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Been attending auctions since I was a little kid. My uncle was always looking for the best deals and taught me well. Been in the metal finishing/printing business for 24 years and in the thoroughbred business since 95'. I enjoy picking up bargains, but reading your "Junkyard Beautiful" book has kicked in some dormant ideas buried deep inside my brain. Time to dust them off and craank out some JUNK!!!

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Building a Swap Project an Architect would sign off on

My swap project buddy, Jim the Junk Architect, needs no introduction to the JMS members.  Jim's talents and previous projects shows his lifetime of collecting and designing imagnative...

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Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

And Jim knocks another home run out of the park. I especially like how the lamp's feet look like the front three claws of a chicken's foot.

Sorry for the lack of posts/comments, but I've been busy trying to get a shop built. As you know these things rarely go according to schedules.

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

NICE Find O.C.A. Hefty looking table and drawers to boot!! It also seems to be in pretty good condition.

HELPFUL HINT to the JMS members looking for something similar. Check out for local auctions in your state. Look for school district auctions in your area. Depending on competition in your city, you can pick up science tables, desks, chairs and other furniture fairly cheap. Here in Texas, there always seems to be some great bargains. Happy Junk Hunting to all.

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Hey Jim,

As per the e-mail sent earlier, I've been searching deep in the cranium trying to remember the name of those game boards. Seems like it started with a "C". Maybe one of the other contributors can remember what the name was. Anyhoo, great use of the lineman climbers. It will be a kick to see how you use the other hundred items. And to think I was wondering if I sent enough:).

My project of your junk box should be posted soon, waiting on one item to complete it.


Re: JunkSwapGoodies

One thing that came to mind when I saw the illustration of the nurse holding the AMERICAN flag, is you could use the dominoes. poker chips and wooden shoe stretcher to build a fort or blockade against what I am afraid will happen to the nurses, doctors and patients of this great country.

Just a thought,


God bless your sons and thank them for their service!!!!!

Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

I thought AtticusFinch could be right. A surveyor's wheel looks just like this one does, but what is puzzling to me is the handle is too short. A surveyor would walk with a wheel like this that would measure a distance of ground as he is walking. Unless the surveyor is a 3-5 year old boy, he is going to have one hell of a backache at the end of the day.

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Marie - Thanks for the great idea. I just picked up three of these jar holders at a tool auction in Bryan, TX on Saturday for $12.50. It did come with jars of nuts, bolts and hardware. They were mounted on a board, which looks like it was screwed to the top shelf for easy access to nuts and bolts. Same setup of 12 jars and red paint. Now I wish I had picked up the other one with four carousels on a board. I think it went for only $15. I was planning on using it for it's original purpose, but now you got me thinking.



Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Well Jim, you were right when you mentioned your next project would be different from your past projects. As a draftsman in my early adult life, I like the old blueprints as a backdrop inside the cabinet. I wouldn't have ever thought of that touch

Hope your swap box comes in handy for the new line. As mentioned earlier, if you need any additional hardware, let me know.

Good Job!

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

Hey Sue & fellow junkers,

Been to an estate auction (antique dealer passed away) and sheet metal auction the past few weeks and added to the junkpile. I picked up a table full of miscellaneous small hardware at the sheet metal auction for $20. Love it when nobody else is interested that junk. Prep work for the swap meet just might be half of the fun.


Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Count me in as well. How many items is appropriate to send a fellow junkie???