Cat Bishop, NC, US

Ive opened a vintage shop on Etsy to make some room in my studio, you can see it here.. oh and my art is here

Kind words about my work..

Cat Bishop elevates recycling to an art form. Vintage objects collected from flea markets and thrift stores—old toys, dishes, cameras, car parts, game pieces—get assembled and reenvisioned as oddly human and animal sculptures. Singles, couples, and whole families emerge from her ability to imagine anything as a body part—domino feet, cue ball heads, xylophone torsos, teapot bellies. The beings that populate her world of art are both strange and proud—feel good creations that evoke sympathy and humor at the same time. Great gifts.

Cat Bishop has sold over 150 sculptures to date on, many of the buyers being repeat customers, evidence of buyer satisfaction. Her work resides in private collections worldwide, including Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and the UK.

My email is if anyone wants to get in touch.

Gender: Female

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Antique Typewriter Lamp

A collaboration with my son, meaning he did all the hard part while i tweaked the design :)

Vintage Dishes Collection

I love vintage brightly colored dishes and collect random pieces I come across instead of one type, this makes collecting alot more affordable and I prefer the mixture of all the colors and...

Embellishing Old Mirrors

Here's something you can do to snazz up old mirrors and use up vintage trinket collections. This old mirror was left in my circa 1930 house, i embellished it with a vintage gold frame and old metal...

Recent comments

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

Thanks Jim, I'll tell him. I was just catching up on all your recent creations, LOVE the stocking hanger.

Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

Love it too!

Jenny does Warhol!

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

Really nice work as always, you inspire me..

Re: Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Oh Man you were close to where I live and I didn't know about the show...

If you ever get to Asheville check out the ScreenDoor, you will love it.


Re: Michigan Yard Sale Trail

Love the toaster..

Re: Camp Lamp

You are Mr Lamp. Nice vintage cord find, that's rare. I love old thermoses but never thought to do a lamp with one. Thanks for the neverending cool ideas...


Re: Arithmetic, Vintage Flashcards, Resin, Ball Chain = Really Groovy Necklaces

Love these! Great job.

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

very cool..

Re: Gotcha covered

love that rug!

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

Very cool..

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Wow, you amaze me.

Re: Got Gas!

You are the lampmaster! Another way cool piece!

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Excellent!! Really really, really love this!

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

Great project and wow look at your photos! No wonder you have your own books!

Re: Trailer Birdhouse

oooh I love this, can you make me a giant one to go camping in? :)

Re: Nature's Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer's Market

Where is this festival? Looks like a great time.

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

Excellent assemblage Reece!!!!!!

I am very impressed, looks like he should be on Lost in Space.


Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

It's great. I'm trying to come up with something to make fun of since you asked us not to...:) Not enough caffeine yet to be humorous.

I think it needs a large "All" Bucket turkey standing next to it.

Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

This is really great! My son always wants the real heavy stuff at the scrapyard and I'm like "bring your own $ then..". I know a guy who used a bunch of smaller manhole covers for stepping stones all thru his backyard. Nice work as always..i'm still drooling over the letter table, it's so amazing.

Re: A Girlfriend for RePete -- Another Playful Pooch

I missed this here but saw it on Flickr and gushed.. Your dogs are sooooo great, seriously they have that small stocky dog personality and lifelikeness to them that is just crazy good. I'd love to see you make a zillion of these and he was well worth $930.

Huge Fan!

Re: Contributors' Earth Day Challenge

I think Sue should be Deborah Harry..

and I'm already voting for Jim's project because I'm a ridiculously huge Tom Jones fan thanks to Youtube..

My favorite..make sure you watch the crazy dance scene about halfway in...

Re: Moasic server


Re: Flea Market Finds

I'm loving the soldier guys..

Re: Great Crates

Love this! The Kiri guy is so cool.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Great job! I saw it on the Today show site too. Who knew i had all the junk for a perfect table setting? Now if only my table would go back to serving food instead of assembling art I'd be all set.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Woohooo, I'll be watching. Try not to get Kathie Lee all riled up. lol, just kidding.

NYC is amazing for good junk on the curb, it's everywhere.

Have a great trip,

Re: JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

Great items and photos.. I'd love some of those letter molds and what's not to love about architectural hardware? thanks for sharing this cool stuff.


Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

That's so great! I love it.

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp

Congrats on the contributor promotion:)

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp


Re: Block-O-Blocks

Great piece! I've never seen blocks like this, you have way cooler blocks than me. :)

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

Very cool! are you welding?

Re: City Wide Garage Sale, Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown is a cool little city.

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Bravo. very cool stuff. all of it.

Re: Coffeebot


Re: RAD-ical Lamp

Bravo! Really love your work!


Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

Can i come stay at your house? ;)

Re: shoe forms-lots of em!

love these! They do look like tulips

Re: Repete in Repose with his ball Wilson -- A Garden Mosaic Vignette

Wow he is really great, what did you use for the base? If i still lived in tx i'd be bidding on him.

Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

He's really great.

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.


Re: This little table's got game!

Great job junkermidge. love this.

Re: Let it Snow

This is So great. Really love your work.


Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

She's great! Love her and the quote..

Re: My madonna window

Wow, I love this too.

Re: Tiny Christmas Tree: reuse

Oooooh a Bling tree, nice..

Re: Boise alley stuff

I love it too, the photo is nice also.


Re: What to Bring the Hostess

These are so pretty. I'm going to make some for gifts.



Re: Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

Love the twigs chandelier, so beautiful.

Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

I love this!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

BRAVO! It's crazy good!

Re: Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Nice job, I love all the stuff you are making..

Re: My Flea JunkMarket Jerry Garcia and who knows?

Very creative, I just found you on flickr.

Re: Great for gift giving -- fun & easy photo displays

I like the cameras too!

Re: It's the Sign of the Season...

Great job.

Re: Repurposed glass decanter bottle tops turned into Christmas ornaments.

Great idea, these are so beautiful. I have a new kitten this year, just the idea of putting the tree up is frightening.

Re: Vintage Dishes Collection

Thanks Girlies,

Those cookware pieces are Dansk and I'm nuts about them, they are enamel and i love cooking with them. I read somewhere the lids were designed to be a trivet to set the pot on. They used to be cheap on ebay but not so much now that Rachel Ray has a few in her kitchen.

Re: Embellishing Old Mirrors

Thank you, Thank you ladies!

missenorita I made these years ago and back then I used Marine Goop on everthing and it's worked really well. I'm not sure if they still make it but i've had some trouble with other Goop brands and think maybe they changed the formula. If anyone knows of a foolproof glue let me know!

Re: Have You Got The Time?

OMG i love these Bill Ding guys and what you've done with them. Great job.


Re: Winter White Window

Thanks for featuring my mirrors! I love this site. ;)


Re: Winter White Window

This is really pretty, love the little details of hanging it from drawer pulls.


Re: Like a puzzle...

Nice Job!

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

I'm movin to ohio


Oh wow, that's very cool. If you put it on the wall it'd be cool if it spun.


Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

Love the colors, nice job.

Re: Embellishing Old Mirrors

Thanks LuAnn, I love what you are doing with old windows.

Thanks Sue, This site is fun and inspirational, thank you for starting it.


Re: great old antique iron scroll work cabinet thingy.

it would be nice as a fireplace screen.

Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

are they going on ebay? you should link your shop here for us.

Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

Oh man. you have the best scrapyard.

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Wow, that's very impressive.

Re: some old vintage aluminum rental boxes i found at the yard.

Way cool! I wonder what they had in them for rent?

Re: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Wow! This is so beautiful..Love the artichokes.

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

This is so great, I love the use of a window as a frame. I'm nuts about old globes and maps and remember staring at one like this all day in grade school...

Re: Pottery Barn knockoff -- Junk Style

Great job Midge!

Re: ok now you can call me a gear head

That's crazy that you had a pic of my duck, tho i would have saved the bowling ball piece of yours if I had run across it randomly. My scrapyard is close too, I'm just thankful they let the public in to scavenge still.

Re: lamp and bowling ball coat rack

what's your ebay site?

Re: urban stool

Great job!

Re: Instant outdoor (or indoor) table

Freezing here too.. i like your sandals.

Re: Shopping for ideas ~ croquet, anyone?

This is so great. I love croquet sets but had never seen a round one like this, how cool.

Thanks for your comment on Globe Guy, he sold long ago (i wish i had kept him but this is my living so have to part with them) I do sell his 8x10 photos and have other sculptures available here.. let me know if anything interests you and I'll give you a junkmarket friend discount. Oh and if you look to the right you will see a section called "1000 Pieces" and those are the sculptures.


Re: Ornament Wheel

This is so beautiful! I need one for my house..

Re: THANK YOU & my latest salvage yard bonanza!

The molecules are just way too cool. Congrats on being a contributor!


Re: lamp and bowling ball coat rack

These are amazing. are you selling somewhere?

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

Love this, reminds me of a star hanging from the moon. Nice work.


Re: big ol box of brass watch gears..i guess gears like me.

I'm jealous of your scrapyard, mine rarely such cool things as you are finding. You inspire me to keep looking tho!


Re: What Do You Do With 25 Stoplight Lenses???

So Great!

Re: Sophie the Dachshund

Sophie's great, I use vintage xylophones alot in my art too. I love them.

Re: Nemo 20,000

Love it, looks alive!


Re: Card File Ottoman

I love this and could really use all those little drawers right under my feet. Great job!


Re: A Rustic Junky Holiday Tablescape

Very cool.

Re: Tag Maker Tote

Great find and creative use of it!


P.S. Love your book.

Re: Christmas Ornaments

Very cool!