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Junking for over 25 yrs I have created a following of Rusty Oddities to off the wall Antiques. Recently made use of an old Retired Shop in Downtown San Antonio and turned it into a Oddities Junk Shop from Old Rusty Junk to Carnival, Raw Industrial Material.

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Carni Stuff Lost in Time

Dusted this one a little to see the white crackled paint. look at the caked up dust on the Clown Face behind the White Pony.

Junk Yard Additions

Igors sink along with the 300 lb table was locked away doing time for over 30 years, the Carnival Seat is one of many scattered all thoughout Texas now, The Dental Chair is just a little Dark...

Dry Goods Shoe Sign Gone YEYAS!

Looking hard to try and create a sign for the Shop to have a Vintage old Funky Feel, I stripped the broken Dry Goods Neon Lighting and Decided to leave it distressed and add my Shop name just as...

Moving things around in our Junk Store and bringing in new Old Junk!!

The last few days we have been moving everything that isn't bolted down. The Constant always seems to be a Baby Statue, an Old Grille and lets not forget the Retired Old Vehicles. These are the ones...

Old Molds

Made a load last night of these old Molds in different sizes.

,A Farmall Grille, Rusty Gate, Cracked Father Timepiece and you have a Great Recipe for Rustic Gold !

The Grille was found at a Open Market Swap Meet at a Pig Stand on Broadway. The Gothic Gate was Diacovered at a Cool Funky Junk Shop in Comfort Tx. The 3 Ft Neon Clock was recently found at a...

Yeyas Oddities Garden Junk

Yeyas Oddities Garden

Funky Metal Chicken

Old Metal & Art

Head Shots

Babyhead Molds are in this year. can't keep enough of them in the Store!

Vintage Garden Items

Great Garden Stuff

Yeyas Antiques & Oddities. Making a Junk Idea A Reality!!

A look at my Junk Garage (A Downtown Repair Garage Turned Junk Shop). This is My Outdoor Junk & Oddities Garden in San Antonio Downtown. We have had a Great Response from Drive By Traffic...

Grand Opening Soon. Take a look at the progress so far. Will post a few projects soon!

Just about ready to Open up in Downtown San Antonio. This is not your ordinary Antique joint. This is crazy!

Recent comments

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

These Birdhouses are off the map! Great work!

Re: I Need Your Feedback

A Junk Wedding sounds great! As for the Wedding Designer....may be a good idea to have a Wedding Junk Designer involved just enough to govern the Junk. (You know if left alone, we could really go overboard in running with this theme). Sounds like a fabulous theme though! The most unusual thing I have seen in a Wedding was a Band Stand area with a Vintage Car theme all around the Band. I can imagine Chic Junk items with NFS all around, or behind the main table. Have fun!!!

Re: Carni Stuff Lost in Time

Thanks for your comments. I did actually just get these in. Great having you over!

Re: Birds of a Feather. A feather necklace

Love the Design & shade of Red

Re: Once a mailbox.......

Great idea for the old, has a nice look

Re: Ode to the Birch Tree and the Great Outdoors

Looks like a great marriage of color and it seems to have a calming affect to it.

Re: Door Rosette Necklaces

Just a little clear coat lock in the ageless Patina just fine, Good work there!!

Re: Country Candle Holder Makeover

Looks like an old ashtray bottom. Looks great in its new lifeform!

Re: Dry Goods Shoe Sign Gone YEYAS!

Thank you for your Input. I Love all your Junk Art, Most of you all are like Junk Doctors!! and I just wish we were all a quick drive away!!

Re: Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

That Blue plate was made for this project. Great Art & Nice Vision!!

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

Love the last light in that photo! All The lights Rock...really love the affect the light creates from the cutouts.

Re: Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

They both look really good actually. I kind of agree with clarerose, location and not the item could be the issue. I will say I am a fan of the clearcoat deal.

Re: Redone/Rethought "Vases"

Looks Good, especially the one that holds water! Cool.

Re: Sunflower unfinished

Now this looks like created Garden Art! To the question of price before. I never would have asked on the price of the painted, but would really consider working a deal on this one. The look is just so unique! Good work!!

Re: Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

I like the layout, but do have to agree in that Raw Metal & Rust Rocks and the new Paint could be preventing a Sale. The Idea and form is right there. I do Love the materials you used. I would have clearcoated the assembled piece and left it at that.

Re: Some weeks are better than others

The Tractor Grille is sweet!! The Bakers Rack with the Industrial Wheels looks great!

Re: JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

Love the Spider wheel! What I could do with that!

Re: Bird Bath

Great Job, The camshaft is a nice touch!

Re: From Metal File Holder to Picture Holder

The photos are good, but I gotta say the 353 house numbers did it for me!

Re: Rescued Rubbish Art Project

I see some things that lok rather interesting. Well Done!

Re: Rustic Garden Chandy

Love the Look! NDJuknGirl is right, it does fit the tone!

Re: ,A Farmall Grille, Rusty Gate, Cracked Father Timepiece and you have a Great Recipe for Rustic Gold !

We are on 1423 E Commerce St.(2 Blocks from Downtown)Hours 10-5:30 Tue-Sat(Sat till 3).

Re: Summer Wine Storage

Love the Color! Wish I could find such a Reel here in Texas.

Re: tire flower

Like the Presetation. Great Show of Colors !

Re: Shelves

Love the Blue wall photo with the cubby hole shelf. The head looks Funky!

Re: Chairs

There is something fishy about that chair. Like the use of the Colors. Is it Acrylic ?

Re: Industrial Style Coffee Table & Other Finds

Vintage, I see the Screen as a Few Table tops (Both outer Sections, that is). Not sure how the cutup will look close up, but you may be able to at least make a few.

Re: Head Shots

JunkArchitect, Hey listen, don't go into all that, it just sounded so interesting and just to know that you were into the Head Art in the 90's WOW!!! Thanks

Re: Funky Metal Chicken

On the fluers de lis...I saw they were all in one box but had to ask and as it turned out, they removed these to install some over the counter new ones on some old panels and were glad to sell these. ?

Re: Head Shots

Hey Jim
Any chance of seeing a photo of the Display, Sounds really interesting!!

Re: Baccy Tins & Shipwreck Nails

Looks very Interesting! The glass in Glass works too.

Re: Head Shots

Actually, I have an assortment of all Body parts! It's cool to know that I am not the only one that shares the strange colection.

Re: Vintage Garden Items

Hi Deblong
I am in San Antonio, Right Downtown...2 blocks East. Glad you like!!

Re: Rose's Junk

Clarerose, I LOve your Junk!! I own Yeyas Antiques & Oddities in San Antonio, T and really get your stuff. You're dead on and the use of Odd Old Boxes is so Junque!!. Wish your place was next to mine. We would rule the Street.
Mario BC YEYA's

Re: Kitchen junk lamp

Love the look!!! Just enough and not to much.