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Re: Nature's Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer's Market

I live close to the MN area and would definitely make a trip up for something like this. It would be great if you could give all of us a sneak peek of the places you are going to be traveling to, so we find out about the events before they actually take place.

Re: Gliding into Winter

This is so cool - I love the bright red with the wreath the skis look fabulous!

Re: Christmas Decor Ideas

I really like your little tree with all the small ornaments. They make the tree look so full and beautiful. Really pretty and vintage. Erin

Re: A trike tire is in the cards

This is such a fabulous idea! Erin

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

Oh, this is so cool! When I looked at the picture of the map it brought me back to 4th grade and learning state capitols. I love the memories this project invokes. There is real depth in hanging something like this in your house...really meaningful.

I'm going map hunting...


Re: Christmas Bling & More Great Ideas

Wow...what a cool idea. I love all your green ornaments and the ice skates look amazing. Nicely done! Erin

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

I spy a Setter picture in your booth - is this still available?!?! Chances are probably slim, but I just thought I'd inquire.

Re: Gear Decor

This is such a cool idea!!

Re: Suitcase Dog Bed

Now this is such a clever idea!!! Wonderful of you to share with all of us. Erin

Re: A Collectible Christmas

What a nice collection of pottery! I have a similar collection, but hadn't given much thought to doing something for Christmas. My mom collects the green and we only buy pieces less than $10 - it makes it more fun that way because they can be priced so high. I love what you've done to give it a monochromatic feel. Erin