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Im the proud Mother of two adorable elementary school children and the proud wife of an active duty USAF TSgt. After separating from the AF last year- Ive found myself with a bit of free time during the school year. Im currently trying to fix my garage up as a small welding shop and hope to turn my vehicle body maintenance experience into a hobby.

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A Life More Palletable

I've been inspired by alot of things I've found on Pinterest.

Chalkboard from the side of an old dresser.

  This was fun to make.  I had an old, wobbly dresser and no place to put it- so, I took it apart months ago- I'm completely unable to let go of old furniture pieces.  This is the...

Addicted to pallets

Next Saturday I'll be at the Funky Junk Flea Market in Lawton, Oklahoma.  It'll be my 3rd time running a booth there.  It's really rewarding to hear people say that they came to the flea...

Projects for my first Flea Market Booth this weekend

I'm excited and nervous about this weekend.  I'm going to have my first Flea Market booth. The Funky Junk Flea Market is relatively new.  Its held once a month in Lawton, Oklahoma. nbspI...

Message board

Finally Done- The project has been sitting in a corner of the garage for Months!  I found the cabinet door at a Habitat For Humanity Restore.  The Mail holder was scavanged from the local...

Pallet shelf experiment

Can't wait to hang this shelf!  I'm really starting to love working with pallets- they're free, plentiful and have great character.  I had been eyeing this particular pallet for two...


I love my rusty metal!  Now, to contemplate ways of displaying it in my Christmas decor...

vintage ceiling tile

I just received some really rusted vintage ceiling tiles.  First I mod podged some tissue paper to the depressed area in hopes it would lighten the area so that the paper cut silhouette would...

Finished Pallet shelf

Finished my pallet shelf today.  I used a homemade ebonizing stain and an oil finish.  The project was virtually free.  The pallet was a dumpster special- the stain was made from white...

Pallet shelf experiment

I "acquired" this lovely little pallet from the rubbish heap while picking my son up from martial arts class... luckily, he's too young to be embarresed by Mom's dumpster dive.  It's smaller...

message board progress

The message board letter holder came with some challenges... because of the curve in the metal I had to add hollow spacers (lamp hardware)...  I'm hoping to replace these shiny new ones with...

Message board project

I picked up the legs and skirt from an old cast iron stove at the salvage yard a while back.  Didn't know what to do withe them until I found a great shabby cabinet door at the Habitat for...

I'm not distressed now that my sunflower is!

     Some of you may remember my non-selling sunflower and I got loads of advice on how to make it more attractive to prospective buyers...   Did a little magic with the wire...

Printing on tissue paper

  I discovered that you can print on tissue paper.  I tried it out today and was only successful once.  It's a finiky process.  I also tried to get a distressed look and overdid...

Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

So, these are my candlesticks... I'm afraid I'm overprocessing my Junk.  The first candlestick sat in consignment for months and months and months and wouldn't sell...  I'm thinking of...

Sunflower unfinished

I posted a pic of this sunflower after it was brightly painted green and yellow.  I didn't know why it wouldn't sell... turns out- the unanimous opinion was because I had brightly painted it...

Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

I consigned this at a local shop and it just didn't sell... so, maybe the price was too high.  What do you think is a reasonable price for this?

Bird Bath

This bird bath was made from salvaged plow discs, a camshaft, a nice cast iron ball and little cast iron turtles...  It's a housewarming gift to my Mom who recently moved to a lovely house in...

Failed Barn Star attempt

I was inspired by a license plate barn star that TroyRash posted.  I decided to try my hand at producing one from some scrap vintage ceiling tiles I had laying around.  At first it turned...

Another drawer front repurpose

I needed a coat rack for my children's backpacks and coats.  I used an old drawer front and knobs left over from a kitchen update.  I added a touch of color by placing salvaged water spigot...

Drawer front repurpose

  I wanted a little table for my entry- which is tiny.  I couldn't find anything small enough so I made one out of an old drawer front. I began by cutting the drawer front down to size...


  I fabricated the first wings sculpture several years ago. It was the centerpiece at my Squadron's table during an award ceremony.  The Sculpture is made up of a scrap piston, rod and...

Recent comments

Re: Make a branch handled tray

Love this! I've been using branches lately in some of my projects- now, I'm inspired to make a tray!

Re: Window Salvage

absolutely lovely!

Re: A Life More Palletable

Thank you everyone for the kind comments! What marriage couldn't use this hanging in the hallway? A constant reminder of how we should treat those we love.


Re: Colorful Pallet

I love this!

Re: Bird Bath


Re: Message board

Thank you Annebell and Gadgetsponge!

Please, ignore the stupid Spam comment

Re: Pallet shelf experiment

Gadgetsponge- funny thing about the wood tone, I accidentally used Poly instead of Stain. Opened the wrong can and didn't realize what I had done until I was past the point of no return.

Granolagirl- I found one like that just today. The wood was fabulous but I had just put two pallets in my car and didn't have room for another. I'm going to go back and get it sometime this week. If its meant to be- it'll still be there!

Re: Upcycled Industrial Iron Sewing Machine Side Table

Love love love love love this! The top is to die for!


Love the colors! Cute little table.

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

How inventive! Great work!

Re: vintage ceiling tile

Brilliant idea- I've never whitewashed anything- (well there was this one incident)... I'll have to do a little research and maybe I'll try it out on some of the other pieces of tin I have. Thanks for the suggestion!

Re: Shabby chic bookcase for $3.60!

It's lovely! You just inspired me to work on my husband's IKEA bookcases- he's in Afghanistan so he won't mind:-)

Re: Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

That is just plain adorable!

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

I am in awe of your talent- the lights are just lovely!

Re: Printing on tissue paper

Its actually a really easy technique.

-cut a piece of ordinary gift wrap tissue paper slightly larger than an ordinary piece of printer paper.

-fold the side edges down and tape in place.

-ever so neatly tape the tops down so that the paper feeds easily into your printer.
*Make sure the tissue paper is snug- but, not so snug that it warps the printer paper underneath.*

-Check your printer to see if you should place your paper- tissue side down or tissue side up.

-cut your photo out

-brush Mod Podge onto the canvas

-gently lay the picture on, pressing down a bit to make sure the texture comes through.
*If you mess with it too much, it will gum the paper up- see the key chain holder as an example of overzealous distressing.*

you can search Youtube for "tissue paper printing"

One person suggests you spray glue the tissue paper onto the printer paper- I don't think this is necessary. Another only tapes down the top of the paper- this has caused me nothing but paper jams so I started taping the sides down as well and it works out much better... also, taping the sides before you tape the top helps to keep the paper from jamming.

I hope this helps.


Re: Failed Barn Star attempt

Donna, I cut the metal with tin snips... really old and dull tin snips. First, I made an origami barn star (directions on youtube) then I dissected it to form a pattern. Unfortunately, I fussed with it a bit too much and messed up the angles.

Re: Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

Your comments make so much since to me. Why would you consign something at an antique store that was so fresh and new looking? I must confess... sometimes the obvious escapes me! I'm going to get the good ole wire wheel out and see what kind of beautiful damage I can do to this piece and then I'll try consigning it again!



Re: Bird Bath

Definitely learn to mig weld!!!! It's super easy to learn how to do a job strong enough for ornamental purposes. I usually sign up at the local tech school for their welding course- that way I can use all of their wonderful equipment and have an instructor close by in case I need to do something more difficult. As a matter of fact- i made this at the class. You will never regret learning to weld!

Re: A Question For You, Please.

First chip off any loose scaly rust- you can knock it off using an old hammer, putty knife or even a wire wheel. Next, use a wire brush to get off the loose, powdery surface rust. If you take off too much rust and it gets shiny, just leave it in the weather for a few days. Then use mineral spirits to get any remaining loose dirt/rust off -Poly won't adhere well otherwise and you'll soon find it flaking off on your furniture. Definitely put felt or some other soft fabric on the bottom to protect against scratches.

I'm sure they will make wonderful candle holders! Good luck

Re: Wings

Thanks for the compliments! Gadgetsponge, I've been jealously eyeing your assemblages... they are truly inspirational!