don Hutchings, Conesville, IA, US

My name is Don Hutchings I have been making found item art for 36 years and have made 1000s of items over the years it all started in my dads junk yard when I was 13 and my mom would take me to farmers markets to sell my art work.

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 06/14/1960

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Some new items from JunkFX

A shot of our new office at JunkFX HQ

Army Helmet Turtle with old wrenches Don Hutchings / JunkFX

Fresh off the welding table. It's a Turtle made from a old Army helmet and some old wrenches. I got lots of new things coming!!!

Disk Cat

Another in our disk blade series

Seed Planter Flower

More flower ideas for the spring.

Pipe Wrench Bird

One of the many designs I have more antique tools.

Roofing Tin Flowers

Flowers cut from antique roofing tin, just in time for spring!

The Party Bird

Six-pack not included of course.

Solar Light Terrarum..

Well we are here at the show and we come up with this new use for the Quart jar Solar light I made

Sun Birdbath

A birdbath made with disk blades

Were ready to go to the Flea Market Under Glass Can't Wait

Were getting packed and ready to go to The Flea Market Under Glass.

Lightning Bugs

A hanging quart jar bug with a solar powered light inside.

Horn Bird

Nothing too complex, just having some fun with a discarded bicycle horn. And it still works!

Bobbin Bugs

These bugs are made using old thread bobbins.

Disk Bull

We have an entire line of animals made from old disk blades. This is the newsest one.


These are cut from a single piece of sheet steel. We're calling them springers....but if you have a better name let us know.

Vase Birds

We call these vase birds, they're made with bailing wire and nails.

Vintage Driveway Marker

Look at this great find I got iy at the Wheaton, Il antique show today it is a vintage drivewat marker

quart Jar Bug

Hi, here is one I made from a old quart jar to make this big dragonfly then I added some lights to it looks great in the yard at night. Thanks,  Don

Golf Club Birds

We make a lot of these birds out of discarded golf clubs. This is the iron version.

Giant Wrench Grasshopper

It's like our other pipe wrench grasshopper, except bigger....much, much bigger.

Sprayer Bug

This is a bug we made out of a (ironic) bug sprayer.

Sewing Machine Tractor

A tractor made from an old Singer sewing machine, and various parts.

Christmas Snowman

Our first snowman was a bit plain. So we spruced it up with a scarf made with some old fabric, and some red glitter.

Roofing Tin Christmas Bulbs

These are Christmas bulbs we cut from roofing tin and then painted. Which one do you like the best?

Roofing Tin Christmas Tree

Another roofing tin idea for the Christmas Season

Roofing Tin Candy Canes

We're trying out a bunch of new stuff this holiday season. These candy canes are cut from old peices of barn roofing tin and then painted.


These fireflies are considered one of our "signature items." We make them with bailing wire and decorative lightbulbs. In this model they're held in place with industrial magnets.

Pint Jar/Candle

One of our jars in which someone poured a candle.

Multi-Colored Jars

Multi-Colored pint jars....ask us how?

Pipe Wrench Grasshopper

A Grasshopper using an antique pipe wrench. It's one of many in our "bug" series.

Spoon Christmas Tree Topper

This is a Christmas Tree topper made using silverware.

Sewing Machine Robot

I made this using the base of an antique sewing machine.

Old blue bottle bug

Hi, I made this one by wraping wire around and welding wings and eyes on it

Antique oil can bee

I made this bur from a old oil can and used wire for the wings and washers for the eyes

Bug from old key


Recent comments

Re: A First Rate Marburger Vendor!


Re: Sun Birdbath

yes, all the pieces are welded together

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

Were getting ready for The Flea Market Under Glass we have a lot of One Of A kind Finds

Re: Roofing Tin Christmas Bulbs

They measure 12 X 10. We weren't sure which idea would be better so we made both. I'm curious to see which one will go over the best.

Re: Multi-Colored Jars

These are made using a special process that we have independently developed. We are looking at a patent. We plan on having a kit available for purchase. If anyone is interested you can post an e-mail here and we can make sure you're the first to know.