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Re: Desk Before

I am a big fan of the farmhouse...anything! I made one a few months ago and I love it. The top is Briwaxed and the frame (including spindle legs) I krackled. I got brave and decided I would weave new seats for the ladder back chairs...aughhhhh. That was hard and back breacking. I have many pieces that my father made when he was in highschool (chest, dresser etc.) and a few my grandfather made. The past 20 years I stripped everything down to the wood and stained because I am amazed by the grain patterns. Depending on the construction of the pc; it's not hard to do with a littl gel stripper (make sure you let the stripper sit for a few minutes and soak in). Now I find myself interested in color so I'm painting my new finds. Check out my pics on my blogs and good luck.