I have always loved to work with my hands. Whether that was building, restoring, repairing, recycling or whatever. I have been re-doing houses for the past 20+ years and decided it was time to downsize -- both in residence and artistic endeavors. With all my remaining building supplies, leftover junk, and hoarded whatnots, it was a natural progression to take up junking and assemblage art.

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Little Traveler wins!

I made this for the Whimsical Art Exhibit at the Infinity Art Gallery (online). This FUN assemblage includes rusty iron pipe, old ax head, various rusty bolts/washers, part of a carved wooden...

One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

I forgot this guy when I posted info on my "doll" series. He was next to the last in this series. I love gargoyles and couldn't resist.

Artwork: Too much junk...too little time

I relish reclaiming junk parts of all sorts to combine and compliment one another into a final cohesive piece. Let me know what you think -- and don't hold back! -- the art junkie

Recent comments

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

I may have to borrow your idea for coasters for a writer friend of mine. Love the typewriter and book pages theme. How clever you are. -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: The Evolution of a Junky MidCentury Modern Side Table

What a great eye you have my dear. -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

Much improved look for this retro chair. Who woulda thought a cable knit could look so good? -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: Stop the Draft!

How authentic. When do you have time to do all the things you do--and do so well? Incredible job.
rhonda, art junkie

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

You are one cool dude with mucho talent. That shelf looks like a retro original. Perfect, just perfect. What a statement it is. -- rhonda, art junkie


World's largest switch cover -- beautiful. So imaginative too. -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: A peek into our booth at the Scott Antique Market

If I had come upon your booth and seen all those clocks I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven right there!
---rhonda,art junkie

Re: Rusty Chick Protector Still Works

Love the simplicity of this re-purpose. Very elegant and sophisticated yet wickedly rusty. -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: Artist's tool box

Looks fantastic. You are a neat freak compared to me. You should see my studio/junk room. I can barely walk. Maybe your ideas will inspire me to get more organized!

Re: One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

Grasshopper22: Wow, you are even freakier than I am. I did contemplate screws in the head but never nails. Haha.

I really appreciate all the feedback. My friends agree with you, JunkArchitect -- doll heads really freak them out.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for commenting. It gives me hope. ---rhonda, art junkie

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

Jim, I think this is my favorite of your stuff! So uniquely you and usable too. -- rhonda, art junkie

Re: Artwork: Too much junk...too little time

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. This is a tremendous site for creative ideas. You are all so talented. I'm just getting started in this new direction -- so wish me luck. rhonda, art junkie