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Another Printer Tray Idea

Got a printer tray? Got leftover scrapbook paper? Need some color?

Found on the side of the road

Found on the roadside, an ornate chair in good condition with no seat. Add leftover plywood, some fabric, stuffing, staples and screws and I now have an office chair.

Salt and Pepper Succulent Garden

My mother-in-law left us many things including collectible pottery and many salt and pepper shakers. My son, his wife and family are moving to their first home. I used southwest pueblo-style shakers...

Scary salvage

The side portions of this shelf began life as decorative fronts on a piano. When the piano literally fell apart, I salvaged these two gargoyles. I used left over dowels and scrap lumber with white...

Small scale architectural salvage

We have traveled a lot and bought a few houses in the last few years. These are parts to front doors to two houses we have had. This allows me to keep a part of my old house with me in the new one...

Chamber pot

Like Sue's traveling spa, this one holds bath goodies. An antique chamber pot gets put to use so it can be seen and enjoyed. Its filled with loofas, small massage balls, sponges and other goodies.

Angels by the roadside

Sometimes it pays to take another way home. I saw a table marked "free" in someone's driveway. I stopped. I think these angels might go to live in my new succulent garden.

Earring hanger

We had to clear a relative's home when she went to assisted living. She had crocheted the cover on this wooden hanger. I couldn't bear to throw it away. It immediately told me it wanted to be a born...

Recent comments

Re: Don't Mess With The Golden State!

My father was from TX but "The Golden State" is actually California - at least that has been the state's slogan for more than 100 years.

Re: Painted table

Looks good!

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Looks good - love the toile, the binoculars are great and lenses magic!

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

I want one!!!

Re: kitchen windchime


Re: Door Headboard for the Guest Room

Absolutely gorgeous!

Re: How To Resize Photos

I use Photoshop but then I am a graphic artist by profession. Some people have Photoshop Elements bundled in their software and this could work well for them.

Re: What else can I do with this??

Hang jewelry from it on the top row and line the bottom row with some sort of containers to store other items.

Re: I have a new email!

You are the 2nd person I have heard this same thing happening to. The rest of us need to watch out as well.

Re: Faucet knob art

Love it.

Re: Madame Alexander doll from yard sale

Looks to be Alice in Wonderland (??)

Re: Snap. Crackle. Now they Pop!

Great finish on these.

Re: Chop your own wood...

Simple but perfect.

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

A fresh coat of paint and use it to hang all your kitchen collectibles like the green handled tools from the 1930s. Or use it to hang jewelry on - the hangers for bracelets and the screen for things with hooks.

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

This allows them to see knew solutions for problems, be curious about the world around them and enjoy art at the same time.

Re: One cool ride

They have parades for art cars like this. I have always wanted one but my husband forbids me to do it to any of his collector cars.

Re: Hand Painted Floor Cloth

Love these - got to take a class with Kathy Cooper once!

Re: Dresses & knobs

I had a play house similar to this that my dad built. Wish I still had it. This must be a "wo-man" cave.

Re: Bad Dog

I lip read his picture on number three and he said "Sure!". He can come live at my house.

Re: Altered Altar

Looking at this very carefully, I think the best use of this item would be for you to ship it to me.

Re: Master Bathroom

Love it - my bath is similar in shape and style so now I have some more ideas. Do they still have that great swap meet in Nipomo? Bought fantastic treasures there in the past. Which car swap meets do you like? We have classic cars as well.

Re: Anyone know Ironstone info?

What project will you incorporate this into?

Re: "If I try to be like her, who will be like me?"


Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

Very cute idea.

Re: No Place Like Home

Was wondering what to do with various old pics. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

The purse is the best! What did you use for an opening on these?

Re: old metal candy box

Try Turtle wax (car wax). This wax will many times bring back the colors to faded metal when other things don't work.

Re: Glass Topiaries

Looks very fun. I can see these in my flower garden.

Re: Tricycle planter

Thanks for the inspiration on what to do with the old one I have.

Re: Repurposed Silver Service Tray

If I could paint like you, I would be painting on everything I could find. Great look to this tray.

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

We hauled one for about ten years, 3 different states and never used it. Finally got rid of it. If I had known something this nice could have been done with it, I would have kept it!

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

Not clear here...are they sink strainers or lamp parts??? Can't wait to try the new GG epoxy can think of a couple of things to use it on.

Re: Corner shelf from old door

Love the color.

Re: estate sale cupboard gets BUILT IN

Perfect. Looks like it has always been there. Would love to find a way to do something like this for my house.

Re: Artist's Bouquet

This could be "the altar of inspiration".

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

I like it! Fun how "knowing" something is just right for a project.

Re: Salvaged Secretary

Others here have good ideas and I can't see how bad the damage it either. But....if you are good a faux painting, perhaps you can place a thin sheet of cardboard over the missing glass and form a pot then have flowers coming out of it thus preserving the glass. Another idea could be to remove the glass entirely and put chicken wire in its place. You could also put small curtain rods on the back side of the doors (if possible) and put curtains inside (I would use the top and bottom type rods that hold the curtain at both the top and bottom).

Re: HELP PLEASE! Sideboard and Hutch is not me....Can you ladies help me with some sort of painting technique?

I agree with irishrover. These seem to be in great shape. While Italianpeasant has some great ideas, you could do the white wash thing with subtle stencils. Two shades of white or white and a pastel or two. Your stencil work could be a floral and/or vine or it could be a lace effect. What is the rest of your house like and what would work best?

Re: old side table

Its twin sister is sitting in my dinning room right now. Its painted white. I cannot decide what to do either but its too good to toss!

Re: part of dollhouse?

Not sure how big it is but if its small enough, I would take the back part off and use the front for a hanging shelf. Could be very cute with some small chairs sitting on the front of it or doll collectibles.

Re: printers tray

What a great idea. I have one and have been pondering what to do with it. Think I will start gathering materials for it today.

Re: S T R A N G E CARGO...... the saga continues.

Your style is very beautiful and unique. I plan to steal some of your ideas! I do have a question about your cannon ball. These are sometimes known to explode. Are you sure this one is safe?

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Beautiful. This shows that there is always a new way of looking at things.

Re: Vintage Insulator Repurposed

Now I know how I will use the insulator I found this weekend. Very neat idea.

Re: Making cards with..........junk of course!

I want you to come decorate my house!!!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Sue we need to get a magazine at least bimontly!! Site is fun but a magazine would be great.

Re: SNOWMAN HILL.......junking forty two many years?

Love the bath - especially the sunflowers on the trellis.

Re: Gentle Heart & Welcome Home

Beautiful art and very loving concept in which you gave it.

Re: SNOWMAN HILL......Hi, I'm the Mom

Great idea for the cutter. Now I have some inspiration on what to do with mine.

Re: Toilet Topper

Very cute. Thanks for the inspiration - I have a similar spot in my bath that i was wondering what to do with.

Re: Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but....

Very cute and great color.

Re: A New Year's Resolution

Great quote. We are what we think.