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Bird Cage Desk Organizer

I think this is a Junk Market Style original...I saw Margo's (Robolady) birdcage in Country Home last year and I think she gave credit to Sue & Ki if I'm not mistaken. I decided to try my hand on...

Dustpan Note Organizer

I took an old metal dustpan (I wish I did before and after pics) that was rusty and red, painted it pink and added some rose decals. I tied a pink organza ribbon through a hole that I drilled to hang...

Former Spice Girl - now a Chic Shelf

Vintage spice rack with lots of flair, added a clay rose, painted it a crisp white and now it's fit for a Shabby Chic bedroom or powder room.

Cotage Chic Bud Vase Enamelware Tray

A former blue enamelware roasting tray became a tray for antique bottles and jars. A sweet little tray for coffee & a bagel or for a collection of bud vases.

Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

I shabbied up this old muffin tin a bit and turned it into a trinket holder. It could also be used on your desk or in your drawer to hold clips and rubber bands. Or, why not in your craft room to...

Fancy Feeder with a bit of Bling for the Birds!

I repurposed an antique floor lamp into a bird feeder fit for a king. I added a metal tray and some crystal chandelier prisms for some fancy bird bling! 

Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

I am SO attracted to vintage potato mashers that I just can't walk by one at any sale. I add a vintage/antique glass bottle, some vintage jewelry pieces and a few new beads and usually add a satin or...

Old metal mailbox turned Recipe Box Rolling Pin Holder

I repurposed an old metal mailbox into a kitchen recipe box that also holds my old wooden rolling pin. I'm sure it would also be at home in your office to hold note paper or in the powder room to...

Silverplated Broken Teapot Chimes

Lots of colorful glass beads, old vintage silverplate silverware, and a vintage teapot all find new life as a wind chimes!

Silver Plated Pink Compote

A dull boring old silverplate compote finds new life painted pink with some added BLING!

Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

I know this is late for Christmas, but didn't have the nerve to post it until today for some reason (first time caller, long time listener). I used new pink tulle fabric because I...

Recent comments

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

I know this is going to really sound stupid, but I keep checking things online to see if Noreen/Midge is truly gone. I can't get a grip on this. We both live in Michigan and met up a few times to go junkin and have lunch.

Midge honestly was a one-of-a-kind person (kinda like her art!), and she will leave a large void on this earth. I hope that they like Junk in Heaven, because I'm sure she's already re-purposing stuff up there!

We will miss you, dear junker ... we will miss you.

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

These are fantastic. What a fun idea for just about anything in your paper stash. I could see old newspapers, magazine articles, etc. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and welcome to JMS!


Re: Let the music move you!

Midge, this has got to be one of the most unique pieces you have converted. I really love this and wish I had one!


Re: chair

This is really great and right up my alley - pallets are usually free in my area. Thanks for sharing.



Janis- This is some classy chic for sure. What a bonus to find a bag of easels! Thanks for the ideas!


Re: Masher Christmas

I'm a masher freak and I'm just in LoVe with these cuties. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Re: I am TRIPLELY inspired!

Midge - this is really neat! I really like your choice for the letters. Great job on this one!


Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

MIdge, I love this just the way it is - so whatever you did to it is just fine with me. I'll take a drive up there and just take it off your hands! Teehee! I turned out wonderful and I really like your clever idea of the hanging files inside. Brilliant!


Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

Oh, Midge, this is so clever! If I remember correctly, you had a few of those globes in your shop. What a super greeter there at your shop!


Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

MIdge, these are absolutely heavenly. Your imagination and your "view" of things is just amazing and I thank you for sharing your tricks and ideas.


Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

Oh, I really like these. I can't believe that a young man would be so inclined to take the time to make these. Very nice!



Janis - yours turned out sweet! I love the tres chic additions of verbiage on your bottles. Are those rub-ons? Thanks for the shout out - I appreciate it.

Re: Crib Conversion

I'll never look at another crib the same! You did a fantastic job - what a repurpose. I am in love with this idea and may use it around my small veggie garden if I come across one. Thanks so much for sharing.


Re: Gone Crazy!

Love the knobs as bed post finials! I can't believe that you found four - what luck!

Sue - Thank you for sharing your story about being a risk taker. I really needed that shot in my arm. I find some many items that I want to put my spin on but I'm afraid to take the risk of "ruining something" or feeling that "no one will like it". Those, among many thoughts (you know the thoughts and ideas that keep you up at night), run through my head and sometimes, even as motivated as I am - I keep putting some projects off because of "fears".

Thanks for the encouragement for all of us!


Re: More junk pile saves...

Ok, I have junk pile ENVY! What great finds.


Re: Cool rusty thing

I see a wonderful SNOWFLAKE. What a great find with lots of possibilities!


Re: Elevator Scoops

Oh, I really like these on the tree. I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the idea.


Re: Faucet rain gauge

Oh, how cute are these?! What a unique idea. I just might have a few facets lying around my junk room. I also saw the rain gauges recently too. Thanks for sharing the idea!


Re: Trellis

How cool. It almost looks like a steel gate of some sort. What a great idea to use those border pieces.


Re: Please Mammy, pass the syrup!

This sure is cute. I happened upon two of these gals painted up with fancy dresses a while back. Great use of old bottles.

Re: Trailer Birdhouse

This is really neat and unique. I just love it!

Re: Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

Midge, this really turned out great. I am glad that I got to see the piano last month "before" and now the after. You are really dedicated to your work and this is such a unique piece - a one-of-a-kind for sure!


Re: Time for Junk!

Oh, how neat. Your clock ideas are really sweet and unique!


Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

Colleen - I bought a little plexiglass cutter at the home store where I bought the plexiglass. I scored it, then snapped it on the edge of my workbench for a pretty clean cut.


Re: Shutter Planter

Oh, this is really cute and practical too. I really like the color of green.

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

Oh, how cute. I never would have thought of this so thanks for sharing the idea.


Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

dixonjohnson - sorry, I just saw the post from you. Thanks for the offer, but I have a pretty good stash of my own right now! Thanks so much though...Sue

Re: My first potting bench

Midge - this is wonderful! I really like your shelf and pegs made from garden tools. Yours is the most unique potting bench I've seen yet. I can't wait to see it in person next time I'm up - rather - I hope you sell it before I make it up again!


Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

Midge, I knew these were yours as soon as I saw the picture. They turned out better thank what was in the book. Very pretty!! Sue

Re: Garden Totems

Midge - these are so pretty - even much prettier than I imagined when I saw your collection a few weeks ago. I love the differnet colors too. Oh, yeah, I recognized your "gated estate" in the pictures before I read your cute comment! I can picture exactly where there are. Thanks for posting and inspiring me to make my own ... when I get a chance. LOL


Re: Fancy Feeder with a bit of Bling for the Birds!

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.


Re: Bad Dog

Oh, my gosh, I think this is hysterical! I just love it!

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

How sweet yet simple. I'll have to borrow this idea. Thanks!

Re: Inspired by fellow junker: Junk Sophisticate

I really like this too and have similar items at my fingertips to borrow this idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Fancy Feeder with a bit of Bling for the Birds!

Sorry, my title got cut off when I posted's late and I should really be in bed. :)

Re: Vintage Table that Probably still looks like Junk to some!

Ditto on that. I don't WANT perfect stuff - I want the character to show through just like that.

Georgia - how lucky to find pink and creamy underneath the layers!


Re: meet "Miss B"...

Sharon, she is absolutely adorable. What a clever way to assemble her. Thanks so much for the idea....

Re: Datebook Wall Art

Yes, welcome and YES, we DO get it, don't worry! Your idea and the end results are just gorgeous. What a lucky find! Sue

Re: FLEA BAG!!!!!!

So cute and practical! You have my mind going for a project of my own now.

Re: An ugly old vanity light seen in a whole new light

Oh, how I like this idea. I just saw some of those at our Habitat ReStore the other day. I'll have to rethink it next time I'm there. Thanks!

Re: A Place to Call Home

I love the finishing touch with the scrabble letters - do you mind if I borrow that idea for some of the dozen or so houses I have? :) Thanks for sharing!

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

Thanks for the kind words. This was one of my favorites.

Re: Pocket Full of Posies

This is a first - I've never seen anything quite like this and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for've really got my mind going now!

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Thanks for all of the kind words and warm welcomes!

Re: Angel in the Outfield!

Midge, you never cease to amaze me! You can certainly make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! How cute. Sue

Re: Basket Art Work

Amazing, I would never have thought of this art! I'm shaking my head at how simple yet creative this is!

Re: Birdbath and side table

Wow, I just bought almost the exact lamp base on Friday for a similar bird bath I plan to make. How ironic that I just stumbled upon yours! Great work!

Re: Potting Bench

Oh, Bec, this is really a great Shabby potting bench and gives me ideas for an old bench that I want to refurbish. Thanks so much for sharing your tips with us.

Re: Rusted light by Singer

Oh, I love this light! That is a lucky find for you and you sure made it shine!

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

I don't have a dog, but after seeing this cute bed, I think I WANT one! Oh so sweet.

Re: clothes pin flowers

These are so bright and cheery and would sure boost the energy in your home or garden.

Re: Knock! Knock!

Wow, how neat ~ I've never seen this done and I think this is a fabulous idea. Gotta start my collection of knobs now!

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

Pink was my favorite color growing up and then I got away from it. I now LOVE it again and I'm drooling over your curb~candy! My DH wouldn't have this in our kitchen, but maybe in my make~believe kitchen I could! You will be the envy of many Shabby Chic Junkers! Congratulations!

Re: Spice Rack

Oh, yes, the many uses for drawers! I love them and just started collecting them for some reason.

Re: Found in As Is section in Ikea, seaglass

Isn't wonderful when you find something "as is" and let your imagination go?! Great idea ~ thanks for sharing. Sue

Re: "B"ounty

I just wish I could get into the right place at the right time for some plunder like this! Great job on snagging this "B"eauty!

Re: Window cabinet

Oh, I just love this idea. I could see this duplicated on any wall that needs a little kick. Displaying your garden finds is the icing on the cake!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sewing Room Wall Peg

I really like this idea - and yes, it is simple. I think sometimes we overlook "simple".

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

Midge, these are terrific. I suppose we all have a few odds and ends lying around the could become bird houses. Thanks so much for sharing these super ideas!

Re: My Patio

Great job and great budget. Isn't the thrill of the hunt sometimes as much fun as putting the items you find to good use?! I like the idea of a shelf to find somewhere to put one in my yard...

Re: Potting Bench

Oh, my this has so much character ~ I just love it. I have a potting bench that my dad built years ago that needs so sprucing up and I might mimick a few of your ideas if you don't mind. Thanks so much for sharing. Sue

Re: Ladder Message Center

This is so neat and also practical. Thanks for the idea.

Re: Just coasting along...

Thanks for the Habitat suggestion. Yes, I've got one in my area and I need to go there for a visit soon! Oh, yes, I can see using textured wallpaper too!


Oh, how sweet! You made this into a stunning piece. It's also great that your family loves it too. Now I want one, but I have a galley kitchen - so, no-can-do. :(

Re: Just coasting along...

These are terrific. Great job ~ just wish I had a few! I'll have to watch for these at the flea market. Thanks for the idea!

Re: My Newest Angels

Oh, my gosh are these gorgeous! What a great imagination and super use of Junk! So much character and charm. :)

Re: White on White

Perfection! I love it! My mother loved white on white and had many different shades in her rooms at the old farm house and it really worked. Just as this really works. I wish I had an old house that I could do this to and that my husband supported my junking habits!

Re: Old window decoration

Oh, my - I've got similar items just collecting dust. Thanks for the great idea!


Re: My Makeover is finished!

What a transformation! I can't believe that this is the same room. You did a terrific job. A cubby for everything, eh?! Super idea!

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

Simple and Chic. They go together, don't they? I love this idea. I have a very large candle stick that I've been trying to put the finishing touches on and you just inspired me! Thanks for sharing.


Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Oh, my, thank you SO much for such a warm welcome. I, too, like the idea of making this in different colors for baby showers or other times of the year. Thanks for all of your encouraging words! Sue

Re: Industrial meets Romance

What a great imagination. Simple yet elegant. Thanks for sharing.


Oh, wow, what a great idea. I use the local grocery store cloth bags, but this is more fun! Cute idea for re-use.

Re: Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

Oh, wow, THAT'S what I can do with my tin collection. Quite crafty and unique!

Re: headboard bench

This has got to be one of the cutest Headboard Benches I've seen. The vintage curtain really adds Shabby Chic charm to the piece. Thanks for the idea.

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Oh, wow, thanks for the idea. I, too, bought one of these at the local thrift store for about $1.00 but it's a bit smaller. Neon green fringe on a lamp is NOT my color, but I can't pass up these cool finds. It's tucked away in my "junk" room and I wasn't sure what to do with it but now you've got the creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous Paris Lamp idea!


Oh, yes, I love this idea and so quaint for the laundry room or powder room! So many uses for little time.