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Re: Palace of Pearls

Great gift sculptures to suit the personality of one's friends. And the fact that "no two" are exactly the same.

Re: Twisted Sisters

Enjoy viewing your "twisted sisters" sculptures. Ditto all previous comments!

Re: Sue

I hope you are marketing your creations for the public as the content is lively and the form is unique.

Re: Joan of Arc -- Jeanne d' Arc

My new fave junk drawer/box just got bigger while saving everything under the sun to create such unique and whimsical pieces. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Re: my Christmas Junk Challenge

Paint a "welcome" message on this great showpiece and hang upright at the front door. Or after a good cleaning you could serve grilled meat and veggies to your in-laws on this fashionable serving piece. Have fun!

Re: Creamy Shelf

Loving everything about this piece. Size, new color and paint job, great piece for a great save.

Re: Beat up coffee table turns shabby romantic

Great SAVE offering new life to a discarded piece.