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Re: Soap Stand for my Mom

Love the color..Good work..Anna

Re: Garden Frame Hanging

Great idea, I love it..when I saw your posting I immediately knew what it was..I ran to get my husband..together we laughed so hard mostly because we were glad to see we were not the only ones that could see the beauty & usefullness in the basic structure of boxsprings..Keep up the good work..Anna

Re: My herb garden.

Love the color...what a great idea for a portable kitchen garden..Anna

Re: Clay pot cat

I love it..I'm going to make me one...then I will have six cats...Anna

Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

Great idea...I have four Calico cats & several house plants..afer one of them decided to dig her way to the bottom of my huge aloe vera plant I found a large birdcage & painted it white & put it over the we are both happy..she eats the stems that stick out & I have a plant when I need it & it looks great...Anna

Re: Ol' Blue Door

Lean it in a corner & hang a large rusty star on it...great color..Anna


Great stuff....& I know you had lots of fun.. I put a found slab of granite on my iron sewing machine legs looks great with a fern on it in the summer..also use it for a table...Love all your stuff..Anna

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

Have some just like those...painted mine a soft baby pink..& as the paint chips the last paint layer under shows through..all my friends want them...but I keep saying No, No, No...also painted my old grey metal typing table pink & green..& use it for a patio side table...Keep up the good work..Anna

Re: My awsome find

Love it ..found mine at an old house site..needed some bolts & nuts but used rusty old baling wire instead..mine has the rusty look & sits out side my back door with pots of herbs on it...great job...keep up the good work...Anna

Re: File and Magazine Holder

Thanks for the the color...Anna

Re: Can you believe these things were FREE?

Great find...can not wait to see it when yu finish...Happy junk hunting...Anna

Re: Jelly Cupboard from Junk

Great job...your fall display looks fantastic...keep up the good work...Anna

Re: Window of Roses

Great work, really enjoy your creative ideas......

Re: Testing.......Testing

Greetings fellow junk lovers...I thought my husband & I were the only ones who collected junk & I mean the good old rusty stuff....Love this site and all your projects & finds especially the free ones...Hope all of you have a blessed day...Maudie