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I have been a creative person ever since I was a little kid. I have always loved taking something beat up or broken and transforming it into something new and purposeful. I have a small home based business called Repurposed Antiques where I take my salvage finds and turn them into unique home decor. If you want to see what I sell check out

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Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

I've made cork boards out of coffee bean bags but wanted to do something new, so I made some totes bags.  Here are some of the results.

No. 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bookends from vintage molding

I made these bookends from vintage molding.  To give the blocks more depth and weight I added a piece of MDF to the backs.  I then painted them black and hand...

Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

I hand forged these napkin rings from vintage silver spoons.  I flatted the spoons first and then little by little hammered them into a napkin rings.  I love that they are simple yet...

Tennis Racket Frames

Inspired by one of Sue's books, I used the wooden frames that used to hold the head of a tennis racket and made them into picture frames.  I painted them black and then put in...

Words on Vintage Maps

I took vintage maps and embellished them with the word "explore" and then glued them onto recycled wooden blocks.  These can be hung on a wall or propped on a shelf for inspiration.

Coasters made from ceramic tiles

I saw an earlier post of magnets made from ceramic tiles and Sue suggested that coasters could also be made from tiles.  Here are some I've made from stamps and vintage papers.  The...

Dick and Jane Vintage Reader Gift Tags

I made these tags from vintage Dick and Jane readers.  I love the style of art and the colors are so vivid.  They can be used for so many things; gift tags, book marks, altered art or...

Wooden Number Tags

I made these number tags from the bottom of wooden drawers.  I sanded the wood, painted it black, drilled a hole, stenciled the number on, distressed it, and sealed it with a...

Magnets from a vintage dictionary

These magnets were made from pages of a vintage dictionary.  The art work with the type make a great little piece of art.

Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

Repurposed Antiques at the Fourth of July Antique Fair - This was my third year to do the fair.

Key holder

This key holder started out with a piece of vintage molding.  I screwed on a piece of aluminum (I’m not sure what it was used for in its previous life) on top and added the word keys with...

Vase / Candle / Office Supply Holder made from Insulators

Again I was inspired by one of Sue's books to do something with insulators.  I have never seen brown ceramic ones like these before (only blue or clear glass), and had to have them.  I...

Bed Spring picture / card / recipe / note / holder

I have to admit I was inspired by Sue's Junk Market book to make something out of a bed spring.  What I came up with was this "holder".  I sodered (with a bit of trial...

Coffee Bean Message Board

These message boards were made from coffee bean bags. I cut them apart and then startched and ironed them (a very stinky process).  I then glued each bag to recycled...

Vintage Tags

What to do with vintage patterns, maps, and music paper?  Make tags for scrapbooking, collage, atlered art, and gift tags!

Bookends from vintage molding

I found these pieces of molding in a dusty old antique shop.  I loved the way they looked as is and only added an "L" bracket to the back so that they could stand up and hold books. 

Message Boards

These assorted message boards were made from old screens, windows, or frames.  Some I used as is except for some paint and the addition of cork, metal and chalkboard.  Others I...

blueprint wallpaper

My husband builds custom homes, so it only seemed fitting to use old house plans to wallpaper the back wall of our home office.  I just stapled the blueprints to the wall mostly as is.  I...

File cabinet / coffee table

I took an old oak file cabinet  and had my son-in-love weld a base for it.  (It was my Christmas present).  I makes a great end table in my office.

Stack O' Drawers / Stack of Signs

I got 13 solid wooden drawers from a remodel job for free.  Instead of a stack of drawers, I saw a stack of signs.

from hitching post to bookcase

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I would sit on the hitching post at my grandma's ranch and put rope through the horse's ring on the hitching post final.  We would pretend we were riding...

another window / another idea

I used a LOT of elbow grease to clean up this window.  I carefully scraped out the putty so I didn't break the glass.  I painted the window and then cut a vintage poster into thirds with a...


I took parts and pieces from old wood and enamel stoves and turned them into signs.  Some I sanded and painted before I added the words, others I left as isnbspnbspFor...

coffee table

I found some metal legs from an old wringer washing machine and had them welded to an old grate I picked up at a salvage place.  I painted it black and had a piece of glass...

Recent comments

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

Gonna make my brown eyes green! Wish I lived closer too. You've junk that dreams are made of!

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

I love great marriages! I love this light too! Wonderful job.

Re: Old crate stairs

These look like the "real" thing! I love the mix of colors, graphics, and styles. Well done!

Re: Cabinet doors make great wall art!

These are great. Nicely done.
A trick I use so that the paint doesn't come up with the tape is to take a utility knife and score a line along the tape where it meets the paint. Seems to work for me.

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

What a great way to repurpose a broken bucket. I love numbers too. Very creative.

Re: Scissor Holder

This makes me wonder what else a cookie cutter could hold? Very clever!

Re: Another Altered Dress Form

I love dress forms, patterns, and decoupage. Great job!

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console

You've done a wonderful job updating this piece! It doesn't look dated at all now.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Very classy frame. Great use of the holes too for chalk. I love how it turned out.

Re: Coffee Tin Projects

What a great way to repurpose an old rusty can. I had never thought of this before. I especailly love how you used the word "coffee" on the mug stand. The red really pops against the black. Very clever.

Re: Looking for inspiration for a few items?

I would separate the large can from the 3 small ones. The large one looks a lot like what I use for a trash can in my office. I'd paint it and maybe stencil the word "trash" on it or a number or letter. The 3 smaller ones could be used also in the office to organize office supplies. You could also use this idea in a bathroom (trash, towels, etc) or bedroom.

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

These are adorable! I love the concept of repurposing vintage linens that have stains or holes into something useful. Keep up the good work.

Re: Junk-displayed photographs

I just bought a skirt marker today at a thrift store for $2.00! I was going to take out the ruler and use it for something else, but now I'm just going to leave it as is and use it like you did. Thanks! You just saved me a LOT of work.

Re: I need help with this one!

You can use a rubber stamp and stamp words on it and use it like ribbon for packages.

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

What an honor to be member feature of the week! Thank you Sue. Thanks too for all your wonderful comments.

Re: My Funky Chairs

Nicely done!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Did you say tin snip surgery? Looks more like lazer surgery to me, very precise. What a great design with the materials and colors. I have a weakness for anything metal, so I truly love this. Amazing job as usual.

Re: Grandma's Attic

Looks like you hit the mother lode! What fun you are going to have.

Re: Thirteen Colonies License Plate Map

How do you cut the metal so acurately? Your attention to detail is amazing! I love the 1776 too. Very nicely done.

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

I not only sell at the antique fair in July, but I have an online store too. You can check it out at

Re: Simple Monday Evening

Simply beautiful!

Re: From frumpy to fabulous!

I love this idea. Very cute. It is just another example of thinking outside the box or jar in this case.

Re: RE Boutique Sign

I love your signs, very creative and unique. I also love the fact that I'm only 2 1/2 hours away from Boise! I'll have to drop in and check it out next time I'm in the big city.
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Paris Themed Necklace

I sure appreciate your ability to create as you go and have it turn out so beautifully. I love this piece.
I have to plan it all out first and as my oldest daughter says, I'm too "matchy, matchy". I'm learning to color out of the lines more and not be confined to perfect semetry.
You are a great inspiration!

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

I've seen the grain sacks made into pillows, message boards and stools covers but not aprons and bags. Love, love, love! Great job!

Re: Magnets from a vintage dictionary

They are fairly simple to make. I use the large size glass gems (like the ones you put in flower arrangments), decoupauge medium, paint and of course a magnet. I made copies of the dictionary images because the paper is so thin on the original page. I then take the glass gem trace around the image I want and paint the back of the paper black. This seals it and blends in with the magnet, giving it a finished look. Next I cut out the image and glue it onto the glass gem using decoupauge medium. I then seal the back and glue the magnet on. I think you can find all the supplies at most craft stores or online.

Re: Patriotic Miniature License Plate Map

Who knew to look on the BACK of the licence plate! They make for an interesting design and texture also. Great job!

Re: New life for old objects

I absolutely LOVE the baby shoes in the frame. Great idea! Makes me wonder what else could be hung inside a frame?

Re: fun with words

It looks like you are off to a great start on my projects.
I found two Scrabble games this summer at two of my local thrift stores. I have also seen them for sale on ebay or etsy. Or you can purchase them directly from the game maker Hasbro at (100 letter tiles / 4 racks / tile pouch for $6.50)

Re: Old grain elevator rack....

I have two of these, but they don't have the numbers. I have one in my laundry room and use it to drip dry my clothes. I never knew what it was used for and appreciate the history lesson. Thanks!

Re: Vintage Girl Jewelry Displays

If you have more pictures of your other displays please post them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see them.

Re: Vintage Girl Jewelry Displays

I can see why you've won some awards. I'm sure you have people taking a second look and then going in for a closer look. I've never seen anything like this before. Very creative, unique and classy. (And to think I was going to use an old rake to hang my button jewelry on for my next show....)

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

I often hear the phrase these days "before 9/11.....or after 9/11". That day things changed and we will never be the same again. Your split apple reflects that in your art. But on a more positive note I see all the little, individual compartments, which make the foundation, holding it all together.

Re: license plate star ..

Very creative way to use licence plates. I love the color combination also. Great job!

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

I would paint the metal drawers and boxes (I like black) and put some legs on them. You can have a welder make a stand (I had one made for a wooden file cabinet) and use it for a side table.
I think they would also work great in a sewing/craft room, bathroom or office just set on a counter to hold supplies.

The typewriter stand could be used to hold a printer on top in an office, and you could put a wire gym basket underneath to hold extra paper.

Maybe at your next fair you could use some of the "props" suggested which would help give your buyers ideas on how they could be used. Sometimes staging and presentation is what will sell an item.

Re: should I paint it pink?

You could do a test sample by painting the bottom of one of the drawers to see how you like it before to take the pink plunge. Just a thought.

My husband has one of these without the table. Now I get the complete picture. Thanks for posting.

Re: Corkboard Facelift

I have been wanting to try this, paint cork board, and am encouraged and inspired to go for it. Great job, great design! Looks "store bought".

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I agree with everyone. Great door, great price! Another idea is to put mirror in the the recessed panels. Good luck.

Re: Irvington Farmer's Market August 1

Very cute and inviting. I like how you used the stool on TOP of the table for display height. I'm glad you did well.

Re: Coffee time!

I love keeping the screen on and had not thought of that. I have mounted coffee sacks onto used cork boards (this covers all the pin marks, scratches etc) so that it can be used as a message center as well as adding a graphic element.
Some of the bags have a graphic side and a plain side. I have stenciled designs onto the plain ones (see my other posts), so they can also be used.
I got my bags from two local coffee shops. One shop gave them to me, the other charged $3.00 each, which isn't bad either, because you get TWO sides with each bag. I have also seen them for sale on ebay for $10.00 each.

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

I live in a small mountain resort town in Idaho several hours from the nearest big town. We have a lot of tourist that come in just for the holiday so traffic is good.

I have to give a HUGE thank you to my family. My husband and three sons help with the physical loading, set-up, and take down. My three daughters and daughter-in-love help with taking inventory, displays, selling, and tying up all the loose ends, of which there are many. I could not do it without them. They are truly a blessing.

Re: A Shakespearean moment

Great job in putting bits and pieces together for a wonderful display.

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

I love the graphic element of the spice cans. And perfect in a kitchen.
This sparks the imagination of what else one can put in a frame around a chalkboard or corkboard for that matter. You've got my creative juices flowing...

Re: Chalkboard Drawer

I like the pick up and go mentality of the drawer with a handle. I think I'll have to make one of these as a display/sign for my fair booth. Things could go on top of and well as inside the drawer with a discriptive note or price sign. I could see several mismatched drawers grouped together for an even greater display.

Re: Dresser Rescued and Restyled

I say ditto to RustyDiva nad alicemom. I too was thinking western theme kid's room and love the shelf. I would have done wood, but love the unexpected metal instead. Great project!

Re: Gone Crazy!

I too live in a rural area, in the mountains of Idaho, and far from my favorite junk spots. At times I lament the fact that my two favorite junk stores are 3 hours away....but when I do get to go, I spend hours there and appreciate every minute of it. I have found though that local garage sales and thrift stores can be a great resource. The key is to go often and think outside of the box. I agree that this site has been a great help and inspiration and am very thankful for it.

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

I love anything that has to do with sewing notions and your use of patterns to make paper roses is so creative. I especially love the subtle yet graphic element and how each one is unique.
Thank you too for the tip on candle holders vs wine glasses for the base on your pedestals.

Re: How To Resize Photos

I decided to see if my camera had a computer friendly setting as RustyDiva suggested. I had to dig out my book (it was still wrapped in plastic)and sure enough, I have one! I just took pictures with it and did a post without having to resize or anything. Note to self, if all else the directions!

Re: Little-bit Junky Wedding Table Decorations

I would call this simple elegance. It is very clean and pure. I LOVE the blocks painted white and used as a cake topper, simple, yet beautiful. Great job!

Re: Coffee Bean Message Board

Thanks Junk Sophisticate for your camera advice. I'm use to taking the "bigger picture" and cropping it for my etsy figuring out how to do it for JM is another learning curve for me. Any help I can get is much appreciated.

Re: Shelves - special addition...the silver forks/spoons for hooks!

I love this idea. It adds an elegant, rather than industrial, look to your shelf and goes so well with your beautiful white dresses.
Questions: How do you attach the silverware to the shelf?
How do you bend the silverware?

Re: How To Resize Photos

I'm so glad you posted this!
I too was having problems posting my photos and tried your recomendation, Junk Sophisticate. At first it didn't work and then I realized I was using pictures I had already resized for my etsy shop. So I took new pictures and then went to paint and resized them to 30% and it worked!
Thank you so much.

Re: Old white window frame

I use old windows to make message boards. I put in either reclycled cork board, metal, or paint chalkboard paint on a piece of wood cut to fit the opening. Secure with glazing points. If you want a finished look you can nail chipboard over the back to hide your construction. Attach sawtooth hangers and you are ready to go. (You can check out my message boards at if you want to see what they look like finished.)

Re: Tin Ceiling Fixture Lamp & Sign

I've been wanting to make some lamps and these are great inspiration. Great job!

Re: Stack O' Drawers / Stack of Signs

I used my computer and a clip art program I have and enlarge or shrunk the designs I wanted. I then took butcher paper (bought at Costco on a giant roll) and traced (using a light box - I've used sunshine coming through a window too)my design using the dementions of the wood with graphite paper (comes in black or white and is found in craft stores - is like carbon paper). I then used a fine, tiny paint brush, a steady hand, and a lot of patience to paint on the design. In some cases I had to do two coats to hide the brush strokes.

Re: another window / another idea

I was GIVEN five of these windows from a remodel job my son-in-love was doing. Three will be Eiffle Tower pictures, one will be a message board (cork, metal & chalk) and the fifth I sanded off some of the pink paint and will leave it "shabby chic" and put mirror in it. I have a small business and hope to sell all of them at a fair in Dec.
I got the poster at a local shop called Bungalow for $4.00. Someone told me they found one like mine in the internet. I don't know the web site but I bet you could google it. I am also going to do a vintage map of the US and use a window with four panes for my next project.

Re: Junk Journal

My daughter-in-love makes these with scrapbook paper, but I love the vintage music paper. I would say that you can sell them for $15 to $20 at least in my neck of the woods (Sun Valley, Idaho). They are custom and unique.

Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

This opens up a lot of possibilities. You are only limited to your imagination. My mind is running a hundred miles an hour with new ideas. Thanks!

Re: Junk Pockets

I hate filing but this project gives me inspiration. If I can look at beautiful files it will help me not drag my heals when it comes to putting things away. Thanks for such a great idea.

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

What a great use of junk. I love the overall design. I would also like to make lamps at some point and this is great inspriation.

Re: signs

The words were hand painted on. The way I did this was to print out the word on the computer with the font and size I wanted. I then used graphite paper (it is like carbon paper, is found in craft stores and comes in white or black) to transpher the word on. I used scotch tape to keep everything in place. Once the word was transphered I used a tiny brush and acrilic paint to paint it on, or if the words were bigger I used a paint pen.

Re: coffee table

I am very fortunate to have three welders in the family. My husband and my two sons-in-love. My husband did this table. I was going to sell it at the local antique fair but when my daughter fell in love with it I gave it to her for Christmas. I'm glad I didn't sell it after all as it is one my favorite creations thus far.