing along" with my quirky ideas :) Laurel

Re: Got Mums?

Great find Jim...I have a couple of metal milk boxes but haven't seen the wood variety. I think they would be fun all stacked up for I'm on "the hunt" :) Laurel

Re: What do you think?

Lots of great ideas...I would even just set them as is on a shelf, little "rusty art" pieces :) Laurel

Re: Shabby chic bookcase for $3.60!

Great transformation...I think you'd better get out and dig around some more in those sheds of your moms :) Laurel

Re: Meadowview Farm Autumn 2011 Barn Sale

Wow, there are lots of great sales going on that weekend. Wish I could hit them all :) Good luck! Laurel

Re: Finished Pallet shelf

Cool those rusty gears too :) Laurel


Good luck with your new shop...looks like lots of fun vintage finds :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Cheese Grater Earring Display

Clever :) Laurel

Re: plate rack wall hanging

Isn't it great when you can pull it all together yourself? Cheaper and more fun :) Laurel

Re: Harvest Market Junk Sale Coming October 7-8

Good luck with your sale Cheryl! Actually, my husband and I are having a little "getaway" that weekend. You never know, we may just show up :) Laurel

Re: vintage ceiling tile

Love the idea of adding the silhouette to your tins :) Laurel

Re: Light Up Your Life

Looks great :) Laurel

Re: Grate to Great!

Looks like it was meant to be with that repurpose! Hope the sale is going well :) Laurel

Re: Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

Great mix of stuff...loving that bright yellow :) Laurel

Re: Louise's Basement goods

Very pretty...are you in Princeton, MN? I have family in Cambridge. I'll have to send them over :)

Re: Clawfoot tub feet bookends

Love that chippy red :) Laurel

Re: desk light

Fun mix of stuff...very clever...

Re: No Candle Needed

Fun idea :) Laurel

Re: From Metal File Holder to Picture Holder

Great idea...great pictures! I agree with Sue, you do look like your dad :) See you soon, Laurel

Re: Junk Gazebo for JMUG

Looks you work fast :) Laurel

Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show...Part One

So much fun...agree, makes me want to get married all over again...same guy, different style :) Laurel

Re: Summer Wine Storage

Too fun...LOVE it! Another great idea!!! Laurel

Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

Awww...thanks so much Sue and all my sweet JMS friends. Sue I will be forever grateful for your inspiration and encouragement as well as the other members and contributors on this site. It's been life changing for me...for sure!
I am very honored and excited to be a part of this amazing show. Can't wait to see so many of you there! Blessings, Laurel
PS...masmail, the stamps were purchased Michael' a whopping 49 cents each :) Thanks!!!

Re: Laundry Room Lamp

So very, VERY cool all the added details :) Laurel

Re: cottage mail

Cute little mailbox for a cute little cottage :) Laurel

Re: Planted Vintage Containers

Fun mix of planters...and I love succulents, thay have a little bit of a survival chance at my house :)
Agree, the planted truck is adorable...Laurel

Re: Got LOVE

Very clever :) Laurel

Re: Collage Pendant

Such a fun mix...look forward to meeting you at the show :) Laurel

Re: Soft Industrial

Oh this! Looking forward to meeting you in Sept...such glowing reviews...can't wait :) Laurel

Re: Junk"Y" Situation

Hi Tammy...always fun ideas :) Laurel

Re: The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

Cute, cute, cute :) Laurel

Re: Piccadilly Prairie Grand Opening

So very fun...gonna have to check this out! Laurel

Re: New junk growing in my garden

So many fun junky details...LOVE all of your creative uses for pallets. Keep em coming :) Laurel

Re: The Little Kitchen

Great transformation...I bet your grandaughter loves it :) Laurel

Re: Church Pew Rebuild

Looks great Larry...LOVE salvaged church finds :) Laurel

Re: How to Make a Cupola Planter

Well there "she" is...she really "gets around" doesn't she??? So glad you liked her...I still remember "lugging" her up to your house that night wondering if you'd think I was CRAZY...haha :) Everything is looking GREAT Sue!!! Laurel

Re: HoJo's Menu

Wow, wow, wow!!! Speachless... Laurel :)

Re: Silage Shooter

Really the addition of the cast iron hoop smart cookie you :) Laurel
PS...I don't know what "silage" is either...please don't tell me...but I think I'm glad it's "shooting" days are over???

Re: Red, White & Blue Nautical Americana Necklace

Really fun...hope you had a happy 4th :) Laurel

Re: A Minnesota 4th of July Tradition

Looks like fun...can you believe I've never been to this one??? Maybe next time :) Laurel

Re: Happy Memorial Day

Wow, that's a sentimental treasure for sure! Hope you had a great 4th :)


Re: Farm Living is the Life for ME!

Looks great, you really do have the best job don't you??? The best job and the best junk ideas :) Chat soon, Laurel

Re: Fireplace Screen

SERIOUSLY cool Andrea...LOVE it!!! Laurel

Re: Playing with vintage hardware

So many fun ideas...and yep, I'm a hardware "hoarder" too :) Laurel

Re: I've been framed!

Lucky you...I like that you left the frames chippy and perfectly imperfect. Laurel

Re: Oh! the Possiblities!

LOVE it...I would have a hard time selling it too, so many possiblities :) Laurel

Re: Totally shabby chic junk table

Love how it all came together! Laurel

Re: Wall Candle Scounce

Very it on the chippy board :) Laurel

Re: Pets and junk

Too cute...I don't have pets but my kids (or more likely their toys) pop up in mine :)
Sorry about your loss glad you have so many photos to look back on and smile about. Laurel

Re: Tin tile in a frame

Sounds like it was meant to be...LOVE it! Have fun adding your pictures :) Laurel

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

Amazing what a little paint and some flowers can do :) Laurel

Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

Too fun Sue...lucky birds :) Laurel

Re: "Wining Allowed!"

Great set up Lani! Yes, looks like the perfect spot for a party...hint, hint :) Laurel

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

Very fun! I remember seeing these at the FMUG...I can see why they flew out the door :) Laurel

Re: Easter Junking

You know me :) So many fun ideas! I even kind of like it just "as is" leaning/hanging on a wall...hmmmm...I'll let you all know what I come up with. Thanks Larry! I love having my very own "picker"! Laurel

Re: Money Bag Tutorial for Vendors

Love this :) I was admiring yours at the FMUG! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: A First Rate Marburger Vendor!

Very inspiring! Laurel

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

Awww...thanks everyone...another "duh" idea from chippingcharm...LOL! Love that Kenda :)
heartinhand, I posted a link to the tutorial on my blog...
Really easy...and kinda fun :) Laurel

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

Really cool the added "shelf" piece for the wine! When's the party? ;) Laurel

Re: I have insulators

Great idea! Laurel

Re: Vintage Go-Kart Coffee Table/Wine Bar

Definitely keep it...really fun :) Laurel

Re: A mold that holds

Smart thinking Marie :) Laurel

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

Wow, love every last detail! Laurel

Re: "Harvested Organ" shelf

Very cool...pump pedal frames, very clever! Laurel

Re: Another industrial mirror!

So very, very cool :) Laurel

Re: Ski hat rack

Looks great and it's useful too! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: One last try for those junky roses...

Beautiful pictures Donna...glad you were able to hold on to the roses a little longer!
I laughed out loud when I read the comment about the pizza pan! Could have been a manure spreader or something...right Sue? ;) Laurel

Re: Door Bed

Really cool! Laurel

Re: File under "virtues" :)

Smart thinking...perfect on your walls! Laurel

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

Great "letters" you chose and that board on the back is wonderful! Laurel

Re: WIRE BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really cool baskets...I'll have to head over and take a closer look :) Laurel

Re: My harvest table restoration

Looks great...before and after :) Laurel

Re: Turn me up and down.. let's dance..

Really cute...and clever :) Laurel

Re: Seeing Angels...

Thanks everyone...always fun to hear what everyone thinks! Jim, I'm glad they "sent you back" we would have missed you here ;) Vicki, I've got one of those "agree-able" hubby's too. He's just happy I'm making stuff with things I get cheap...or free :) Thanks all, Laurel

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

LOVE that "scruffy" would look great at my house too :)
And I agree with the rest...that apron around the vase is so very cute and clever too! I have a couple of them in my stash that I remember my dad wearing when I was a kid...they've been waiting for the perfect re-purpose :) Thanks! Laurel

Re: Industrial Side Table

SUPER love!!! Laurel

Re: Chicken wire Cloche

So very cute :) Laurel

Re: The 1905 Victorian Monster Builtinn in my old kitchen

Wow, great transformation! Laurel

Re: Crate tables... super easy!

Really fun...I like the idea of using them as little seats too. Laurel

Re: salvaged desk

Looks great...good luck at the sale! Laurel

Re: I'm just ducky....

Very cute...adorable idea in an Easter tablescape! Laurel

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

LOVE this...very unique! Laurel

Re: Missing Keys No More! Organ Stops Made into a Great Key Holder!

Good idea Lani...hope it works :) I bought a couple of those organ stops a while back...hmmm, now you've got me thinking about them again...thanks! Laurel

Re: Wine glass holder

So VERY fun! Love everything you did here Andrea! Laurel

Re: "Zipper Flowers"

These are just reminded me I have a whole bag of zippers in my stash :) Thanks! Laurel

Re: Junk art door with drawer bins

Really fun and creative mix of "junk"! Laurel

Re: Get the Scoop Here!

Hey...I reconize this cool piece...think it "lives" at my friend Shannon's house now :) Love it! Laurel

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

Another amazing have a gift for pulling it all together that's for sure! Laurel

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

She's a beauty indeed :)
I think it's fun to hear what everybody is doing these days...I'm ready for a change too. For me it's all about scaling back...letting go of some of the "collections" and just focusing on the things I love. But for some reason I have a hard time letting go...does that make me a "hoarder"??? We'll see...wish me luck :) Laurel

Re: simple canopy from pretty sheet

Very pretty...I may have to think about something like this for my little girls room :) Thanks, Laurel

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

Love, love, love :) Laurel

Re: Chickenwire Screen

Another clever and cute've been busy :) Laurel

Re: Menu Chalkboard

Smart thinking :) Laurel

Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

Junk for it! You do find the best junk and creative very clever :) Laurel

Re: Junky Old Memo Board

Hi to see you on JMS! Still love this :) Laurel

Re: On Cue

Wow...seriously creative! Laurel

Re: Rescued Vintage Table Top

Looks that chippy blue! Laurel

Re: Window art

LOVE your layered Country Home sign...very clever :) Laurel

Re: Steam Punk Lighting

So very, very cool Sue! LOVE the added bling :) Laurel

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

Awesome how this all came together!!! Laurel

Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Love everything about this studio of yours...especially that amazingly chippy and wonderful coat rack! I literally want to move in...would you mind? ;) Laurel

Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

So very, very exciting...congratulations Sue and JMS family! This site and all of you have been such an inspiration and encouragement to me! I'm so glad I "clicked" that join button so long ago...and then FINALLY got the courage to start posting and commenting :) It's literally been life changing for me...opening doors to new friendships and a fun and exciting creative outlet. I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing group of junkers! So thank you, thank you, thank you Sue!!! Can't wait to see what else is in store!!! Laurel

Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

YES, Spring please!!! Love this Lanette...great idea :) Laurel

Re: It's a Dilly of a Sign!

It looks like a "happy accident" to me! I LOVE it with the wheel hanging off, it's even better this way! Smart thinkin' :) Laurel

Re: The Party Bird

Too fun...handy guy to have around :) Fun to meet you at FMUG...take care, Laurel

Re: eBook Cover

Smart thinking...very clever! Laurel

Re: Junk furniture for outside

They all look that green garden table! Perfectly chippy :) Laurel

Re: Cheese Mold Plant Hanger

These were one of my favorite things at the show!!! Love how they looked with the plants...another amazing idea Sue :) Laurel

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

WOW, WOW, WOW...I agree with Georgia, a book please!!! Pretty sure it would be a sell-out here with all of us MN junk friends...I would probably have to camp out for it ;) Laurel

Re: Flea Market Under Glass Vendors!

Such a fun day yesterday...everything looks great and it's killing me not to be there today! Good luck everyone...see you soon :) Laurel

Re: "Cush" Job...

Thanks everyone...great idea "Shabby Gardens", they'd be cute that way with pictures too :)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend...flea markets? Garage Sales? Don't tell me, I'll be jealous...not much of that yet in MN. Take care, Laurel

Re: Another quick lamp

Smart thinking, looks great :) Laurel


Still love all of your junk goodies :) Laurel

Re: Wall Hooks

They look great! Welcome to posting :) Laurel

Re: Uncovering the color

I love it too...the numbers, the handles, the blue peeking piece! Laurel

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Another amazing project Jim...hope you had a good one :) Laurel

Re: Haupt Antiek Market - JMS Occasional Sale Pick!

I've never been but always wanted to go...soon I hope :) Laurel

Re: Wheel Well No Fuss Indoor Garden

Ahhh green...LOVE IT! Laurel

Re: Giving junk a job

Love it all...but especially the little rusty holder for the TP, very clever :) Laurel

Re: Vintage grain elevator bins / wall pockets

Love these...lucky you :) Laurel

Re: Rustic Garden Planters

Fun garden junk and pretty favorite is the chicken feeder all planted :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

Now this is a new idea for a chicken feeder...leave it to you Jim...LOVE it! Laurel

Re: A Union in Perfect Harmony!

Unique and wonderful piece Lani...looks like it fits in perfect at your house! Laurel

Re: Fun Stuff Preparing for the Trunk Show

Hope the show was a huge success! That "Texas sized" rusty one is so fun and unique. Sad I missed this one...see you in March! Laurel

Re: Pamper!

Everything looks sad I had to miss it, sniff, sniff...looking forward to March ;) Laurel

Re: What's your number?

Love this Andrea...the feet, the numbers, the lock...way cool! Laurel

Re: "Springy" Flowers...

Thanks ladies...sounds like these "thingies" have 3 good uses...I think mine will stay least until another idea hits...but I know you all "get" that right??
Vicki, a springy thing for a chair...sounds like a "fair" trade to me ;)
Thanks again...stay warm my fellow snow people! Laurel

Re: Need a tray? Use a door!

Looks great...I love it with those old receipts from your parents farm. Aren't you clever? Laurel

Re: Floating Photography

Love this layered look! Laurel

Re: From a really LOW chair, to high chair again!

Wow Marie, what a transformation...glad you worked your "magic" on it! Laurel

Re: Lone Star

Belts...ah-haa! Great idea :) Laurel

Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Looks the addition of the numbers on the headboard! Laurel

Re: The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

All my "faves" in one place...can't wait :) Laurel

Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

This looks great the addition of the twigs and embellishments! Laurel

Re: Nature Meets Rust

Very cool Sue...a definite "plus" that you don't have to water it! It might even survive at my house ;) Laurel

Re: Garden Art for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Welcome this! Lucky Lani :)
I think I just bought a stake just like this at an occasional sale. I plan to stencil my address on it, but mine won't look half as cool as yours! Can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations...Laurel

Re: JMS....Country Garden Magazine

Fun, fun, fun...better run out and get my copy :) Laurel

Re: Wheel Serving Platter

These are way too fun...LOVE them! Laurel


This is wonderful!!! Laurel

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

A-mazing very creative! Laurel

Re: Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

Thanks little annoying spot gone, about a 100 more to go...I'll keep ya posted ;) Laurel

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

Looks like fun...I'll see how many friends I can gather and hope to see you there :) Laurel

Re: Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

Great idea for that safe door...and I agree, the verse is perfect! Welcome to JMS :) Laurel

Re: Farm Junque

What a cool piece...looks great! Laurel

Re: Hot Dish!

Great idea! Laurel

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

I can't get over the things you come up with...I love every detail! And talk about details, all the painting and "wrecking"'s an art for sure!
Happy New Year, Laurel


Great use for that fun water cooler! Happy New Year :) Laurel

Re: Joan of Arc -- Jeanne d' Arc

She is too cute :) Laurel

Re: Old door is for the birds!

Great use for an old door...wonderful pictures! Laurel

Re: Cake Diet

Cute, cute, cute :) Laurel

Re: Warm Wishes from the Putman's

Thanks so much...and yes, the snow is beautiful. I have to admit, it's fun for December but right about now I'm ready to head south :) Happy New Year everyone! Laurel

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

PS...CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm with the others, love your amazing style and creative ideas. I am especially fond of your very inspiring! Glad we get to see more from pressure or anything...hehe ;) Laurel

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

Looks like tons of fun! Love all those clocks and the Recorder charts...way too cool! Enjoy...and have a Happy New Year :) Laurel

Re: Vintage cups served on a stylish new "tray"

Love it all! Hope you had fun with your friends...I know you did :) Laurel

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Looks great and fun that you change out the quotes for your guests :) Laurel

Re: A Message from Turks and Caicos

Lucky, lucky you Sue! It looks like a great place to celebrate with your beautiful family. I vote we come there to have that "Junk Market Get-together" we all keep talking about. How about next week? You just stay...we'll meet you :)
Thanks for all you've done and continue to do to encourage and inspire all of us...many blessings to you and yours in 2011. Laurel

Re: Holiday Greetings from the Lorsung Family!

Looks like you had a merry Christmas Lani! Your presents, your home and your family all look always :)
Wishing you many blessings in 2011! Laurel

Re: "Handy" Wreath Hooks

Thanks everybody...sorry Jim, I only have 2 so far and they are hanging on either side of that there window :)
Guess we'll have to start that support group next year ladies, sounds like we all blew it for this year...haha! I did finally clean the pile of decorating supplies off my dining room table though. I'm thinking maybe that will stop the "madness". Merry Christmas everyone! Laurel

Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

Looks great Andrea...and BRR is right, we're freezing here in MN ;) Love the addition of the "Frost King" label too. Merry Christmas! Laurel

Re: How to Wrap Gifts with Garden Material

Great idea Sue! Love that you can re-use them from year to year. I already do that with regular gift bags for my kiddos...but your bag is bigger and cooler...much better suited to my "decor" than Star Wars and Princesses ;) Laurel

Re: Cow Girl Necklace

Looks great the layers and the tags you used. Fun to see what you come up with! Laurel

Re: Sailors' Stockings

Love these...and I'm sure they will too :) Laurel

Re: Book 'Em For Christmas

Great ideas for old books...I have a "few" (understatement) myself :) Laurel

Re: Industrial Junk Trophies

Wow...amazing! Laurel

Re: Christmas Front Porch Display

Very welcoming display :) Laurel

Re: Vtg. Oil Cans Holding Christmas Ornaments

Very clever ornament stands! Laurel

Re: Pretty as a Pitcher

Love this fun and unexpected. Laurel

Re: "Modern Art Inspired" Revamped Dresser that will get the creative juices flowing for sure! Laurel

Re: Junk for Joy

Very fun! Laurel

Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

The perfect feature...wonderful post! Makes me think...blessings, Laurel

Re: A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

Looks great Lani...a warm junky welcome indeed :) Laurel

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

AGREE, junk ALWAYS beats diamonds for me too. Love this necklace Jim! Laurel

Re: Tis the Season....

Sorry you had to give up your last drawer Kenda...but somebody is going to really love it! Laurel

Re: Christmas Mantel

Lovely, lovely always :) Laurel

Re: Christmas Mantel

Lovely, lovely always :) Laurel

Re: Meant For Me???

Come on over...better run out and get some more to fill those empty spots :)

Re: Money Does Not Grow On Trees...

So very cute and clever :) Laurel

Re: Upcycled festive mirror, made from the left behinds

So very pretty! Laurel

Re: Locker Basket Stocking Holder

Very clever...great for small spaces! Laurel

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

Looks lovely Lani...hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Laurel

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

Way cool! Laurel

Re: How to Make a Wreath Stand

Love this Sue...every detail! Laurel

Re: The Entertainment Center everything about this!!! Laurel

Re: "Meaty" Yard Art

Fun yard art...the grinder is great with the little plant popping out. Laurel

Re: Let's EAT!

Looks like you're having fun with your new toy! Love those huge letters! Laurel

Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Awwww...she is way too cute! Hope the party went well, wish I could have made it! Laurel

Re: Wired---------[=

I'm late to comment on this ditto what they all said! Very, very cool! Laurel

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

Looks like it found the perfect home...great spot for your can just close the door and they won't "stare" at you and make you feel guilty for not using them more...guess I need one too ;) Laurel

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

These are so very them too! Laurel

Re: Industrial Ambiance

OOOOOO...Cassie, I agree, way cool! Laurel

Re: Cavity Cap Mirror

Yep, love it too! I never would have guessed (a few years back) that going to the hardware store could be so inspiring :) Thanks for posting, Laurel

Re: Play Like Dinner Party!

Too cute! Sounds like you and your sister will have a blast...just post lots of pictures and we'll all "ooh and ahh" online :) Laurel

Re: Film Box Planter

Oh my Sue...I just love to see what you come up with...very inspiring :) Laurel

Re: Sewing Machine Robot

Love this guy :) Laurel

Re: Getting ready for the holidays...

You've been busy Marie...I like how you "plan ahead", oh's just around the corner isn't it??? I guess I should get busy too :) Good luck, Laurel

Re: Otten Bros., JUNKMARKET Style

Looking good Sue...can't wait to see it all in person! Laurel

Re: How To Build a Pumpkin Person

Way too cute Sue! I loved all your little pumpkin friends at AAJMS too. So very clever :) Laurel

Re: A table with a story to tell

Super-duper LOVE this table! Laurel

Re: 8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale

WOW...I was there this morning and there's still plenty of great "Junk" to go around!!! Laurel

Re: Architecturally speaking - there's great junk at Columbus Architectural Salvage

Looks like you ladies had fun...I guess if I had to be stuck somewhere during a storm, that would be a good pick! Can't wait to too see/hear more :) Laurel

Re: Junk Holiday Part 1

Wow...looks like you had fun! And then 48 miles of garage sales??? Lucky you :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Rust is the Perfect Fall Color

Love all of your junk goodies and they look great all decked out for fall! Funny, I have an old orange chippy jack outside with a pumpkin sitting on top too :) Laurel

Re: Gone Galvanized are so clever this! Laurel

Re: A wall border that is easy to change and cheap.

Fun ideas...I'm going to share the border idea with my sister who teaches preschool. I think it would be adorable in her classroom :) Laurel

Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

Wow Lani...what a cool find and a creative use! Love it :) Laurel


Great piece...I love the chippy-ness of it! Laurel

Re: Frames outside the Box

Looks are right, the junk addiction/obsession happens fast and hangs on forever...I hope :) Laurel

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

This is very cool! Laurel

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Another inspiring post find and make the best stuff! Laurel

Re: I'll be set up at ROUND TOP TEXAS

Good luck...have fun! Laurel

Re: my 1st flea market showing

Looks like you had some great that sink base and cubby thing! Laurel

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

Lucky you...looks like you're all set now! Enjoy :) Laurel

Re: Junk Storage Shed Made From Junk shed! Can't wait to see all the goodies you've got in there too :) Laurel

Re: JUNKMARKET Style meets Sobo Style - in O-H-I-O!!

Have fun ladies :) Good luck this weekend too! And congrats again to you daughter and soon to be son-in-law! Wow, you DO have a "few" things going on!!!
Take care, Laurel

Re: The rest of the wall.........................

Looks great Alice! Laurel

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

Cute, cute, cute :) Laurel

Re: Cool as Ice Junk

Agree, can't think of a better "job" for that cool piece! Enjoy :) Laurel

Re: A Little Birdie Told Me....

So very creative and special! Fun to see you post again, I missed ya! Laurel

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Another inspiring post Jim! Such an awesom piece and I love how you incorporated your "collections". Wow, again! Laurel

Re: The Goods

A-mazing finds Gretchen!!! Glad you didn't have any trouble fitting your "goods" in the car...probably because Carolyn and I weren't with you...haha :) Can't wait to see all the lovely creations you come up with! Laurel

Re: Inspired by JUNK MARKET

Looks great...yes, the perfect frame for sure! Laurel

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Those "precise" husbands are great aren't they? I have one too :) Love it! Laurel

Re: More Hess Truck Toy Earrings!

I vote earrings too...very cute :) Laurel

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

Me too, me too :) Laurel

Re: Salvaging my 1st house

Looks like you salvaged some fun stuff! Good luck on those floors :) Laurel

Re: All "Dressed" up...

Thanks ladies for your sweet comments! Doreen, I loved yours right away too...maybe we should co-host a party to bring the lemonade and I'll handle the salad bar :) Take care, Laurel

Re: JunkPotluck Project

Love very creative! Laurel

Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

I've never met anyone better at pulling it all together at the last minute than you Sue. It's a "gift" for it! Laurel

Re: Trash to Treasure Charity Auction and Wine Tasting!

Looks like fun...hope they made lots of $$$ for a great cause! Take care, Laurel


Everything looks lovely...I especially love the chippy doll bed with the assorted pots. Thanks for sharing :) Laurel

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

Wow Lani...I love everything you found! Can't wait to see what you do with that poultry bin!
Sure wish I could have been there...maybe I'll start planning now for next year ;) Talk soon, Laurel

Re: Altered Mannequin w/ Handmade Jewelry

She turned out great...beautiful necklace too! Laurel

Re: Fern Valley window in forest

The perfect it! Laurel

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Ah-haa...a wonderful transformation! Laurel

Re: garden work bench

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Ruthie turns 3

Such a great you had to hose down the kitchen after that party :) The aprons are adorable! Laurel

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Great idea...hope it brings in "big money" in the auction! Laurel

Re: Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

Very clever! Laurel

Re: Oronoco Bound

Good luck Mary! I might see ya, I'm hoping to find a friend or 2 to make the road trip with me for the day on Friday :) Laurel

Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

Think I'm gonna have to try this...thanks for the tips! Good luck getting ready for Junk Fest...looks like you ladies have been busy :) Laurel


Yep, add me to the "jealous list"...sounds like too much fun! I feel like Jim, hard to find good "junky" garage sales these days. I do best when I take the "backroads" out of town :) Good luck with your upcoming sales! Laurel

Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

So very fun...I'm blessed to have a hubby who welds...not sure he'd let me near his welder though...hmmm, I'll have to work on him :)
Your pictures have made me anxious for fall! Thanks for posting, Laurel

Re: drought resistant flowers

Bright and fun...Laurel

Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!

Wow...looks great! Oh how I wish my plants looked like that...Laurel

Re: Coming to a Magazine Near You!

Fun pictures Lani...can't wait for the magazines to come out! My son Levi and I were excited to be part of the shoot the day before...I didn't even think to bring my camera...bummer. Guess I wasn't in "blogger" mode yet. Guess I'll have to get better at that now that I am :)
Thanks for soon, Laurel

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod! very cool Lani! Yes, my hubby and I often fight it out over where and how you put things into the walls. Glad you stuck it out, it looks great! Laurel

Re: Instant Fireplace

That is a rusty beauty...glad to see you bring your junk to work :) Take care, Laurel

Re: Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

Kathy, everything looked great...sorry about your foot, things don't always go "as planned" huh? Wish I could have been there too! Take care, Laurel

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Looks amazing ladies...the addition of the pallet/cart thing is too cool! Maybe you ladies want to stop at my house next :)
I think the thought of switching things out is the direction I need to go...I keep collecting and adding and it just gets to be too much for the eyes...but oh so hard to part with the junk that I love!!! You've inpired me...thanks, Laurel

Re: Cup towel hanger

Perfectly chippy...glad your rescued it, looks great! Laurel

Re: Kitchen "Door Knob" Apron Hanger

Lovely...and you had the perfect hardware. I love that verse! Laurel

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter, love love! Jim, you should see the colorful, crusty chairs my "Uncle-in-law" found for me, 4 of them! Can't sit on mine either but who cares...I'll post pics soon :) Laurel

Re: Garden Fun

Fun that sink planter! Laurel

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

Looks great Lani! Love it all but have to agree with Donna, wish those sinks were at my house ;) Laurel

Re: Heavy Duty desk Vice Grip

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

Very clever and cute :) Laurel

Re: It's Illuminating

Jim...I agree, this makes an amazing lamp! So very cool! As far as "the box"...yikes, kinda makes you think huh? Well, as they say "One person's trash is another's treasure" and vise versa, I guess ;) Laurel

Re: Rustic gate = happy towels

Great the assortment of hooks. Very clever :) Laurel

Re: Aah, Summer: A Few Projects

Everything looks great! Laurel

Re: Flowers For The Tin Man

Very all the details! Laurel

Re: My Junkin' Finds For The Weekend

Whoo-hoo...lucky you :) Laurel

Re: Junk Swap Embellishments

Looks like the perfect use for those adapters...great idea :) Laurel

Re: Ode to Miss Gulch

Too fun...very clever :) Laurel


I love road trips...looks like a perfect day! Isn't it fun to see the fun junk ideas popping up all over? Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Time Traveler !

Very sure to show us "after" pictures :) Laurel

Re: Drink Up!

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Flowers for a Rainy Day

Too the addition of the grommets, details details ;) Laurel

Re: Unique Picture Holders

Great idea! Laurel

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

So very clever...and since I can barely sew a button back on, this really appeals to it! Laurel

Re: Garden outhouse

Fun save...and handy too :) Laurel

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

Very how it all came together!

Re: Freeze Frame idea what it was, but it looks like it was "meant" to hold that picture of your beautiful daughter! Laurel

Re: Gourds of mystery???

Too fun...lucky you! Laurel

Re: Rusty Candleholder

LOVE it Andrea...I got some of those faces from Kathy too...they keep moving around my house when a new idea strikes. Should have bought more I guess ;)
Have fun with your rusty find...I would love to see how you change it out for the seasons! take care, Laurel

Re: Mosaic Window


Re: Plant Trellis

Lovely! Laurel

Re: Work is for the birds...

A-dorable...very clever for sure! Laurel

Re: work shop sutters

Great idea! Laurel

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Wow, wow, wow...such a cool piece, perfectly "aged" and I love all of your vintage storage ideas! Thanks for more inspiration Jim...makes me want to get out to my garage and "rough" something up ;) Laurel

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

Yep, I love it all too! I would love to see your porch in person too...maybe we should plan a junk day starting with coffee on one porch and ending with wine on the other :) Talk soon, Laurel

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

Yep, I love it all too! I would love to see your porch in person too...maybe we should plan a junk day starting with coffee on one porch and ending with wine on the other :) Talk soon, Laurel

Re: Curtain Up!

She's lovely all sparkled up! Laurel

Re: Framing the Ancestors


Re: Potting Bench

Looks great...maybe you'll have to move the party to the potting bench, I think that would be great for drinks! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

Wow...what a transformation! Your hard work paid of...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: It's About Time!

I'm with you on the "clock face" you think we could blame Kathy??? Ha-ha...Anyway, love your lazy susan and the rest too! Take care, Laurel

Re: Back to the Beach...

Hi Kathy...thanks for the peek at all your "beachy" treasures! I love that little cupboard from H&G and that picture of your daughter next to her pink polka dot bikini...too cute! Good luck getting ready for your sale. I'll pray for good weather for you too...can't wait to see the pictures afterward! Take care...happy summer :) Laurel

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

Way cool...I agree, handmade is the the writing on the bottom. Laurel

Re: God Bless America!

Hello my "junk sister" find, and lovely displays like always! I'm pretty sure I could just move right into your house and feel right at home. Do you think your family would mind? ;)
Hope you had a happy 4th...yes, God bless America!!! Laurel

Re: Corbel "Book" Shelf

Very clever! Laurel

Re: This little light of mine...

Adorable room...and a great light idea! I especially love the sheet music chain to disguise the cord...oh so clever :) Laurel

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

Very cool...glad you're back to posting...I missed you too :) Laurel

Re: Covering up an Old Leather Top of a Table

Very fun...I can see why it sold so fast! Laurel

Re: What to do With a Window from a 1930's House

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Tractor seat spring tealight holder

Very fun...gotta love when its a "perfect fit" :) Laurel


Very clever! Thanks for sharing, Laurel


Ha-ha...Love it!!! Laurel

Re: Flea Market-"Flea Bag"

Fun bags...I've seen them on the arms of a few junkin' friends ;) Laurel

Re: Verdure

Looks great...what a great place and way to start your day! Laurel

Re: Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Have fun with your finds! Laurel

Re: Junk Swap Part Deux - Beach Finds

Your display looks lovely! Laurel

Re: Restocking for our Fall Sale

Gotta fill up those barns again! Fun stuff, Laurel

Re: 3741 Whipple Lane

Looks great...I love old tool boxes and how special that it was handmade by your grandfather. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Vintage Gears turned candle holders

Looks great...lucky you to find a whole box full! Laurel

Re: Birdie Builds a Nest

Fun...if I was a wren, I'd pick your pretty house too :) Laurel

Re: Old palette TV stand

Saw this yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about it...such a great idea! Laurel

Re: vintage bike

Fun color...I think it would be cute in an entry way too, as long as you didn't have kids or friends wanting to ride it around your house ;) Laurel

Re: AmmoBox Table

Great how it turned out! Laurel

Re: 50's gaming table

Fun find, great idea! Laurel

Re: Graduation Open House Done on the Cheap!

Lots of great ideas how you worked it all in with your already fun junk accessories. I especially love the fans with the photos. Congratulations Rebekah! Laurel

Re: finally finished my bird bath!

It all came together nicely...your patience paid off!

Re: Flash Card Heaven

Lucky you...have fun! Laurel

Re: All In A Day's Work

Looks like you found some great stuff...have fun! Laurel

Re: Old crate stairs

Seriously creative, love this idea! Laurel

Re: Instant Ancestor Recycled Tintype Photo Jewelry & Purses

Just lovely...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Bench

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 2

Fun...I love the open sign with the "beauty"-ful details! Laurel

Re: One more day till our June Country Junk Sale

See you in the morning...leaving Tyler home with the kiddos so I can do some serious shopping...he-he :) Laurel

Re: A ladder that does it all!

Sooo glad you're posting...I LOVE your style! Laurel

Re: Great buys last week!

"Pile of Hope"...I love that! I have quite a few piles of hope at my house :)
Fun finds...those fitting room tags are way cool! Laurel

Re: A new life for an old crib...

Love that scroll detail too!
My 6-year old and I were just having a conversation about the "olden days" when I was young (I'm 37) and I told him "No we didn't ride horses to the store but we did lay in the back of the station wagon with the back window rolled down" He was shocked and "appalled" ;) Laurel

Re: Chalkboard Door

Looks great...I agree, the latch with that fun clock is the perfect touch. Laurel

Re: Junk/Bell Angel

This is so all the details! Laurel

Re: PS Part 3 - Favorite Finds for Country Gardens Magazine

Looks like you ladies had a blast, like always! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Country Gardens. Take care, Laurel

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

Welcome to the little measuring cup for chalk. Glad it found the perfect home :) Laurel

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

Great gift idea! Laurel

Re: Summer Junkin' Fun

Love that pot with the added "curlie cues". Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: LOVING summer break!!

Yay for you Marie...I know what you mean about the should have seen mine when I rolled in yesterday with "another" load of goodies. I keep telling him it's "inventory"...I just need to stop buying and start re-doing ;) Enjoy your summer, Laurel

Re: Equipped

Love the look...and thanks for the tip on the cider vinegar! Laurel

Re: The Tent is ready for Vendors to bring their wares

I tried to talk my hubby into a last minute road trip, but he didn't go for it :( Good luck! Laurel

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Looks great...perfectly crusty :) Laurel

Re: Gardening With Junk

Looks and Cindy make a great team :) See you soon, Laurel

Re: AAJMS - A few of my favorite things

Ahhh, that pink bike, I almost bought that! Now I see it again and wish I would have :) Oh well, I did grab up "a few" other things! Thanks for more fun pictures Kathy! Take care, Laurel

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Love all of your mirrors Lani...I too have a mirror obsession, I bought another fun industrial one yesterday in Carver. I just love to layer them up all over the place! Laurel

Re: Behind the Scenes: AAJMS Fashion Show

More great memories and out of my "comfort zone" for sure, but very fun!
PS...nice to meet you name is Laurel, he-he :)

Re: Great Load of Junk for our June Country Junk Sale!

Whoo-hoo...I can't wait! Laurel

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

This is so very special...thanks for sharing it with us! Laurel


LOVE this Andrea...I'm pretty sure you could do a book with all your amazing centerpiece ideas...I'd buy it for sure :)
Congratulations to your son! Take care, Laurel

Re: Garden Party Necklace

So beautiful the mix of colors and the unique placement of each individual detail. Lovely like always!!! Laurel

Re: Guarding the garden

Very fun Marie! Laurel

Re: On the Hunt!

Fun stuff...can't wait to see what you do with your finds. Those teeth molds would make lovely soap dishes...he-he. Laurel


Wow...I too would have loved to be at that sale! Have fun with your goodies :) Laurel


These were a great find...lucky you! Laurel


A perfect fit...looks great! Have fun at your fish fry AND Australia...lucky you! Laurel

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

Very clever...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: My Mind Is In The Gutter Today

Ooops..."they" look great! I know you know, but I feel better now..he-he :)

Re: My Mind Is In The Gutter Today

Thay look great...lovely display! Laurel

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

Perfectly it! Laurel

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Fun ideas :) Laurel

Re: More from AAJMS...and an outing or two...

More fun times...I love your pictures too Kathy! It was so great to finally meet you Kathy...I'm so glad Terri came too...such a fun group! And Janis was just as sweet as I imagined she would be...bummed I missed you "ninnarae"!
Kenda and Alice, you HAVE to make it to the next event! We missed you and others who weren't there. Maybe you should start selling some "junk" and saving your pennies :) Laurel

Re: The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

More great pictures Amy! My sister Anna was my "date" and we had an amazing time! So fun to see/meet so many of my "junk friends" in real life! Laurel

Re: Photo Love: AAJMS Spring 2010

Love your pictures Amy...I too have been waiting "patiently" for you to post :)
It was so fun to hang out and get to know you better...can't wait to do it again! Next time I'll be sure to have my GPS on hand...he-he...Laurel

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console

Your hard work paid looks great! Laurel

Re: No. 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bookends from vintage molding

These are great! Laurel

Re: Still Lovin' Industrial Light Cages!

Great ideas...I especially love the one in the pot with a plant...really cute! Laurel

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

Lovely Lezlee...wish this was at my house ;) Laurel that wall color serene...


Looks the assortment of shapes in the table legs and that you kept them "as is". They look great all massed together...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: I've been pickin'

Yay for you...have fun with your finds! Laurel

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 4 - The Finale!

Fun pictures...great memories, really cool junk! Thanks for posting...even though I was there most of the weekend, I didn't take ANY pictures so I appreciate yours even more! Thanks much, Laurel

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

"Industrial Cozy" that! I agree with the others...very cool lamp! Laurel

Re: ATTENTION! Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market About to Open!

Looks like fun...enjoy! Laurel

Re: My new workbench "Pretty in Pink" (vintage pink!)

Yeah for you, what a fun find and a great spot for it! How cool that you found the other bin first...and it was a perfect fit...meant to be for sure :) Laurel

Re: Jewelry for the AA/JMS Upcoming Event

Gretchen, these are so always! I am in awe...can't choose a favorite, they are all so special! Can't wait to see the rest :)
Hope AAJMS is a huge success for you! Laurel


These are lovely looks to me like you used a stencil for your words...aren't you clever! I never can get my letters "just right" free hand.
Sooo looking forward to meeting you...see ya soon! Laurel

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

She looks lovely Gretchen...glad you stuck with it :) Laurel

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Wow...very cool! Laurel


Love that print too...lovely added details! Laurel

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

Yeah for you! Great idea :) Laurel

Re: An Aha Moment!

Fun idea Kenda...the picture of your kids makes me smile...looks familiar, my kids are probably about that age now (6 and 2 1/2). Will they really be teenagers someday?!?
Take care, Laurel

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

Lucky you...looks great! Laurel

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Amazing find the new finish! I still want to come shop at your house...he-he :) Laurel

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

Too that 4 on the top...Laurel

Re: sweet little table

Too cute! Laurel

Re: Thank you very much, Mission Rubato.

Lucky you looks great on the wall with your pictures. My MIL gave me a couple of the little individual wood "mallets" (sorry, don't know their technical term...never played the piano :)) I held them side by side and they looked like angel's wings to me...I know you like angels and it looks like you could have a whole choir in those hammers of yours...ha-ha!
Can't wait to see what all you do...have fun! Laurel

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

Lovely...I have a stash of old silver but have yet to do much with it. I like this idea...they would make a great wedding gift with the couple's initials. Thanks for sharing, Laurel


These are the details! I think the "space" angel is my favorite. Good luck to you...enjoy! Laurel

Re: Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

Love your centerpiece too! Laurel

Re: TING...went the strings (I mean xylophone) of my Heart!

Ting is adorable! I loved the one catbishop did fun to see what everybody is doing with their junk goodies! Laurel

Re: Junk Swap - Project #1

Looks like you received some fun stuff...great use! Laurel

Re: Junk Swap - Project #2

Looks perfect on that chippy wood! Laurel

Re: Feeling Springy

Happy Spring Kenda! I haven't done much Spring decorating this year so it's fun to see yours...the other day my little boy said "Mom, when are you going to decorate for Easter". Oops...better luck next year :) Fun to see your finds! Laurel

Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

Amazing idea! Laurel

Re: Minnesota or Bust...or so the sign says...

Whoo-hoo...I have a feeling there are some in there with my name on them too :) Laurel

Re: Parts Box Planters

Sooo COOL! If the "original owners" could see them now...I can almost see them standing there scratching their heads :)
Love, love, love! Laurel

Re: A couple of quick wall hangings

These are great Marie! Laurel

Re: Tick-Tock Table

Another great idea! Laurel

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

HI Andrea...I LOVE everything about this! So very creative and unexpected! I have a couple of those disc spacers from Gretchen...putting the flowers inside is a great idea! Laurel

Re: Have a Coke and a "smile"!

More great ideas and fun junk swap goodies! Love how your salt shaker fit so perfectly into the drawer pull...clever, clever :) Laurel

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

This is so fun...I am loving the door handle idea very creative, like always! Laurel

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Another great idea...can't wait to see what you do with the "other hundred items", should we look forward to a post from you everyday??? Wishful thinking ;) Laurel

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

SUPER love...can't wait to see all the fun stuff you're pulling together for the big sale! Laurel

Re: Spring Projects

Ahhh Spring...everything looks great! Laurel

Re: quilts and a few other things

Best wishes to you...I know what you mean about the encouraging people on this site. It's like a little shot of "courage juice" :) Blessings, Laurel

Re: Junk food stands contain life, unprocessed.

Smart thinking...great use! Laurel

Re: In love with Jack...

Looks like you've found yourself a "keeper"...great ideas :) Laurel

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket everything you've done with your "junk"...very creative! Laurel

Re: Junk, glorious JUNK!!!!!

Lucky you! Laurel

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Car springs huh? I'm going to have to quiz my hubby about what else he might have hiding out in the garage??? Lovely ideas Lani...Happy Easter! Hope you get to relax a little bit! Laurel

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Lovely...great idea! Laurel

Re: One to grow on...

This is way too very clever! Laurel

Re: Finally Finished Junk Swap Project

Wow, you really pulled it all together didn't you? Very creative. Laurel


This is such a great's a great way to give those special pieces a "new life" out on display! Laurel

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

Fun stuff...great idea! Laurel

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

So very, very cool...again :) Laurel

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Thanks everybody..."disk", "gear", "hoe shield"...looks like I need to brush up on my "junk terminology". I can see my husband's eyes rolling already...poor guy, see what he has to put up with :) Laurel

Re: Another Party all of your special details! Laurel

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

:ove how you put it all together...very creative, like always :) Laurel

Re: Garden junk!

I love garden junk! You got some great stuff :) Laurel

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

I like to call it "Divine Inspiration"...thanks for sharing it with us ;) Laurel


How cool is this? Very clever your angel too :) Laurel

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

Look at you go! Another great I guess the pressure is on to do something with the cool stuff you sent me :) (Mommy duties first, junk second...but soon, I hope!!!) Laurel

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Wow-wee have such a creative eye! That clock is so cool! I just knew that fun piece was going to a good both ideas :) Laurel

Re: Prepping for Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event in May

Looks like you've got some great stuff Amy! Can't wait! Laurel

Re: First post from my swap partner.

Fun piece...lucky you! Love what you did with it! Laurel

Re: Swap Projects 3&4: Wall Decor and Tea Lite Holders

So fun to see what everyone comes up with :) Laurel

Re: Coffee Tray

This is another great idea...I am loving all of your creative posts! Laurel

Re: Light Fixture Planter

I agree, fresh herbs are the best and even better in your super cool new planter! Laurel

Re: Toasty warm light

Very cool Marie! Love your scale too :) Laurel

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

This is wonderful! Laurel

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Garden Globe Pedestal

Very clever! Laurel

Re: Grandma Memory Collage

This is very special...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: Getting Back to Basics

This is a perfect little "touch of Spring"...and I recognize that cool chippy rosette from one of your books...I love it! Laurel

Re: Antique Book Page Projects

Lovely...I especially love the box with the brooch. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

Very how you've used it! Laurel

Re: junk swap projects coming soon!

Looks like fun stuff! I know what you mean about the babysitter...sometimes it's hard to let the ideas "rest" until bedtime :) Good luck, Laurel

Re: Chimney Cabinet

Ha, ha, ha...too funny! Better keep your eyes out for another one...just in case you need a matching cabinet, of course ;) Laurel

Re: Child's Vanity

I love this so much! Way too cute...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Junk Queen Necklace

This is a lovely necklace Alice...lucky you Marie! Glad you ladies were able to meet in person! Laurel

Re: Shower flange candleholders smart! Laurel

Re: Getting Ready for Easter

Very fun! Laurel

Re: My Junk Swap goodies from Laurel, aka Chipping Charm!

Hello Marie...I'm so glad you like your junk! When I got your name I practically jumped up and down because I knew you would be fun to "junk" for :) That "nut & bolt" sorter was the first thing in your looked like a flower to me and that started the whole "round and flowery" theme. Can't wait to see what you do with it all :)
PS...I LOVE my junk from you too! Can't wait to show everyone all the cool treasures you sent my way! I'll post soon...this was so much fun! Thanks again! Laurel


9 thrift stores??? Lucky you! Have fun with your finds :) Laurel

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

A couple of cuties for sure! I got a machine for my birthday in Dec. I've been so busy, I haven't even pulled it out of the box yet! Better get it out and give it a try...I think these aprons are the inspiration I need :) Laurel

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

Aren't you smart?! I agree, very creative use! Laurel

Re: introduction and first time post!

Looks like you're ready to have some fun! Welcome :) Laurel

Re: Junk-displayed photographs

Andrea, I love all of your fun photo displays too! (I picked up 2 old PO box covers at a junk sale with same for each of my kids.) I think my fave is the invoice holder...sooo cool!
Glad your back to posting...I've missed your inspiring ideas :) Laurel

Re: Chicken Crate Shelves

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Step Ladder Wine Rack

Very, very the added details with the numbers! Laurel


Fun how it all came together! Love that door too :) Laurel

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

Love this...good luck at the sale! Laurel

Re: Drumroll Please...

Too fun! Laurel

Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Whoo-hooo...all of my favorite things in one place! I'll definitely be there...can't wait to meet/see many of you :) Laurel

Re: "W"

Wonderful Marie...have a great time with your family! Laurel

Re: "A Crown for the Queen"

Simply DIVINE!!! Laurel

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Very, very exciting! I am in awe of everything you do...this piece is no exception!!! I am so inspired buy how you leave it "as is" with past holes and all...I just love pieces that have a "history" that you can see and wonder about. Wishing you amazing success! Laurel

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

This is perfection...I have been working hard to "simplify" this year but as a "collector" I am having a little trouble letting go...this amazing room is just the inspiration I need! Thanks! Laurel

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

OH cool! Love the "dot" pattern and the fact that you kept the original tag on! Laurel

Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

Lovely Sue...I'm sure you never disappoint! Laurel

Re: Objects as Art, not only do you find great junk, but you find it in quantity...and then you know just what to do with it! You are oh sooo talented! Oh my how I would love to have a little army of those spindle guys at my house :) Thanks for more inspiration, Laurel

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Ah-haaa...great idea for springs! Laurel

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

How sweet it is...I took a peek at the rest of your post on your blog too...lovely! Laurel

Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

Looks great, love the finish! Laurel

Re: A Great Marriage

Looks great! Don't you just love when you find the perfect match? Laurel

Re: Arachnibot

Too fun...very creative! Laurel

Re: Repurposing a crate

Another great piece! Laurel

Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Another "Beauty" Gretchen! Laurel

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

Kathy, this is every little detail! Laurel


Lovely again Janis!
My area sounds a lot like Candy' just never know when it's going to be your lucky day?!? Makes it hard to resist just "stopping in for a peek" ;)
My best luck is almost always at the flea market, and being it's winter here in MN...I'll have to get my fill someplace else...
Thanks for another beautiful post! Laurel

Re: For the Love of White Junk

More cool stuff...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

Looks like you've got some fun times ahead...lucky you! Laurel

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Hi everything you've done with these! You have such an eye for cool junk and unique repurposes! Laurel

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Scrapyard lamp

Whoo-hoo Marie...lucky you! Looks great! Laurel

Re: To DYE for!

Looks great Alice...but too bad they spelt the name wrong ;)he-he! Laurel PutMAN

Re: Laundry room curtains.

Too cute! What a fun way to get your special dresses out where you can enjoy them! Laurel

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Looks like you guys had a blast and found fun stuff! My hubby and I take a road trip like that when we can (minus the kiddos...there isn't usually any room left for them, ha!) It's almost as fun unpacking the car as it it loading it up isn't it? Thanks for sharing, Laurel
PS...can anyone really have too many knobs?!? ;)

Re: Disk Spacers Re purposed

You know I LOVE these Gretchen...thanks again for the fun trade! I am always finding new ways to use them in my decorating :) Laurel

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

Looks great that "His/Her" desk solution too. Very clever! Laurel

Re: "BABY ROOM JUNK" are so clever! I can see variations of these for many different gifts. Thanks for another inspiring idea :) Laurel

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

Wonderful Gretchen...just love the "black and white" look of it. Thanks for sharing, Laurel was so fun to see you and Lani at "D of D" of Friday. Thanks so much for stopping really meant the world to me!!! I am so honored to be a part of this creative and supportive group...such a blessing!

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

This sounds amazing...I've got it on my calendar :) Laurel

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

There is just so much to love about a junk gift! You get the thrill of the hunt, someone else pays and then you spend the next few days or more figuring out what you want to do with it all...AND THEN, you post your fun ideas and we all get to enjoy it too. It's the gift that keeps on giving :)
Enjoy! Laurel
PS...I've been on the look-out for old shaving mirrors like that...lucky you! I've seen them hanging sideways off the wall for a really fun candle sconce...can picture it?

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

All I can say is...WOW!!! Happy Valentines! Laurel

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

These are adorable...keys are great embellishments, old or new :) Laurel

Re: Priceless Crown!

Another "Cinderella Story" :) Laurel


Too fun...cheers :) Laurel

Re: OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

Very clever...looks great! Laurel

Re: SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

Love the lamp...lucky you, you found some great "Scraps"! Laurel

Re: scrappy sun catchers...

I just love your "artsy" style...pretty sure I've said that before but it's still true :) Laurel

Re: Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage

These are wonderful...a great way to display vintage "bits and pieces" Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

A-mazing!!! I love this...I have a "thing" for vintage "bling". Thanks for sharing the instructions, I can't wait to give it a try! Laurel

Re: Smacking good Valentine

Too cute...YEA Hunter, YEA Grandma!!! :) Laurel

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

Love the "wheels" and the mirror...looks great! Laurel

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect least for furniture

Looks great Marybeth! You should see all the lonely pieces in my garage waiting for their "perfect mate"...but when it finally happens it's a happy day :) Laurel

Re: It's a Sun Kraft!

Way too that dial...Laurel

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

Noreen, congratualtions on your perseverence...looks like it paid off! I know what you mean about the "you're weird" looks. I get them all the time from my hubby, but I'm learning that those looks are usually a good thing in the means I'm thinking out of the box. (And My kids are too little to remember me before I was "weird"...ha-ha) Laurel

Re: Lunch box memory style

Very cute :) Laurel

Re: Got Ideas? first thought was memoboard too...but I've been know to turn anything into a memoboard ;) I like the serving tray idea too. Laurel

Re: Primitive cupboard

Looks great! Laurel


Great idea...the possiblitie with old drawers are endless, love it! Laurel

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Truly amazing Jim...looks like you've got all the "junk girls" swooning with this post ;) Laurel

Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

These are too fun! Laurel

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Love these!!! Laurel

Re: Patina or Dirt???

Yikes...I do have "little people" and one can never be too careful...I am very cautious about lead in my chippy treasures but thanks for the reminder about the "droppings"...glad to be more aware of that now too!!!
Love your tool box and fun garden vignette...seems to me you're in MN too...wishful thinking huh? :) Laurel

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

Yep...this is A-mazing Marie!!! Laurel

Re: Joshua "Jack"

Fun creative :) Laurel

Re: architectural hangings

These are great...glad you remembered to post them :) Laurel

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

These are love-ly Sue...that little necklace with the salt spoon is wonderful too! So clever...Laurel

Re: Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less

Very glad you posted it :) Laurel

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

These are the mix of papers and images you used! I would love to hang them in a collage on my wall :) Laurel

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Wow-wee Gretchen, another "too die for piece"! I too am amazed at all the unique and lovely details! Lucky you posted this after you sold may have caused a frenzy otherwise :) Laurel
PS...I love the vintage clock face necklace I just ordered from you so much I have it hanging on a mirror in my livingroom...I just couldn't bear to hide it in a box!!!

Re: Valentine Fun

Adorable...I love old Valentines but haven't even pulled mine out yet...better get on that :) Laurel

Re: Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

Fun stuff...lucky you :) Laurel

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

Super fun ideas! Very creative, Laurel

Re: Old tiles

Very the colors and patterns! Laurel

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

Wow...what a vision you had...wonderful, Laurel

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

Love it Lani...I have some vintage (very crusty) cup holders hanging as sconces in my bathroom but I love how you tied it all together with the wood really finishes the look. Way cool, Laurel

Re: Go Fish, Go!

Super-duper cute! My son wishes you were coming to his kindergarten class...I do too :) Laurel

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

Love, love, love!!!!! I think the 1st one is my favorite...but both are stunning! Laurel

Re: Transformation of 'The Ugliest Footstool Ever'

Lovely! Laurel

Re: Plant Markers

The possibilities are endless with these cuties :) Laurel

Re: ~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

Very cool! Laurel

Re: Entertainment Center

Looks the distressed finish. Laurel

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

Wow-wee...this is amazing! Laurel

Re: The Key to my heart!

Love everything about this Marie...the key, the sentiment. Really special "junk" :) Laurel

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

Fantastic Noreen! Ok, so I LOVE everything you do...but I'm thinking you've found your "niche" in industrial I right??? Awesome, Laurel

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

So very, very cool! Those nifty cookies and the drill bit look handy too. My "tool-confidence" is make it look so easy Sue...I may have to give them a try :) Laurel

Re: Bird in the Cage...

Adorable...and welcome to posting...once you start you just can't stop :) Laurel

Re: Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

So all your unique wall treatments and your displays are amazing! Laurel

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This is wonderful Lani! I'll send my kids right over...ha-ha :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Door Vanity

"Enchanting" is the word that comes to my mind...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Large ( 21x47 ) picture frame


Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

Super all 4 ideas! I'm with Lani, I want to take Amy's class too. Can we take it online? Duluth might be a little too far to commute :)
Thanks for sharing this Sue! Laurel

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Yep...I'm in too :) Laurel

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

This is too cute! Laurel

Re: A Box of Lamp Parts

Love all your ideas...don't you love it when the hubby's "get it"? Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Dresser mirror becomes bathroom centerpiece

Love it! You guys find the best stuff :) Laurel

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Awesome Jenny...I feel like a broken record everytime I comment on one of your posts but seriously, they are all soooo cool!!! You are so very, very talented! Laurel

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments..."Will Work For Junk"...ha-ha! Laurel
PS...don't tempt me Alice, I could use a little warm weather escape :)

Re: Lampshade Bowls

These are beautiful...I snatch these glass shades up whenever I see them too. So many creative uses :) Laurel

Re: Throwback to my Youth - Take a little trip with me

These are so cool! My dad is/was pretty creative when it came to that kind of thing too. I often think of all the cool Halloween costumes he came up with for us kids. At the time I didn't appreciate it...I wanted to be a "Cookie Spook" like everybody else...but I won a few contests and now I can look back and really appreciate it :)
Thanks for sharing, despite the pants...te-he...I'm pretty sure I had something similar back in the day! Laurel

Re: Stop the Draft!

Wow...another amazing post! And even better that you used all things you had on hand...awesome! Laurel

Re: Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

Looks color! Laurel

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

These are too fun! Laurel

Re: Thrift Store Finds

Whenever I see the great stuff others bring home, it makes me want to RUN out and hunt for myself...alas, I have "Mommy Duties" to attend to so I'll have to wait until Friday :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Gretchen...this is wonderful...I've been playing around with an old clock I just bought too. I promise not to copy :)
I agree, it's so fun to be "inspired" by each-other but even more fun to figure out your own twist...Take care, Laurel

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

A Simple Monday and Floral of the Month...isn't that what you call a "twofer" Sue ? :) Love, love, love...Laurel

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

Wonderful is right...and I agree, you Junkfest girls ls got an extra helping of the "creative juice" that for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us :) Laurel

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

Lovely Lani...yep, agree, agree a little age shows history and years of love. Laurel

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

Love your hanger collection...I am always drawn to them too. That "pant thing" is very cool! Laurel


These are sweet...I made a version for teacher gifts this Christmas. Always a hit :) Laurel

Re: A "Junky Little Valentine"

Great ideas...Laurel

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud? all the well thought out details! Laurel

Re: Photo Finish

This is really do find the best junk! Just add a metal rod and shelf pins...only you Sue! Amazing...
As a mom of "little people" it's hard to imagine them ever leaving...but I hear time flies...I think it's a great idea to head to college with her...ha-ha...just like how I almost hopped on the bus with my kindergartener this year :) Laurel

Re: Cloche...Rusty Style

Fun finds...lucky you! I was "thrifting" today...scored a few treasures myself :) Laurel

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Hi there :) This is beautiful...I'm a "paint girl" myself...can't wait 'til spring!!! Laurel

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome? always! Thanks for the great tips too...Laurel

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Very clever!!! It looks perfect hanging on your vintage knob. Love the look! Laurel

Re: Croquet anyone?

Wow, thanks for another peek into your very creative (and inspiring) home...I bet you just love walking in the door! Glad your son got the "creative gene" too! Love the bowls and the balls. Laurel

Re: dresser makeovers

Wow...amazing transformations...very inspiring! Laurel

Re: Musical Revamp

This is inspires me to look through my garage sale bins...some of that stuff could be re-made into something with a little more "junk style". Thanks :) Laurel

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle! this! And I think your display looks great...simply elegant. Laurel


Wow...amazing photos and lovely displays! I agree with Marie..."breathtaking" is the perfect word! You have the perfect spot there under your table...looks like it was "meant to be" :) Laurel

Re: It's "Cloche" to Baby Time

Your shower decor is wonderful...when was/is the baby due? Congratulations! Laurel

Re: everything's coming up angels...

I love junk angels...yours are so sweet! Can't wait to see more :) Laurel

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

Wow...$1??? Lucky looks great :) Laurel

Re: Sweet Clipboard!

Very sweet indeed :) Laurel

Re: Hall tree from parts

Wow...thanks for sharing the "before" picture too! Laurel

Re: Benchs from headboard

These are wonderful...welcome :) Laurel

Re: Drawer-A-Holic

He-he...I'm pretty sure I'm the Drawer-a-holic of which you speak :)
I have a real problem, but I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! I don't have one this amazing color and finish though...better work on that! Thanks, Laurel
PS...should we have our support group at the Flea Market???

Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

To quote my 2 year old..."TAA-DAAA!!!" Just lovely Alice :) Laurel

Re: Some more clock projects

These are wonderful! Laurel

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

These are great, quite handsome indeed! I have a stash of those receipt you've got me thinking :) Laurel

Re: Photo "Opp"...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement...I feel very honored and excited about this new opportunity! I guess the moral of the story is...don't be afraid to join in on the fun :)
Allielou53...thanks for all the great pictures and cool treasures you've past my way Aunt Alice :) creative junking friend Traci...your turn :)
Wishing all my JMS friends rich blessings and amazing junk in 2010! Laurel

Re: Valentine Window

Cute Valentines display :) Laurel

Re: valentine art

Adorable :) Laurel

Re: Box Mirror Re-Do

These are adorable...lucky you to find so many! Laurel

Re: Silver leaf on the cheap

Looks like you've got some fun coming up...can't wait to see your lovely displays :) Laurel

Re: More projects and your hubby make a great the mix of recycled woods and metals you've used through-out. Thanks for sharing your home with us and your brave sons with our country! Thoughts and prayers, Laurel

Re: Bottle Christmas Tree

Very creative! Laurel

Re: Screen Savers

Love them all! Cool Office sign too...Laurel

Re: Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy birthday...looks like you found some fun stuff :) Laurel

Re: The Kitchen floor

Wow...this is amazing!!! Laurel

Re: JUNK... the best medicine!

Fun knobs...cute picture :) Laurel

Re: Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

A fellow Minnesotan...glad you have a good attitude :) Enjoy...BRRRRR, Laurel

Re: "Coffee Doodle Do"- CoffeeTime Lamp

Great name for this one...makes me chuckle :) Laurel

Re: Church Treasures

I love church treasures too. That attendance sign is so cool!!! Have you seen Sue's post using the old wooden organ pipes? If not, you should take a peek. I bet you'll love it :) Laurel

Re: Beverage bar....junk style!

This is sooo cool!!! Very, very clever...I really am going to have to make the treck to ND for your sale some year. I love everything you ladies post on here and your blog is fantastic too! Laurel

Re: more burn rescue

Very cool!!! You sure were at the right place at the right time :) Laurel

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp've inspired me. I've been on the look-out for cool lamps for my family room. I've left the thrift store empty handed for weeks now. Yesterday I found a couple of basic silver, skinny lamp bases and now I just need to think of some fun way to "junk" them up. Thanks, Laurel

Re: Piano bench-turned child creative center

How cute is this??? Perfect re-purpose! Laurel

Re: Round Top Junk

Looks like you found some great stuff!!! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Garden Fencing Bedrail

Love this!!! Cute and practical too...ya gotta have a bedrail, might as well be junky and fun :) Laurel

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp've been busy! I've enjoying looking at your the shade on this one. Laurel

Re: Rustic Glow

Great idea Kenda...I can't think of a single person who wouldn't love to get this! Laurel

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

Looks great...I too love the addition of the pictures under glass. Very clever...welcome :) Laurel

Re: Storage Solutions

Great ideas...I'm a sucker for cool husband calls me "compart-MENTAL"...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

FANTASTIC way to ring in the new year!!! I'm speechless...Laurel

Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Very sweet! Laurel

Re: Angels small and tall...

Love them!!! Hope you have a good week back at work. My husband and son head back to "reality" today

Re: My Dress


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Yep...SERIOUSLY creative! Laurel

Re: More from the front porch

Looks like a great place to relax...thanks for sharing, Laurel


Very clever! Laurel

Re: Pantry Door

Looks details! Laurel

Re: Let the music move you!

I missed this one the first time around too...this is so cool Noreen!!! So glad Candy re-posted it, I guess I'll need to take a peek at your other projects to see what else I missed :) Laurel

Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

Sounds like too much fun!!! Laurel

Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Too all the details! Laurel

Re: I had a bright idea for this grill..., love, love!!! Laurel

Re: First project of the New Year!!

Just lovely...could you prop that pretty heart up on a little candle holder under your cloche??? Just a thought, Laurel :)

Re: Moma's Old Smidgen Shop Treasures

Wow Lezlee...what a great mix of stuff! You definitely have a gift for display...have I said that before??? Well, I think it EVERYTIME I peek at one of your posts :) Laurel

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

Yep, I missed this post too but I was lucky enough to see it in person at Sue's b-day get-together. Now that I see it next to mine I realize it probably had something to do with the inspiration for the dangling crystals in my little creation in the previous post. Thanks again Sue...and many blessings in the New Year. Can't wait to see what you've got cookin' up next! Laurel

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

Wow...thanks Mary Beth! I am so thankful for this site and all of the kind words and amazing ideas popping up everyday! You are all a blessing to me...Happy New Year! And CHEERS to a jolly, junk filled 2010! Laurel

Re: 2009 Christmas Blessings

Wow, we do have the same winking Santa! Yours is a bit more "glam"-orous than mine though :) Merry Christmas Kenda! Laurel

Re: Mirror of Memories

wow, what a special all the sentimental details! Laurel

Re: A Shutter of Excitement....Christmas Day is Almost Here!

Looks great :) Laurel

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

Hip-hip-hooray!!! That is amazing news...God bless you and your sweet boy! Having a 6 year old son myself and a sister who too survived childhood cancer...this touches my heart. I will say a prayer for continued health for your little guy! Enjoy the celebration and cool junk piece! Laurel

Re: Masher Christmas

Great details! Laurel

Re: More or less Christmas

I tried to simplify this year too...but went back and added more! Lovely displays...Laurel

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.


Re: Old Letters & Glitter

So very, very cool! Laurel

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Funn collections...agree, vintage graphics are the best :) Laurel

Re: Paver snowmen

Adorable!!! Laurel

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

Hooray for you!!! Laurel

Re: The Holly and the...

Very that you saw that fryer as a sleigh! Your little elves are adorable. Laurel

Re: Junk on Display

Fun stuff...I love to see at what others collect and how they have them diplayed :) Thanks for the peek, Laurel

Re: From nut sweeper (!?) to wreath!

Clever and how nice of your son to rescue these for you! Laurel

Re: A Greenery Christmas

Fun rustic :) Laurel


So very lovely...these would make wonderful gifts...maybe next year, my gift making time is running out :)
Thanks for all the inspiration, Laurel

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

Beautiful collection!!! Laurel

Re: A Traveler's Bag from Christmases Past

Fun stuff...great idea! Laurel

Re: I Love Christmas

You really have the "knack" for display...lovely! Laurel

Re: You belong here!

Wow, what an inspiring post...amazing centerpiece, wonderful coffee table and sweetest sentiments!!! Blessings, Laurel

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

I love these...all of them!!! Merry Christmas :) Laurel

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Amazing tree, and awesome decorating all around. Love this post and I just can't stop looking at all the details...cabinet, cornices...I agree, more pictures please :) Laurel

Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

Lovely like always that tree! I have a "bit" of a collection of vintage bobbles too. I have been decorating my very own tree (the kiddos have "dibs" on the family room tree :)) in my living room this year. It's been fun to shop in my stash and make things and repurpose treasures to hang. I think I have the "sisters" to your adorable little vintage angels...mine have feather tree skirts but the same little sweet faces :) Merry Christmas, Laurel

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

This is a great are so clever :) Laurel

Re: "I'm WORKING here!"

Love that shutter memo center...amazing chippyness! I am so enjoying all your posts...great ideas...keep 'em coming :) Laurel

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap happy that those little lids found a good home with you Sue :) Amazing idea...Laurel

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

Clever, clever, clever...your creative juices are working overtime aren't they??? When do you sleep? :) Laurel

Re: Alter-na-tree

Wonderful...I have a bit of a collection on these little vintage ornaments too...they seem hidden on my tree...this is the perfect solution! Laurel

Re: Christmas Displays

Lovely display...nice details! Welcome to posting...I know, it's a little scary at first. But once you start, you can't stop :) Laurel

Re: Pop Can Stars

Neat idea...I can see lots of fun variations on these! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

Great that door too! Laurel


So beautiful Janis...I recently came across a "Treasure Trove" of bling, and I have been adding it to my decorations this year as always makes me think of you and your elegant style...thanks for the inspiration! Laurel

Re: A Diva Christmas

So very creative...I can see why you won the contests! Laurel

Re: A Handmade Holiday - Chat With Me Live on the Gorilla Glue Facebook Page

This is such a cute kids would love it! And I am a huge "fan" of that Gorilla Super Glue...nothing else works quite the same :) Laurel

Re: Fun Wood Pillars

Very cute...Laurel

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

Lovely centerpiece...I can almost smell it from here! Welcome to posting! Laurel

Re: Vintage Holiday Vignette

Great mix of sentimental treasures...I'm glad there's someone else out there still decorating...all of the bins are unpacked but I just can't stop myself...rearranging and adding...lots of ideas floating around "up there", but never enough time :) Laurel

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

This is all the details!!! Laurel

Re: My Chest is a Basket Case!

This is so smart...I'm looking for storage pieces for my family room. I wanted to re-purpose rather than buy new...I think this is it! Hope you don't mind if I copy :) Thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: Oh, My High Arches!

Very clever...Laurel

Re: THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!! maybe

Hope you had a happy day! Your displays look lovely! I love your angel...I have a couple of those whimsical ladies at my house too :) Laurel

Re: Deck the doors!

Love, love, love...I agree, awesome chippyness and that mail cool!!! Love it all, again :) Laurel

Re: Four-Poster for Pooch

Now that is creative! Laurel


Looks like a Winter Wonderland at your house...beautiful collections...and I love ALL of you cloches :) Laurel

Re: Art with Architecture

These are beautiful Lani...such great ideas! I think I am an "Architecture Addict" as well...but, what if I don't want to "kick the habit"??? Laurel

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

Lovely Sue! Glad to see that you make "Boo-Boo's"'s nice when they are little and fixable huh? :) Thanks for "enlightening" us on the Kissing Ball/Bulb stuff...Laurel

Re: Picking up a Little Christmas Cheer...

Super-duper cool! Laurel

Re: Very Simple

Looks great! Laurel

Re: Hope Inside...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like her! I think "Hope Springs Eternal" is the perfect name...I knew my creative junking buddies could help me out :) Laurel

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

So very, very cool! Amazing display, knotching the dominoes was so clever! Laurel

Re: Red Birds and Holidays

Love this piece!!! Laurel

Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

Love vintage Christmas...have fun :) Laurel

Re: Winter Garden

Beautiful pictures...we're expecting some snow tomorrow in MN :) Laurel

Re: Framing up a Favorite Item

Very cool...I agree, the chair bottom for the frame is amazing! Laurel

Re: Extreme Tree Trimming

Very creative...I like the keyboard ornaments too. Good luck :) Laurel

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

Another amazing post everything about it AGAIN!!! This would look oh so lovely at my house..."fast friends" indeed :) Laurel

Re: Nifty and Thrifty!

Very creative! Laurel

Re: Elmer's Glue

Ahhh-haaa...too cool! Laurel

Re: Santa Delivers with Boyish Charm

Too much fun...both your gift carrying ideas are great! Love, love love...Laurel

Re: A peek into our booth at the Scott Antique Market ladies are so creative! Very inspiring...thanks for sharing a peek...can't wait to see how you decorate for your get-together!!! Laurel

Re: Welcome Screen Door

Wow have been a busy girl :)
Love the color and the wreath mirror...oh so creative! Laurel

Re: Spiced up for the holidays

Lovely way to showcase your very special vintage ornaments! Laurel

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

Wow...very creative!!! Laurel

Re: Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

Hi Melissa, this is very cool...I'm actually looking to pull something similar together to finish off an "entertainment center" redo in my family room! Thanks for the inspiration...
Sure wish I could have made the road trip to Junk Fest but so glad I got to meet you in Anoka! Take care, Laurel

Re: Barbwire Christmas Tree the addition on the hammer head...Laurel

Re: Horse Collar Wreath

Very creative :) Laurel

Re: Sled turned advent calendar

Fun redo...great idea! Laurel

Re: I am TRIPLELY inspired! have been busy! Fun stuff! Laurel

Re: Book Wall Decor very clever!!! Laurel

Re: 'Tis the Season

Too much fun...the color, the shape, the greens, the original purpose...where do you find these things??? Laurel

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Andrea...this is literally BREATHTAKING!!! Love all of the different textures, that fluffy scarf is The "icing on the cake". And that broken mirror is BEYOND creative...once again, LOVE it all! Laurel

Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Looks great...those doors were a fun find and your "embellishments" look lovely! Laurel

Re: Christmas with Georgia

Just beautiful!!! Funny thing, I took a little break from decorating my home for a little JMS inspiration...and here you were...just what I needed to get the ball rolling again! (I especially love the glass balls with the little junk inside!) Thanks for sharing, Laurel
gailmaire...wanna meet in Iowa somewhere and make a road trip? Ha! I wish...guess we'll just have to wait for the next post :)

Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Amazing like always...and I love your "farm junk"! You definitely have an eye for repurposing and pulling it all together! Laurel

Re: Simple Holiday Wreath

Whoo--hoo...I'm so excited to get decorating!!! Love this Andrea...infact, I knew it was you before I even looked at your post. Love your style :) Laurel

Re: Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Fantastic idea...Laurel


I agree with Marie, the teapot is a very clever touch :) Laurel

Re: Vintage Trunk Makeover

Turned out great...cozy color :) Laurel


Love these! Laurel

Re: potting table changes seasons

Lovely details! Laurel

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Seriously cool!!! I love vintage Christmas "junk"...and you sure have a gift for putting it all together. Thanks for another inspiring post! Laurel

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

These are very sweet...and actually I have a whole bunch of zippers just waiting for an idea! Thanks for sharing :) Laurel

Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

I am so very thankful that you decided to share your beautiful table "junk" with us! Love it all, like usual :) Laurel

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Love that Modge Podge...and chocolate brown, yummy :) Laurel

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

These are very inspiring...kind of like scrapbooking for junkers??? Love, love, love...Laurel

Re: "Stained" Glass Window

Looks great...very creative! Laurel

Re: It's a wrap....Station!

Very creative gift idea...Laurel

Re: Something to sing about

Another great idea...I'm using lots of sheet music in my decorating this year too. Many ideas inspired by this site. I'll add this one to my "list". Thanks...and glad your back to junk making! Laurel
PS, You'll be happy to know that power tools are the only thing on my Christmas and Dec. b-day list this year. Now I just need some lessons...too bad you live so far away :(

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

This piece is the addition of the mirror on top. Actually, I love ALL the details...right down to the adorable little "blinged up" baskets! You've inspired me again...thanks, Laurel

Re: Mailbox Hose Holder

Very clever :) Laurel

Re: A Junky Wedding Reception

Love all your "junky" touches...congratulations! Laurel

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

Don't think I could have let this one go! Laurel

Re: A Fan of Photos

Very creative...I love this too! Laurel

Re: Hall Tree

This turned out great...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: It's so "cloche'" to Cristmas time!!!!

Lovely displays and sentiments :) Laurel

Re: There's No Place Like a Midwest Home Show!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Love "the other Sue W's" art and all the special "Lani touches" Hope the show was a huge success :) Laurel

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

Cool piece...beautiful arrangement! Laurel

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

So very wonderful...I can't even imagine all the cool stuff you're dreaming up now that you get to do it all day everyday!!! Laurel

Re: Winter Green Fresh

What a find...Love how you put this all together! Laurel

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

So very clever...the clock face is my fave too! Laurel

Re: Door turned desk

Love this...your whole craft area looks very inspiring! Laurel

Re: Winning with Winter White

Lani, this is fantastic! I didn't make it in to SHR this month to check out your new space. I'm sure it was a huge success!!! Take care, Laurel

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

Andrea, LOVE it!!! So very creative...great details! Way to think "Out of the planter"...he-he!!! Laurel

Re: Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

Tons of fun...I especially love all the metal planters! Laurel

Re: Stirrup Photo Frame

Agreed...crust and crystals, very cool! Laurel

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

So very, very cool...sometimes it's good to know the original purpose "after the fact" it's all cleaned up and cool as can be. Some lucky person will snatch that up at SHR and put in right on their kitchen table...he-he!!! I would scoop it up in a heart beat...for my front porch :) Laurel
Thanks for the tip on the greens, I'm in search of some for an event this weekend...

Re: Fall Back Decor

Love your fall display...I'm into the "layered look" as well. I especially love the idea of the little school desk changing with the seasons! Fun stuff...Laurel

Re: antique mattress springs

This is great! Laurel

Re: Dick and Jane Vintage Reader Gift Tags

These are old books! Laurel

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

Looks great!!! Laurel

Re: Second Hand Rose Occasional Sale

Ahhh yes, another one of my "faves"!!! I'll be near Buffalo on Saturday visiting family. Hope there's some good stuff left for me :) Laurel

Re: Paris Themed Necklace

Lucky Lani...WOW Gretchen, your necklaces are so unique and beautiful! Love all the wonderful details on this one...I have some of those "underware buttons" in my collection too...who knew??? Thanks, Laurel

Re: Birds of a Feather Grandfather Clock Birdhouse

Very clever and cute...Laurel

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

I too love the glimpse into your home...special treasures all arranged so creatively! Thanks for sharing them with us! Laurel

Re: Book stand of brass on wood

Very cool...that's right "no back-sies"!!! Laurel

Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

I love every single very creative and inspiring!!! Laurel

Re: Another great grate!

I've enjoyed all your grate ideas...I'm quite a fan of the grate myself. I have them all over my the idea of adding lights. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: October Floral of the Month

Wow Sue...this is so stinkin' cute! All my best to the happy couple :) Laurel

Re: Steel Spring Table that's a unique table...wonderful! Laurel

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

Love these 2 posts...they've got me thinking too. I've been wandering my house looking at all my favorite things and trying to find the common thread that ties them all together. Very fun...maybe I'll let you all know when I figure it out...Ha! So far I'd say I just collect a little bit of everything, mostly chippy, rusty and used and otherwise discarded...aka JUNK :) Thanks, Laurel

Re: A Rusty Repurpose! Andrea, it looks like we should be shopping together, chippy painted metal, rust...or maybe not, we would probably want all the same stuff :) Laurel

Re: More Freebies!

More fun...for free :) Laurel

Re: Hem Marker Memo Holder

Ah-haaa...great idea :) Laurel

Re: Keeper of the Bling

Junk and jewels...two of my favorite things :) Laurel

Re: Soap Stand for my Mom

Love this...I agree, great gift idea! Thanks, Laurel

Re: Junk Pumpkins

Fun junky pumpkins and cool junk display :) Laurel

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

This is amazing...actually, I love everything you've posted! Looks like you and your wife make great decorating team. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your beautiful home...Laurel

Re: Junky Tablescape

I LOVE everything about it! The centerpiece, the placecards, the sheet music...I bet your friends were very impressed, I know I am!!! Laurel

Re: Garden Arbor Creation

One more WOW...these turned out great! Laurel

Re: Cheap chic

These turned out the look and the price :) Laurel

Re: Thanks!

Looks like tons of fun...can't wait to see what ideas you have brewing!!! Continued prayers, Laurel


Your pumpkins are very cute...gotta love those "wing men"...I have one too :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: To Read or Not to Read?

Great ideas...I especially love the hook using the creative! Laurel

Re: My Scrapbook Area

Lucky you...looks great!!! Laurel

Re: Potting Table

Love your potting benches...very cool! Laurel

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

Wow this one too! Sure wish I could have made it to Prize...I was sooo close!!! Laurel

Re: "Mommy Central" with Junky Details...

Thanks are always too kind :)
Hey, does anyone know where Candy can get a couple of clocks??? He-he...sorry, couldn't resist, Laurel

Re: Treasures Found

Love all you fun finds...I like your fall groupings in your next post too!!! Laurel

Re: Pack it in!

Adorable!!! Laurel

Re: Wooden Number Tags

Very cool...I agree, great to put on anything! Laurel

Re: Retro baby shower

Welcome to your vintage baby decor! Fun ideas, Laurel

Re: Thrift frame to sophisicated art...

Great re-do...your fireplace looks very inviting :) Laurel

Re: I love a collage

Oh wow...I love both projects! I love collages too...I once read a women describe her whole house as a "Collage". It was an "Ahhh Haa" moment for me for sure :)
Take care and it was so fun to meet you last weekend. Hope you ladies had a blast in MN! Laurel

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

MY OH MY...your craft room is amazing! Love the cool organization and the fun, creative and colorful decor! Wonderful...thanks for the inspiring peek :) Laurel

Re: Fall Decorations

Another wonderful fall display! Laurel

Re: A pair of buttoned up lamps

Love how you think...the switch to buttons on this lamp was a great idea! Laurel

Re: Happy Autumn

Love your fall dispay...the cart is wonderful! I (like Sue) am in MN and it looks more like December than October...I have to admit, I'm a little bit jealous! Sue, let me know when you "head out"...I'll join you!!! Laurel


So lovely...since JMS, I don't even want to take out my old holiday decorations. I only want to use "junk style" decor this year. Guess I'm going to need to have a monster of a garage sale! Anyone feeling the same??? Laurel

Re: Shutter doors

Great way to re-use bi-folds...very clever! Laurel


Lovely...actually I LOVE everything you've done! Glad you're here, Laurel

Re: Garden Junk Ensemble for Fall

Fun junk for fall...I agree, the gear was a wonderful find! Laurel

Re: button necklace

This is wonderful!!! Laurel

Re: Family Jewles

These are stunning!!! Laurel

Re: Junk fall decor

Great mix of junk in your fall display...very unique and fun. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Junk on "Parade"

Looks great...nice touches of junk through-out. Laurel

Re: RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

Neat, neat, neat...I love having flowers but not so much of a "gardender". I think this would definitely help! Best of luck with your sale...can't wait to see pictures. I sure wish I lived closer, I'm a bit of an Occasional Sale Junky and I love your style :) Laurel

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success! this! So wonderfully "chipping with charm" :) Laurel

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders very cool...I love everything about it. Plus the the little details you,love love! Laurel

Re: One Happy Junker...

Hi Porcupinemamma...In MN we have quite a few fun shops that open up one weekend a month with cool refinished and repurposed finds. It's fun because since they are closed the rest of the month they basically throw it all "up in the air" and start fresh with a new look and new merchandise each month. Not to mention the fact that they pretty much create a frenzy and sell out of everything between Thurs-Sun when they are open. Do you live anywhere near? You'll have to come check it out :) Laurel

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

Hi blog yet...but it's on my "To Do" list :)
I'll take a peek at yours though and let you know...can't wait to hear how you know Heidi. Too fun! Laurel

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color all your bargains! Thanks for the look inside your home. I just love to see how others put things together. I use mostly lighter colors but I too love the richer colors...I always tease my hubby that I need a second home to decorate!!! Thanks again for the peek :) Laurel

Re: Motor City Mini License Plate Art them all! Laurel

Re: Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

See you in the hubby and I have a date! What could be more romantic than the Country Junk Sale??? Can't wait :) Laurel

Re: Hemming-Way

Always such great this one too! Laurel

Re: Welcome Fall!

Good luck with your the trundle bed and the wine bottle resting on the skate. Too fun :) Laurel

Re: Silver and Walnut; My favs

Cute...great save :) Laurel

Re: CandyLand 50th Anniversary Tin turned Tin Wall Clock

Super cute...the ribbon "handle" for hanging is a fun touch. Laurel


Lovely, always! Laurel

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Lovely booth...creative display ideas. Glad you did well...I can see why :) Laurel

Re: Stamp Box

Very special piece...thanks for sharing it with us :) Laurel

Re: My Simple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Project!

Lani...well, I'm just going to jump in with everyone else and say I love them all! So super always :) Laurel

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

The table turned out great...the pumpkins look wonderful. I love Fall!!! Laurel

Re: Feedsack Handbags

Love these...good luck! Laurel

Re: Night-night Sugar...

OK...this is soooo cute! Laurel

Re: Infant's Chiffarobe turned Primitive Pie Safe have an amazing gift for repurposing! Sounds like a total transformation! Laurel

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

HOORAY...I've been waiting for this post too! I saw pictures somewhere and couldn't wait to see more of this cool piece. Perfect timing I might add, I'm hosting a little "Girl's Night" on Friday and I have a couple of serving pieces based on your idea in the works :)
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

I WAS at the Junk Bonanza junkcollector! Too funny...sorry I "stole" the sign from you but it only took me 2 seconds to decide I wanted it. It was my first purchase of the day and then it just "snowballed" from there :)
Thanks should have seen my husband's face when I started to "invade his space" with my finds. Oh well, I love it and I think he might admit he does too :)

Re: Trundling Along

Love your version too! Laurel

Re: Primitive Hutch and Cabinet Made From Shutters, an Old Screen Window and a TV Cabinet!

Love how you pulled it all piece! Laurel

Re: Junk Angel

Love, love your junk angel...I want one :) Laurel

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

Looks great...your whole craft area looks VERY inspiring!!! Laurel

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Lovely you've got me thinking about gifts...I can think of plenty of people who would love to receive this beauty :) Laurel

Re: Thank You One and All angel I see her now :)
She will be lovely in your Christmas decor. She is actually the top to an old wood case you were wondering. The rest of the stove fell into a rusty pile when we tried to move it but I was able to salvage this piece. I figured it would make a funky junk trophy/award for our esteemed "Queen of Junk" :)
Thanks again for letting us "invade your space". Your home is truly a work of art...the details are amazing! I was honored to celebrate your birthday with you and the other JMS junkers. Blessings, Laurel

Re: Jelly Cupboard from Junk

Another fun piece :) Laurel

Re: Friends what would we do with out them

Lovely...what a thoughtful gift...

Re: Old grain elevator rack....

Looks the numbers! Laurel

Re: Rock on Monday!

Sounds like my kind-a birthday celebrating...great rock idea :) Have a blessed year, Laurel


I agree with everyone else...this is amazing! Laurel

Re: 3 dollar glass dome!

Beautiful...can one have too many glass domes??? Don't think so :) Laurel

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

Great finds...LOVE the sign! Best of luck to you in your new adventure! Looks like you've got a great start :) Laurel

Re: Keeping it Simple always! Glad you like to unwind with junk...we ALL benefit from that therapy :) Laurel

Re: An old window gets a new job...message central!

This is wonderful! Love all of the little details you added to make it so unique! Also love the little button flowers...too cute :) Laurel

Re: Garden Cloche

Great idea...I see old chandeliers like this at the thrift store all the time...I never thought about them like this before! Thanks for sharing, Laurel


So them both! Laurel

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

YEA...hi friends it's me :)
Seriously...this is my FAVORITE junk sale! Most of the things I've posted are made from "junk" from this great sale. If you live anywhere near here you have to try and make it...just please don't buy anything that I want...HA!
I'm so glad you posted...see you soon, Laurel

Re: Vintage gems

Wonderful...I hope you do well at the event. I just signed on to sell at my first boutique and now I can't even sleep because of all of the ideas that are rolling around in my brain! Good luck to you...I know if I were there I'd spend a lot of time in your booth :) Laurel

Re: More gems

I love all of the pieces you've posted! Such a unique mix of designs...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute did your "daddy" and the rest of our heroes proud too! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - From Raw Elements to Fun

I am so in awe by the creative ways you put things together! A-mazing!!! SERIOUSLY, you have such a gift...
It was so fun to chat with you yesterday at the French Flea...wish I could have done lunch with you and Lanette. Maybe next month?!? See you soon, Laurel

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

Wow...very moving tribute...thanks for sharing this with us...Laurel

Re: End of the Summer Retro Picnic!

Looks great Lani, I too am attracted to all the vintage metal pieces! So fun mixed in with your black and white. Laurel
Hope all is well at The French Flea today :)

Re: There's safety in numbers

I too have "a thing" for old clocks...can't have too many :)

Re: Head on Over

Great way to display your house numbers! Very creative :) Laurel

Re: Don't Be Chicken! Guess What this used to be...

Way cool...I too think that metal piece on the side is interesting...could it also be used remote controls??? Just a thought :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Let Me Entertain You

Lovely entertaining ideas...congratulations as well :)

Re: kitchen windchime

This is the idea of wiring it for light! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Can you believe these things were FREE?

Oh boy, I am loving that piece with the bins too...I have to agree, kitchen island for sure! Lucky, lucky you!!! Laurel

Re: No Labor Day Monday

Ooooo...I love this one too! I wish I could get my hands on some of those mouth pieces...I've seen you use them for so many cool things! Laurel

Re: Backdoor Cross

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: The Ugly Ducklings Become Swans - Editor's Challenge #4

Seriously??? I just know I never would have gotten past the "blazing orange thing" are good! I love these just proves what we all already truly are the Junk Master :) Laurel

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

Hey...what a surprise! Thank you so much!!! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! Take care, Laurel

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

Thanks so much ladies...
Janis, my oldest starts kindergarten next you said "bittersweet"...but I'm thinking my 2 year old will keep me plenty busy without her big brother to play with???
Gailmarie, you are too made my day :)
Thanks, Laurel

Re: From garden chandelier!

Oh so beautiful...I love it both ways! Laurel


I too love this idea! Beautiful and OH SOOO creative! Thanks, Laurel

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

I've been on "the Hunt" for cool chicken feeders ever since Lani's outdoor found quite the jackpot! Love all of your you really have a "neighborhood Flea Market"? You LUCKY, LUCKY girl :) Laurel

Re: File and Magazine Holder

I'm a bit of a "Drawer-aholic" so this is right up my alley...lovely :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Junk for the Den/Office

Beautiful ALL the junk the details. Especially the cool metal photo display and suitcase storage. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Junkin' Family Style

I LOVE sentimental treasures...the Grace Before Meals book will look wonderful in your centerpiece. I will definitely keep in touch about the occasional sale (my recent Happy Junker Post) I'm thinking next Spring and Fall??? Yes, it would be great to have someone to coorespond with! The whole idea is a little scary but very exciting isn't it??? Thanks for posting, Laurel

Re: Junky Sconce

This is beautiful...maybe this should be your profile picture, I can see you in the reflection:) Take care, Laurel

Re: As Seen In Oronoco Flea Market

More fun in Oronoco...great pictures! My sister Anna and I will definitely have to save the date for next year!!!
Love the peek on your porch as well...beautiful! Thanks, Laurel

Re: Front Porch Chandelier

Hi Gretchen...this is lovely! And I love that you found it on your way to your sale...always enough time for a garage sale :)
I didn't see your last 2 posts until today. I saw your picture on the home page and went "in search" on your profile page...sure glad I did! Take care, Laurel

Re: Time to water? Nope, time to relax!

Very fun...I love your "artsy" style! Laurel

Re: license plate star ..

Fantastic...and thanks for the "How To"...Laurel

Re: What a Hoe!

Too funny...great idea! Laurel

Re: Just a little more to snack on...

Too fun...Ahhh, duct hubby will be so pleased :)Laurel

Re: One Happy Junker...

Thanks for sharing in my excitement everyone...part of the "story" I didn't mention in my post is that the couple that purchased this land did recognize the "junk value" in some of these items in the house and barn. They had actually been offering this opportunity to friends and family for awhile now. I was just the first to actually take them up on it! I guess it was "meant to be"!!! Thanks again, Laurel

Re: From garden fence to cloche - an unexpected project!

Yet another great idea for garden fence! I've got a bunch of it in the garage. I've got all the stuff for a chandelier too...better get to it!
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: On the Streets of London Town . . .

So amazingly cool Lani! I love it...
Sometimes those "significant others" really foil our plans don't they? But dare I say mine is "usually" right??? And in this case I think it's even better on your table than it would have been on your wall! Great idea...Laurel hubby(Tyler)and I are coming to the Junk Bonanza but not until Saturday. We'll be sure to stop by and say hi...we won't need our galoshes this year will we? ha! :)

Re: Hess Truck Toy Tire Earrings!

Fun idea...very unexpected and super cute :) Laurel

Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

Very "motor head" hubby would love this too! Thanks, Laurel looks pretty amazing there next to your fireplace, are you sure you can part with it? :)

Re: Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

I love a bargain...and another simple project. It looks great!
Welcome...I know what you mean about it being "intimidating" to post. It took me about 9 months to get up the nerve...but beware, once you start, you just can't stop :) Take care, Laurel

Re: wood mosaic tabletop

This is so unique...I love the idea of the mixing the other objects in as well. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Simple Mondays

Lovely...and I'm all about the simple projects...everyday :)
Thanks Sue...Laurel

Re: garden seat

Great idea! Laurel

Re: So much junk, so much to say, SO LITTLE TIME!

Too of luck to you! Let us know how it goes :) Laurel

Re: jewelry treasures

I love them all...I agree with Junkarchitect, these are very creative designs! Laurel

Re: mid century chair re-do

WOW...these are SUPER cool!!! Laurel

Re: New roadtrip finds.

Love your finds and how you used them. Laurel

Re: The Key to Success

Love this...I've been known to "rescue" junk from the clearance aisle myself :)
VERY inviting...good luck, Laurel

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

Very all the other ideas mentioned for these too. What a creative group :) Laurel

Re: Tiered Server

Love the fun mix of dishes you picked! Laurel

Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

I too love it all...thanks for the peek :) Laurel
PS...Don't you just kick yourself when you pass something good up (linoleum)...BUT THEN, it's even more exciting when you re-find it, isn't it?!? It's all about the thrill of "the hunt" :)

Re: Tin ceiling tile coffee table

Love how the glass can be lifted to display your treasures inside...great idea! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post) the shiny black paint choice! Laurel

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

Wonderful...ditto on the raves about the rake it all! Hope your sale is going well...Laurel

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

Oh so truly have an eye for "pretties"!!!
You asked which one of your necklaces I purchased at the French Flea; for this one you used a vintage key for the base, layered with a dark irredescent button and a little cream flower. I love it!
It was a tough decision, I loved them all! Maybe I'll have to buy one every month :)
Thanks Gretchen...take care, Laurel

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

WOW Lani...I love this too!!! So glad you decided to "go for it" with the power tools! I am inspired...Laurel

Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Wow, wow, wow...I love it sad I missed it! I did however make it to The French Flea Occcasional Sale...I (of course)found a few treasures there. Including another one of Gretchen's beautiful necklaces :)
Thanks for sharing Sue...I'm looking forward to hearing stories about a little wet(and loud)overnight adventure a "little birdie" told me about at her sale :) Laurel

Re: Michigan Yard Sale Trail

Looks like you had fun...I too love the toaster. I'm curious what you plan to do with those shoe "thingies". I have a bunch sitting in a milk glass vase waiting for a repurpose...but I'm stumped...
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: "A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR HELPS THE MEDICINE GO DOWN!" comment on the shot, I'm getting "whoozie" just thinking about it...


I love how you think...I would have seen this pitcher, thought it was cool and the tried to think of a nurse that I knew that might appreciate it. Your idea is much better! Thanks, Laurel

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

I agree...lucky, lucky you! Love your "Fairy Tale" too! It looks like you will indeed live "Happily Ever After" :)
Have fun, Laurel

Re: Dr Pepper Crate Table

Looks great! I have a couple of these old crates waiting "patiently" in my garage. Thanks for the reminder, Laurel

Re: Vintage Caster Easel with Bon Ami sign

Your version looks great too! I agree about the JMS books, very inspiring...I see something new everytime I look at them! Take care, Laurel

Re: storage rack

Great idea :) Laurel

Re: Recipe holder

I was thinking the same as Christina S...also fun for "announcing" the entrees on a buffet table. Thanks for posting this cute idea, Laurel

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

Fantastic...I love fun organization ideas! (My husband sometimes calls me compart"mental") Thanks, Laurel

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I've been daydreaming about your door...I love everything about it! I think I've decided if I had it at my house I would prop it against the wall behind my couch, add a big rusty hook and display a treasured old picture from it. Great find...can't wait to see what you do with it, Laurel

Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

Ever since my son saw this post, he's been walking around the house trying to decide were we could put one at our house. The ideas usually involve getting rid of something of mine :)
Very fun, thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Girls' night at the's nothing but fun!!!

Fun, fun, fun...I would love to have a junking "Girl's Night"...or better yet a whole weekend :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

Sounds like a junkers dream! I love that these beautiful treasures will live on in your home...great save! Love your cloches too! I guess I love it all :) Laurel

Re: Old liquor cabinet is my best guess

Love your style and the colors you used! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments...I'm all about the "easy" projects these days. But just wait, I already told my husband I want my own tools for my B-day this year :) Take care, Laurel

Re: Heir-Loom

I love old pictures and I am always looking for unique ways to display them. This is great! Thanks, Laurel

Re: Dad's Junk

Very cool... I love things that are unique and nice to look at yet still practical. Thnaks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Witch Hazel Barrel Top Table

Love it! I've got the perfect spot for it at my house :) Laurel

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

Wow...from football to flowers...wonderful! geogiamoon's HASMAT story is too funny :) Laurel

Re: Junkin' Jewels

Very fun stuff! I especially love the hardware...that door plate with the handle looks like a little hand-towel bar to me :) Have fun, Laurel

Re: Irvington Farmer's Market August 1

Cute stuff..looks like fun :) Laurel

Re: husband

You guys are too fun! Great picture...Laurel

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

Your booth looks wonderful! Very eye-catching...great stuff, nicely displayed. Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Sentimental Junk...

jillruth...I honestly don't know anything about these dishes other than I loved the "Home-y" pattern. I should do some research...does anyone else know anything about them? I would love to know more...

Re: Desk with Chalkboard Top

Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing :) Laurel

Re: Laundry rack made from scrap wood.

Wonderful idea, beautiful color! Laurel


Great sweet! I have a little collection of doll cradles and beds that I use for storage etc. in my daughter's room. I often wonder what I'll do with them when my "baby" gets too I know :)
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Treasured Trunk

This is so special...great idea! Laurel

Re: Suitable Storage

Love the hubby's that do the dirty work :) Laurel

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Well, we made it to the sale today...AMAZING!!! I met Sue for the first time and YES, she really is as great as she seems!
Thanks for all the treasures Sue! I promise they're going to a good home :)
Take care and good luck with the rest of your sale! Laurel

Re: A good junk find

Great finds...all of this cool stuff at one sale? Lucky!Thanks for sharing :) Laurel

Re: More Nature

Very cool...I agree with the rest, great idea for pool seating! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Phosphorus centerpiece

Very cool...don't you love it when you finally find the perfect fit? Looks like it was "meant to be" :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Nature's Junk

Cool find...I hope you find the rest for your sitting area! Laurel

Re: Sentimental Junk...

Thanks everyone for you kind comments! I still get a bit insecure about posting sometimes...but after I do I'm so glad I did :)
The house on top was a gift from my husband...back when we were less busy and mre romantic...I believe he made it all from things he had in his garage. He knew I had always dreamed of living in an old white house with a front porch. A dream that may have to wait a while so he made me this for the "meantime"...
Gailmarie...I'm glad you like my dishes...I love them too. I got a whole box full at the Flea Market a few years ago for $20! My husband gave me a hard time for buying "more dishes" but I ignored him and I am so glad I did. They are actually ceramic and they also came with 2 sizes in matching glasses. It wasn't a complete set but I didn't care...I'm a mix and match kind of girl anyway. I'll try to add a picture of one of the plates...they are too cute for words!!!
Thanks again...blessings, Laurel

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Super-duper excited...3 friends and a couple of babysitters reserved for Friday. Glad to hear we won't miss all the "good stuff" on Thursday!
See you there, Laurel and friends :)

Re: Our Name in Junk!

Great idea...I love this! Laurel


Love these vintage chairs! Laurel

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

WOW...this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Laurel

Re: Crib Conversion

Fantastic idea...gotta keep those "little people" safe :) Laurel

Re: Key holder

Very cool...I love old crusty hardware, especially when used for a purpose other than the original use :) Laurel

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Another amazing post Lani...I always feel like I'm on a "Home Tour" without having to leave my home :)
You definitely have a gift for wonderful displays...thank you for letting us take a peek! Laurel

Re: Projects from the Pages of a Book

Wonderful ideas...I absolutely love every single one :)

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

So cool...I have got to get out and dig around in our detatched garage, I bet my husband's got cool stuff stashed out there just waiting for a new life! Thanks for the inspiration! Laurel

Re: Garden sign from old plates/platters

Ditto to everyone else...adorable idea! Laurel

Re: Gardens at Cabin Update

Wow Gretchen...your gardens are beautiful...I wish I had your Green Thumb...and wonderful junk treasures too :)
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Lotsa boxes...

Wow..what a cool way to display all of your tiny treasures! Wonderful idea! Laurel

Re: How To Resize Photos

Thank, thank you...I had been wanting to post some pictures from my sisters wedding but they were on a disc and I only knew how to resize on my camera. I followed Candy's instructions and now I'm a "Pro"...ha :) Thanks much, Laurel

Re: Welcome to my cottage......maybe

Too fun...I love the 2 sided message...very creative! Laurel

Re: Big Girl Bed

Too little Elsa would love this too :) Laurel

Re: What a Racket!

Very cool idea...I just love all the fun colors and vintage details you use in your projects! I have a stash of vintage toys that I used to have on display (now in a tote) I think I need too look at them in a different way, parts and pieces...thanks for the inspiration, Laurel

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Ooooh...I'm going to "reserve" my babysitter (and maybe a shopping buddy or 2) ASAP :)
Thanks for the "tip"! Laurel

Re: Garage sale ScOnCeS become Showstoppers! you sleep? I bet your friends love to come over to "ooh and ahh" over all you've done.
Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Fabulous Cat House

Cute are very talented and it looks like very busy too :) Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: More junk pile saves...

I too am jealous of your junking jackpot...I love it all! Thanks for posting, Laurel

Re: Can you see me now?

Great creative. Thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: New Potting Bench from Salvaged Wood

Very fun...I just showed my hubby so he can build one for me too! He looked relieved to have a use for one on the MANY old doors I have lined up in the garage :) Thanks for the idea, Laurel

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

I love's a great gift idea! Thanks for the inspiration, Laurel

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Hi Lani...yes, I live in Otsego and actually as luck would have it my husband is on vacation this week and I plan to take a Personal Day from my usual "@ Home Mommy" duties on Friday...stop at some garage sales, thrift stores and of course the French Flea! I can't wait!!! I'll introduce myself if I see you :) Laurel

Re: How to Re-Purpose a Scale

Wonderful...I wish I could bottle up those creative juices you have flowing :) Laurel

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Wonderful displays...I would love to shop in your home :)
One of these days I will actually make it to your occasional sale in Anoka...I live so close!!! Thanks again for the inspiration, Laurel

Re: Headed to Class

What a perfect spot for this cool piece...I love that it makes a cross in the middle too:) Laurel

Re: Reece's Piano Staff for his Teacher

This is 5 year old is inspired now too :)
Thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: Book Case to Entry Table

Super cool idea...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: New Use for an Old Friend...

Thanks ladies...
Sue, I totally agree...Happy and Healthy...I think I'll use my handy little Scrabble letters to embellish those words right on there! Thanks for the inspiration...AGAIN :) Laurel

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

I love, love, love your style...I can't wait to move more of my treasures outside! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Vintage Headboard "Fence"

Hi SantaClaus, I think my husband did something "fancy" with PVC...he's an eingineer :)
I'll try to add a close up picture later. Laurel

Re: Mirror Yoke Shelf

Thanks again ladies...Georgia, I would love to see what you did with your "yoke". Actually my original idea was to hang it "legs down" too in my guest bathroom around the mirror with candles on the shelf. Had to change my plans when I realized it wouldn't work with the light fixture in there...whoops. Do you think it's mean to ask your guests to put their makeup on by candlelight??? Probably :)
Take care, Laurel

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

Perfect...this should be a greeting card. I would buy a bunch :) Laurel

Re: All dressed up with no where to go!

I love it..."had to have idea what I would do with it" I can totally relate!!! :) Great idea, Laurel

Re: Drawers, boxes and extra vintage hardware

Cool idea...I love to decorate with old drawers. It never occured to me to screw them together to make a bigger piece. Thanks for sharing :) Laurel

Re: Tole Lamp Planter

Great this! Laurel

Re: Mirror Yoke Shelf

Oops...I forgot the "where"...they put a sign up on County Rd. 39 and Harding Ave in Monticello :)

Re: Mirror Yoke Shelf

Of course I will share the scoop on the Country Junk Sale, the couple that has it are so amazing and kind...I would love it if they sold every last piece of junk they have!!! And believe me, they have plenty of cool stuff to go around!
They have the sale 2 times a year...usually in June and October. They do advertising by email list and local papers but I told them about this site and I think they plan to post it on JMS this fall. I believe it's usually on the first weekend of October and the third weekend of June (actually this past weekend). My sister was married last Friday so I missed the first day but there were plenty of treasures left on Saturday. In fact, I got this huge cool sectioned drawer with a big rusty handle. I still have no idea what I will do with it but at $5...I couldn't resist! Maybe I should post a picture for suggestions???
Thanks for the sweet comments...I just love this site :) Laurel

Re: The Rusty Gardener

Love, love, love all of your creative planter ideas! All of the sweet little accents are wonderful...thanks for sharing! Laurel

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Your projects ALWAYS inspire junking wheels are turning now for my herbs this more silly little pots for me :) Laurel

Re: Quick Project #2

Great gift idea that my kids can help "design"...thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Another Faery House...

Too 5 year old will love this too! Thanks for sharing, Laurel

Re: Old Shipping Crate Flower Boxes

Thanks everyone...gailmarie, I'll be watching for your posts. Beware, it's kind of addicting...I find myself walking around my house thinking "what could I post next?" Laurel

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap cool is this? I used to be a buyer/mgr. for a boutique and we would get these CRAZY amounts of packaging in boxes...we would very often use them in displays but a table??? Now that's creative :) Laurel

Re: Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

Thanks Ladies...this is so fun! I'd highly recommend posting to any other "scaredy cats" out there. The feedback itself with brighten your day :)
Blessings, Laurel