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I have never been one to buy something new. Ive always preferred to be patient, knowing Ill find just the right piece at a garage sale, thift store or along the roadside. Once Ive found it, theres an excitement of being able to put some of myself into it, using my imagination & creativity, turning it into just what I need and making it look the way I want it to look. These days people think its chic and stylish but for me its always been a lifestyle. My yard is my canvas. I live in Florida, where working in the yard is a daily challenge due to the horrible heat & humidity but with the advantage of having almost year round use of the outdoor space. Even when it gets cold (believe me it can get very cold at times) We sit outside and use my found antique woodburning stove to stay warm and roast marshmellows. My husband has expressed his embarrassment over the years about my love of other peoples trash but hes come to understand how much fun it can be and he loves the results.

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Cooler Weather = Bright Beautiful Color!

Florida isnt known for a 'change of season' but there are some pretty cool changes in my gardens

"Meaty" Yard Art

anything is fair game for yard art or planters!!!

Work Boots???

One day my husband came home from work, complaining that he needed a new pair of work boots (he goes thru a pair about every 3 months!!) He set them out by the front door..I was walking out one day...

Garden Bugs :)

Whats a garden without a few bugs? I used small rubber balls stick pins, wire and paint to made some that dont bite, sting or eat my plants!!!

My new table!

This WAS the fire pit base I found at the salvage yard. I patiently waited for the right piece for the top...JackPot! A friend had the perfect piece of glass and theres an inverted chair base under...

Finally Swingin'!!!!!

FINALLY "redid" my swing!!! Removed the old rotten boards and used 3/4 inch plywood. Cushioned it with some foam that I saved from an old couch and some fabric that i have had for years! I love...

We Went to the Salvage Yard!!!

3 of my new 'toys' to play with in my yard! I was like a kid in a candy store and the 90 yr old man who owns the salvage yard really liked me coz I sat & talked with him a awhile. He actually...

From Brassy to Sassy

This was a garage sale item that I almost walked away from...My husband suggested it but it was so ugly and brassy 80's that I wasnt intrested. He suggested using it outside by the front door and the...

A Great Grate

I found this fireplace grate at the Goodwill for $10.00..painted it and found some violet votives (not easy to find 16 violet votives!) It looks fantastic in my living room! BTW..the horrible green...

Soon to Be....Just a Swingin'

One of my recent, Favorite finds! Another project waiting to be completed....

From Bath Tub to Pond ( to be continued)

We finally started our pond this weekend..Its not finished but its looking good! Ill post the completed pics..well..when its completed..hehe

What Didnt Have a Leg to Stand On..Now Has 4!

I have a thing for table legs..I keep collecting them! I had 6 of these and Friday I thought..Use the shape and make a square! A few nuts and bolts and its perfect for my square pot of Oregano.

Love my Bug

I found this in a thrift store and actually paid $4 for it! Thats NOT like me at all!!! I know if I keep looking Ill find something cheaper somewhere but I just LOVE my Bug!!! Added some copper paint...

All Tied Up in a Bow

I posted the wire bow and was inspired to make one from twine and add it to rusty wire snips! I love the combo of masculine tools with a feminine side!!!

Pull Up Your Pants!!!

This shovel looked like...well a butt crack!! So this is my salute to all the plumbers and roofers out there! (my husband is a roofer..he found it hilarious!!) Hope it doesnt offend anyone, Its all...

Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants (continued)

Just a few more things that I wanted to share with ya! I love this website! It feels good to know that Im not alone in my obsession with rust but also a good way to share my projects and be inspired...

Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants

these are a few of the hidden items in my yard...

RUSTY Bird Feeder

I just made this...I had all the ingredients, laying around, put them all together and I have a reaaly cool, REALLY RUSTY bird feeder! My favorite part is the rusty wire I found for the...

It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

Everything is either found, given to me or bought on a clearance rack! Yes, Im talking about the plants and the yard art. People call me the plant doctor..I buy plants that most people would throw in...

It Began by Planting a Tree Limb

It started quite a few years ago.. I saw beauty in the shape of the limbs that we were trimming from out trees. I planted the 1st one and began planting around it..added a couple morekept...

1740s Fireplace Found its Place in my Yard

This is One of our most loved and most USED foundlings! It has provided many cool evenings with heat and marshmellows!!!! As you can see, I use it as a plant stand in the summer...

Hangin' Around

More garage sale goodies! Brass pots, simply hung on my fence...

Shake Your Tail Feathers

Metal bird, sitting on a table amongst lots of junk at a garage sale, now has new tail feathers with the addition of a small broiliad...

My China Man

This guy was abandoned on a back shelf of a thrift store..He now has a home!

No Bills Allowed

This tiny mailbox was 25 cents at a garage sale...

Garden Gate

This beautiful old gate sat behind my house for a very long time. One day I brought it around front, leaned it against the shed, added some plants and thought, "why didnt I do this a LONG time ago?"

I supply the idea and Hubby makes it! LOVE my Hubby!!!!!!

I wanted a bench and planter boxes in front of my kitchen window. My husband can build ANYTHING so he used some dog ear fencing that we had left over and in about 4 hours I had my beautiful bench...

Have a seat? Part 2

These were brougt to me by my friend who works for the city. He finds so many interesting things for me! They are metal and starting to rust so he knew Id want them! Notice the small fence in most of...

Have a seat?

These were actually someones 'soon-to-be-trash!!! They had no seat to sit on, which left a perfect place for me to put plants!!! I had just bought 2 wire baskets (on clearance coz I never pay full...

Planter Bell

This was bought at a flea market. It had a metal beer mug on top..we dont drink so I removed the mug and added a flower pot.

Husband Bell

I found this John Deer bell MANY years ago and it was lost in the back of the shed. Recently 'found' it again so I hung it by my front door. I actually use it to get my hubbys...

My potting shed

My hubby brought home an old bathroom sink and I knew immediatly that it would become the work bench in my potting shed! Unfortunately..its always a mess (this was taken on one of its 'less messy...

Oil Can

Another EASY one! I love anything old and all plants so the combo is always good! Its planted with a pitcher eats bugs when they crawl inside (well, it will when it grows larger)

New Life for Old Turkey Fryer

This idea took No Thinking..I can make a planter out of almost any thing!!! This is a favorite of my husband and his best friend! :)

Tool Art

We came across alot of old yard tools that were too far gone to actually be used...I had a fence that was begging for some art so I merged the 2 together and I have Tool Art!

My Doors

My hubby built the UGLY box for kindling storage..I hated it! So his solution was an UGLY tarp..I hated it! We had 2 old doors, sitting in the back I had him put the doors on it...I LOVE...


My husband brought this home,thinking we would use it behind our riding lawn mower when its leaf raking time...yeah right! I saw a planter..I won the arguement!! LOL Dont feel bad for him..we found a...


A friend gave these to me. They were old & rusty, (theyre metal) normally I would love that but they are supposed to beautiful butterflies! (I always forget to take the Before pics) I printed out...


My husband and I cut alot of firewood for our 3 fireplaces and I found this log that I knew would make a perfect bench. It weighs about 250 lbs so the process of adding the legs, then moving it...

From Babybed to Trellis

Saw a babybed along the road on trash day..made my husband turn around and bring it home...he wasnt happy bout it at the time but I needed a trellis for my Bleeding Heart plant and knew it would...


This was someones trash!!! Its one of MY favorite treasures!!! I planted Jasmine and soon it will not only look incredible but will smell incredible!!!!


This was a base to a broken bird bath..painted and given a new purpose as a planter. Winnie and friends look good again!

Tool Box

We helped clean out a house that was abandoned and found lots of goodies that i could play with! I found this and several other old rusty tool boxes and of course i planted flowers in them!

Toad Night Light cover

the little girl next door loves to do artwork with me and gave me an old toad nightlight cover that her Mom was throwing away. Painted him for her and he now lives in my small birdbath.

Toad House

Found this at a thrift store..gave it a make over and added it to my flower bed.

Sawhorse table

My friend found this rusty old sawhorse base, gave it to me..I found a fish tank top that fit perfect and it became a table for my plants!


I found this old ladle at a thrift store and its perfect as a planter, hanging on my fence.


I had several old oil funnels and decided they needed a new life so I put the neck down into one of my many logs and planted some vinca in them... :)


This HUGE frog had been sitting by my brothers front door, looking like a ghost, for several years! I kidnapped him one day and gave him a makeover..hes so handsome now and my brother and his wife...

Bell Chime

I had several small brass bells and thought they would be better used in the WIND. So I found a brass flower pot, hung it upside down, put a few holes in it, strung some beads and added the...

My Bumble Bee

My BEE! This was actually an old 1960s gas grill. The bee's 'body' was the base, the'head' was where the tank was held and the 'wings' were the side shelves. A friendfound it doing...

Floor lamp 'planter'

A dear freind was going to throw this old floor lamp in the trash so I rescued it and it became a planter in my yard...

Recent comments

Re: quart Jar Bug

Love it!! The light are a great idea!!!! I might have to use your idea!!!!

Re: quart Jar Bug

Love it!! The light are a great idea!!!! I might have to use your idea!!!!

Re: quart Jar Bug

Love it!! The light are a great idea!!!! I might have to use your idea!!!!

Re: quart Jar Bug

Love it!! The light are a great idea!!!! I might have to use your idea!!!!

Re: quart Jar Bug

Love it!! The light are a great idea!!!! I might have to use your idea!!!!

Re: Giant Wrench Grasshopper


Re: Sprayer Bug


Re: Christmas Snowman

I LOVE this!!!! Great Job!!!

Re: Milkglass Planter

I love this! I love using unusual objcts as planters!!! I havent been able to post for a of my cats broke my camera!!! Keep posting your junk!

Re: hoosier redo

I am a cook book collector myself and they are every where!!! What a great place to put them all!!!!

Re: My junk storage

I want one too!! I wish I was better organized..something like that would really help! Great find and great gusband for saving it for you!

Re: more lamp from old wooden tripod and a bookshelf made from a old door

The lamps are great and I really like the bookshelf! Good luck on your move!!!

Re: How to make an ice box out of a cabinet

Ingenious!!!! How many nickles have you earned????? :)

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

This is so great! It would be fantastic for a game room!!!!!

Re: Ye Antique Gun Nut

WoW..what a great story! Theres nothing better than a gift that comes from and reaches out to the heart! It a great sign!

Re: Color in the Corner of the Garden


Re: not a project, a FIND

That is a "FIND"!!!!!!

Re: My yard junk has grown all summer

I love all of it!

Re: This hydrant is now hot hot hot!

Hmm.. thinkin.. Ill get back to ya

Re: just a swingin'


Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

I LOVE those disc blades!

Re: Soon to Be....Just a Swingin'

its the end if my swing! look at the second pic..its connected by a largre pipe and the swing hangs from chain.

Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!


Re: Water Fountain

Looks great!!!!!

Re: Hanging Flower Baskets

Beautiful!!! Keep the project the creativity and all the outdoor goodies!

Re: Pull Up Your Pants!!!

UPDATE...we just had a hard rain and when I went out afterwards...his pants had fallen off! LOL I guess i need to find a way to hold them on..A belt maybe???? hehe

Re: Funnel Rake

great ideas! I have a couple and have been hangin on to them til I find something to do with them..Thanks for sharing! Cheri

Re: From Brassy to Sassy

We wre gonna work on the pond today but the hubby had to work :( Some projects, I do alone but others are 'together' projects so we can share in the rewards! I believe a garden is more precious when we share its beauty and its labor... :)

Re: Bookends

That has to be the most creative use for an old sewing machine Ive ever seen!

Re: Garden Potting Bench

Creative! I love the green!!!

Re: Secret Garden


Re: Giant Planter Box

Thats MY kind of Planter!!! Dont ya love it when family & friends 'feed' your junk habit?

Re: sweet and girly coffee table

really unique..Love it!


Incredibly COOL!!!

Re: My potting shed

Love my Hawkeyes!!!!!

Re: Kitchen "Door Knob" Apron Hanger

I love it! I have that same scipture in my home! I have a couple old crystal door knobs..I might try that!

Re: An Old Shed Converted into Tiki Bar

Very impressive! Love the artwork and the craftsmanship!

Re: From Bath Tub to Pond ( to be continued)

Grasshopper...thanks for the advice!

Re: Garden Fun

I just noticed that this is your first day/post on Junkmarket..Welcome!! Im pretty new too but ive gone crazy with postings and inspiration on here..Enjoy!!!

Re: Garden Fun

Its all GREAT! Love the leaf casting also..Ive never tried it but you sure make me want to!!!!

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

Very Cool! Love the way you added color!

Re: Glass Garden

Really me ideas!!!

Re: Whimsical Yard art continued made from old metal platters & odds & ends

Beautiful! I love COLOR!!!

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

I LOVE these!! I have SOOOO many pots (coz I cant seem to throw any away...mind if I play with your idea? Thanks for posting and I really look forward to more flowers etc....

Re: Gardening in extreme circumstances...

Truly Beautiful..I love the idea of a garden in the woods..a great place to take a walk!!!

Re: Glass Yard Art

Very COOL!! I love the colors!!!

Re: High Tech Message Center

I love this...simple and useful. I need something like this to keep me from forgetting everything!

Re: Morris...Rocker

Morris is a cutie!!! Nice chair too!!!!

Re: Pull Up Your Pants!!!

I love all your comments and Im happy you all have a good sense of humor!

Re: All Tied Up in a Bow

Melody> I guess it depends on what ya mean by 'redo'...
I LOVE my cats!!! I have 7 in my house (I have 5 litter boxes which I clean every other day)!!! I have 2 outside (Coco & Peanut) but I feed all the strays and ferals!! About 10 to 12 a day besides all my own! I also catch them & get them all "fixed"....Its my way of Saving the World In my little corner of it!! :)

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

These are FANTASTIC!!! Do you mind if I use your great ideas??? Cheri

Re: My Cement Garden

Love it! I have an old hand water pump head also that Im turning into a fountain! Just need the pump... Cheri

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

I LOVE these!!! Very creative!!!

Re: 1740s Fireplace Found its Place in my Yard

An sweet old man who lived across the street from a friend. We found soooo many cool things in his yard. He just recently died and will be missed! We did the research on it..Thats how we know how old it is.. :)

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

Hey Ya'll thanx for the great comments! I work so hard on my yard ( was out in it ALL day today!!) Its nice to hear others enjoying it also!
Nikitx> I live in central Florida. It was mid 90s and heat index of 101 today!! Yes, its a staghorn fern. It is about 5 feet across now! It was a gift from my lil brother. I am in the process of fixing up my greenhouse.. I use it for my veggies but also for my pots when I need to in the winter. The rest of my yard is tricky..alot of blankets, sheets and PVC pipe with plastic draped over it! ALOT of SWEAT, blisters and backaches..everyday of the year but I dont think of it as work..its my canvas and I Thank GOD that He lets me be the artist :)

Re: Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

Very clever!!!

Re: Spoon Flower Closeups AND Spoon Angels

LOVE This!!!!!!

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

These are one of my favorite clever ideas that ive seen on here!!! Great imagination!!!!

Re: Hangin' Around

too many to count..they just keep making babies and I keep planting them!

Re: Another JUNK wind chime...

you have the most incredble imagination! Love everything!!!

Re: Guarding the garden

I just found an old shovel head and was thinking about doing something with just inspred me! Ill post when its complete! Love your creativity!

Re: Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

LOVE this!!!

Re: cupcake tiers

Love these! classy and so easy to do!

Re: my junky bird feeders

I have a couple of spindles that hadnt found a use YET! thanx for the inspiration!!!


Hubby and I are planning a pond, starting with an old bathtub that were gonna bury! I LOVE the path!!!!

Re: Birthday fountain

Clever design!!!

Re: Just Fakin' a Cake

Clever AND creative! Love it!

Re: Garden Globe

I found an old bowling ball that i wanna turn into a gazing ball..this gives me ideas! Thanx!

Re: Mosaic Tea Cart

Love this! Ive always wanted to try mosaic but havent yet!

Re: Funnels

take my idea and go with it!! imitation is the greatest form of flattery! LOL

Re: Toad Night Light cover


Re: Sawhorse table

Love love love it!!!

Re: Toad House

That seems to be where I accel...for some reason..I can see the end product! Thanx for the comments!!!

Re: Inspector 12

Thanks for commenting..Im brand new to this site! I see youre a cat lover too but the really intresting thing is that you live in CB Iowa! I lived there for 18 years and my daughter lives there now! What a small world! Love all your 'junk'!!!

Re: Tool Box

I Love rusty old metal!!!